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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Beelzebub 2

I became a gang leader with a child

+ posted by njt as translation on Jun 6, 2009 19:36 | Go to Beelzebub

-> RTS Page for Beelzebub 2

It's ready :). Enjoy!

Thank / Credit Archtos for proofreading!!


[tn: ignoring the top yellow and red since it's not going to be in a tank :p]

Side: A legend starts!!

Babu 2: I became a gang leader with a child.


School sign (rectangle): 県立 Prefectual
石矢魔高等高校 Ishiyama High School

Graffiti from right to left:
2年4組 Class 4 Year 2
山田太郎 Yamada Tarou 080-900-xxx
絶対殺す You're dead!
アホ Retard

side: A terrible school already full of evil...

left billboard? thing: 最強 Strongest
3-5 is ugly
んじ言え Say it

box: Ishiyama High School, // a terrible school said to be the absolute worst in the prefecture // with a deliquent rate of 120%.

side: is about to get worse...?!

wall: バカヤロ Stupid ass
出て来い Get out here
石矢魔 Ishiyama
Repeat of above

left wall: タコ sucker
弱虫 Wuss
chin kasu

guy: Hey, look.


guy: It's Oga. // Oga... // The legendary one... // The middle school demon raging ogre... // Shhh! he'll hear you! // He looks more pissed than usual.

sound effects confused as dialogue: *dash* // *turn* (pretty much something to show they're going another way and fast :p)


Guy: Hey, Oga. // Hehe, better watch that attitude of yours. // Today, you're dead meat. // Ack!! // A blade?! // You nuts?! That's against school rules!!

Rattle: Rattle


Guys: A... rattle? // A teddy. // Oh.

Oga: Move.

Guys: Umph // Wh-... // Why is he carrying that...?!

Oga: Sheesh.


Oga: What'd happen if you woke up baby 'Bub?

'bub: Zzzz // Abu...


Oga thought: Yo! // The name's Oga Tatsumi. // I'm just your average high school student // who, due to unexpected events, became a father.
Furuichi: Dude. // Why did you bring / the devil king with you?

Oga thought: This is the dork, Furuichi.

Oga: Yo!

Furuichi: You're totally thinking something bad about me, aren't you.

Oga thought: As you can plainly see, he's a dork. Dork dork doooork.

Furuichi: You didn't answer! // I asked you why in the world you're bringing him to school?!

Oga: Furuichi... hear me out. // My house can't take it.

Furuichi: What?!


Oga: A devil... // hijacked my place.

Furuichi: Don't give me that! // My place is in even worse shape! // Two days ago it was partly destroyed. // Hey! Listen to me!

Box: Ignoring Furuichi for a flashback...

sign: Oga

tv: Why'd you do that? // Wahahaha

??: So- // there you have it.


Hildegarde: Starting today, this boy and I will be living with you. // My name's Hildegarde. // I hope you welcome me into your home.

'bub: Ada.

Oga: Alright, // stop right there. What's with the intentionally misleading story?

Hilde: Hm? // Do you have a problem?

Oga: A big one! // Look at them. // They're shocked stiff!


Hilde: But... // I heard this is what you do in your country.

Oga: Who the hell told you that?! // They even assumed the wrong thing.

Dad thought: Your country? She's a foreigner?

Mom thought: I can't believe he brought a girl home... // and a blonde beauty at that! // Such knockers. // Although I think we should be more concerned // with that kid over there...

Oga: I thought I told you! // I'm not his father!!

Hilde: How can you say that...

parents: His father?!

Hilde: After doing all that to me...

parents: All that...?!

Hilde: It was amazing...

Dad: TATSUMI!!! // I can't believe you... // First you did god knows what with that beautiful lady... // Then // you made a b-b-baby! // And to top it off, / you say you won't take responsibility for the kid?!

Oga: Wha- // No, wait. You have it all wrong.

Dad: What do you mean I have it wrong?! // Look at that kid! // There's no doubt he's yours! // He even has your eyes!

Oga: He does not! Take a better look!

Sister: Oh my, they do look alike.

Mom: Show me! Show me!


mom: Ahahaha. Such a rascal. // Reminds me of Tatsumi when he was little.

sis: So which country are you from?

Hilde: I'm from Makai.

[TN: Means land of the demons/devils]

Sis: From Macao? // That's neat! You've got really good English! // Oh, I guess this makes me an aunt!

Black: The girls of the family...

Dad: are accepting this fast!!

Mom: Well that makes me a grandma!

Dad: H-...H- // Ms...Hildegarde?! // Let me apologize for my no good son! // I'll make sure he takes responsibility for this and raises that kid. // Bow your head too, boy!

Mom: Oh my... // A sliding bow.

Sister: Aren't they used to it?

Dad: It's our pleasure welcoming you into our home!


Hilde: No, // the pleasure's all mine... // Please call me Hilda.

Oga: Why you... // Enough of this already! // You've totally gotten my entire family involved. // Does your sorry ass really plan on moving in?

Hilda: It's not my fault. // Young master is the one who chose you. // By the way, dinner was delicious.

Oga: You're getting WAY too comfortable.


Hilda: Oh yeah? // Although, // I wouldn't be the one in trouble // if I were to take young master and leave.

