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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 615

"The Mato-Mato Curse"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 18, 2011 01:37 | Go to One Piece

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*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 615 - "The Mato-Mato Curse"

From the Decks of the World
Vol. 3 "Mt. Colbo"

1: Hey, hey, Luffy-sannnn!!!
2: Hey, wait, Megalooooooo!!!
white: It's time to set off!!
3: Uoooff!!!
4: Where are you goiiiiiing?!
5: Father, brothers...!!
6: People of the castle, please forgive me...!!
7: I am going outside without permission!! I will be home by dinner time!!
8: Let's go on a waaaaalk!!

1: What is the meaning of this, Megalo?! How could you leave the door to "Koukaku Tower" wide open like that? What if something happened to the Princess...
2: uehh
3: Hurry, skeleton! We must check on the safety of the princess!!
4: Hey, you're working me to the bone here!!
5: She's goooooooooooone!!!
6: Princess Shirahoshi...!!! Is goooooooone!!!!
7: Ehhhhh!!? The Mermaid Princess is goooone!!?
8(2b): Ohhhh!!! This is terrible!!! This is a national crisis!!! When?! Who did this?!?! This must be a kidnapping!!!
9: Kidnapping!!?

1: hyuh!!
2: Mmm!!!
3: Hey, what do you think you're doing?!
4(2b): The "connecting corridor" that ties Fishman Island to the Ryuuguu Palace...haa...where's the switch that opens and closes it...?!
5: Gyaaahh!!
6: Ehh?! The switch!!?
7(2b): Skeleton!! Just hurry back to Neptune-sama!! We must report this at once!!
8(2b): We have no choice...!! Those are our orders...haa! We have to listen to what they say...if we wanna survive...
9: Haa...
10: Hurry up and tell us...
11: ...!!! If you don't, then we'll be killed...!!!
12: What are you talking about!!?

1: Fishman Island - "Coral Hill" --
2(2b): Hey, Sanjiiiiii!! Why did you beat them all up in the end?!
3: Dammit! And these guys were my chance to go to Ryuuguu Palace! But they said they were gonna handcuff me...
4: Look, all the people around us are glaring at us! Their eyes are as bugged-out and white as deep-sea fishes'!!
5: Stop whining!! What's done is done!!
6: Think before you do it!!
7(2b): You beat up half of them too, didn't you? What your kung fu!!! That...was pretty strong...
8: D...don't think saying something like that's gonna make me happy! <3
9: Kyaaaaaaaah!!!
10: A woman's voice <3
11: Someone covered in blood came up from the beach!!!
12: papan
13: Uwaaaaahhh!!!
14: Aren't you from the Fishman District?! What happened!!?
15: Hurry up and call a doctor!!
16: papan
17: Hm?
18: Hmm??
19: I'm a doctor!!

1: Eh?! Hachi?!
2: What happened to you!!?
3: Hey, Hachiiiiii!! It's us!!
4: What are those wounds from? What happened?!?!
5(3b): ...ohhh...it's you guys...I'm so glad I could meet you...is Straw Hat here...?
6: He isn't here!! Just wait a minute, we'll fix you up!
7: Gather your crew...hurry...haa...haa...
8(2b): You shouldn't...get involved anymore!! With this island...zeh....zeh...Leave the "Fishman District!!!"
9(2b): Right now...the "New Fishman Pirates" are going to come attack this island!!! The Ryuuguu Kingdom...will be destroyed!!!

1: A few hours earlier -- Fishman District, "Noah" --
2(2b): Listen up, loyal pirates of Hodi Jones!!! You should all be happy now that you're able to become accomplices to this history-defining plan!!
3(2b): ...Vander Decken? --from the Flying Dutchman...?!
4(2b): Bahohoho!! Relax...I'm his descendant!! I'm not a ghost...!! --but I'm cursed too!!
5(2b): I'm a Fishman, but I can't swim...it's because of the devilish power I received along with the "Mato-Mato" curse!! Allow me to demonstrate...!!
6: Alright...you'll do, human! Come up front!
7: Eh...
8: Hodi!!!

