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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

One Piece 610

"The Fortuneteller Madam Shirley"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 13, 2011 01:13 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 610 - "The Fortuneteller Madam Shirley"

Request: "Under the direction of siamese cats, Vivi sweats while cleaning the royal bath." -Pen Name (Real Name) Hattori Jean-Baptiste Akira (*tl note: This is one of the editors at WSJ)

1: Ryuuguu Kingdom -- The port town of Sango-ga-Oka (Coral Hill)
2: Sanjiiii!! Are you awake now!!?
3: Sanji-chin!!
white: What's Sanji's condition...?!
4: ...where...am I...
5: Phew...!!!
6: At my friend's house in the port town...!! You lost almost all the blood in your body, Sanji-chin!!

1: I'm so glad we found a blood donor...
2: Oh...blood...?! What happened to me...?
3: Stay down.
4: Why wouldn't the Fishmen give us blood...we ran all around town and couldn't find a single human...
5: --to be honest, I thought he was a goner...!!!
6: You guys...did all that for me...?! Thanks!
7(2b): ...I can't remember...just where was I and what was I doing?
8: Ahhhh!! Don't go remembering it!!!
9: You'll spurt out blood again and we won't be able to do anything...!!
10: --here is the blood donor we finally found, at the pub...
11(2b): --you don't need to worry about it, babe, we're all humans, aren't we? We need to help each other out when we're in trouble...
12: Eh...?! Don't tell me you took this blood for me from some fragile young lady...
13: Oh, we don't mind, silly <3
14: Pirate Twins
Splash and Splatter
15: If you'd like, we'll give you even more, silly <3
16: bubble bubble...
17: Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

1: Hey, thank them!
2: Luffy! Show me your right arm for a sec!
3: There are signs of poison!! That scar...so you did get poisoned after all!!
4: That reminds me, I thought I felt a prick when I fought with those Fishmen back there...!!
5: You mean you don't feel anything weird?!
6(2b): --this is deadly poison!! ...but Luffy's body contains antibodies toward it...you fought back against it without even noticing...!! Amazing...
7: Have you ever experienced poisoning like this before?!
8(2b): Poison...? Well...in Impel Down, I almost died...ahahaha!
9: That's nothing to laugh about!
10: It was probably him...
11(3b): The swordsman guy with octopus legs...--he blocked my attack, you know. He's probably strong...
12: Kyaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!

1: That's coming from the cove...
2: What a bunch of noisy girls...!!
3: New Fishman Pirates 'Assassin'
(A poisonous blue-ringed octopus mermaid)
4(2b): --but now what should I do...with these two like this...also, I thoughtlessly
5: poisoned "Straw Hat"...it'll be bad if he dies...hic
6: That scream just now..came from Ishley's group...
7: Ishley!!
8: I thought I heard her over here...
9(2b): She was talking about whether or not she would open a barrel...

1: Is that blond boy alright now?
2: Yeah! Thanks for letting us borrow a room, Madam Shirley!
3: Owner of the Mermaid Cafe
'Madam Shirley'
(A shortfin mako shark mermaid)
4(2b): --also, you're beautiful, Madam, so don't go into that room! And keep it a secret to Sanji that this is the back entrance to the mermaid cafe!
5: Chopper, the physician in charge, said we'll be in big trouble if he finds out...!!
6: That's a strange prescription, fufufu...
7: Heeeey! Is this the "big mermaid?"
8: It's "Madam Shirley," Luffy-chin.
9: And don't touch that, Straw Hat boys.

