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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Eyeshield 21 307

307th Down : Great Gathering!!

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Nov 21, 2008 14:53 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 307

This chapter was seriously awesome. Honestly, I was doubting the point of this arc, but if it's just to show off the awesomeness of Inagaki's characters and Murata's art, then it's well worth it. Seriously, Gaou, Agon, Shin, Panther are all fucking awesome in this chapter :3 And Hiruma is... well, he's Hiruma xD

First translation posted on the new MH~ Enjoy~

Eyeshield 21 chapter 207

Page 01

Narration : The prize for the best player
Narration : of the team that wins the World Cup
Middle : Shocking news!!
Narration : A contract with a team as a pro American football player and
Narration : 3 millions of dollars...!! (300 millions of yens)

Agon : Yo, shrimp trash, it's me.
Agon : Aaah!? Who are you calling a phone scam, I'll kill you!!
Agon : I'll do it, that World cup Japan team.
Agon : Kukuku, if we don't defeat America because of a mistake of you guys I'll annihilate you.
(T/N: Agon is referring to a “popular” type of phone scam in Japan here, with the swindler going all “it's me” on the phone without actually giving a name, which Sena seemingly mistakes him for)

Page 02

Sena : Agon-san was the one to ask first,
Sena : Make me a team member, he said.
Sena (small bubble) : I wonder where he got my phone number...
Sena : Hiiii, I'm glad since he's strong, but it's so scary.
Monta : He was definitely watching the TV news just now, huh?

Monta : But still, it's awesome... Seriously awesome.
Monta : If you get the best player's prize at the championship
Monta : It's not a faraway dream anymore.
Monta : The world of pros
Monta : is within reach...!!

Shin : Individual prizes is not something you must aim for.
Shin : The priority should go to winning the matches first.
Sena : Ah, yes!
Monta : Yes, that's right!
Monta : Firing up MAX!!

Shin : You can't win alone in American football.
Shin : For us backs,
Shin : We can't do a thing if we don't have linemen as vanguard.

Page 03

Monta : If it's about linemen, then
Monta : Kurita-senpai!
Monta : Ah, we can invite him easily, I guess.
Sena : The problem is...

Monta : That guy
Monta : right...
Sena : Hiii, why are there so many scary persons...

Sena : E-e-e-excuse me
Sena : Would you mind free these seats?
Sena : please...

Girl : Kyaha, look out!
Girl : A grade schooler got angry at us!
Guy : There's a free seat in front of the restroom, right!
Guy : Go sit in that corner, grade schooler!

Page 04-05 (spread)

Text : The order is... a lot of tough guys! Maxi size, please!!
307th Down : Great gathering!!

Someone : I saw this guy on TV!
Someone : The American football player
Someone : Gaou...!

Shin : There are five of us.
Shin : There aren't enough free seats elsewhere.
Someone : Shin!!
Someone : Y-y-y-yes, we'll leave quickly and lithely!

Agon: Die.
Someone : Eeeeeeeh, it's not “Go away”, it's “Die” already!?

Guy : If you think about it, in a fight, those three would be the strongest of Kantou...!
Guy : Wait, aren't the shrimps Eyeshield 21 and Monta?
Guy : Why are such big-shots gathering for eating hamburgers!!

Page 06

Sena : Errr... Let's start
Sena : the first meeting to choose the members of the Japanese team...
Monta : This table is scary...!

Monta : By the way, what's with that huge tower...
Gaou : It's from the secret menu, the Giga Burger.

Monta : And you even throw away the bread and lettuce!
Monta : What's with that meat diet!?

Sena : Shin-san, you only took water...
Sena : I never consume that kind of junk food.

Page 07

Gaou : Ffn... First
Gaou : There is one man definitely necessary for the team.
Sena : Wait... Where did that meat tower...
Monta : He just swallowed it like if it was water.

Gaou : The only man that can rival me in power.
Gaou : Kurita.

