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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 450

One Piece Chapter 450

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Apr 1, 2007 20:03 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 450

My apologizes to everyone waiting on this. I was out of town for a family reason, but I'm back, and this tread will update like lightning I promise!
As a sidenote, I added question marks where appropriate, not cause I changed things, but (for those who don't know) sometimes it's implied in japanese, yet doesn't carry over grammatically.

Page 01:
Title: General Zombie Night
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan Volume 18: The Moon Loving Professor Tsukimi
Eiichiro Oda

Page 02:
Nami: How is this Zombie Research Hogback?!!
Nami: You were experimenting here! You've been bringing the dead back to life haven't you!?
Chopper: O... oi, Nami saying it so bluntly...
Hogback: Fosu Fosu Fosu...
Hogback: From here on you're free to think whatever you like!!
Hogback: But what would lead you to think something like that....?!!
Nami: That woman... I've seen her obituary.
Nami: Victoria Cindry... ten years ago... you died!!!

Page 03:
Hogback: You son of a.....!! You went into that room!!?
Hogbacjk: Cindry-chan...!!
Hogback: Samurai Ryuuma!!
Hogback: Cast these fools into the world of shadows immediately!!
Hogback: into that shadow world where they will never see the light again!!
Hogback: The Night Attack has already begun!!
Ruuma: Yohohohoho!!

Page 04:
Ryuuma: Well, well! Now that I can see you clearly, you're quite a lovely woman.
Ryuuma: Beautifuuuul!!! *Said in english like Brook*
Ryuuma: Would you allow me to see your panties?
Nami: Like I'd show you!!!
Nami: Ok... This conversation...!! It's just like with him!!
Hogback: Fosu fosu...........!! The Zombies you've seen up until now were on a different level.
Hogback: He is a general zombie, and his flesh is special.
Hoback: This man came from the country of Wano in the "New World"

Page 05:
Hogback: You may think I'm just exaggerating, but the story is still passed down of how he cut down a dragon mid-flight.
Hogback: A Legendary Samurai!!!
Usopp: Bad Bad!!
Hogback: There's no way to escape!!!
SFX: Su...
SFK: Suuiiiiiii
Usopp: Eh!?

Page 06:
Ryuuma: Cindry-san
Ryuuma: Could you please open up the door to that passage over there?
Ryuuma: Also, I'd love to have dinner afterwards!!
Nami: Wh... what? I thought he was going to cut us......!!
Chopper: Th... that scared me! What was he trying to do!?
Usopp: Whatever, it doesn't matter right now!! Now's our chance to run.
Usopp: Right now the door is wide open!!
Usopp: hurry!!
All: Uooh

Page 07:
Hogback: Well done!!! Fosu fosu fosu!!
Hogback: That's truly a master's swordplay.
Hogback: After humming and walking 3 meters... only then do they truly realize they've been cut...
Ryuuma: "Hanauta Sanchou" *Humming Three Tool* *Tool is a counter particle and could change with time.
SFX: Suuuu...
Ryuuma: "Yahazu Giri"!!! *Notched Arrow Strike*

Page 08:
Luffy: Anybody home?
Luffy: Pardon us!!
Sanji: Just go in!!!
SFX: Click click click
Luffy: It's locked from...
Luffy: Ah... it's open, it's open.
Sanji: What're you calling "open" idiot...
Luffy: Heey, is anyone here!?
Luffy: Gekko Moriaaaa!!
Zoro: Is that all there is to this mansion... not even a single servant around?
Sanji: What's with this room? It looks like there's just been a fight.
Sanji: It can't be Nami-san was involved...!!

Page 09:
Oink: Oinkeeheehee...!!!
Oink: You know our master's name
Oink: You have a lot of guts to wander this far
Luffy: Eh!?
Luffy: There's a pig growing out of the wall. *I double checked this. I think Luffy's just being dumb*
Zombies: Lets Welcome Our Guests!!
Zombies: Gukyakyakyakya!!!
Sanji: Oi, oi. Are those Zombies too?
Robin: It seems there really isn't a mystery as to what type of animals live on this island.

Page 10:
Zombie: Pugyo
Sanji: Where are you.....!!!
Sanji: Hiding Nami-san!!!
Zombie: Begyaaaah!!!
Robin: It's unladylike to open your jaws so much, even if you're quite pretty.
Zombie: Eh? Really?
Robin: But it was already spoiled once you leapt out of the picture frame.

Page 11:
Robin: Twist!!!
Zombie: Giiyaaaaaaah!!!
Zombie: Eeeeh!? The spear broke!! What's with his body?! Is he iron!!?
Zombie: stopitstopitstopitstopit What are you!!!
Zombie: Aren't you one of those other weaklings nakama?
Franky: YES (My personal favorite line of the chapter)
Zombies: Bugah!!!

