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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 313

Naruto 313

+ posted by Yoshitsune as translation on Jun 29, 2006 15:17 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 313


313: 新たなる二人組
313: The New Duo or New Team

The red cloud that washes the dark night away, shows a bad omen--.
It awakens in the new Akatsuki members.

And the person Akatsuki is chasing...!?

Kakuzu: やるぞ
Let's do it
Hidan: ちょい待ち
Wait a sec
Hidan: アレやる前には ちゃんと神に祈りを捧げねーとな
Hmm, before we do, we have to pray to the gods

Nibi: .....

Kakuzu: いつもいつも面倒くさい奴だ
You're always such a pain in the ass

俺だってめんどくせーけど 戒律厳しーんだから
It's pain in the ass for me too, but the Buddhist commandments are strict, so there's no point
in arguing!

Nibi: .....

Nibi: あんたら 私を追い込んだつもりだろうが そうじゃない
Hmph, you planned to corner me, right? Well that's not the case

I'm the one who invited you!

Nibi: アンタら が"暁"と分かった以上 逃がす訳にはいかない
Especially since I now know you are Akatsuki, I can't let you escape

Hidan: あーあ・・・・ふさがれちまったぜ カクズ
Ah-ah...She took us lightly Kakuzu
Kakuzu: 問題ない・・・むしろ好都合
No problem...rather, convenient

Nibi: 雲隠れの二位ユギトの名にかけて 殺す
In the name of Kumogakure (cloud village), I Nii Yugito will kill you!
*二位 could also be translated as second best, so "I,Yugito, Kumogakure's second best etc.

Ha..? What do you mean kill?
You're still going to be knocked out despite trying to be so enthusiastic...
Now I'm irritated

Hidan: で・・・イラッとくると頭に血が昇る
And..when I'm irritated, blood rushes to my head
And when blood rushes to my head
Kakuzu: うるさい 黙れ ヒダン
Shuttup, Hidan, shut up

Hidan: はいはい
Yeah yeah
でもよー頭に血が昇と"もう目的なんてどーでもいいや ぶっ殺しちまおう"ってきになんだよ
But- When blood rushes to my head I get a "Even if we have a goal in mind, it's
ok to destroy you" kind of feeling

Kakuzu: いい加減にしろ ヒダン 目的は絶対だ
Cut the crap, Hidan
Our goal is what matters

Hidan: 大体今回のノルマ(仕事)は俺の宗派にゃ会わねーんだよ
First off, our job this time has nothing to do with our sects,
ジャッシン教は殺戮がモットー 半殺しはダメだと戒律で決まってる
The religion of Jashin's (wicked hearts) motto is massacre
the commandments of Buddhism say we must not leave a target half dead.
I hadn't felt like doing that from the start, really

Hidan: 戒律破るような仕事・・・
We'd be doing something that violates these commandments...

Even if I look like this, I'm deeply religious you know!
・・・という訳で 殺せねーのはめんどくせーから・・・
..Meaning...Not killing you would be a pain...

Shall we settle it here with a little discussion?

Yugito: A discussion..?
(What's he up to...)

Hidan: ....

Hidan: 大人しく捕まってくんねーかな・・・
I wonder if you'll be obedient and be caught..
Yugito: フン・・・・

Don't mess with me!!

Hidan: アレダメみたいだな
Huh..? I guess not, huh?
Kakuzu: お前はバカか
You fool

8. **Nice kitty cat!!**

Hidan: 何だ この"ジンチュウリキ"
What's with this Jinchuuriki
She completely changed into her Jinchuuriki form

Hidan: あーあぁ・・


Hidan: 熱ちーーー!!
That was hot!
I guess she's not sensitive to hot things(lit. cat tongue) [thanks brucelee!]
*nekojita is someone who can't stand foods too hot too cold

So this is the two-tailed monster cat reffered to as a living spirit

俺ははまさしく 袋のネズミってわけだな
Looks like I'm a but a mouse in mousetrap
Ku ku...
I shouldn't laugh...

Kakashi: 話って何だ?!
What did you want to talk about?
Asuma: 実はな・・・

Kurenai: いたいた
I'm here

Kakashi: 何だ紅か・・
Hey, it's Kurenai..
Do you need anything?
Kurenai: ここにアスマがきてるってきいてね
I heard Asuma had come here


Kakashi: ふ~ん で アスマ話ってのは?
Hm~mm... And your talk Asuma?
Asuma: いや また今度 ゆっくり話す
No, I'll talk to you about it some other time more slowly

Kakashi すごい気になるな・・・
(He sure feels anxious...)

