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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 448

One Piece Chapter 448

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Mar 10, 2007 03:47 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 448

Alright, lets roll:

Title Page (01):

Title: モリア
Title: Moria
Subtext: エネルのスペス大作戦ボリュム.17相馬とう 島で生まれたあの日
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan Volume 17: Life flashing before his eyes - The day I was born on the mechanical Island

Page 02:
Nami: 改めて見るとキレイな人ね...
Nami: One second glance, she's actually really pretty huh...
Nami: 使用人のシンドリーちゃん...
Nami: That Maid Cindry...
Usopp: 本人の部屋か...?
Usopp: Is this her room....?
Nami: 自分の部屋にこんあに自分の写真を飾る?
Nami: Would you decorate your own room with this many pictures of yourself?
Chopper: でもあいつはよ顔にも体にも
Chopper: But she had bad scars all over
Chopper: すごい縫いキズがあったぞ
Chopper: her face and her body before.
Usopp: 確かに...ここの写真にはどれにもないな...
Usopp: That's true... none of these photos show her wounded at all...
Usopp: 別人ってわけでもねエだろうから...
Usopp: It's not possible these are pictures of someone else...
Usopp: 昔の写真か...............!!
Usopp: Are they older photos.....................?!!

Page 03:
Nami: ビクトリア シンドリ.........
Nami: Victoria Cindry....
Chopper: ん!?
Chopper: Hmm!?
Nami: ずいぶん有名な舞台女優だったみたい
Nami: She seems to have been a pretty famous on stage actress.
Nami: Look at this, every article concerns her.
Usopp: 舞台女優?......以前もどっかで
Usopp: A stage actress?...... Do any of these
Usopp: 使用人してた様な事 言ってなかったか?
Usopp: articles mention her being a maid or something before?
Usopp: 皿割って主人に追い出されたとか
Usopp: or about the plate breaking, and how she was driven out from her master's home?
Nami: これを見る分にはそんな経歴考えられないわね
Nami: From what I'm looking at, it doesn't seem like something like that happened.
Nami: 元々貴族の家の生まれみたいだし
Nami: It looks like she was staying at more and more nobles houses.
Nami: 子供の頃から人気者で
Nami: Every since she was a child she was a spectacle.....
Nami: え...
Nami: Eh...
Usopp: どうした?
Usopp: What is it?
Nami: 舞台から転落
Nami: She fell from the stage...
Nami: 彼女10年前に
Nami: In an accident 10 years ago
Nami: 事故で死んでる
Nami: That girl died.

Page 04:
Usopp: Eehh!!!? Whawhwhwhwawhat are you saying!!
Usopp: She was alive wasn't she!! She wasn't dead!!!
Chopper: ...... but if that story of her death is true then
Chopper: that would mean she had died and been brought back to life!
Chopper: The things on this island... are real Zombies.
Chopper: everything thing that we've seen on this island... has been brought back from the dead!!
SFX: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Usopp: How could this happen? I'm getting a bad feeling about this...!!
Usopp: I was better off not knowing that...!!
SFX: Gatang!!
Usopp: Uwah!!
Nami: Hm!?
Nami: .............!! Wait a second Usopp!! Is that a strongbox!!?
Chopper: Your mood changed fast!!
Nami: Open it!! I wanna see inside that box

Page 05:
Zombie: Too bad!!! This isn't the treasure chest!!!!
Chopper: Gyaaaaah!! It's a scary box!!! *Trans note: This is something Usopp/Chopper would exclaim. It can be either "surprise" or "scary." It can also be used to describe a Jack-in-a-box, which makes this an untranslatable pun.*
All: Aaaaaaaaaahhh!!!
Zombies: They came out!!
All: Gyaaaah, the pictures are Zombies!!!
All: Aaaaaaaaaah
Nami: "This isn't the treasure chest"...!?
Nami: That's what the Zombie said...!!

