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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Kuroko no Basket 10

10th Quarter : Man proposes, God disposes

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Feb 21, 2009 00:02 | Go to Kuroko no Basket

-> RTS Page for Kuroko no Basket 10

I guess Midorima's speech on page 12 is worth explaining more in details, from what I understood (because this guy, like Kise said, is hard to understand). Basically, his take on "Man proposes; God disposes" is that everyone must do their best, and then fate will choose how it turns out. If you apply that to the players of the generation of Miracles, that's what they all have done when choosing their school, they went to the best schools (man proposes) and then fate will decide who of them will win in the end (god disposes). So Kuroko is trying, according to Midorima, to force the hand of fate, by not proposing the best thing (going to a nameless school instead of a famous one) and still hoping to defeat the other players of the generation™ (thus forcing the hand of fate). Kinda. I mean, the guy's going around with a frog toy because his horoscope told him so >.>

Here was for Xophien's random analysis of the chapter (maybe you all understood Midorima better than me and didn't need that, but who knows, maybe someone actually read that until the end). Either way, enjoy this great chapter~

Kuroko chapter 10

Page 01

Bottom left : Seirin turns the tables and wins with Kagami's dunk!!
10th Quarter : Man proposes, God disposes

Page 02

Someone : Waaah!!
Someone : Seirin won!!!

Hyuuga : Such a great thing, I can't believe it...

Page 03

Kagami : Yeee...
Kagami : aaaaah!!

Kise : We... lost?

Kise : In my life...
Kise : It's the first time... I lost...

Page 04

Kise : huh?
Kise : Huh?

Guy : Kise is crying?
Guy : Well, I understand it must be frustrating, but...
Guy : It's still only a practice match...

Kasamatsu : You idiot!! What's with the weeping!!
Kise : Ouch!
Kasamatsu : Wait, the fact you never lost until now is pissing me off even more!! I'll hit you!!

Kasamatsu : For this kind of case, you'd better
Kasamatsu : add the word “revenge” to your dictionary!

Page 05

Kasamatsu : Line up!!
Kasamatsu : With a score of 100 to 98, Seirin wins!!
Hyuuga : Thank you very much!!!

Kasamatsu : We're in different districts, so the next occasion will be... in the interhigh tournament itself.
Hyuuga : We'll definitely go, none of us wants to confess to a girl naked.

Guy : Where is Kise?
Guy : It seems he didn't want to show his face, so he excused himself and went somewhere else.
Guy : Geez...

Someone : Thank you very much!!

Page 07

Midorima : Your sign, Gemini, was supposed to have the worst luck today, but...
Midorima : I didn't think you'd actually lose.

Kise : … So you came to watch...

Page 08-09 (spread)

Midorima : Well, no matter who won, it was an unpleasant match either way.

Midorima : Even monkeys could have done that dunk festival.
Midorima : There was nothing left to fate.

Shuutoku high school basketball club – Shooting Guard
195cm 79kg
Midorima Shintarou

Page 10

Kise : We haven't seen each other since we were in Teikou, huh? (small text : It's been a while)
Kise (small text) : … I see you see have the same habit of taping your fingers.
Kise : And dunks or whatever, it doesn't matter, right?
Kise : As long as it goes in.

Midorima : That's why you're no good.
Midorima : Of course it'll go in if you're so close.
Midorima : but the worth of a shot is decided by how far it's scored from.

Midorima : Don't you know the saying “Man proposes; God disposes”?
Midorima : First, you do your best
Midorima : And then fate will decide how it will turn out.

Midorima : I am a man that proposes.

Page 11

Midorima : And I always carry with me the lucky item of the day, as my horoscope says.
Midorima (small text) : Today it's a frog toy.
Midorima : That's why my shots never go off!!

Kise : I thought that countless times already, but...
Kise : I don't get the meaning of that at all!!

Kise : To think this guy is the number one shooter of the Generation of Miracles...

Kise : Wait, rather than me, shouldn't you be talking with Kurokocchi instead?
Midorima : It's not necessary.

