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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 545

To the Surface that Bathes in Sunlight

+ posted by Svg as translation on Jun 5, 2009 06:40 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece Chapter 545

To the Surface that Bathes in Sunlight

Cover story no. 12 / Robin: They do such horrible things!

Vol. 1: Adventure in the Country of Labour

2.- 3.

Opening line: The Great Escape!!

Box: Escaping from Level 2 after Magellan had sealed it off /

Captain Buggy and the merry prisoners have made it to Level 1.

Box: After leaving Level 4 with a close call /

Bon: Gyaaa!

Buggy: Come on!

Let's get moving, people!

Box: The Newkama squad led by Luffy and the released prisoners growing in force are currently escaping on Level 3.

Prisoners: We're losing our men!!

The one chasing them is none other than the governer of hell itself, Magellan.

Prisoner: Dammit... !!

Magellan: You shall not escape!!


Sady: She... Mmm... Got my spine.

... Y... You will not get away with this, Ivankov... !!

Iva: Heeehaaa!

Sady: Gyaaa!

On your way!!

How long do you intend on mmm... slacking off like that!?

Box: And the beaten Demon Guards are up and going again /

Taking the elevator to Level 1.


Box: Thanks to the traitorous Shiryuu destroying the equiptment used to communicate with the outside world/

The situation inside the prison remains unknown to them.

This unprecedented incident /

Is growing with every minute.

Jimbei: The battleships and gaol boats are arranged around the gaol.

If we manage to steal one of them, we can make it /

To Marinford before the execution starts!

Four and a half hours left /

Until Ace's public execution.

Clock: Tick... / Tack...


Box: Level 3, Hunger Hell

In front of the stairwell to Level 2.

Prisoners: Hurry up!!

Magellan's right on our tail!!

We need to get to Level 2!!

Iva: So this is all that is left of us.

All those left behind... /

Are no longer standing!!!

Prisoner: Aaa... !!


Iva: Inazuma!

Inazuma: Roger...

Giant Scissors [[Note: Ookanabashi]]


Box: Level 2 Beast Hell

Candies: I... Inazuma-san!?

Why did you cut off the stairwell... !?

Iva-sama was still down there!

Inazuma: Just get out of here!

... Please make it out safely!!

Magellan: And just what do you think you're doing?

Iva: If you don't know vhat I'm up to...


Iva: Let me...

Show you!!!


Magellan: Even if you manage to buy Straw Hat some time, there is no way I'll let him escape.

Iva: Buy him time? Mfufu... So you think you can beat me?

Let me demonstrate the infinite pover of Kamabakka Temple's Newkama Kenpo!


Box: Level 2, Luffy's side.

Prisoners: Gyaaa, it's the Manticore!!

Manticores: Undies... !

Luffy: Werid, the poison guy was right behind us up until now!!

Bon: Iwa-san and Inazuma broke away from us on the other floor!

Manticore: Chemise.

Luffy: So Iwa-chan's fighting against the poison guy?

We've got to go back for him!

Bon: Stop kidding around!!

If she really is, that's all the more reason to push forward!!

We must beleive in the Miracle Worker's power!!

Luffy: Oh, okay... ! Though I'm still worried!

Crocodile: What's up with this floor? There isn't a single soul here.

Jimbei: Strange... There are no prisoners in the cells, either. Someone may have let them out...

All the keys are in the locks... !


Box: Level 3, Ivankov vs. Magellan

Iva: Gyaaaaannu!!

My face!! It's meltiiiing!!

My face... My face...

It's melting... Melting...

No it's not!!

I used heavy make-up!!

So it's not melting? You had me going there! Heeehaaa!

Magellan: You're just wasting my time, aren't you?

Iva: Is that so? Vell then, let's end this right now!

Newkama Kenpo 44 Aesthe Secret Technique!


Iva: Mudageshoriken!!!

Box: Level 2, in front of the cut stairwell.

Inazuma: Iwa-san...


Magellan: Venom Road!

Inazuma: It's no use...

Keep Out!

Magellan: Are you trying to waste my time, too... ?


Box: Level 4, Buggy's side.

Buggy: They're here!!

We just came here /

And all four freakin' Demon Guards appeared!!

Prisoners: We're done for!!

Fall back!! We're no match for them!

Buggy: That's it, I'm giving up on breaking out of here!!

Prisoners: Whaaaa?

Buggy: Buh!


... Hey, you!! Watch where you're go...


Croc: Move it!

Mr. 3: Bbbboss!!

Croc: Oh, it's you... Mr. 3...

What's a useless piece of turd like you doing here?

Mr. 3: Th... They've set /

A real monster loose...

Prisoners: Captain Buggy! The Demon Guards have been knocked out!

Buggy: Whaaaa! Straw Hat!!!

Mr. 3: Th... Th... That's Jimbei of... the Shichibukai!

Luffy: Oh /

So you guys are okay? I'm so glad!

Buggy: Gehu!!


Prisoners: Captain Buggy!

There's a bunch of perverts heading towards us from Level 2!

Buggy: Perverts?!

What the hell?!

Bon: How dare you abandon me like that, you meanies!!

Buggy: Buhee! You're here too, Mr. 2?

Prisoners: What do you think you're doing to Captain Buggy?!

Guards: This is bad... The prisoners from Level 4 have made it all the way up here!

Mr. 3: Whoa, Mr. 1!

Guards: Does this mean they got away from Chief Warden Magellan? This is ridiculous!

The two rebellions have joined together!

Where could the Chief Warden be?


Magellan: Hydra!

Candies: He's here!! It's Magellan!!

Buggy: Now it's Magellan!! What the hell's up with this floor?

Bon: Wha... !

Luffy: That means Iva-chan and Crab-chan are... !

18. - 19.

Luffy: Damn it!!

Bon: We don't stand a chance! We've got to run away from him!

Guards: Roger that, but..

Do you really want a ship?!

Magellan: Hurry up and prepare one like I said!!

Jimbei: Oh, no...

So he has it all planned out... !

Luffy-kun! We must get to the main entrance!!!

We are in trouble!! Magellan has anticipated our move... !!

Bon: Wha?!

Prisoners: Everyone, dodge!! The Hydra's gonna hit us!

Mr. 3: Candle Wall!!

Man, your naivete' makes me sick, Straw Hat!

Luffy: Three!

Mr. 3: As soon as I let my guard down around you, you start thinking of me as a friend!

Get going right now!! I won't hold out long!

I have to repay my debt to you!!

End line: Harden your resolve!!

The End

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#1. by zidane ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2009
thank you... almost forgot to thank here :D

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