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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 334

Naruto 334

+ posted by WinterLion as translation on Dec 7, 2006 09:11 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 334

First time in several weeks I'm not late. :p Enjoy. :amuse

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Pg 1
Side Text: The flash of “lightning” that pierces through a solid “earth” defense! Konoha pushes forward to defeat the hated “Akatsuki”!!

Frame 2
Chouji: As expected of Kakashi-sensei!!
Shika: It’d be problem if we don’t get rid of him first…

Frame 3
Ino: Kakashi-sensei really is great! There’s only one more left!

Frame 5
Shika: Kakashi-sensei!!

Pg 2
Frame 1
Title: No. 334: Black Transformation…!!
Text: One enemy left…!!

Frame 3
Kakuzu: Guh…

Pg 3
Frame 3
Hidan: One thrust to the heart, huh! Don’t be getting killed so instantly! Stupid…

Frame 4
Kakashi: You’re next.

Frame 5
Hidan: Tsk…

Pg 4

Pg 5
Frame 4
Hidan: Alright! Let’s hurry up and end this!!

Frame 5
Kakuzu: That’s my intention.

Frame 6
Kakashi: What’s going on? I’m sure I didn’t miss the vital point…

Pg 6 & 7
Frame 2
Hidan: Jashin-sama, please watch me! I’m gonna go all out! Really seriously! I’m gonna drag out their innards!!

Frame 3
Ino: Wh…What is that!? It’s a really bad feeling chakra.

Frame 4
Ghost: Uoooooh!!

Frame 5
Shika: Be careful! Chouji
Chouji: Okay!

Pg 8
Frame 2
Kakuzu: Guh…

Frame 3
Kakuzu: Uooooooh!

Pg 9
Frame 3
Shika: Kagemane’s at its limit too…

Frame 4
Chouji: Wh…What is that!? Why doesn’t he die!?
Shika: I don’t know… But with these guys, I’m not surprised by the little stuff anymore…

Frame 5
Hidan: I can finally move…

Frame 6
Kakashi: Kuh… What is that thing?

Frame 5
Hidan: So… Let’s kill them, Kakuzu.

Pg 10
Frame 1
Ghost: Ah… Gugu…

Frame 3
Chouji/Shika: What’s going on?

Frame 5
Hidan: Hey! Hey! Hey! One of them really is dead! You’re pathetic!

Pg 11
Frame 1
Kakashi: …The fact that one of the masks that came out of his body fell means…
What I got with the Raikiri earlier was that mask… It seems there’s some kind of trick to it.

Frame 2
Kakuzu: Hidan, step back a bit. I’ll take care of this.
Hidan: Jus…Wait! Wait! We’ve been getting beaten since earlier and I’m pissed…

Frame 3
Hidan: let’s do with the usual.

Frame 4
Kakuzu: Hmph.

Pg 12
Frame 4
Futon: Atsugai (Wind Element: Pressure Damage)

Pg 13
Frame 2
Chouji: Kakashi-sensei!

Frame 3
Ino: Along with his teammate too…

Frame 4
Ino: That’s it! They’re using his immortality as an advantage…!!

Pg 14
Frame 4
Shika: They’re coming! Chouji!
Chouji: Kuh!

Pg 15
Frame 2
Ino: Chouji! Shikamaru! Run!!

Frame 3
Raiton: Gian!! (Lightning Element: False Darkness)

Pg 16
Frame 1

Frame 2
Chouji: Sensei!!

Pg 17
Frame 1
Kakashi: These guys are…strong… Especially the masked one…
A jutsu of this high caliber needs to be matched to the nature of their chakra to be used… And he uses three “earth” “wind” “lightning”…

Frame 2
Ino: Sensei, Are you okay!?
Kakashi: Yeah… Somehow…

Frame 3
Hidan: You’re the first one that we couldn’t kill using those steps… Hatake… Kakashi
Kakuzu: You saw through it with the sharingan… Then how about the next one?
Text: Astonishing powers… That whole picture!!

Frame 4
Katon: Zukokku (Fire Element: Head Intense Pain)

Next Chapter Preview: Kakuzu’s jutsu attacks Kakashi! Next chapter, “Omnipotent Ruler”!!

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#1. by blasta ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
Wow so fast Winty-san! Thanks a lot! :smile-big
#2. by Wunderchu ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
#3. by Brede ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
aaw winty, thanks so much :)
#4. by bax ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
<3 I smell a trans.... So I followed the scent and ended up here ^^

Thanx ^^
#5. by Leen (MH's Peacemaker)
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
Thanks for the quick translations. :glomp
#6. by Muk ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
yay thanks for the translation
#7. by panzerzanaku ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
yay ^_^

dances about
#8. by poopoomaru ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
Why is it that your translation cant be used to make an english scanlation , but can be used to make foreign scanlations?
#9. by WinterLion (Grand Taichou)
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
Quote by poopoomaru :

Why is it that your translation cant be used to make an english scanlation , but can be used to make foreign scanlations?

Because by that point, it's no longer my translation. It's the other translator's work. :amuse Plus the reason my Naruto scripts aren't allow for use in scans is because they're for JapFlap, and they have use to my English scripts, not a foreign language script based on my script. ;)
#10. by husnimubarak ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
winterlion with the trans...
thanks so much..
#11. by angry ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
tnx alot
#12. by BlaZeR ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
bleh,and i just finished cleaning :P
haha good fast trans .
*looks for another trans to scanlate with XD*
#13. by kimi maro ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
#14. by yeste ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
Quote by WinterLion :
Please be respectful. Thanks.

:) Respect! :) :p

Thanks for the trans!!!
#15. by matricha ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
thanx a lot
#16. by kyubisharingan ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
THANKS WL aka "mom" XD
#17. by kunai-knight ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
YEAH MAYNE! great scans mon great scnas
#18. by eni (MH's Socialworker ٩( ᐛ )و ♡)
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
Tnx winny, btw :luv

Thanks eni, and sorry I'm hacking your post. ~ WL
#19. by fakemoonlandings ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
thanks for the translation.
can't wait for the scanlation.
#20. by waldo ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006

as alweiz... thanks! :)
#21. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
you are awesome-- WL

great job :p
#22. by Bene214 ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
very nice keep it up!!
#23. by spider_r18 ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
#24. by ezxx ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
wow what an insane chapter
#25. by UzumakiRoman ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
#26. by eyeshild21 ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
thanks for translation...this chapter is really awesome
#27. by manji ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
thanks for the translation.
#28. by coby0 ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
thanx for the trans
#29. by Remus ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
wonderful winterlion wonderful ^^
#30. by Absolutio ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
Thanks alot!! Today's raw hunt happend so early.. I usually have to wait few (long) hours after school before some1 gets the raw, but today i was even late.. O_o :D
anyways thanks!
#31. by exkon ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
Another quality translation winterlion, thanks a bunch!
#32. by KuraiOfAnagura ()
Posted on Dec 7, 2006
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