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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 611

"Hodi Jones"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 21, 2011 03:34 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 611 - "Hodi Jones"
Request: [Carue does figure skating with penguins] from P.N. (Real Name)

1: Now's your chance, get on board!!
2: "The Fishman District" - [Noah] --
3: Quiet!! Quiet, I say!!
4: Everyone grab an oar!! We're setting off!!!
white: Run!! ...er, from what?!
5: Yeaaah! We managed to make it out before they found us!!!
6: Hurry!!
7: Hurry!!!
8: --we're never coming back to Fishman Island again!
9: Abandon all hope of entering Mermaid Cafe!!
10: Ehhhhhh?!

1: Hurry, let's get past the "Red Line!!!"
2(bottom right panel): But I've always dreamed of going to the mermaid cafe...
3: I said abandon all hope, ya dummy!!
4: --this trip has been terrible! Just when I think we can stop to catch our breaths after narrowly escaping the threat of a sleeping kraken in the water,
5(2b): we get surrounded by that many sea monsters 10,000 meters deep, have no way of fighting back, and are told by those Fishmen that we can either serve them or die?!
6: We had no choice but to temporarily obey them back there!!
7: A Pirate from South Blue
Crab-Hand Gyro
(Bounty: 7,3000,000 B)
8: Stop crying, and let's press on, men!!!
9: We're lucky just to have escaped with our lives!!!
10: --they escaped?
11: Yes, boss!!

1: Humans escape so often.
2(2b): How about we gnash up some of their meat?! Kyah kyah!!
3(2b): More ran away-dosun? They really never learn-dosun...!!!
4: New Fishman Pirates Officer
(Hammerhead Shark Fishman)
5: New Fishman Pirates Officer
(A Japanese Wobbegong Fishman)
6: New Fishman Pirates Officer
(Cookiecutter Shark Fishman)

1(2b): Good...jahahahahaha!! --that means we can use some more as "examples"...!!!
2: Muhhihhi!!! Shall I go out and give 'em a one-two over, then?!
3: New Fishman Pirates Captain
Hodi Jones
(Great White Shark Fishman)
4: New Fishman Pirates Officer
Icaros Muhhi
(Giant Squid Fishman)

1: You don't need to go out!! Ikaros.
2: Muhhi!! Yes sir!!
3: I'll go...!!!
4: Ehh?!
5: Prepare a bubble.
6: Dahhh!! Look at him, drinking a whole bunch of evil drugs at once again!!
7: gulp!
8: Uu...
9: Nnnnnnn...!!!
10: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!
11: Hahahahaha...

1: Alright, we're here!!!
2: Welcome back, master!!
3: This!! Is my house!!!
4: It's huuuuuuge!!!
5: My oh my! Monsieur Pappug!
6: Woaaah, is this for real?!
7: Uhhoihoi! Surprised?! You may have thought I was just some fashionable starfish in the ocean,
8: but on Fishman Island!! I am the President and super famous celeb designer of the "Criminal Brand Company!!"
9: Look over there! What is that?!
10(2b): And now I'm planning to open my shop up all over the world!! And perhaps approach that Dosukoi Panda and...sob...sob...
11: There's a "Criminal" shop on the 1st floor! Someone's getting really excited inside!
12: Like I've been saying!! Isn't this store a bit too expensive?! The clothes are cute, though!!
13: Someone's got a complaint?

1: Make it 10,000 B then!!
2: That's barbaric, madame! That's below half the price!!
3: Heeeey, Namiiii!!!
4: Oh, so she's the complainer...
5: Ah! Nami-chiiiin!!
6: Eh...Luffy...!! Ahhhh!!! Keimiiiiii!!!
7: Haaaaah!! Monsieur Pappug!! What good timing!!
8: We have a bit...of a distressed customer.
9: Hey, I hear this is your store, huh? What are with these prices? This is highway robbery!!
10: Er...they're brand prices...since I'm a popular designer...
11: Monsieuuur!
12: Well gimme a discount!
13: No, no, come on!
14(2b): Don't be so reserved! I owe you people a great deal from what happened two years ago! Take whatever you want, for free!!
small: Awwww
15: For free?! Reallyyyyy?!
16: Isn't this great, everyone?!
17: The store's empty now, Monsieur!!
18: At least have a LITTLE restraint!!!