Page 06:
Zombie: Oh, it's you
Zombie: Oh! The bodyguard...!! *Wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a movie reference, knowing Oda*
Zombie: The man who wanders this mansion without any hesitation....!!
Bodyguard: Yohohohoho!!!
Bodyguard: This won't be a problem!! I'll capture them.
Text note: This is a work of fiction. Any relation to real life persons, or events is purely coincidental.
Sanji: Like I was saying, you can just take anything and make it one of our nakama!!!
Luffy: You can't say that, if we have a tanuki and a robot on our crew, other stuff is fine too!!!
Franky: Hey! I am not a robot, I'm a Cyborg you asshole!!
Sanji: But you're still not human right?

Page 07:
Franky: The base was a human!!
Sanji: The base was a pervert!!
Franky: Eh.... Ah, you didn't have to say something like...
Sanji: I'm not complementing you!!?
Luffy: I wonder whats gonna come out next~~~*Music* This'll be fun~~~
Robin: There was the Tree-person earlier
Robin: and a unicorn as well...
Zoro: What happened?
Robin: This strange forest has so many unusual creatures gathered in it.
Robin: They're all bandaged and have stitched wounds, and a number marked on their bodies.
Zoro: A number, huh.... yea, it's there alright
Zoro: ...maybe this means something is controlling them?
Robin: It would seem that way.
Luffy: Hm? Did you hear something?
Pelona: Negative
Pelona: Negative
Luffy: It came out!! It's a ghost!!!

Page 08:
Luffy: This is soo cool, it's dancing and multiplying!!!
Pelona: Negative
Pelona: Negative
Robin: It seems that call is a bad message....
Luffy: I'm gonna catch and keep him!!
Luffy: HA!!
Franky: He''s just a soul huh?....
Franky: Alright then...
Franky: Fresh Fire!!! *English*
Pelona: Horohorohoro
Pelona: Hororororo...

Page 09:
Franky: It's no good, it didn't touch him.
Ghost: yohohohoho...
Franky: Really, this week's me really is no good...
Franky: It's like whatever I do is no good.
Franky: I don't want to live anymore
Franky: ..I'll just die
Sanji: How depressed are you going to get over this!!!
Franky: Uuh...
Luffy: You bastard!!
Luffy: If I'm reincarnated,I want to be a shellfish
Luffy: This is the worst...... I'll just die...
Sanji: What are you doing, acting like that together!!!
Pelona: Negative Negative

Page 10:
Robin: Maybe once they touched the ghost
Robin: it made them depressed...
Sanji: They are that dumb
Zoro: ...Hmph, they should be ashamed
Zoro: Because they don't train their spirits regularly
Zoro: On some strange ghost's whim it can play with their heart!!
Zoro: I'm sorry I was ever born.............
Sanji: That's enough!!!
Sanji: It look's like it was just as Robin-chan said....
Robin: Worse than having no bodies
Robin: if it touches you it crushes your spirit
Robin: ... if it were our enemy, it'd be quite tough.
Sanji: that's true...
Robin: what a mysterious island
Pelona: Horohorohoro
Pelona: Negative Negative...

Page 11:
Luffy: That ghost. now I'm pissed
Luffy: Just die already!!!
Franky: It has to have a weakness!! I'm gonna erase you!!!
Sanji: Hahahaha, I saw something hilarious
Zoro: Shut up!!!
Robin: We could make a lot of assumptions about these numbered creatures but...
Robin: That ghost is a different life-form.
Sanji: They were on the ship as well...
Sanji: Sometimes it appears like it's watching us... the problem is...
Sanji: Who's pulling the strings. *Literally*
Luffy: Ah, this is a huge graveyard! What an atmosphere
Luffy: Hey, let's eat our lunch here!!
Sanji: Idiot, that'll make the food taste bad. Besides that, we're in a hurry.

Page 12:
Zombie: Aaaahhh....
Zombie: Aaaaaaaaaah!!!
Zombie: aaaaaaah...
Zombie: Did you think I'd go home or something you moron!!!
Luffy: You're badly wounded. What happened!?
All: Can't you see it's a Zombie!!!
Zombie: Don't underestimate us zombies...?!!!
Zombie: Don't underestimate us!!!
Zombie: Uraah!!!
Zombie: Uohacha!!
Zombie: Hoacho~!!!
Sanji: Are Zombies really this lively?
Zombies: We'll show you how dangerous Zombies are!!!
(Little speach bubble in panel) Cerberus: Bark Bark Howl
Zombies: Uwoooooh!!!
Luffy: What's that? Wanna fight?
Luffy: We show you how dangerous we are as well...!!