1(2b): That's a crystal ball used for fortunetelling. Madam is famous around Coral Hill for her prognostication!
2: --I already quit fortunetelling...the future is better off unknown...
3: So do mermaids poop?
4: What is "so" doing in there?!?!
5: What a vulgar child...
6: Ah...apologize, Luffy-chin!
7: Sorry!!! ...
8: Keimi, you can take work off today...why don't you go and show your friends around the island?
9: Eh?! You don't mind?!
10(2b): It's no big deal...lately, human pirate customers have all of a sudden been coming in and out, remember? Also, the girls from the cove will be here soon, so we'll have enough people around to star...
11(3b): "star?!" ...ahh!! oh no! I have to hurry up and deliver the clam to Pappug! I bet he's hungry...!!
12: You really remembered with excellent timing...
13(2b): Oh, Monsieur Pappug? You know, he's making a ruckus in the cafe right now,
14: talking about some old friend he met...
15: Eh?

1: I wasn't able to tell you earlier,
2(2b): but when Madam was still little...she said "A lot of pirates will come to the island," --and then the next year, the "Great Age of Pirates" began.
3: Ehhhhhh?!
4(2b): Once I start talking, I don't know if I'll be able to stop...but recently, the war at Marineford, and the death of Captain Whitebeard...she's hit everything on the mark. And since she's right about bad things, she's gotten to hate her own ability...
5: That's scary...
6: This way, Luffy-chin, Usopp-chin!!
7: Ah...where's Chopper?
8: Nursing Sanji!
9: The main street of Coral Hill is this way!
10: Look!!
2: This is "Mermaid Cafe!!" The entrance!!
3: Uwaaaaahh, boy am I hungry!!
4: It's a cafe, she said...!!
5: We have food too! Cake, and sea fruits
6: Meat?

1(2b): Mermaids don't eat meat or fish, so our menu contains Wakame Seaweed Brulee...Mozuku Seaweed Tarts...and Konbu Kelp souffle...ah! We have shellfish meat though! Scallop sandwiches and shijimi clam pizza...
2: Shellfishes aren't meat!!! Don't take meat so lightly!!!
3: C'mon, let's just go inside!
4: Yeah, Pappug's in there!
5: Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!
6: Hey, don't take meat lightly, I said!!
7: Thank you very muuuuuch <3
8: Huuuuh?! Luffy-san, Usopp-san!! And Keimi-san, oh how long it's been!!!
9: Ahhhhh!! Brook-chiiiiin!!
10: Ohhh, so you were in here!!!
11: Straaaaaaw!!! Nooooose!!! I really missed you alll!!! So you made it here!!!
12: Soul King <3 Make sure you come back again. The whole time you were here was like a dream come truuuue <3
13: Yohohoho!! I will be back!! Beautiful mermaids!!
14: Whaaaaat!!?
15: I feel...completely boned... <3
16(3b): Ahhh!! But if I lost all my bones then I would disappear!! Ahhh, but I could die happy right now...<3 no, wait, I'm already dead!!!
17: He's gotten that wound-up inside this little cafe?!
18: Yeah, just what happened in here!!?
19: Wait, waaaaait!!!

1(4b): You guys aren't going home today! You can all come back to the mermaid cafe later!! I was just about to introduce "Bones" to my estate! C'mon along! Do you like sea monster meat?!
2: You have some!!?
3: You think a wild guy like me would be content eating seaweed?! My main article of diet is the meat from violent sea beasts!!!
4: Ah! Pappug!
5: Here's today's clam!!
6: Yaaay! Keimi's delicious clam <3
7: Isn't that a shellfish?!
8(2b): Mermaids can't, but fishmen feed on meat and fish!! It's not like there isn't any to be found on this island, you know.
9: Oh, well that's a relief.
10: Hmm!!? Huh, huh?!
11(2b): Waaaaahh!! Vander Decken!!! Why is that monster on a wanted poster!!?
12: Ohhh, is that the guy from the ghost ship we saw on the way here??
13: What?! You met him!!? Guys! That pirate is like a bandit of the sea floor that the whole country has been searching for for years.
14: Get on!!

