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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 449

One Piece Chapter 449

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Mar 24, 2007 00:48 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 449

Pages numbered starting with those with dialog. Thanks to those who point out grammer errors, typos, and/or poor wording!
Title on the color page:

Title: Thriller Bark's Mysterious Four

Page 01:
Background Text: The Frightening Truth!!
Luffy: Shichibukai.........!!?
Luffy: Gekko Moria!?
Luffy: That true Robin!!?
Robin: He's an enigma.....
Franky: What's a guy like that doing way out here?
Old Man: I'm not sure. But there are other victims who became lost in the forest like me.
Sanji: There are others?....!!
Old Man: The fact that you were all invited here as well... it's likely Moria is keeping his eyes on you.
Oldman: We creep about in this forest so we aren't caught by the zombies...
Old Man: We've become too scared to expose ourselves by trying to reach the sea....!!
Old Man: This old body doesn't even have the will to live anymore...
Old Man: Before I die... I'd like to walk under the ocean's sun... just one more time!!!

Page 02:
Franky: Is that true?....!! That's so horrible...!!
Franky: Yosh!! I'll help you! Don't worry at all!!! You idiot I'm not crying!
Zoro: You're too compassionate! Don't get weighted down with this.
Sanji: Really, you old fart!! It's a lady's privilege to cry for sympathy!!!
Sanji: Stop getting carried away!!
Luffy: Well still
Luffy: We were already looking for the shadow taking guy.
Luffy: And if he's after us we'd kick his ass anyways
Luffy: So why not save you along the way Ossan!?
Old Man: Thank you for saying something like that...!!
Old Man: It's just a little, but somehow I can feel hope again!!!
Others: We're counting on you!
Others: Go for it!!
Others: Beat that Moria guy!
Others: Sorry I got carried away crying too!
Sanji: You were listening in? You other victims!!

Page 03:
Box: The First Floor of Hogback's Mansion. Usopp Team
Hogback: Fosu!! Fosufosufosu!! Trans Note: Hogback's Laughter
Hogback: Fooooooosufosupo...
Nami: That's Hogback's laughter...!!
Hogback: Uh...hm!! Fooooosufosu
Nami: What is with this room?
Hogback: Foooooosufosufosufosu...!!!
Chopper: The research room....!!
Hogback: Fooooosufosufosufooosu!!!
Hogback: I'm almost done!! With this magnificent Marrionette. Trans note: The kanji are read as corpse.
Hogback: Look!! Cindy-chan!!
Hogback: It is truly... art!! The work of a genius!!!

Page 04:
Cindry: It would be fine if it failed to even breathe.
Hogback: What are you saying!? Cindry-chan!!!
Hogback: Really, your careless remarks becoming more damaging every time!! (Credit to Rockschmock for this line)
Cindry: I've made dinner
Hogback: Aah...!! Oh really, what're we having tonight?
SKX: Heart Beats
Cindry: Soup Spaghetti
Hogback: Hey, hey! The soup is spilling everywhere Cindry-chan!!
Cindry: It would be fine if the plate didn't exist...
Hogback: Yaah! I know. But if that's the case why not make a more appropriate menu!!
Nami: Cindry-chan's there too...!!
Nami: Was it really her who died in that accident?... It's unbelievable.

Page 05:
Usopp: ...What is that on the table...?
Hogback: I'm sorry, I've had enough!!
Hogback(small bubble): Soup Spaghetti...?
Nami(thought: It's probably a body...!!
Hogback(small bubble): .........I... I'll eat it!...
Chopper: That complexion... it doesn't look like it's alive.
Chopper: Just like the zombies in that graveyard...
Chopper: It has a number
Nami: He said it would be complete soon
Nami: This proves it
Nami: This has to be
Nami: How he's making the zombies...!!
Nami: Hogback must've brought back every single zombie on this island...
Nami: There's no other explanation.
Chopper: .....but still
Chopper: medicine is about trying to save people before they die
Chopper: no matter how hard you try to help a dead body
Chopper: there's no way to bring life back into them.
Usopp: Understanding and thinking are different things.
Usopp: If we stay here we might be able to figure out the secret to how he brings them back to life.

