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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Soul Eater 64


+ posted by Nagumo as translation on Aug 15, 2009 05:06 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 64

For use in English by Binktopia only. International scanlators please PM for permission.

* flap flap
[Sidetext] Maka, practicing her flight...
* hee hee

* hee hee
[Title] Chapter 64: Readiness

[1] Hey, Maka? Can't you fly a little faster?
[2] Hmm~~ It looks like this is the limit~
*flap flap
[5] Is it okay to be struggling like this...? We're Death Scythes, you know...

[2] Papa / What'd you want to talk to me about?
[4] Now that Soul's a Death Scythe, all the members of Spartoi** are ranked at two stars... / All of Shibusen, including myself, hopes that Spartoi flourishes and suppresses the Kishin and the witches.
** T/N: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sparto%C3%AD

[1] However, it's not as though the enemy is just going to shut up and hide. / They're watching us make the first move and waiting for an opportunity...
[4] and their target, Maka... / is you...

[1] So it's for the same reason that internal affairs investigator was killed...
[2] Strong "Soul Perception"... / The enemy is afraid of that power. / We can't allow another tragedy to happen like it did to BJ...
[3] Maka, your "Soul Perception"... / ...it's a trump card for tracking down the Kishin, who's hidden somewhere out there.
[4] No matter what, Shibusen has to continue to protect you...

[1] Papa, you're more afraid to part with my ability than with me, huh. / PUI* / NAEEN* / Eh!? / Th... That's not it!
* spin / gape
[2] Th... There's no way that could be true... / Maka-cha~~n? / Papa is... Papa is... / Let's go, / Soul.
[3] So... Soullll... / Do something about our parent-child bond... Puh-leee-ze
[4] Why should I have to...!?
[5] Puh-leee-ze Puh-leee-ze

[2] Hey, Maka... / I don't think your dad really cares that much about your Soul Perception
[3] What're you talking about? / I know that already.
[4] And though it's every Shibusen student's goal to become a Death Scythe... it's not as though it's over now that we've done that, right? / Of course. / We've got to rescue Kid and deal with all kinds of other stuff.

[1] It doesn't look like you're ready to me, though...
[2] What is it you've been talking about this whole time!? / Why don't you just spit it out!?
[3] Whoa~ There they go again... I wanna get out of here~... / There's still a ways to go before we get to Shibusen, Kim...
[4] PIKIN*
* zap

[1] Kim... Jackie... Head back to Shibusen without us... / We're just slowing you down, right? / Eh!? Really!? You sure? / Thank God
[2] Well then, we're headin' back~~ / FURIFURI* / Yeah
* wavewave
[4] Did you sense something?
[5] KOKOKOKO* / Yeah...
* rumble

[1] A wavelength with a clear killing intent in this direction-...
[2] Is it Justin? / Nope... / It feels different from Justin's...
[4] KOKOKOKO* / It's coming...
* rumble
[5] 'Coming', she says... / We're in midair here...

[1] Die, Maka Albarn.
[2] BASHI*
* fwish

[3] Maka Albarn's Soul Perception serves as a way to find the Kishin... / I don't mind if you kill her, but bring her soul back here.
[4] Understood / Noah-sama...

[1] BATSU*
* fwip
[2] ZUN*
* zoom
[3] Maka!!
[4] KUN*
* skid

[1] BI*
* thwip
* fwip fwip fwip
* thud (x4)
[4] BAN*
* bang

[1] GOTSU*
* thump
[2] So fast...!
[3] How's it feel to have your soul targeted...?
[4] Shit...

[1] Huh!?
[2] GABA*
* glomp
* Noaaaah
**T/N: No idea why the attack SFX is 'Noaaaah'

[1] Wha...
[2] ZUDON*
* kablam
[3] Hey, what the heck? Don't dodge it
[4] What the hell is up with this guy!? / He's abnormal!!

[1] This...
[2] is the same Egrigori** type as me...!?
** T/N: Not sure whether this has been adequately explained in prior TL's - ἐγρήγοροι, anglicized as Egrigori, are the supposed angelic fathers of the race of Nephilim in Genesis 6:4. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watcher_%28angel%29
[3] And he's got magic embedded in him, too... / KAPA*
* Gape
[4] You're a revolting girl, peeking into people's souls at will... / You're dangerous...!

[2] **
** T/N: 4 and 2, in case you've forgotten, sound like the first two syllables of 'Shinigami'
[3] Maka-chan's been a bit out of it lately... I wonder if she's okay. / Hmm... Maybe it's that burnout syndrome thing...
[4] Ho ho~~

[1] I can understand the feeling of wanting to slack off after Soul became a Death Scythe, though... / Yum (music note) / TERO* **
**T/N: I believe this is onomatopoeia for a bell, but it's also how you spell 'terror' as in 'terrorism'. Probably typical Shibusen SFX.
[2] That's because you're always slacking off, Liz... / TON TON* / Savor it more!
* shove shove
[3] MOSHA GOKUN* / I'm sure it's just temporary...
* slurp munch
[4] She'll be back to normal soon

[1] CHUN CHUN CHUN* / Aaahahahaha, dance, dance!!
* bang bang bang
* rumble
[4] Just running away won't get us anywhere... / Let's attack!
[5] GUTSU* / Yeah!!
* grip

[1] You---! / KOKOKOKO*
* rumble
[2] BATSU*
* shoom
[3] You're too slow...
[4] DOTSU*
* thud

[1] YORO...*
* droop...
[2] I was wondering what kind of technician took out Witch Arachne, but I guess this is it... / That someone like you would be targeted for 'His' collection is laughable
[3] GATSU*
* lean
* flap flap
[5] What should we do!? / Even if we switch to offense, the difference in speed is too big... We can't catch up...

[2] And though it's every Shibusen student's goal to become a Death Scythe... it's not as though it's over now that we've done that, right?
[4] It doesn't look like you're ready to me, though...
* flap flap
[6] What should we do, Maka...? / Should we try to make it a land war?
[7] GIRI*

[1] Angel, my ass...
* flap flap
* flap flap
[5] PATA* / IRA IRA*
*flap / *annoyed
[6] PATAPATA* / So stupid...

[1] How can we fight with these dumbass wings!?
[2] Right
[3] Soul Resonance!!

[1] ZUO*
* fwoosh

[1] Let's go, Maka!!
[2] ZA*
* skid
* shoooom
[6] PATA*
* land

[1] It's *ON* now.
[Inset] Will they show us the power of Death Scythes...!!!?

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#1. by zidane ()
Posted on Aug 15, 2009
thank you nagumo
#2. by shadowchii ()
Posted on Aug 15, 2009
Thank you.

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