1(2b): He started out sending a letter to the Mermaid Princess of the Ryuugyuu kingdom once a week, but those letters gradually grew into packages, until they finally turned into threatening marriage proposals...!!
2: The mermaid princess got so scared that she just couldn't ignore him anymore...
3: Yeah! And then the Princess' father, King Neptune got mad, and got those three Princes you saw earlier to gather up an army.
4: They've been searching all around for him, but he just can't be found!!
5: Keimi! Keimi! I was just explaining that...
6: Fish Taxi
7(2b): Ah...in other words, the "God of the Sea" that rules this country, King Neptune, has four children, the youngest of which is the mermaid princess. Her older brothers are the three Princes Keimi just mentioned.
8: Wait, but I want to hear about is how Vander Decken is a pirate who was cursed hundreds of years ago!!!
9(3b): Well...you know how legends have a tendency to get exaggerated. Although it seems he actually existed, I heard that the mad Captain known as Vander Decken apparently came here to fishman island, and this is where he breathed his last breath.
10(2b): The ship you actually saw is probably the legendary Flying Dutchman, but the one riding on it is his grandson...

1: "Vander Decken IX!!"
2: Keimi, Keimi, Keimi!
3(2b): Ehh!!? Grandson!!? Ahhh...oh really...? ...you know, when I thought we had actually seen a ghost, I felt like the life was going to be scared right out of me! That I'd be nothing but bones!! Phew...well I'm glad to hear that.
4: Hey look!!
5: That older lady mermaid!
6(2b): She has split fins like Grandma Kokoro's! When you get over 30, Keimi, you're going to turn out like that too, huh?
7: Yeah, you sure know a lot!
8(2b): Look over there!! A baby!
9: The fishman dad has a merman and a fishman child!
10(2b): This is really interesting! Their colors and sizes are all different! It's fun to see all the variety!
11(2b): When a mermaid and a fishman marry, their children become either merman/maid or fishmen/women, so there are four patterns to enjoy.
12: We'll get on the highway here.
13: Hm? What is that?
14: Ahh--...that's the "candy factory."
15: No, why is there a pirate flag on it?

1(2b): --there's a similar one at the entrance to island and at the port. Because this island is currently being protected by that pirate!! This mark belongs to Charlotte Linlin!!
2: A.K.A. "Big Mam," one of the [Four Emperors]!
3(2b): Before, the war, this island was protected from pirates...by the name of "Whitebeard" -- but now it's "Big Mam."
4: In return, she requires a large amount of "sweet candy" every month. That's what the factory is for.
5: Candy?!
6: That's how dangerous this place is and how frequently pirates visit us. If we aren't protected by something massive, we wouldn't be able to keep our nation going.
7: If she's protecting you in "Whitebeard"'s place, then "Big Mam" must be a nice person.
8: I wonder. At least "Whitebeard" didn't require collateral...
9: [Big Mam] might be looking at this from a business perspective, though...
10: "Big Mam," huh...? She's one of the [Four Emperors] just like Shanks.
11: I wonder if I'll meet her someday...

1: Look ahead. We're already at the celebrity town, [Gloverly Hills]!!!
2(2b): And that big place right in the front is Pappug's house!!
3: Huuuuh?! But he's just a starfish?!
4: Coral Hill--
5: What's wrong?! Madam Shirley!!
6: haa...haa...this is going to be catastrophic.
7: What are you so flustered for...?!
8: It's Madam from the [Mermaid Cafe]....
9(2b): ...go find him...!!! The pirate boy wearing a straw hat...!!!
10: Haa...haa...
11: Send him out, please!! Get him out of this nation at once!!
12: Hey, Madam, tell us what's going on!! Don't tell us you got another fortune?!

1: ...I didn't intend to see it...but I felt something from that child...
2: So I...just happened to look in...!! To the future!!
3: Uuu...!!
4: What's wrong? Just what did you see...!!?
5: Madam!!
6: Shirley!!
7: I hope I'm wrong...I want...to be incorrect!!!
8: Haa...haa...
9(2b): By a human wearing a straw hat...!! By "Straw Hat Luffy"...
10: By his hands...!!!
11: "Fishman Island" will be destroyed!!!
12: Ehhh!!?
white: An ominous prediction...!!

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Thank you. ^^
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