Page 06:
Bodyguard: Yohohohohoho!!
Bodyguard: Good evening!!
Bodyguard: If you've seen inside, you might as well enter!!
Usopp: .....!? Yohoho?...
Usopp: B..
Usopp: Brook!?
All: Uwaaaah!!
Hogback: Who is it!!?

Page 07:
Hogback: Nuu!!? You! Why are you here...!!?
Nami: What was that? Was it Brook!!?
Chopper: But he wasn't a skeleton!! He had flesh and skin...
Usopp: Gyaaaa! They found us!!!
Hogback: What did you all see...
Hogback: I told you never to peek into the research room...
Usopp: We.. we didn't see anything!! Definitely not the zombie you're making!!
Hogback: Well, fine then
Hogback: No matter, whatever secrets you may have found so far...!!
Hogback: It's already too late...
Hogback: In just a few minutes the Night Attack will begin...!!
Hogback: The other guests lost on this island will have their guard down.

Page 08:
Hogback: In just a moment
Hogback: The night attack will begin....!!!
Absolom: Grrrrr...!!!
Absolom: To get buried again...
Absolom: Iching, Burning, Pain. It's all all in your head!!
Absolom: You're all dead already!!
Absolom: Now, wake up!! Soldier Zombies!!!
Absolom: Beaten and beaten
Zombie(bottom): aaaaah...
Absolom: You will stand again and again
Absolom: That is the true terror of you zombies....!!
Zombie: Aaaaaah...

Page 09:
Zombies: So bothersome...
Absolom: Oi!!! Stop being so lazy!!!
Absolom: Stop dicking around Zombies!! Tell me who I am!!!
Zombie: Our leader!!
Zombie: Our leader Absolom!!
Zombie: Leader!!
Zombie: Leader!!
Zombie: Leader!!
Aboslom(tiny): fufu... *laughter*
Zombie: Leader!!
Zombie: Who's hobby is peeping!!
Zombie: Perv-Leader *(Ero-Leader)
Zombie: Perv-Leader
Zombie: Perv-Leader
Zombie: Perv-Leader
Zombie: Peeervy!!
Absolom: Shut up!!!

Page 10:
Pelona: Horororororo.....
Pelona: Horohorohoro...
Bear: We-
Bear: We-
Bear: we-
Bear: Welcome home!! Lady Pelona.... ladies...
Pelona: Ah! Shut up! Don't speak Bearsy!! (Credit: Rockschmock for name)
Pelona: What's with that look...
Pelona: Why are you speaking so quietly? It angers me.
Pelona: If you're not cute....
Pelona: Then you're not fit to serve me!!
Pelona: horohorohorohoro...

Page 11:
Guys: Hurry!! Hurry!!
Guys: It's starting!! It's starting!!
Guys: It's time for the Night Attack!!
Guys: It's midnight!!
Guys: Master!!
Guys: Moria-sama!!
Guys: It's time to get up!!!
Guys: Nin! Do it!!
Nin: Yosh! Wake up!!
Moria: Guaaah
Nin: Take that!!
Moria: fugoh!!?

Page 12 & 13:
Moria: Fugagoo!!
Guys: Master!!
Moria: Go..!!
Moria: Hm??
Moria: aah...
Moria: ah... I had a nightmare
Guys: Our master is the best isn't he!!
Guys: Since the last time we had a night attack
Guys: 4 days ago, Moria-sama has been sleeping the whole time
Guys: So we've prepared you 4 days worth of food!!

Zoro: It's really started pouring.
Franky: So they ran to this mansion!?
Luffy: Wait a sec!!
Luffy: At the back of the mansion there's... a mark!?
Luffy: I can see something huge right there!?
Luffy: But because of the fog...
Luffy: Is it a flag!?