Monta : Ooooh, Awesome! Gaou and Kurita-senpai
Monta : It'll be the strongest line[...]
Agon : Aaaaah!?
Agon : Like you can use that slow-footed trash!

Gaou : ... Trash?
Gaou : Are you talking about Kurita?

Agon : Do I have to say it twice for you to hear? We don't need Kurita, you brawn idiot.
Agon : Kukuku, well, if you're willing to give me the 300 millions I'll lose
Agon : if that fat trash pulls us down, I don't mind, though.

Page 08

Sena : Ten seconds after the beginning of the talks
Sena : And we're already going for violence...!!

Page 09

Agon : I don't feel like going against your stupid strength head-on.
Agon : I'll teach you what a fight is about...

Shin : The one who knows the most about a lineman is another lineman.
Shin : We have to respect the opinion of a specialist for each position.

Shin : What dreadful power...
Shin : Gaou Rikiya.

Shin : No matter your opinion about him
Shin : Kurita is absolutely necessary, Kongou Agon.
Shin : Against a team of the world level,
Shin : No matter how many powerful players we gather, it won't be enough!

Page 10

Agon : All that fuss about Kurita, are you all homos with a fat guy fetish?
Agon : If you want him in the team no matter what, then do it so he's not in my way.
Agon : Because I'll be the one to get the 300 millions.

Sena : Th-th-this team
Sena : I wonder if the members will get along with each other...
Monta : W... Well, I guess we'll manage somehow, if Shin-senpai is here
Monta : We're just leaving it to him, though...

Page 11

Gaou : Other linemen too...
Gaou : Even if they don't have a power like me or Kurita,
Gaou : There are other men with a boiling spirit.

Gaou : Banba from Taiyou.

Background : It's scary, but
Background : If I have the chance, I'd like to go.
Gaou : Yamabushi from Shinryuuji

Gaou : Ootawara from Oujou.

Agon : Call Ikkyuu.
Agon : Only that guy can be used.

Mizumachi : nha!
Mizumachi : I'll do it!

Mizumachi : What the hell, it seems super fun! A Japanese team at the World Cup!
Mizumachi : Hey, Kakei!!

Page 12

Sena : As a safety
Sena : Riku!

Sena : As a receiver
Sena : Oujou's Sakuraba-san and

Sena : Seibu's Tetsuma-san!

Akaba : Fuu... I have a condition.
Akaba : Or rather, a favor to ask.

Akaba : I'd like... To take on the world with a kick team.
Akaba : If possible, I'd like to
Akaba : only take part in the kick team.

Akaba : Please use either Koutarou or Musashi
Akaba : depending on the situation.

Shin : And then
Shin : The quarterback.

Shin : We should get two of them.
Shin : For passes, Kid.
Shin : And for trick plays...

Page 13

Shin : Hiruma Youichi.
Hiruma : Kekeke, did you call?
Sena : Hiruma-san!!?

Hiruma : Hey, fucking manager
Hiruma : It's the data I took in America, edit it.

Hiruma : I called Marco as a safety as well.
Hiruma : With this we have all the players from Kantou.

Monta : Woooh, looking at this, it's seriously awesome, Sena!
Monta : It's only great members MAX, this team...!!

Sena : So this
Sena : is all
Sena : the players...

Sena : Ootawara-san is there
Sena : but Takami-san
Sena : isn't...

Takami : I wanted to fight with you guys
Takami : on the field one more time...

Page 14

Sena : Hiruma-san
Sena : Shin-san

Sena : The players who aren't
Sena : in this Japanese team here... If it's possible
Sena : maybe there are other persons who'd like to join as well
Sena : I mean...

Hiruma : What kind of soft-hearted crap are you saying, fucking shrimp.

Morgan : Haa?

Page 15

Morgan : What kind of soft-hearted crap are you saying, Panther, you bastard.

Panther : Ah, well... it's about my friend Homer.
Middle text : The kneeling position Sena taught him
Panther : He's always wished to be a player of the American team.
Panther : At least give him a chance! Won't you check on him just once...?