Page 12

Midorima : Since his blood type is A, his compatibility is the worse with a type B like me.

Midorima : I'll acknowledge the value of his style.
Midorima : I can even say I respect it.
Midorima : But the fact he joined an obscure, barely created school is unacceptable.

Midorima : Even if he thinks he can win with such a school, choosing your school is part of what you propose as a man.
Midorima : I don't like how he seems to think he'll be able to force the hand of fate.

Midorima : It's just... that we're in the same district tournament, so I came to check his team on a whim, but...
Midorima : honestly, they're not even worth talking about.

Page 13

Guy : bastard, you went on ahead when we were caught in a traffic jam...
Guy : Do you know how embarrassing it was!!

Midorima : Well, I only came to see the match today, but
Midorima : … I guess I'll apologize beforehand.

Midorima : A fate where we're defeated by Seirin is impossible.
Midorima : It's a shame, but you should give up on your revenge already.

Page 14

Sign : Hospital

Koganei : Kuroko having nothing wrong...
Koganei : In any case...

Koganei : Yeaaah!!
Koganei : we won!!

Page 15

Koganei : let's go eat somewhere on our way back!!
Someone : What kind?

Koganei : Something cheap, I didn't bring money today.
Kagami : Me neither.
Kuroko : Neither did I.
Hyuuga : … wait a second, how much money do we have altogether?

(Xophien's note : that's 21 yens, so $0.21 >.>;)

Hyuuga (small text) : Let's go back home...
Koganei (small text) : Yeah...

Riko : it's alright! Let's go eat with all our might instead! Meat!!

Page 16

Sign :
Super volume!!
4kg Super steak!
If you eat it within 30 minutes, it's free!
*If you fail, then it's 10,000yens each
(Xophien's note : $100)

Page 17

Riko : Come on, eat without holding back!
Someone : Isn't it overdoing it!!?

Hyuuga : Eh... Wait... you're serious...?
Hyuuga : What happens if we can't finish them!?
Hyuuga (small text) : 21 yens...
Riko : Eh? Come on...

Riko : Why do you think I make you run so much everyday!?
Riko (small text) : Of course we run away...!!
Seirin : Isn't it for basketball!!

Hyuuga : Damn, I knew you were that kind of person from the start, but...
Hyuuga (small text) : I don't want to eat and run!!

Izuki : This meat... is neat.
Someone : Sorry, but right now, if you say that kind of things it's seriously annoying!!

Koganei : Mitobe, wake up!

Kuroko : … I am sorry.

Page 18

Kuroko : I give up.
Someone : Kurokooooo!!

Koganei : We'll die...!!

Kagami : So good!
Kagami : Can I have another?

Kagami : Huh? If you don't want it, then I'll just take it? Please?
Hyuuga : He's eating like a squirrel!!
Hyuuga (small text) : Gyaaa!

Page 19

Store's name : Steak bomber!
Someone : Thank you, Kagami...

Kuroko (small text) : Hard to walk...

Left : What kind of discussion these former teammates will have...?

Kuroko : Kise-kun...
Kise : … Kurokocchi.

Kise : … Nice timing.
Kise : I have... something to talk to you about.
Bottom : Next issue, a talk about the past...? And what is Midorima's true strength!?

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#1. by sergi_89 ()
Posted on Feb 21, 2009
4.1 sec! U've surpassed the Speed of Light!

I didn't expected to have the translation on friday.

#2. by Xophien (Eroge Danchou)
Posted on Feb 21, 2009
To be perfectly honest, sergi, I wanted to keep the same order I translate my projects in (ES21>Meister>Kuroko, I guess I'm kinda superstitious about that), but since the thought of translating Meister left me quite unmotivated (not that it was that bad, it was just a pain to translate), I ended up translating both of them the Saturday >.>;

Kuroko is a pleasure to translate, so I'll try to translate it now on Fridays if I can \o/
#3. by Meromorphe ()
Posted on Feb 21, 2009
I've noticed your professionalism by keeping this order, although you said you preferred Kuroko. I like this way of doing things. Bravo!

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