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Translations: Gintama 531 (2) , One Piece 776 by cnet128 , Bleach 615 by cnet128

One Piece 453

One Piece Chapter 453

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Apr 28, 2007 18:43 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 453

Page 01:
Title: Cloudy, with a chance of Bones
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan Volume 21: Now then, To the Moon!!

Page 02:
Box: Thriller Bark "Pelona's Wonder Garden"
Zombies: Oi!! What're you doing newbie?!!
Zombies: We're Zombies, it's physically impossible for us to betray the master's orders.
Zombie: but that bastard... how is he disobeying them!?
Zombie: ...on top of that he's as powerful as a General rank......!!!

Page 03:
Pen3: Put simply, that unstoppable power... the power that makes the impossible possible...!!! The power that knocks down all obstacles
Pen3: The name of that hurricane is...
Pen3: Love!!!
Nami: I knew it, all those stupid things that DogPenguin is saying
Nami: Are just like Sanji-kun...!!
Usopp: Oi, DogPen!! You know Sanji!?
Usopp: Sanji's like you too, so why don't you help...
Pen3: Stop chattering you shitty loud-mouth pirates!!!
Usopp: Uwah!! Like I thought we're still the enemy!!!
Absalom: Wait!!
Usopp: Hm?
Chopper: There's a voice from far off!! What is it this time!?
Absalom: Wait Lola!!!

Page 04:
Lola: Just try and catch me *heart* ufufufu!!ufufufuf!!!
Usopp: A wild boar!!?
Lola: I've found you!!! That woman!!! That "Thieving Cat"!!!
Nami: Me!?? Eh!?
Nami: uh... but I haven't stolen anything yet!!!
Lola: I won't let you have Abu-sama!!!
Nami: who!!?
Nami: What a second!!!

Page 05:
Pen3: Don't you touch this Lady!!!
Lola: Nuh!!!?
Lola: I won't let you get in my way!!!
Usopp: She got DogPen!!!
Chopper: DogPen!! What didn't you attack!?

Page 06:
DogPen: I said, I won't kick a lady, even if I die!!!
Chopper: Wonderful......!!!
Usopp: To figure out that it a lady... you're something else!!
Nami: Usopp, Chopper!!!
Nami: Save me!!!
Absalom: I've got my bride!!! Now to get married, right now!!! I've already completed the preparations.
Absalom: Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Usopp: Eh!? Nami is flying!! Amazing!!
Nami: No!! I'm being kidnapped!!!
Chopper: Kidnapped!!? By who!?
Usopp: That's it!! Could it be the invisible man!!?
Nami: Let me go!!
Nami: You're the invisible man from the bath!!
Absalom: I've already made my observations and you're well suited to be my bride!!

Page 07:
Absalom: My name is Absalom!!
Absalom: Grrrr
Absalom: It's the name of your future husband. Remember it!!
Nami: You have the nerve to spy on people bathing
Nami: My body isn't something I take care of for some perverted bastard to spy on
Nami: Thunder Charge
Absalom: Guoooah!!!
Absalom: Uoh!!
Usopp: Nami!!!
Usopp: ha
Usopp: ha
Usopp: Good job, now let's run!! Let's get out of this forest.

Page 08:
Absalom: What is this... this shock moving through my body......!!!
Absalom:'s as if I had just been struck by a bolt of lightning...
Nami: Wh...what!? He's still standing!!
Usopp: He's stronger than average, you can tell by looking at him... lets go!!
Absalom: This is...
Absalom: Love!!?
Lola: I won't let you get away!!! You theiving cat!!!
Zombie: O..Oi, this isn't the time to stand around in a daze
Zombie: It's our job to capture those three!!
Zombie: That's right!! Lady Pelona will be ready to kill us If we sit around!!
DogPen: ...No!! You're gonna go after that lady...
DogPen: but why am I protecting that girl...!?
DogPen: and now, my body isn't moving how I want it to!! this body is... too weak..........!!!

