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Steins;Gate 00

Chance Meeting x Disappearance

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 11, 2012 21:46 | Go to Steins;Gate

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*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

1: Makise Kurisu?
2(2b): She graduated from an American university when she was only 17, and her research
paper was featured in an American scientific journal.
3: ...Hmph.

Chapter 0: Chance Meeting x Disappearance
1: What a blasphemous pair of eyes she's got.

1: Attractor Field: World Line Divergence 1.130246%
2: Most of the people walking through Akihabara during summer vacation
3(2b): are here for electronics, moe goods,
4: or erotic goods.
5(2b): ...Yep. This is just another normal day in Akihabara.
6: I see...
7: So that's what Steins;Gate chose.

1: El p'sai congrue! (*t/l note: This catchphrase was inspired from people on 2ch
message boards who like to put meaningless, yet mysterious chants at the end of their
messages to try and look cool.)
2(2b): Hey, Okarin! What are you mumbling about?
3(2b): Mayuri, how many times have I told you? You are to call me Hououin Kyouma! (*A
name with kanji that literally translate to Phoenix Temple Evil Truth, a spoof of
cliched anime/manga names with ridiculous, over-the-top kanji)
4: But your real name is Okabe Rintarou, so don't you think Okarin is more fitting?
5: I've never been able to get anything through that thick head of hers, ever since we
were kids...
6: By the way, what's going on here today?
7: You don't even know, yet you followed me?

1: There's going to be a press conference here focusing on the successful invention of
the world's first time machine. It's open to the public, so college students like us
are allowed to watch.
2: Everything you are about to witness is the truth.
3: Just let me declare one thing: this is absolutely not the work of a chunibyo. (*This
is a term originating on 2ch, referring to people who are stuck in "eighth grade" --
basically, someone who's never really gotten out of that period of anime/manga-loving
elitism and immaturity in their adolescence they spent writing fan/original fiction,
trying to act cool or like they're really well-versed on a certain topic, the list can
go on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea.)
4: Today...
5(2b): Okarin, Okarin! There's hardly anyone here!
6: ...True...
7: This looks more like an announcement ceremony than a press conference...

1: So is this to say that when an inventor of adult goods ends up inventing a time
2: the world simply laughs?
3: As a creator of similar goods, I was interested in what this man had to say,
4: With that said, however, I didn't expect to hear anything particularly monumental,
so I intended just to let it go through one ear and out the other...
5: ...That was my INTENTION, at least...
6(2b): D...D...
7: Doctooooooooooor!!!
8: Just how stupid do you think we are?!

1: E-Excuse me?!
2(2b): The time machine theory you explained just now is a complete ripoff of John
Titor*'s! And you call yourself an inventor?!
*: A man who appeared on an American message board in November of 2000, claiming that he had
traveled to the year 2036.
3: You have absolutely no right to earn that title!!
4: S...
5: Someone get that man out of here!!
6(2b): As a fellow inventor, I...
7(2b): Wha...let me go!!

1: ...Wh
2: Who is this...?
3: Where have I...
4: Would you please come with me for a moment?
5: Huh?
6: Okarin!
7: ...Ahh!

1: Is this Makise Kurisu, the girl genius...?!
2: ...Why is she here...?!
3: She couldn't have any relation to Doctor Nakabachi.
4: There's no way...!
5: Y-y-y-you're with THEM, aren't you?!
6: "Them?"
7: ...I don't know what you're referring to,
8: but there is something I want to ask you.
9: What were you about to say to me back there?

1: Wh...when was "back there?"
2: About 15 minutes before the meeting began. You were about to say something to me,
weren't you?
3: You looked very sad.
4: Like you were in pain.
5: What is this woman talking about...this is the first time we've met!
6(2b): ...Have I met you somewhere before?
7: Those aren't the eyes of someone playing a joke...
8: D-don't be fooled! If you show even a bit of weakness here, the world is doomed!!
9: Speaking of which, how do you know my name?
10: ...Kuku.
11: I know all about you!

1: Because I am a mad scientist!!
2: Let us meet again, genius girl! Farewell!!
3(2b): ...so that's what a chunibyo is.
4(2b): ...It looks like THEY'RE finally starting to get serious...

1: But I can't let them catch me yet...! (Mumble mumble...)
2: The meeting's probably over now, so I should take Mayuri home.
3: ...Still, though, that woman...
4: Just what was she after...
5: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
6: What the?!
7: A man's scream...?
8: But from where...?
9: Here?!

1: ...Huh...?
2(2b): ...Makise...Kurisu...?
3: Wh...why...?!
4: I just talked to her!

1: Woahh!! Is that a dead body?!
2: Call the police!!
3: Haah
4: Haa...
5: What's going on?!
6(2b): Haa...haa...
7: Th...that's the first time I've ever seen a dead body...
8: O...oh yeah.
9: I need to tell Daru about this, he's the one who first told me about that woman...
10: beep beep beep

1: And sent!
2: Wh...what was that just now...?
3(2b): This is really turning out to be a weird day...what the...

1: ...?!
2: Everyone...
3: disappeared...

1: ...this
2: is Akihabara, isn't it..?

1: Allow me to repeat myself:
2: this tale is absolutely not the work of a chunibyo.

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