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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Naruto 332

Naruto 332

+ posted by WinterLion as translation on Nov 23, 2006 22:07 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 332

Late again. :p Hope you still enjoy.

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Pg 1
Frame 1
Shika: Okay… So please find an opening and use it. I’ll give this to you.

Frame 2
Kakashi: All right.

Frame 3
Kakashi: I only just joined, and he reformulates a plan that fits for me… He’s something.

Frame 4
Once you’ve got the plan in your head, go through the simulation in your mind at least 3 times. There’s a huge difference on the success of a plan between doing an image training or not.

Frame 5
Chouji: Yeah!

Frame 6
Ino: Okay!

Pg 2
Frame 4
Kakashi: Okay, let’s go.

Pg 3
Frame 2
AL: Now the Nibi has been sealed too… Only 3 (bijous) left…

Frame 4
AL: Dismissed.

Frame 5
Hidan: Finally!
Kakuzu: We’re going to Konoha, Hidan.

Pg 4
Frame 1
Deidara: Kakuzu, Hidan, if your going to Konoha, a word of advice. …Yup.

Frame 2
There’s a “jinchuuriki” there called Uzumaki Naruto. If you run meet him, be careful… Yup.

Frame 3
Hey hey hey! Don’t put me in the same category as you, Deidara-chan! A weakling that had to have Kakuzu reconnect your arm!

Frame 4
Kakuzu: Better than a head…

Frame 5
Hidan: Hey! Damn you Kakuzu! Who’s side are you on!?

Frame 7
Kakuzu: Shut up, we’re going.
Hidan: Tch…

Pg 5
Frame 2
Hidan: I had to stay still for 6 freaking days. I’m gonna go on a rampage.

Frame 4
Hidan: Hey, Kakuzu, where are you going? The bounty center’s this way!
Kakuzu: …Are you stupid…

Frame 5
Hidan: What did you say!?
Kakuzu: Our goal is the “jinchuuriki.” There’s not need to go back to where we said we would and get ambushed.

Frame 6
Kakuzu: We’re taking a different route to Konoha.

Pg 6
Frame 1
Hidan: Hmmm… Yeah, you’re right.

Frame 3
Ino: Found them!

Frame 5
Shintenshin no Jutsu …Disengage!

Pg 7
Frame 2
Shika: How was it?
Ino: I found them! As we thought, they’re taking a different route. In the 2 o’clock direction, we’ll run into them in about 10 minutes.

Frame 4
Kakashi: Okay, Let’s go!

Pg 8
Frame 5
Kakuzu: Hidan…

Frame 6
Hidan: Yeah…

Pg 9
Frame 5
Hidan: Tch. Damn!

Frame 6
Kakuzu: A Kibakufuda!
Translator Note: Kibakufuda is the exploding paper tag.

Pg 10
Frame 4
Hidan: Kuh…

Frame 5
Hidan: Kakuzu!

Frame 6
Kakuzu: I reinforced my arm. I didn’t get injured!

Pg 11
Frame 1
Kakuzu: More importantly, watch out for the shadows…

Frame 4
Hidan: Hah! Don’t think the same trick’s gonna work every time!

Frame 5
Kakuzu: Hidan, look up!

Pg 12

Pg 13
Frame 2
Kakuzu: Another Kibakufuda! Hidan, dodge it!

Frame 3
Hidan: Kuh!

Pg 14
Frame 4
Hidan: It’s not exploding!?

Frame 6
Kakuzu: He got us…

Pg 15
Frame 1
Shika: Kagemane Shuriken no Jutsu… Success.

Frame 2
Hidan: …Can’t move… Bastard

Frame 3
Shika: That thing I threw is a chakra blade.

Frame 4
Shika: It absorbs the user’s nature of chakra and produces the effect to become the origin of the jutsu for the user.

Frame 5
Shika: In short, I was aiming for your shadows from the start!

Frame 6
Asuma: Ultimately, you’re the “Keima.” Not much strength, but can jump over pieces and move forward… This unique movement is…

Pg 16
Frame 1
Just like the flexible way you think.

Pg 17
Frame 1
Kakuzu: This Kibakufuda is a fake… Just a piece of paper…

Frame 2
Kakuzu: I see… The first kunai with the Kabukufuda was an underplot so that we would dodge the second one with the chakra blade for sure…

Frame 3
Kakazu: Plus… He used the shadows to draw our attention to our feet, so that we would only just see the attack from above, and just barely dodge it. So that he could hit our shadows for sure.

Frame 4
Kakuzu: This guy… is a pretty smart.

Side Text: The intellect of the “Keima” takes the major pieces “Hishakaku”! And then with enemy in front of his eyes, he retains his composure. All that’s left is to land the final blow… That’s Shikamaru’s battle!!

Chapter Preview: All are excited at the capture of the target! Next Chap, to “The moment of victory…”!!

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#1. by mangadictus ()
Posted on Nov 23, 2006
Nice trans Okasan! Unfortunately, I already made a Fil trans out of Yoshi's trans. Next time okasan :D I know yer bz and all :glomp
#2. by dylec ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2006
Nice. Looks like the next few chapters will be Shika's [& co] battle.
#3. by kyuubiseal ()
Posted on Nov 30, 2006
Nice i like the translation
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