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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Kuroko no Basket 58

+ posted by PROzess as translation on Apr 13, 2011 14:27 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

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Kuroko no Baske Chapter 58:

P1.Bottom: Quarter 58: Leave it to me!
P4.B1: Hey, Hyouga-kun, how about the beach?
P4.B2: Yeah, sounds good too.
P5:B1: Or perhaps the mountain?
P5.B2: Yeah, sounds good too.
P6.B1: Hey, are you even listening to me?
P6.B2: Mh? Yeah. // Rather...
P1.B1: Wherever is fine. // Main thing is we got to hold our training camp.
P1.T1: Eh?
P1.T1: Don't plan it like a trip to hell!!
P2.Box1: We survived safely the end of term test.
P2.Box2: The club founders Kiyoshi and Fukki also recovered // from their shock of our big loss.
P5.Box1: And----
P1.Box1: ----it's summer vacation.
P1.Box2: Finally we started working towards the Winter Cup.
P2.B1: This year, we'll hold 2 training camps at the beginning and the end of summer vacation.
P2.B2: One at the beach and one at the mountain.
P3.T1: They went with both!!
P4:B1: Goal this time is preparation for the qualifications and to overcome our weaknesses, we got aware of in the last game.
P4.B2: And since we're lacking members, stamina is a important for us. // So we'll increase the amount of jogging in our normal training.
P4.T1: Summer vacation // [left and right box text] Overcoming Weakness [/left and right box text] Stamina UP! // [Side text left and right] Training camp [/side text left and right] Normal training.
P1.B1: Once the vacation is over, the qualifications for the Winter Cup are around the corner.
P1.B2: We have to make full use of this vacation. // Let's get into the spirit!!
P3.B1: Over and out!! // Dismissed!!
P3.B2: Thank you!!
P4.B1: Right, Coach, // Takeda-senpai called for you.
P4.B2: Ah, yeah? // Then excuse me, I'm going ahead.
P5.B1: Good workout.
P6.B1: Ouch.
P1.B1: Ah, // Sorry.
P1.B2: Don't give me that.
P1.B3: Look forward properly!!
P2:B1: Somehow they're back to talking to each other, // but they're only fighting?
P2.B2: Will they be fine...?
P3.B1: Yeah, I guess.
P3.B2: Kiyoshi... But Kagami didn't throw even one pass today?
P3.B3: Well, that's just for now.
P4.B1: In winter he'll back.
P6.B1: Well... // that's good.
P1.B1: Everyone!!
P1.B2: Assemble again!!
P2.B1: !?
P3.B1: What's going on...?
P3.B2: Wasn't training over...?
P4.B1: Listen...
P4.B2: You all heard about the training camp just now, but...
P5.B1: Right now, we're... // facing a great crisis.
P6.B1: !?
P7.B1: Since we're holding two camps this year, we reserved cheap inns.
P7.T1: Last year we only held one.
P7.B2: And we'll have to cook for ourselves. // That's where the problem starts.
P1.B1: Our coach will do the cooking!!
P3.B1: ...Eh? // She... shouldn't?
P3.B2: Of course not! You saw her sweet lemons before, tight? // basically...
P3.B3: we're doomed!!
P3.B4: ....!!
P4.B1: Her cooking already passes the boundaries of eatable.
P4:T1: So it's no longer food!?
P5.B1: Then we just have to cook it ourselves...?
P5.B2: I would like to do it...
P6.B1: But the training schedule is so hellish, no one will be able to move after it!! [small text] Don't underestimate it. [/small text]
P6.T1: Shit, now that I remembered, I feel sick...
P6.T2: Koga!
P6.T3: We might die...!!
P1.B1: ...And with that...
P3.B1: Okay, Coach, // are you ready?
P3.Sign: Home economic room
P4.Board: Training Camp Cooking Tasting Meeting
P5.B1: Leave it to me!
P2.B1: ...Tasting meeting?
P2.B2: Just a cover-up. We can't tell her, "You suck at cooking, practice more!" // We'll taste it and give her advice after, so she can improve.
P3.B1: By the way, can you cook?
P3.B2: A bit.
P3.B3: Not really.
P3.B4: No.
P4.B1: The best one is probably Mitobe. // How about you, Kuroko?
P4.B2: I won't lose at boiling eggs.
P5.B1: What are you talking about? // The first dish is done...
P5.B2: It's curry!!