Clifford : Homer... that's the quarterback with that stupid strength from NASA high.
Clifford : No matter what, it's impossible for that guy to be a national team player, Panther.
Clifford : His skills aren't in the same dimension.

Clifford : ... But well

Clifford : That super long pass that lacks any kind of control
Homer (small text) : Muscle The America! (T/N: yes, that's engrish^^)
Clifford : Bench players are necessary
Clifford : Having a half-baked guy like him join could be interesting.

Morgan : Are you listening! The American football world
Morgan : isn't a kid's game you play with you friends, Panther!
Morgan : that soft heart will be a weakness!
Morgan : I'll beat your character into shape...!!

Page 16

Guy : Hey, hurry up!
Guy : It seems like Morgan is making some kind of demonstration again!
Kuma : Whaaaat! A one-on-one match
Kuma : between Panther and Morgan!?

Morgan : Kakaka, it's been a while.
Morgan : This uniform too.

Morgan : Hurry up and change your clothes, Panther.
Panther : Eeeeh, wait... Well, since I thought it'd just be a press conference
Panther : I only brought the suit Grandma bought me to celebrate my selection on the team...

Kuma : It's becoming interesting...
Kuma : He may have retired a while ago
Kuma : but his opponent is still the former NFL's ace runner Morgan!
Hilman : Kekeke, it'll be worth seeing how far can go the big shot of the high school level
Hilman : Patrick Spencer, right, Kumabukuro-san!

Kuma : On top of that, Panther-kun
Kuma : is closely linked to Morgan through his coach Apollo...!

Page 17

Apollo : Ffn
Apollo : I'm no match for you in training anymore already.

Apollo : Panther.
Apollo : Until now, you have been running only using the natural abilities of black person.
Apollo : I will teach you all my techniques.

Apollo : You are an outstanding talent that will surpass the one that forced me out
Apollo : of the pro world, the genius Morgan.
Apollo : I'm sure of that...!!
Panther : R-r-really??
Panther : I'm super happy Apollo-san has such a high opinion of me, but...

Morgan : Hey, Panther! If you win against me
Morgan : I'll take a look at that guy, Homer, or whatever his name was!

Panther : ,,, Really?
Panther : Morgan-san.
Morgan : Kakaka, a superstar doesn't go back on his words.

Morgan : Pick the one you want
Morgan : Whether it's on offense or on defense, I...

Page 18

HOLY! <3

Page 19

Panther : I'll send him a mail.
Panther : Anytime is fine?
Panther : For Homer's tryout!

Shin : ... That's right... The strength of the American team is overwhelming.
Shin : Kobayakawa Sena's opinion is right.
Shin : It's better to have a bench as complete as possible.

Shin : We should gather as many players as possible.
Hiruma : There's no point if we line up trashes that aren't prepared to destroy America, right!

Shin : ... Then there is only one way.

Left : Speed, strength, knowledge, will! Gather, everyone from Japan!!

Narration : A final tryout to select
Sign : Japanese team players tryout
Narration : the Japanese players at the World cup...!!

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#1. by Phat ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2008
thanks :D
#2. by kaylee (mousou mashiin)
Posted on Nov 21, 2008
woot! this arc'll be so freaking awesome! xDD

thanks for the trans, as always <333
#3. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2008
#4. by Alexandrius ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2008
<3. Thanks.
#5. by sergi_89 ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2008
I was really waiting for this, thanks.
#6. by paolo12 ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2008
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Posted on Nov 21, 2008
Thank you ^^
awesome as always :)
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Posted on Nov 21, 2008
really cool!!!
#10. by ShyGuy ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2008
hahaha awesome man, thanks for this!!!!!!

cant wait til its done
#11. by Yuu ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2008
AWESOME!!! Thanks Xophien
#12. by dct21 ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2008
#13. by Egaki 21 ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2008
thanks Xophien
#14. by OS.Hoshi ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2008
:luv Magnificent!

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