Page 14:
Franky: No...!! Isn't that a sail?
Franky: Over there
All: Sail!!?
Old Man: Exactly!!
All: You were still following us?!!
Old Man: It's so massive I can't make sense of the whole thing.
Old Man: This place... Thriller Bark
Old Man: Has one village in it''s middle
Old Man: and is the largest pirate ship in the world!!!
Old Man: You can see now the back of the mansion is the main mast
Old Man: That's the place where Gekko Moria is!!

Page 15:
Absolom: Grrrrr...!!
Absolom: Now, Solider Zombie Unit
Box(Line 1): Soldier Zombie and General Zombie
Box(Line 2): Commander
Box(Line 3): Graveyard Absolom
Absolom: Soldier Zombies, bring those pirates to their end!!!
Absolom: You all, stand up and just go after the
Absolom: one who are terrified of you!!!
Zombies: Uoooh!!!

Page 16:
Pelona: Finally the bell has chimed midnight... time for us to really go at it.
Pelona: Horohorohoro... don't think you can run anymore!!
Box(Line 1): Wild Zombie and Surprise Zombie
Box(Line 2): Commander
Box(Line 3): Ghost Princess
Box(Line 4): Pelona
Pelona(far left): Those idiots.
Pelona: Is everything ready!? Zombies!!!
Moria: Really... Strawhat Luffy?...
Moria: Let's welcome him....

PAge 17:
Moria: This is the town of the dead...
Moria: Thriller Bark
Moria: You're going to be
Moria: having nightmares!!!
Luffy: Well, let's go!!
Luffy: Into the haunted house!!!

Here's to another chapter from Oda!!!

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#1. by destinator ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Yooo added it to the rts already =)

Thanks for translation :)
#2. by yoniekai ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
go sky! :ossu
#3. by bax ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Thanx for your effort again this week ^^
#4. by ddadain ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
XD I'll have a scanlation done after a few hours/minutes when this is finished. Almost finished with my cleans >:D Damn straight!
#5. by rankgain ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Thank you for the translation!
#6. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Go go gooooo skywalker- show us your jedi powers :confetti :fan
#7. by ddadain ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Seems to have one page missing?

My cleans are upto page 17 o_o and all the pages with dialogue numbers 17 o_o XD

Okay, Imma start typesetting ;P
#8. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Thanks for the encouragement everyone!!
#9. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Quote by skywalker6705;341988:
Thanks for the encouragement everyone!!

u absolutely deserve it!!
#10. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
thanks for the trans ^^
#11. by yeste ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Thanks for the translation!!! :)
#12. by ddadain ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
ah... can you try to read the text on the background on page 1...

and first page, 1st panel, the 2nd bubble...

and what's the title of the chapter o_o XD
#13. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Quote by ddadain;342044:
ah... can you try to read the text on the background on page 1...

and first page, 1st panel, the 2nd bubble...

and what's the title of the chapter o_o XD

I gotcha. Missed that vertical intro bar. Added to the trans.

And I think when we get a color page, we don't get a title.
#14. by 3955elits ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
man you're really great.keep up the good job!!!thanks for the translation
#15. by Luckas ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Thanks for the translation.
#16. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Praise be! praise be!

many hundreds of thanks for the translation.
#17. by Dent ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Yo, Thanks for the translation!

BTW, the title is on the inferior right part of the color page. Someone said me it means "Four Mysterious people of Thriller Bark". But i can't confirm :P.
#18. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
"suriraa baaku no yon kai jin"
(lit.) thiller bark's four mystery people

so "The Mystery Four of Thriller Bark" works for me.
#19. by Luckas ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2007
Is it confirmed that there isn't OP next week?
#20. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2007
Thanks for the title ketwaroo. Using it.
#21. by lpzie ()
Posted on Mar 25, 2007

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