Oga: Eh? // What do you mean in trouble?

'bub: Ah- // Da!

Box: Piggyback demanding eyes.

Oga: Get off me!

'bub: Myo-!

Hilda: Wha- // What have you done?! He'll cry!

Oga: So what! He can for all I care!

'bub: Uwa

Hilda: But if young master cries...

Oga: But what?




Hilda: something like that, happens.

'bub: *whimper*

Oga: Something like that, my ass! // You knew what would happen!

Hilda: Didn't I tell you you'd be in trouble? // Inicidentally //If you go more than 50 feet from young master / then he'll cry at such a level you'll die on the spot. So watch it.

Oga: That's a bit more serious than just "in trouble"...!!


Oga: So there you have it... // That's why he's with me.

'bub: Ah-

Furuichi: Wai- // Wait right there. // So... what? // You're sleeping under the same roof with that gothloli chick? // You're forced into marriage with that gothloli chick with big boobs? And your family approves? // What gives? // What's up with this love comedy twist? // Here I am dealing with having half of my house destroyed and you're... // Why is it only you?

Oga: Why are you focusing on that particular detail? // Dude! Don't you realize my life is on the line? // It's not like I'm enjoying it!!

'bub: Ah-

Furuichi: Did you sleep together?

Oga: Hell no!

'bub: Waoh---

butterfly: *land*


Baldy: Oh? // What do we have here? // So there really is a brat. // That's funny.

standing by baldy: I told ya. // If we're ever going to get Oga, it's now.

Afro?: Where are you heading off to little one? // Bah-

'bub: Muu--


'bub: GYAAAAAH // Umph // umph!!

Baldy: Yo-! Oga!

'bub: Umph

Afro: So you're a dad now, eh?

Middle dork: Bad daddy~ // You need to keep a better eye on your kids.

'bub: Wahh


Oga: Don't move!!

Dork: Right, don'- // Hey!!

Oga: I got it! // I got it already! Just don't move from that spot! // If you do, I'll kill ya!

dork: Oh... ok...

Afro thinking: That was powerful.

Dork thinking: Isn't that my line?

Hilda memory: If you go more than 50 feet away from him you'll die on the spot!

Oga thought: 50 feet.... // Damn it, how many feet away are they?!

long hair: Oga is shaking in his boots.
Afro: Yeah, we can totally do this.

??: Wait right there.

Dork: Huh?

Baldy: Who is it? We're busy...


baka duo: Ugh!! // You guys are... // Ishiyama's double-headed dragons... // the Sanada brothers!

Ryuichi: We're the ones taking out Oga.

Boxes: Junior
Sanada Ryuichi
Sanada Ryuji

Oga: Who??

??: Hey now....

Abe: Don't be stealing my game.

Box: Junior Abe

Afro: Killer machine Abe!!

Michael J.: Hey there! // Can't have you forgetting about me!

Box: Junior Shimokawa

Afro: Even Goodnight Shimokawa is here?!


three stooges: Wha- What's going on?! // All the head Juniors are here!!!

Oga: Still clueless...

Furuichi: What's up with this school...

Baldy: W-What do we do?! // This is bad!!

dork: Ugh!!


Oga: Go home!!

Dork: I'm there!!

Afro: Matsukata-!!!

Oga: You little shit... // The next time you go off on your own like that I'll stomp you to death!

'bub: Ah!

Oga: We're going. Sheesh. // Scaring me like that.


Michael J: Hmm... / So you're the invincible rookie Tatsumi Oga, eh? // You don't look like a ladies man. // That really your kid?

Baldy2: Who cares? // It's time to fight!

Oga: Ugh // What a pain.

3 Stooges: D-Do you understand the situation you're in?! // It doesn't matter who you are, this is bad...

Baldy: Matsukata!!

Afro: Don't you know who they are? They're Killer machine and...

Baldy: Ugh

Michael: Hagh


Stooges: An... // insta-kill?!

Oga: Alrighty, let's go home.

'bub: Dah!

Baldy2: ugh

Dragon guy: Heh... // Not bad, rookie.

Baldy: Alright! The Sanada brothers! // These guys mean business!

Afro: Yeah... the knife wielding younger brother and...

Dragon: I'll cut you and the brat in two.


Stooges: T-There it is!! // The older brother's enemy cuttin' Texas Chainsaw!! // They're attacking from both sides!

Dragon: Dieeeeeee-ahhhh

Stooges: Even Oga can't get out of this one...


Oga: Move.


Oga: Let's go.

'bub: Dah!

Dork: They move // as one...

Box: This is how // the legend of the gang leader with a child, Beelzebub // who later smashed all the // delinquents in the country into fear, // started.

Hilda: Hmph

[tn: Not translating the sides since... well they're pretty irrelevant now :p]

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#1. by Doragon (Scanlator)
Posted on Jun 6, 2009
'Bub actually sounds better than Be'el or BL. Wonder why no one thought about that before. Thanks njt.
#2. by Arcanis (Registered User)
Posted on Jun 6, 2009
Thank you for this njt!

I think I find one mistake, on this line:

Oga: Why are you focusing on that particular detail? // Dude! Don't you realize my life is on the life?

It should be "Don't you realize my life is on the line?"

Again, thanks. =]
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