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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 350

Naruto Chap 350

+ posted by WinterLion as translation on Apr 19, 2007 21:17 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 350

Sneaks in hoping no one really notices that I've been neglecting translations for quite a while now. <_< My apologies to the JapFlap team (especially the scriptcheckers) and everyone who waits for their releases. >_<

As always: [sizeptpt=12]This translation belongs to JapFlap. Do not use in scanlations in part or in whole (to be posted on this site or any other). Anyone who is found to be using this will be banned. No exceptions. Also at this time, this translation IS NOT available for English language adaptation.

If you would like to use this to base a foreign language translation on, and then scanlate that, you're welcome to do so.

Pg 1
Frame 1
SFX: ピンポーーン

Frame 2
Naruto: はーーーい・・・
Sakura: 寝起きからヘビーなもん食ってんなアンタ・・・
First thing you eat after you wake is something that heavy…
SFX: ボーー
*half asleep*

Frame 3
Naruto: サクラちゃん今日は休日だってばよ
Sakura-chan, today’s our day off.
This early in the morning… what is it?
Sakura: もうお昼だよ・・・
It’s already lunchtime…

Frame 4
Sakura: ・・・まあいいや・・・
すぐに顔洗って着がえてきて 待ってるから
…Well, whatever…
Hurry up and wash your face and change. I’ll wait for you.

Frame 5
Naruto: 何?
A date?
SFX: シャキーン
*waking up*

Frame 6
Sakura: バカ!!
Tsunade-sama’s calling us!!
SFX: キッ

Pg 2
Frame 1
Tsunade: 遅い!
You’re late!

Frame 2
Tsunade: 何をチンタラしてた!ったく!!
What were you doing, taking your sweet time!!
Jiraiya: まあまあ・・・綱手・・・
Take it easy…Tsunade…

Frame 3
Sakura: す・・・すいません・・・ナルトの奴が朝食という名のお昼を食べてまして・・・
O…Our apologies…Naruto was eating a lunch called breakfast…
Naruto: アレ?エロ仙人も
Oh? Ero-senin too.

Frame 4
Jiraiya: 久しぶりだのォ!ナルト
It’s been a while! Naruto.

Pg 3
Frame 1
Sakura: で・・・
What was it that you wanted to talk to us about…?

Frame 2
Tsunade: うむ・・・

Frame 4
Tsunade: 各地至る所である情報が流れていてな
Throughout the region, in all places, there’s some information circulating.
…It’s about that.

Frame 5
Sakura: 情報・・・?
Naruto: 何?何だってばよ?
What? What is it?

Pg 4
Frame 1
Tsunade: 大蛇丸が死んだ
Orichimaru is dead.
It appears, Uchiha Sasuke killed him.

Frame 4
Naruto: そ・・・それって・・・ホントか・・・!?
Is…Is that…true…!?

Frame 5
Jiraiya: まず間違いない・・・ たしか情報スジから聞いたからのォ・・・
There’s no mistaking it… I heard from a reliable source…

Pg 5
Frame 1
Sakura: ・・・じゃあもう・・・

Frame 2
Naruto: へへ~ん!
There’s no way he would have been beat by the likes of Orochimaru!

Frame 3
Naruto: んじゃサスケの奴木ノ葉に帰ってくんだよなァ!
So, Sasuke’s coming back to Konoha!

Frame 6
Jiraiya: ・・・どうやらそうではないらしい・・・
…It seems that’s not the case…

Pg 6
Frame 2
Karin: 看守は全滅だな・・・
All the guards are dead…
A complete prison break.

Pg 7
Frame 1
Suigetsu: あれじゃどれが重吾か分かんないね・・・
There’s no way to tell which one’s Juugo like that…

Frame 2
Sasuke: 香燐あいつらの中に重吾はいるか?
Karin, is Juugo amongst those guys?

Frame 3
Karin: ったくうるさいな・・・少し待ってろ!
Just shut up… Wait a minute!
SFX: スッ
*hand movement*

Pg 8
Frame 2
Karin: フン・・・いないな・・・
Heh… Not there…
Suigetsu: ならお構いなしってやつでオーケーだね
Then a free-for-all is alright?

Frame 3
Sasuke: 急所ははずしておけ
Just avoid the vital points.

Frame 4
Suigetsu: ハァ・・・
You really are from Konoha…
You should have killed that guy back there… You’re soft.
SFX: カシュン

Frame 5
Sasuke: 行くぞ
Let’s go
SFX: カチャ・・

Pg 9
Frame 2
Juugo: 女だ・・・
A woman…
If a woman comes in here… I’ll kill…

Frame 4
?: うっ・・・

Frame 5
?: 強えェ・・・お前は・・・・・・

SFX: ・・・ーーーズズズズ
*curse seal receding*

Pg 10
Frame 1
Suigetsu: フゥー・・・

Frame 2
Karin: 鍵だ!見つけたぞ
The key! I found it.