1: Huh?! It sure is getting noisy outside the store.
2: It's you-know-who!
3: The one and only!
4: Monsieurrrrr!! We have trouble!!!
5: What?!
6: Something's about to begin!!
7: What do you mean "Something?!" What are you talking about?!
8: J...just look toward the sky...!!
9: You-know-who is coming down from Ryuuguu Palace!
10(2b): What is that? A whale?
11: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
12: Why would he be coming into the lower waters?!
13: Th...this is the first time I've seen him with my own eyes!!
14: What's happening?! He's coming all alone, without bringing the army?!
15: Is the country in peril?!
16: Could pirates have invaded the island?!
17: Will the island become a battlefield!!?
18: There's no way that could happen!! But this is a big problem anyway!! Evacuaaaaate!!!

1: Ho ho ho ho!
2: Ruler of the Ryuuguu Kingdom
Sea God Neptune
(Coelacanth Mermaid)
3: Hoe
(His beloved whale)
4: Neeeeeeptuuuuuuuuune!!!
5: Hoeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!!

1: ...that's a huge male mermaid...
2: I prefer female mermaids, myself.
3: That's one weird-lookin' hairy old man!
4: Do you know how rude you're being right now?! Bow down!!!
5: That whale's cute!
6: ...he has business with those humans...?
7: float float...
8: Hooeeeeeeel!!
9(2b): Hey, Megalo. Are these truly the ones?
10: nod nod
11: Huh? I saw that shark before in the water...
12: Hey!! "Straw Hat" humans!!
13: I'm inviting you to the Ryuuguu Palace!!!
14: Ryu-Ryu...Ryu....!! Ryuuguu Palaaaaace!!?

1: Fishman District - the sea floor, around [Noah]
2: Hurry up and row! They'll notice us!
3: It's really hard to grab onto a sea current in the deep sea!!
4: That's why we should have fixed this ship with a paddle!! You know, in the "New World"...!!
5: ...huh...something's there, Captain!!
6: Ho...!!!
7: Hodi Jones!!!
8: ...h...he found us!!!
9: What?! He's...handcuffed!!!
10: Jahahahahaha...
11: clink...

1: Boy did we get our hands on a treasure-hi!!
2: The evil drug "Energy Steroid."
3: Wh...where did that damn fish go?!
4: He slammed into the ship and opened an air hole!!!
5: Gyaaaaaaahhh!!!
6: He's inside the ship!!!
7: Take him out! He's all alone!!!
8: grind!!

1: Uwaaaaaaaahhh!!!
2: Captain!!
3: I've fought with Fishmen before!!!
4: I've overcome all the dangers that have appeared before me thus far in order to make it here!!!
5: Uooooooooohhhhhhh!!!

1(2b): Now I get why he has those handcuffs on...!! He's saying he can sink us without even using his hands!!!
2: --Fishmen are born with 10 times the brute strength of humans!!
3(2b): --but drinking a single "E.S."!! Will double that power to 20 times...!!! And two pills will "double" it twofold!!! In exchange for this fantastic power, your life is shaved away!! --But...we all carry out our "plans" without fearing death!!!
4: The life of Fisher Tiger, destroyed by the humans!! Arlong's will!! We are going to end the dark, cruel history of the Fishmen now, in this generation...!!! We, the "New Fishmen Pirates!!!!"
5: What...is he trying to do!!?

1: Go on and float them up to the New World...
2: Yes, boss!!
3: ...awww, they didn't all die, did they...?

1(2b): Jahahaha...I need them alive...!! They need to keep their scars...survive, and float up to the surface...!!!
2(2b): So they can pass on the news of what happened to them under the sea...and who they met...!!! In order to spread that fear to the humans on the surface!!!
3: We are going to steal back "Fishman Island," the center of the world, from that cowardly Sea God Neptune!!!
4: And we're going to pull down all you humans in to the abyssal bottom of the sea!!!
5: We're going to teach you all that fishmen are the true "supreme race!"
white: Strong and scary!!

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