Page 09:
Zombe: Catch those three, quickly!!
Absalom: Wild Zombies!! Wait!! Don't lay a hand on that woman!!!
Zombie: Shut up!! Perv-salom!!
Zombie: Us Wild Zombies have orders from the master.
Zombie: And we follow Lady Pelona's commands!! Not your's!!
Absalom: I said wait!!!!
Absalom: Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
Zombie: hi
Absalom: I'm aware of the fact that you are Pelona's underlings
Absalom: but regardless, you should still know not to make me angry.
Absalom: So don't get too cheeky with me......!!!

PAge 10:
Absalom: Who the hell is this......!!!
DogPen: ...I won't let you
DogPen: Take that lady...!!
Zombie: O...Oi, stop newbie.
Zombie: You're gonna make Absalom angry!!

Page 11:
zombie: Dowah!!!
DogPen: Gyaaaaaah
Usopp: Oi, they all seem to be coming after you Nami......!!
Nami: I know, it's horrible.
Usopp: Why don't we break into two groups and escape?
Nami: You're a man?!!! You heartless monster.
Lola: Waaaaaait!!!
Chopper: The that's the Wild Boar's voice!!!

Page 12:
Box: General Zombie Side
Franky: It can't be that
Franky: Those three
Franky: That looked like it was Strawhat just now
Franky: It looks like he was drawn into that wall!?
Spider: Moooonkey Monkeyyy
Spider: Ahahahahah!! And you shall join him shortly
Spider: You have immortal zombies behind you as well!! Just give it up!!

Page 13:
Franky: I don't know if you're a dumbass spider or a dumbass monkey but
Franky: the spiderweb that the Sunny got caught in when we landed was your doing wasn't it?
Spider: ahahah!! With the way you're behaving
Spider: You seem to be caught like everything else is in Lady Pelona's Ghost Network!!
Robin: Perhaps he can catch some information with those large ears of his
Robin: he looks like he could hear very well...
Spider: eh? ....What?
Franky: Are you joking or what?!!!
Franky: ........This scenario is the worst...!! This is the definition of a bad situation.
Franky: We need a countermeasure that's just as extreme.......
Franky: Can you leave it to me?
Robin: you wish
Robin: I'll try to adapt to it
Franky: Hehe... now doesn't this seem interesting
Franky: well, Let's go.
Franky: Coup de...

Page 14-15:
Franky: Vent!!!!
Spider: wwwwhwhwhwwwhaaaattt!!?
Spider: You!!! The bridge, you....!!!!
Zombies: Nuuh
Zombie: Uooooh!!!
Franky: And now here we are
Robin: Quite a reckless person aren't you?
Zombie: Gyaaaaaah
Robin: Cien Fleur

Page 16:
Robin: Wing
Franky: Uwah!!?
Franky: Eh...!!?
Franky: You....
Franky: You can fly in the sky!!?
Robin: For five seconds
Franky: So Short!!!
Franky: But even then, it's long enough...!!!

Page 17:
Franky: Strong Right!!!
Franky: Yosh!!!
Franky: Now if we can just make it to that entrance
Franky: We can follow Strawhat
Robin: Uuh...!! I'm sorry, I can't......!!
Franky: Uoh!! Get back here arm!!!

Page 18:
Franky: Upoh
Robin: Ha
Robin: ha
Robin: ...Everyone seems to have fallen into the courtyard.
Robin: This doesn't mean it's over but
Robin: they won't be after us for the moment.
Robin: that went fairly well...
Franky: You little wench... You used me as a stepping stone and jumped over there didn't you?!!
Spider: ......!! Why you goddamn...
Spider: I'm a Spider!! I'll be back up there again in a second.

Page 19:
Spider: eh?
Zombie: what is that!?
Robin: What!? thats
Franky: hm??
Franky: From the sky, something... no someone is!!!
Franky: they're falling!!!
Brook: Booooone!!!
Brook: that's all I am!!!
SFX: Boooone!! *instead of Dooon
BGtext: This guy is!!?

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