1(2b): Nyuuuuuu!! Are you guys really serious about this? Stop all this idiocy!!
2: It's Hachi-san!
3: Hacchan-san!!
4: ...Hachi-san...
5(3b): All ESes will do is destroy your bodies! Why would Fishmen want to destroy Fishman Island?! Don't take the Great Knight Neptune lightly!!
6: Hachi-san...!! Just give it a rest already...
7(3b): We don't want to hear your opinions anymore. I can't even believe you were once an officer in the Arlong pirates that I looked up to so much. You got soft...!! It's time for the new generation to step in...!!
8(2b): In order to "educate" those humans, we need "Fishman Island." Neptune is in the way!! You're the one who taught us about how we're the ultimate race, remember!!?
9(3b): But Arlong-san lost!!! Nyuuuu...Decken!! Hyouzou!! Why are you two even involved with this!! You didn't even answer when Arlong called out to you back then!! Why are you assisting these young people now?!?!

1(3b): Assisting? ...I was simply hired. I'm only here for the money...that Arlong was too tight with his wallet, and he could never pay my fees...--you could never match up to me ever since we were kids.
2: Hic
3: I felt bad when Arlong could only take with him a swordsman of your caliber.
4(2b): Bahohoho!! Hachi from the Arlong Pirates, huh?! Boy does this take me back! That Captain of yours even tried to make ME his "underling!" He's got some sense of humor!!
5: I'm a man who will never fall under another's command!!! Hodi understands that well.
6(2b): ...Arlong-san's ambition and the way he wasn't just all talk deserves respect...--but at the same time, he was barbaric, and lacked sophistication...while you guys were going wild in the sea, we were all still little kids who weren't even old enough to become the pirates we wanted to be.
7(2b): And this is how our generation matured -- therefore, we are thoroughly prepared. We've learned from your failures...
8(2b): --I am the man who will carry on the will of the Arlong pirates...!! To hear an ex-officer from the crew I looked up to screaming objections at my plans...do you really want to dishearten me like that, Hachi-san...?!
9(2b): And strangely enough, right now, "Straw Hat Luffy," the very man who smashed your ambition, is right here on Fishman Island...hasn't that fazed you at all?
10: He called me, an ex-officer from Arlong's crew, his "friend"...
11: I even owe him my life!! I want to go see him as soon as possible, but...!!

1(2b): As long as Arlong's will survives here, I couldn't bear to show myself to him!!!
2(2b): "Friends" with a human? Don't you go spouting bullshit like Neptune now...I've lost all hope in you!!!
3: I'm "locked on" now, Hachiii...
4: touch
5(2b): Bahohoho...have you forgotten the way of the pirate? If you've got something to say, you've got to do it with "violence" -- I think!!
6: Hoi
7: Hm?
8: kui!
9: A knife?
10: Gyaaah

1: What!!? But he threw that knife in a completely different direction!!
2: Yet it still stabbed in to that octopus fishman!!!
3(2b): --Ever since I touched you back there, you've been my "target." No matter what I may throw, or where I may throw it...just like a living bird,
4: it will fly straight toward you, it's "target!!!"
5: ...!! The Mato-Mato curse...!!!
6(2b): --of course, there are numerous ways to prevent it. Go ahead and try for yourself.
7: Nyuuuu!!?
8: Stop!! Not that many arrows!!
9(2b): I've heard rumors about your ability!! Hey, Hodi! He's gonna kill me at this rate!!
10: Stop Decken!!!
11(3b): Didn't I tell you, Hachi-san? Vander Dedcken isn't my subordinate. We're bound by an equal "Pirate Alliance." And besides
12(2b): I'm sick of looking at you!! You goddamn coward!!!