Page 13 & 14:
Luffy: 600 Million Beri Jackpot!!!!

Page 15:
Luffy: What are you guys doing here?
Zombie: Umm
Zombie: .... Zombie stuff...
Zombie: being buried
Zombie: rotting...
Zombie: rotting.
Zombie: Me too.
Luffy: Are you fucking with me?
Zombies: We're sorry!!
Zombie: Really!!
Luffy: A man with a long nose... a woman with orange hair... and a reindeer-looking tanuki.
Luffy: Have they come through here?
Zombie: Aah!!
Zombie: Aaaaaah Yesyesyes...
Zombie: ... but we won't tell you!! We have orders
Zombie: not to tell anyone information like that.
Luffy: Hmmm... You absolutely won't tell us?
(Attacked SFX): Crack, crack *(his knuckles)
Zombie: Those three came through
Luffy: They're my nakama. You didn't touch them right?
Zombie: Eh.......!?
Zombie: Didn't
Zombie: We didn't touch them.
Zombie: I didn't touch them either
Zombie: .......... didn't touch 'em
Luffy: Tell me the truth!!?
Zombie: He touched them
Zombie: Eh!? You're selling out a friend!!
Zombie: Wait.... you did it too!!!
Zombie: We all attacked together.
Zombie: Idiot!! Don't say that!
Luffy: It looks like they went to that mansion
Luffy: Glad they're ok.
Luffy: We still don't know about Brook...
Luffy: but that's alright I guess.

Page 16:
Old Man: Could it be?!! Wa... Wait you all...!! Wait please!!
Old Man: I saw you... just now. You're terribly strong right?
Old Man: Would you listen to my story for a moment!!?
Luffy: You're badly wounded. What happened!?
All: We told you, he's a Zombie!!!
Old Man: No, I'm a badly wounded old man.
All: You're easy to confuse!!!
All: We'll just call you a Zombie
Old Man: There's a man I want you to beat.....!!
Old Man: I know you guys can do it!!
Old Man: There are so many victims... if you defeat him they can all be saved.
Old Man: I would be so grateful if my shadow were returned to me.

Page 17:
Luffy: Really? You're missing your shadow too Ossan? *Ossan means Old Man
Luffy: Just like Brook...!!!
Zoro: Just who did this?
Zoro: Is it someone on this island?
Old Man: A man known as Moria
Old Man: He's frightening...!!
Franky: Moria?
Robin: Could you be referring to... Gekko Moria!?
Old Man: Aah... that's it... that Moria!!
Luffy: You know him Robin?
Robin: ..... I know his name very well
Robin: He's a man whose former bounty exceeds even yours Luffy...!!
Robin: Gekko Moria
Robin: Of the Shichibukai!!!

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#1. by Raseru ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Thanks, awesome translation!
#2. by bax ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Keep up the work :kkthumbs
#3. by yoniekai ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
go sky!
#4. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
#5. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
You're all welcome. I'll try to add the japanese lines as well if I have time this week.
#6. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Quote by page16:
Old Man: No, I'm a badly wounded old man.
All: You're east to confuse!!!
All: We'll just call you a Zombie

is it "you are easy to confuse"?

many thanks for the translation
#7. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Quote by skywalker6705 :

You're all welcome. I'll try to add the japanese lines as well if I have time this week.

wow--- that will certainly be more work. Considering Oda has the longest of scripts. Awesome motivation and effort -- supaaaaaaa :p
#8. by Luckas ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Thanks for the translation, skywalker.
#9. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Quote by ketwaroo :

is it "you are easy to confuse"?

many thanks for the translation

corrected. Many thanks for catching this.
#10. by destinator ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Yeah to our OP Translator <333

Thanks :)
#11. by yeste ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2007
Thanks !!!
#12. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Mar 11, 2007
Thanks a lot! n_n...

I want to add two things, maybe don't have any relation, but maybe isn't that crazy =P...

"Moria" is the past tense of the verb Die in Spanish...

"Pelona" is a way to call "The Death" (The skeleton charachter with a cape) in some spanish-speaker-countrys...

Well, two things that reffers with the Death in a Zombie island n_n....

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