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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 447

One Piece Chapter 447

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Mar 3, 2007 04:19 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 447

I want to appoligize for this translation being so late. My internet was intermittent, and I wasn't able to get it up on time, and single-handedly delayed Franky House because of it. Sorry guys.

Shindori-chan could be written as Cindry-chan, but that is not an english name I have ever
been aware of. I left it as Shindori-chan in the previous chapter, but will use Cindry-chan now, since that seems to be the popular vote. Cindry-chan is actually a reference to an ancient
Japanese legend known as Banchou Sarayashiki, with many renditions similar to the ones
Hogback told Nami and the others. The basic legend stems from a young woman sworn to
marry a lord against her will. The variations include her having an affair, and or failing to take
care of his valuables, but almost all end in her death. Hence why it's a famous Ghost Story in Japan.

Title Page (Page 01):
Title: Surprise Zombie
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Epic Volume 16: Meeting in High Spirits.

Page 02:
Cerberus: Grrrrrr
Cerberus: Uuuuh
Zoro: What's that? Looks like it wants to fight.
Cerberus: Grrrrrr
Zoro: Then I'll take him.
Luffy: No, wait a sec.
Luffy: Let me try my hand at it.

Page 03:
Zoro: Dumbass. It may be a dog technically, but does that really look like a dog to you!?
Luffy: A dog is still a dog. That's a good doggy , good, good.
Luffy: Shake.
Cerberus: Bark, Bark, Howl
Franky: We just warned you...
Luffy: There, there. Good boy,
Luffy: There, there boy.
Luffy: That's it, just let me go slowly... Good boy...

Page 04:
Luffy: You asshole!!!!
Cerberus: Bawowl!!!!
Luffy: Lay down.
Others: No, no...

Page 05:
Robin:That aside this is a terrible wound.
Robin: How it's even alive is a mystery.
Sanji: Beyond that, a fox somehow got mixed into this thing
Sanji: I wonder if you could even call this a living thing?
Luffy: Right after we entered we met this awesome guy
Luffy: This island is so much fun!!
Franky: So after a moat it's a forest huh...?
Sanji: Heeeey Nami-saaaan!! Nami-san where are yooou!!?
Robin: You don't seem very energetic Cerberus-san.
Zoro: Don't pity the loser, it only hurts his pride.
Luffy: Hm?
Tree: Huh!!

Page 06:
Luffy: Tree-ossan and... a Unicorn are drinking together! (Trans. Note: Ossan: Old man)
Luffy: I caught you!!!
Franky: I got one too!! It sure is a strange one!!
Tree: Forget you saw me, please!!!
Luffy: You guys, do you want to come with me and be pira...
Zoro/Sanji: Stop fucking around!!!

Page 07:
Box: Doctor Hogback's Mansion
Absolom: ...Fhew
Absolom: That was a close one...
Hogback: Hey!! Absalom!! You're there aren't you.
Hogback: What what that ruckus?!! Were you in the bathroom again you asshole?!!
Absolom: Grrr...
Absolom: Hogback, I've found my bride. I've taken a liking to that woman, and I plan to make her mine!!
Hogback: Even if that's the case, I won't let you take a bounty like this .
Ghost: This time we have six bounties here, one is over 100 million.
Ghost: The capitan is 300 million!!
Absolom: 300 million... don't say that so lightly Perona.
Hogback: Now that you know, you should begin their capture them quickly... Absolom.
Hogback: There's going to be alot of work to be done tonight...!!

Page 08:
Box: Mansion Second Floor
Usopp: There's no way there can be an invisible man!!
Nami: He was absolutely there!!
Nami: You saw when I was attacked right!?
Usopp: ...No, I didn't!!
Nami: You did too!!
Usopp: That was a trick question!!
Usopp: You want me to say I saw you naked so you can charge me for it.
Nami: I could've been killed!!
Nami: I'll still charge you though.
Usopp: Anyways, I still don't believe
Usopp: A single thing we've seen since we got on this island!!
Usopp: The "Invisible Man" was your imagination.
Usopp: The "Ghost" was just some weird bird.
Usopp: The Zombies were just a tribe of "Earth Dwellers"!!
Nami: What was that?
Usopp: Yes, we did meet a once-dead skeleton that had been revived after eating a devil's fruit!!
Usopp: That was the exception among exceptions...!! There are no two people with the same devil's fruit powers.
Usopp: There is absolutely no way a doctor could bring people people back from the dead!!!

Page 09:
Usopp: Right!? So if things like those exist, then there has to be a logical explaination behind it!!
Chopper: Even from a medical point of view... I think that there has to be a logical explanation too.
Chopper: But
Chopper: If Dr. Hogback threw a life of glory away in order to conduct his research here...
Chopper: then there might be some sort of miracle like that somewhere on this island.
Nami: Don't you have a bit too much faith in this guy!?
Chopper: Dr. Hogback is really a great man and I admire him!!
Chopper: It's you guys who're being rude!! Saying that the Doctor and Zombies are nakama without any proof!!
Nami: ...Yea we really are.... it's just my intuition but...
Nami: It's weird, you know
Nami: All of this stuff.

Page 10:
Usopp: Huh.... why did it get dark in here?
Nami: This is that room from earlier right?
Chopper: Do... Doctor!! Where are you!?
Usopp: Shi.... Shindori-chan?
Hildon: we're done with the bath now.
Hildon: The two have already gone to bed...!!
Usopp: Gyah!!
Usopp: Hildon!!!
Usopp: You...!! How dare you abandon us in that graveyard earlier!!
HIldon: I'm ashamed to say
Hildon: I took my eyes off you while my friend and I borrowed the horses to take care a small matter.