1: Dammit...!! Nyuuuuuuu!!!
2: Now
3: off you goooooo!!!
4: Jahahahahaha
5: Bahohohohoho!!!
6: That's it!! Run, run!
7: But no matter how far...!!!
8: No matter where to...
9: They will keep following you!!!!
10: Stay away!!
11: Dammit, doesn't water make a difference?!
12: kyun!!
13(2b): kyun! kyun!!
14: Gyaaaaaaaaah!!!!

1: chatter....
2: silence
3(2b): Bahohoho...!! I can only keep as many targets in my memory as I have palms...!!
4: Two!!!
5(2b): And this right hand, which I haven't washed for ten years, has memorized the time...when I touched the Princess of the Ryuuguu Kingdom, "Princess Shirahoshi!!!"
6: Get it now?! Both the "love" and "weapons" I throw will chase their targets down to the bottom of hell!!! That is my power!!!
7: Awesome!!!
8: So that's how he was able to stay as a devious stalker without showing himself or getting caught by the Neptune army!!!
9: Bahohohohohoho!!
10: What a wily man!!!
11-12: Wily!!

1(2b): --alright then, human pirates!! You undertand Decken's ability now, don't you...?! Now...we can begin the first step of our plan...
2(2b): The Ryuuguu Palace is said to be impossible to invade...but for ten years one man has continued to throw "invading objects" into it...Vander Decken!!
3(2b): --in short, you will be thrown by Decken as the "invaders"...you will fly to Princess Shirahoshi in the palace!! The place where you'll actually be landing is a hardened tower wall, though...
4: your mission once you arrive is to open the gate from inside and let us charge in.
5: No way...if we do that...
6: If we hit a wall like that, we'll die!!!
7: I agree.
8(2b): That's why we're using the petty lives of you "humans!!!" You're all worth less than slaves in this place!!!
9(2b): Only the ones who hit that wall and complete their mission will be awarded freedom!! And if you decline, then I'll throw you outside the bubble right here and now!! You inferior creatures!!!
10: Ehh!!?

1: Ryuuguu Palace - Northeast - Passage to "Koukaku Tower"--
2: Hurry, skeleton!! To the King!!
3: Waaaaait!!
4: Zeh...zeh...wait...if we don't open that corridor up,
5: we'll be killed by Hodi...
6: Ne!! Neptune-samaaaaaaaa!!!
7: A kidnapping has occurred!!! The Princess has been taken away by someooooone!!!
8: And pirates rained down near the tower...!!! Anyway, it's an enemy attaaaack!!! An enemy attaaaaaack!!!
9(2b): A kidnappiiiiiiiiing!!!? Of Shirahoshi...!!? Who, from wheeeeeere?!?!
10: An enemy attack at a time like this...? What are we supposed to do about it...
11: Why now?! We're already doing one inside!! Wh...wh...what should we do?! No!! I don't want to hear the answer!!
12: Cut 'em.
13: I said I didn't want to hear iiiiiit!!!

1: uooff...!!
2: wobble
3: Isn't it OK for you to come out now?
4: N...no, I think I'm still fine inside...
5: oueeeff...
6: ...well, how is it? Your first time outside in ten years!
7: ...my heart is beating so fast...I...am really doing a bad thing...
8: How could this be bad? We're just going outside! You're such a weirdo.
9: Is this what you call...an adventure?
10: Ahahaha! Yeah...
11(2b): If your heart is beating fast, then it's an adventure! --you mentioned some "Sea Forest," didn't you...? What's there? Anything fun?
12: A grave!
13(2b): There's a grave I've never been to since it was built...for ten years...it's the place I've wanted to go the most...

1: The deep sea - "Sea Forest" --
2(2b): ...it's already been 10 years...since you caused that uproar on "Fishman Island"...
3: Since that "Assassination Incident" in broad daylight...!! ...time goes so fast.
4: --the princes have grown into strong warriors now...Princess Shirahoshi is still inside the tower, though...
5: --but no one has forgotten...your "ideals!"
6: Queen Otohime...!!!
side: Jinbe appears...!!

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