P1.B1: What's that!!?
P2.B1: Eh... They're all whole? // What was with all that cutting earlier then?
P2.B2: Eh? // Isn't this a bit difficult to eat?
P2.B3: Rather why curry!? It is curry, right?
P2.B4: A classic.
P3.B1: Leave the looks aside, the taste is okay! // It's simple curry.
P4.B1: Then...
P4.B2: Time to dig in...
P1.T1: Disgust-
P1.T2: ing!!
P2.T1: The rice is mellow like in porridge.
P2.T2: The vegetables are crisp like a raw salad.
P2.T3: The meat is raw!!
P2.T4: And somehow the roux has a sour and bitter taste.
P2.T5: Genocide to our gustative nerves!!
P3:B1: Just say if you want second <3
P3.T1: And such a big pot----!!
P4.B1: What's this?
P4.B2: We're doomed!?
P4.B3: I can't swallow it...!!
P5.B1: .....
P1.B1: I guess it doesn't... // taste that good....?
P4.B1: ....
P8.B1: Thanks for the food.
P1.B1: It was good, // but a bit too spicy.
P1.B2: So I'm going to get something to drink.
P2.B1: It had a special taste, but it's okay.
P2.T1: I'll take second.
P2.B2: You put in the most important thing in cooking.
P3.B1: And that's love.
P4.B1: But you might have prepared it wrong, // Could let me see it again?
P4.B2: ...Yeah.
P4.T1: You guys are so manly!!
P5.B1: Hyouga!!
P1.B1: I leave the rest to you.... [decreasing fontsize]
P1.T1: Hyouga-----!!
P2.B1: ...So with that, could someone teach her the right way?
P2.B2: Then, Mito-
P2.B3: Hey, Kiyoshi, you look weird!!
P2.B4: The second was too much.
P3.B1: Mito...
P3.B2: He's fading away!!?
P3.B3: ...
P4.T1: Then I have to do it!? I'm not that good...
P4.B1: Umm.. // Can I use the leftover here?
P4.B2: !?
P5.B1: Kagami!? You can cook!?
P5.B2: Rather than can... // I'm hungry... [small text] I haven't eaten yet. [/small text]
P1.B1: Okay, finished.
P1.B2: Eeh!? Somehow this looks incredible good!?
P2.B1: I just fried it...
P2.T1: Can I take some rice too?
P2.B2: Hey.. just one portion!?
P3.B1: So good!! // How can you...!?
P3.B2: Well.. I live alone. [small text] So I cook a bit. [/small text]
P4.B1: Kagami-kun!
P5.B1: Please teach me how to make curry...!
P5.B2: I never thought I would ask you of this.
P6.B1: I don't mind,
P6.B2: but I'm a strict teacher.
P7.T1: Like this?
P7.T2: Here you use lower heat...
P3.B1: Wow! This looks awesome!!
P3.B2: This is perfect curry!!
P4.B1: This time it's good.
P4.B2: Try it!
P5.B1: Time to dig in.
P1.T1: Ah
P1.T2: Eh-----!?
P2.B1: No way!? // Why?
P2.B2: Another failure?
P2.T1: We don't know why either.
P2.T2: What's this?
P2.T3: All we can say is...
P2.T4: No different from before!!!
P3.B1: Kagami, you made this together, right?
P3.B2: Yeah! I tasted from time to time.
P3.B3: Then why!?
P3.B4: I have no clue.
P4.B1: She sucks so hard at cooking...
P4.T1: Huuuh?
P4.B2: it crosses the boundary of human logic...
P4.B3: Isn't this rather amazing!?
P5.B1: You think so?
P1.B1: It's delicious.
P2.B1: ...!? // You don't have to force yourself, Kuroko!!
P2.B2: No, It's really...
P3.B1: .....!
P4.B1: Kuroko, could it be... // you took it out yourself?
P4.B2: Yes.
P4.T1: Since I was left out...
P5.B1: Riko, could you serve it again?
P6.B1: ? // Yeah... First I take the rice.
P7.B1: And before I put the roux on...
P7.B2: Ah! She put cheese on... so it agglomerated...
P1.B1: Huh.....!?
P1.B2: What's this!?
P2.B1: What you ask... // Just some proteins and vitamin powder...
P2.B2: That's the reason---!!
P3.B1: Just curry, has no balance.
P3.B2: Then just add a salad! // Just don't put that stuff in!!
P1.B1: It tastes normal---!!
P1.B2: Hey... You're supposed to say "delicious". // But we now know the reason, so all well!
P1.Box1: And with that the Coach's cooking leveled up---
P2.Box1: ---is what we thought.
P2.B1: Okay, it's done.
P2.B2: The second dish is a hotpot!
P3.B1: Okay, // Eat up<3
P4.B1: Just why are they all whole!?
P4.B2: Huh?
P4.Box1: It was a small level up.
P1.B1: It's done!
P1.B2: The second dish is a hotpot!
P2.B1: Using the mixer is no good either!!

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