Page 11:
Nami: Stop lying!!
Nami: Everyone single inhabitant of this island is one of you!?
Hildon: To say something so hurtful towards our reputation...
Hildon: I will guide you to the bedrooms. Please, this way...
Usopp: You're shameless. Again you say you'll "guide" us..!?
Nami: Is that the real gate to the underworld?
Nami: I'm sorry but, we're going to have to say farewell right now.
Chopper: Eh!? Wait a second, let me talk to the Doctor a little longer!
Painting: Ohohoho, getting the cold shoulder Hildon?
Usopp: Hm?
Hildon: Please leave me alone.
Hildon: I would like to accompany them safely to their room.
Painting: Isn't is alright by now? These kids have started to figure out too much.
Painting: Before you make that mistake and let them get away...
Chopper: What the.... the painting is...

Page 12:
Painting: You boys aren't gonna make it home!!!
Chopper: Gyaaaaaah!!!
Usopp: Uwah!!! Chopper!!!
Usopp: There's a Zombie inside the painting!!?
Nami: Chopper!!
Chopper: Save me!!!
Pig: Oink
Pig: Oinkeeheehee (Oink + Laugher)

Page 13:
Usopp: Uwoh!!
Oink: This room's boss is me, the great Oinkchuck!!
Oink: Don't think I'll let any of you esape from this room!! Oink!!
Usopp: That head mounted on the wall just talked!!!
Rugbear: OwowOwowow!!
Nami: What!? The rug on the floor is...!!
Rugbear: Who threw that sword into my back!!!

Page 14:
Usopp: Gyaahhhh!!
Usoop: This mansion is just like Nami said...!!
Usopp: There are Zombies everywhere!!!
Nami: ...There!!
Nami: Hah
Painting: Hey you on the chandelier, come down here!!
Painting: Smack him down here Rugbear!!!
Painting: Knock him down!!
Usopp: Take this you Rug-bear-thing!!!

Page 15:
Rugbear: Oh no, it's a candle!!!
Rugbear:Hot hot, it's unbearably hot!!!
Painting: Fire!!! Scary!!!
Painting: Put it out!!!
Usopp: I know your weakness!! Take this and this and this!!
Paintings: Look out, or we'll burn!!
Usopp: All of you, eat this!!
Painting: Gyaahh!!!
Painting: Put out the fire!!!
Usopp: Chopper, Nami!! Let's get to the entrance and get out of here!!!
Nami: Yea!!!
Chopper: Leaving!!
Chopper: Is fine now!!!

Page 16:
Usopp: Open it quick!!
Chopper: I've had enough of this.
Zombie (Upper left): Hah
Chopper: What is it Nami?
Nami: That is...
Usopp: Hah
Usopp: No way...
Nami: Hah
Nami: Hah
Nami: It won't open!!!
Nami: We're locked in!!!
Usopp: The rubbear is coming!!!

Page 17:
Usopp: Hide!!
Usopp: Gwahh!!!
Usopp: That was close. Let get out of this room. Any other room will do.
Usopp: Hah
Zombies: You can't run away!!!
Chopper: Uwah, this is...
Chopper: the inside of the fireplace!!
Usopp: It's over, we can't run anymore!!!

Page 18:
Chopper: Ueh
Chopper: Huh?
Chopper: Where is this?!!
Zombies: Hey, they disappeared!! They vanished in the fireplace!!
Zombies: Dammit, they found the hidden passage!!
Zombies: They're gonna find Hogback-sama's research room!!
Zombies: Follow them!!
Zombies: It's no good, the door is blocked from the other side!!!
Oink: Oinkeekee. Don't get upset. No matter where they went they're still in the mansion.
Oink: There' are many more of our Surprise Zombie nakama waiting for them!!

Page 19:
Usopp/Chopper: Aaaaaaaah
Usopp/chopper: Aaaaah!!!
Nami: This corridor is not safe!! Any place with paintings is dangerous!!
Usopp: Anywhere... that room!!!
All: Hah Hah
All: Hah...
Usopp: Hah
Usopp: Uah!! Another painting...
Usopp: hah...
Usopp: hah
Usopp: No... a picture. That's great... that means it's not a Zombie...
Nami: It's... It's that girl isn't it!?
Nami: Hah
Nami: Plate-hating Cindry-chan...!! What is this room?

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#1. by sahugani (Now 20% Cooler)
Posted on Mar 3, 2007
looking forward to your trans and the FH release. currently working on Bleach review and i'll be doing OP tomorrow, so i can work using it then
#2. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2007
Been held up due to intermittent internet. And by extension, holding up FH single handedly... :(
#3. by destinator ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2007
Quote by skywalker6705 :

Been held up due to intermittent internet. And by extension, holding up FH single handedly... :(

Ah yeah it sucks when the net starts to hate you. Looking forwards to your translation :)
#4. by Luckas ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2007
Quote by skywalker6705 :

Been held up due to intermittent internet. And by extension, holding up FH single handedly... :(
I hope you can solve your problems soon.
#5. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Mar 4, 2007
Quote by Luckas :

I hope you can solve your problems soon.

sky will be able to get this thing here tomorrow.

Internet get working :box
#6. by Luckas ()
Posted on Mar 4, 2007
Quote by venicia777 :

sky will be able to get this thing here tomorrow.

Internet get working :box
Happy to know.
#7. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Mar 6, 2007
yeah- finally in. You are a darling sKy.
#8. by juUnior ()
Posted on Mar 6, 2007
thx skywalker for translation :D
#9. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Mar 8, 2007
And may the force be with you


cheesy, I know. so what?

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