Frame 3
SFX: ジャラ・・

Pg 11
Frame 2
SFX: ザッ

Frame 3
Sasuke: 香燐どっちだ 案内しろ
Karin, which way. Lead us.

Frame 4
Karin: サスケ!アンタさっきから何仕切ってんだ!
Sasuke! What are you doing taking the lead since earlier!
Suigetsu: いいから早く調べてくれないかな
Can you just hurry up and find out.
…That’s your powers that you’re so proud of right.

Frame 6
Karin: あっちだ
That way.

Frame 7
Suigetsu: フウ・・・
SFX: スッ・・

Pg 12
Frame 1
SFX: スタ スタ

Frame 2
SFX: スッ

Frame 3
Sasuke: 何だ?
SFX: グイ

Frame 4
Karin: ホントはこっちだ
This way’s the real way.
Let’s go Sasuke!

Frame 5
Sasuke: 何故嘘をつく
Why did you lie.
Suigetsu is going the opposite…

Pg 13
Frame 1
Karin: うるさいから水月は嫌いだ!行くぞ!
He annoying, so I don’t like Suigetsu! Let’s go!
Sasuke: 離せ・・・自分で歩く
Let go… I’ll walk by myself.

Frame 2
Suigetsu: しかし・・・

Frame 3
Suigetsu: “呪印”ってのは体形をあそこまで不細工に変化させるんだね・・・
The “curse seal” changes the body to something that ugly…
Do you become like that too with the “curse seal”?

Frame 5
Suigetsu: ・・・ボクの話をちゃんと・・・
…Are you listening to me…

Frame 7
Suigetsu: あの女ァ・・・
That woman…
SFX: プルプル

Pg 14
Frame 2
Sasuke: ここか
Karin: ああ重吾はこの中に居る
Yeah, Juugo’s inside here.

Frame 3
SFX: ガチャ

Frame 4
Juugo: 来たな・・・さあ・・・
They’re here…Now…
Which one?
SFX: ガャ ガヤッ

Pg 15
Frame 1
Karin: よし!じゃあ開けるぞ
Okay! I’ll open it

Frame 2
SFX: スッ・・・

Frame 4
SFX: スッ

Frame 5
Sasuke: オレが先に入る・・・
I’ll go in first…
Karin, you step back.

Frame 6
SFX: ガチ・・・・
*opening door*

Frame 7
Juugo: いや・・・・・・
It has to be a guy… If a guy comes in, I’ll kill him.

Pg 16
Frame 2
Juugo: ビンゴ!殺す!!
Bingo! I’ll kill!!

Pg 17
Frame 1
SFX: バッ

Frame 2
Karin: 来た!
He’s coming!

Frame 3
SFX: ザッ
*fast movment*

Side: 抑えきれぬ殺意に弾かれたように襲いかかる男!!求める協力者、最後の一人の暴走にサスケは!?
Spurred on by an intent to kill that can’t be contained, the man attacks!! Faced with the last of his desired collaborators out of control, Sasuke will!?

Preview: “呪印”の起源・重吾にサスケが苦戦!!次号、『呪印の秘密』!!
Sasuke in a desperate fight against the original source of the “curse seal”: Juugo!! Next issue, “The Secret of the Curse Seal”!!

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on Apr 19, 2007
Winny :hug

Thanx for providing the trans. A good reference for Hisshou's trans ^^
#2. by hashikei ()
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
へへ・・・なんておそいねぇ ;P ご苦労さ~ん
あっ・・・カバーページの翻訳はないのです? xD
#3. by WinterLion (Grand Taichou)
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
Quote by p1noypr1de;369174:
へへ・・・なんておそいねぇ ;P ご苦労さ~ん
あっ・・・カバーページの翻訳はないのです? xD

遅いのは・・・ええと・・・その・・・だから・・・あの・・・ (苦笑)

カバーページって? 見てもいない (笑)
#4. by destinator ()
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
Thanks for the trans winny :D
#5. by Eagle ()
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
Quote by WinterLion;369319:

遅いのは・・・ええと・・・その・・・だから・・・あの・・・ (苦笑)

カバーページって? 見てもいない (笑)


ありがとう ^v^
#6. by juUnior ()
Posted on Apr 20, 2007
thx WL for the trans :D
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