Page 12:
Zoro: Nitoryu (Two Sword Style)
Zoro: Nigiri (Two Strike)
Zombie: Nigiri? *As in Nigiri Sushi* (Zoro's move sounds like food)
Zombie: Sounds delicious
Zoro: Hirameki (Flash)
Zombie: It bwas nastttyyyy!!!
Luffy: Shishishishi!! (laughter)
Luffy: This island really is fun!!
Rugbear: You...!! You nimble little bastard!!
Luffy: If you hadn't gotten in our way
Luffy: We probably would've gotten along...!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...!!!

Page 13:
Luffy: Bazooka!!!
Zombie: Beooh!!!!
Oinkchuck: Ru...rugbear
Oinkchuck: ah
SFX: Sob sob (Thanks to Rockschmock)
Luffy: Alright, all done...!!

Page 14:
Oinkchuck: Ah... you're talking about those three!!
Oinkchuck: They're sound asleep in the bedroom right now. Aren't you glad?!!
Oinkchuck: They're safe!!
Franky: Like we believe that crap.
Oinkchuck: It's really true oink!! Go see for yourself!!
Oinkchuck: It's in the passage just up those stairs...!! Oink Oink
Zoro: Hm? Oi, wait a sec...
Zoro: The Curly-brow cook is gone.
Luffy: Eh?
Luffy: Huh? He was here just a second ago...
Luffy: Where did Sanji get off to?
Zombies: Buhuhuhuu....!!
Zombies: Oi, stop laughing!! They can hear you.
Oinkchuck: Oinkeehee
Zoro: At some point... the must've done something.

Page 15:
Zoro: We've lost a regretable man
Franky: Hey now
Luffy: But still, he's right. Sanji should be alright!
Robin: In this Zombie mansion, can we even afford to waste a moment before rescuing the other three?
Oinkchuck: Oink Oink... You... Just cause you're a little stronger, don't get cocky...
Oinkchuck: Now that you've lost a nakama, oink oink, you'll show your true colors!! Just Look!!
Robin: Anyways, it seems we have no other choice than to follow our intuition.
Oinkchuck: Oi, You guys
Robin: I don't think the threats from the kids in this room were true.
Zoro: In that case, lets take this pig with us as a guide.
Oinkchuck: Eeeeeh!!?
Zombie: Heh....hehe.... Go on, go....!!
zombie: It'll do you good to learn how fearsome our Master is,
Zombie: Our... real boss is the "Royal Shichibukai" "Gekko Mori...oh!! I can't say it!! It makes my soul freeze over!!
Zombie: Ooooooh, it's blood curdling just saying that name............!!!
Zombie: Your missing nakama are alright... sorry about that.

Page 16:
Zombie: One... then another. Your nakama will slowly dissapear. ....you should turn back...!!
Zombie: Before Gekko Moria of the Shichibukai.... no... before our master's might, the terror will keep you from saving anyone...!!!
Luffy: Shut up and stop babbling...
Luffy: Then tell that idiot Moria this!!
zombies: IIIIE!!?
Luffy: If anything happens to my nakama
Luffy: I'll knock him off the face of this island!!!
Zombies: Wh..................!!!
Luffy: Anyways, we'll leave Sanji alone
Luffy: He won't die
Luffy: Let's Go
Zombie (BG line 1-2): Dear Master
Zombie (BG line 3-6): For some reason, some very formidable guys have gotten into the mansion
Zombie (BG line 7-8): Surprise Zombies (We were surprised!)

Page 17:
Zombies: Everybody circle the mansion! We're having a Fiesta Tonight!
Zombies: Not a single pirate will get away!
Zombies: Everybody! This is a lighthearted Zombie Night!
Zombies: Zombie Night!!!
Zombies: Round and run and turn and die!
Zombies: Zombie Night!!!
SFX: Step step

Page 18:
Absolom: Now... Everybody, our prey has wandered into our territory!!
Absolom: Tonight you may rampage as much as you please!!!
Absolom: Open your eyes!!!
Absolom: General Zombies!!!
Absolom: Revive.....!! Ancient Warriors!!!

Page 19:
SFX: Baaoh
Absolom: The Strawhat Pirates consist of 8 people!!!
Absolom: They're admirably resilient.
Zombie: Sluuurp...
Absolom: Bring them to our master!!!
Absolom: Let's Move!!!

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#1. by The Boff ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2007
awesome as always! and dont worry that you had to postpone your trans with a few days, real life comes first.

we're just thankful that you do this for us!

so thanks a lot dude!
#2. by destinator ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2007
Thanks for the trans dude :D
#3. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2007

Give it up for sky :confetti
#4. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2007

Cast these banana!banana!banana!banana!s into the world of shadows immediately!!

#5. by bax ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2007
Thanx sky <3

#6. by The Boff ()
Posted on Apr 2, 2007
that banana thing happened cause of april first.
the words: April and fools turned into bananabananabanana during that day.

so im guessing its supposed to be fools :nuts

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