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To-LOVE-Ru 142

A draught ~♫

+ posted by noob3d as translation on Mar 28, 2009 02:32 | Go to To-LOVE-Ru

-> RTS Page for To-LOVE-Ru 142

Hello this is my first official translation at MH,though not my first translation at all.

Scanlation groups and International translators are welcome to use the translation.Just remember to give credit to me noob3d aka Makoto (whichever you want...)

Page 1

Yui: What's up with that uniform and hairdo !!

Texts at the side: Violating school rules // is unforgivable

Yui:That's against school regulations!!

To Love-ru 142 - A draught~♫

Punk: Aa-n?What is it?You're talking to your *senpai here-- TN:*senior

Yui: Even if you're a senpai,school rules are still school rules.

Punk: Are ya working under the instruction of that Principal or somethin'?!!

Yui: Uhh..well that's true...

Page 2

Yui:B-But still...

Yami: No matter what you say to a person like that,its pointless,Kotegawa Yui


Punk: Aa--n?

Punk: What's this?You gotta problem with me too,twerp

Punk: Alien or whatever it is,I don't know but--

Punk:Don't you go all high and mighty talking to Oko-sama's men like that


Page 3


SFX speech bubble: Flick

Punk: Aa--n?

Punk: Owaaa--

Page 4

Punk:With this,I'm all neat and trimmed,right...

Punk:Y-Yea..that's right...thanks...

Yui:Well then,I'll be heading back to class


SFX bubble: Kraa

SFX bubble: *crumple*


Page 5


Yui:People sure think up a lot of things to disrupt public morals,huh..


Yui:What's this I wonder?

Yui:There's a cool sensation down here...


Page 6

Yui: I-It's gone!?
Yui: My underwear is....Why!?


Yui: Could it be, at that time...

Yui: Th-This is dangerous...

Yui: I-If..the fact that I'm not wearing anything gets found out....

Girls[from right to left]:

Way to go,Kotegawa-san--[heart]

So you do love committing these big offenses...

What kind of panties are "no-pantsu*"? TN: *no-panties

Page 7

Rito: So Kotegawa has committed a big offense...

Rito: I'm disappointed...

Yui: Ah...

Yui: I don't want you hear that I've committed a big offense from you---!!

Yui:No matter who picks it up, I’ll be in big trouble!! // I have to recover it swiftly---

Girl: Oh Kotegawa-san, where are you off to--?


Page 8

SFX speech bubble: *clasp*

Yui:At the stairs of all things!!

Girl: hm~~~?

Girl: What's up~~ Kotegawa-san?

Girl: You're pressing down on you skirt really hard there...

Girl:Could it be that you're embarrassed to let your panties be seen?

Page 9

Girl: C'mon, why not? We’re all girls after all~~

Girl: Yup !

Yui: Wa-Wait a...

Girl:Come on now, let me see what kind of panties you have~~


Yui: This is a big offense!!

Girl: As stubborn as always eh--

Girl: Yup--

Page 10

Yui: The window is open...I have to go into the wind...

Rito: Yo---Kotegawa

Yui: Yuuki-kun!?

Yui: What're you doing in a place like this?!!

Rito: It seems that,some cute puppy got lost in the school

Rito: Lala forced me into keeping an eye out for him....

Yui: I-I see...

Page 11

SFX bubble: Fwaa


Yui: He saw it!?

Yui: No way...Such a thing...

Page 12

Lala: Rito! Kun-chan is over there, lets go!!

Rito: I got it. I got it

SFX: Phew...

Yui: It--It's not here..

Yui: It’s not here!!But I'm positive it should be near here.

Yui: Could it be that....someone has already picked it up !?

Yui: No way...

Principal: Ohh This is magnificent!!

Page 13

Principal: This aroma....the taste...I can't help myself~~~[heart]


Yui: Could it be....


Yui: Ph-Ph-Principal--!!

Yui:You're the person who---!!!

Principal: Hm?

Page 14

Principal: What business do you have with me, young lady?

Yui: Why is it bread!?That was so misleading!!

Principal: If you have any worries, would you like to work it out in counseling?

Principal: Carefully and passionately...[heart]

Yui: I-I'm just fine !!

SFX principal: Aww

Yui: Just by being around him a little, I could feel it. He’s scary, that person. **

Yui: Hm?

Page 15

Yui: Oshizu-chan

Oshizu: Yes?

Yui: Th-..This is dangerous!!When this girl is frightened or scared,she uses psychic powers... **





Lala: Isn't he cute~~

Rito: Y-You think so..?

Page 16

Text: A dog---!!?

Yui:Oh no!!

Yui: Oshizu-chan is frightened...



Yui: Of all things,why did this happen to Oshizu-chan!!

Page 17

Yui: Oshizu-chan?
Oshizu: H-...

Oshizu: Hyaaaa~~

SFX bubbles: Creak Crack

Yui: Oshizu-chan!

Yui: Calm down!!

SFX bubble: Flip

Page 18

Yui: Kyaaa

Rito: Kotegawa!!

Rito: Are you OO--

Rito: 'kay?


Yui: Ah


Page 19

Rito: Ahh..

Rito: This...


Random voices [right to left]:

Wait a--... Yuuki-kun!?

Rito!Get a hold of yourself~~

Dogs are scarrry~~~

Woof // Woof

Yami: I'd better return these...panties....

Rito: ...What the...Before I fainted,it felt like I saw something really troublesome....

Yui: Responsibility....You'll take responsibility for it right.....

Text at the side: This life is constantly full of troubles,how about everybody else out there?

Trouble 142/ End

Next time,Rito's hand won't let go of Lala from that place!? **

Lines I'm not 100% sure have the ** at the end.

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