14. **Ouch**

Kakuzu: 三十分も経ってるぞ・・まだか ヒダン
30 mins have gone by...you're not done yet, Hidan?

Hidan: うるせーよ 儀式の邪魔すんな!
Shuttup! Don't interrupt my ceremony!


Kakuzu: 毎度毎度の その悪趣味な祈り
Every single time it's the same bitter (bad) tasting prayer
Can't you just take out some parts?

Let's go on to the next one

Hidan: 俺だってめんどくせーけど 戒律なんだから しょうがねーだろ
It might be a pain, but they are the commandments so no-can-do

Besides, what do you mean take out some parts? "Take them out"!
Thatwould be blasphemous to the god!!

Kakuzu: ....
(Our job involves one more Jinchuuriki)
(We need to search thouroughly)

Kakuzu: 次は火の国だ
Next is the Fire Country

The terrible power that easily captured the Jinchuuriki!!
Next is the Fire Country, will the two Akatsuki members get closer!?

Preview: The Akatsuki are searching for the Jinchuuriki.
And what is their goal!? Next time: Training Begins!!

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#1. by The Boff ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
weeeeee!!!! GO GO GO!!!

i love you! but in a friendly way. :D
#2. by destinator ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
Thanks so much, cant wait till you finished it <3
#3. by Raine_Joybringer ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
*cheers* Yay!
#4. by Card ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
Wow. This is pretty great so far! Thanks :D
#5. by Luna ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
Thanks for that <3

Great speed ^^
#6. by zerocharisma ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
Thanks so much
#7. by Rampages ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
Your my hero
#8. by UzumakiRoman ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
thanx alot!!!
#9. by svart_lotus ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
Sweet! Fastest so far, you can do it! :D
#10. by Yoshitsune ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
done with it
but going over a line or two ;)
#11. by sh0jin ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
GREAT STUFF Thanks a billion.
#12. by destinator ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
Quote by Yoshitsune :

done with it
but going over a line or two ;)

Could you look at page 4 again ? Seems like a hidan/kakuzu dialog is missing =)
#13. by The Boff ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
completed in all its glory!!!
thankies again!
#14. by Card ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
Thank you! :D
#15. by Lynxie ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
Thank you for the quick translation ^.^
#16. by asdasdf ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
Glory to the "Yoshitsune"
I'll pray for you all night :)
#17. by Yoshitsune ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
I fixed page 4!!!!
#18. by harlita ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
Yoshitsune.. I adore you!!! *glomp*
#19. by Yoshitsune ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
fixed some things and done with kanji

Done with it 100%
big sigh
#20. by ecf ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
i was hoping for the two tail to kick their butt..~
o wells..
#21. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
awesome with the JP and everything~

&#12354;&#12426;&#12364;&#12385;&#12423;&#12358;&#65281; :ossu!
#22. by Yoshitsune ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
yeah I'm going to do it that way more often!!
#23. by Anax (Schrödinger's cat)
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
*just read the complete version*

Man, I'm always late at reading the RAW and the translations, but there's a good side to it: always more than one translation to pick and always finished :p Sooo... A big OSSU :ossu to you Yoshitsune sa~n! :D
#24. by Yoshitsune ()
Posted on Jun 29, 2006
Thanks you Anax-chan!!
(I'm gonna say chan cuz of the kitty cat which reminds me of Yugito)[br]Posted on: June 29, 2006, 08:08:04 PM_________________________________________________no one pointed out the konogakure-> kumogakure typo...


hehe, sorry
#25. by brucelee ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2006
good work, as always dude.
One point.

That was hot!
I guess she can't stand hot things(lit. cat tongue)
*nekojita is someone who can't stand foods too hot too cold

You forgot to double negative this "neko shita janee no ka" is a question so "I guess she can't can't stand hot things" i.e. I guess she CAN stand hot things". As you noted, he is surprised the cat doesn't have a "cat tongue".
#26. by Yoshitsune ()
Posted on Jun 30, 2006
totally missed that brucelee~~
thanks for your keen eye!

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