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Naruto 315

Naruto 315

+ posted by Yoshitsune as translation on Jul 13, 2006 15:17 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 315

Naruto 315: 特別な修業!!
Naruto 315: Special Training!

Side: Anyone even Naruto woud say, "Heh?". Kakashi's lecture abrudptly begins!

Kakashi: 多重影分身だ
Your Tajuu Kage Bunshin.

Naruto: え?

Kakashi: いや だから 多重影分身だよ実は
It's actually your Tajuu Kage Bunshin.
Naruto: は?何が?
Huh? What about it?

Kakashi: だから 修業期間を短縮する方法だよ
That's the method to shorten your training.

Naruto: 多重影分身て どういうこと?
What do you mean Tajuu Kage Bunshin?

Kakashi: ま・・・そうなるわな
I knew this'd happen...
Alright, I'll explain it to you from now one, listen closely.

Naruto: なるべく簡単にお願いするっス!
Please make it as simple as possible!
Kakashi: はいはい
Yeah yeah.

いいか影分身の術がただの分身と違って 実体そのものを作り出す忍術だってのは知ってるな
You already know that instead of making just another copy of yourself, you actually
make actual bodies

Sign: ただの分身、影分身
Regular Clone, Shadow Clone

Kakashi: つまり自分のコピー人間を生み出す忍術だとも言える
In other words, it's a jutsu that creates an actual human copy of yourself

Kakashi: オレもお前ほどじゃないが影分身の術を使えるから分かるんだが・・・
I know I can't use the Kage Bunshin as well as you can but,
I know the effect it has on the user

You've used it constantly, so you've probably noticed
Naruto: なに?
And what's that?

Kakashi: 影分身の分身体が経験したコトは 術がとけ術者であるオリジナルに戻った時
You've noticed it when the Kage Bunshin's copied bodies return any experience gained back to the original user
As the jutsu user, that person accumulates it all

Naruto: 簡単にって言ったじゃん
I said make it simple

Kakashi: やっぱ 気づいてなかったのね
So you haven't noticed, huh?
Naruto: っつーか言ってる意味も全く分かんねーってばよ
Which is why I don't get anything you're saying

Kakashi: んー・・・
All right...
Let's both make a shadow clone

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!

Kakashi: よし! じゃあオリジナル側と影分身側の二組に分かれて・・・
Good! Seperate the clones here and put the originals there

The shadow clones are going to go hide in the woods
Make yours follow mine, Naruto

Kakashi clone: 林の中のオレ達影分身組みの姿は
Okay, the two of us are in the woods
so the originals can't see us.

We're just going to play Rock-Paper-Scissors
Naruto clone: 何で?
Kakashi clone: いいからホラ
Come on

Jan, ken, pon~
(rock paper scissors)

Naruto: 影分身の方は何してんだってばよ?
What are those clones doing?
Kakashi: もうすぐ何をしてたか分かる
You'll know in a little bit

Naruto clone: やりー勝った!
Alright! I won!
Kakashi clone: じゃあオレ達影分身組は術を解いて消えるぞ
Okay, let's release the jutsu

Naruto clone: オッス

Kakashi: どうだ?
You know what they were doing now right?

Naruto: ジャンケンポンしてオレが勝った
I won at our rock-paper-scissors game

Kakashi: これで分かっただろ
You understand now right?
Anything a shadow clone learns or experiences will go back to the original body.

Naruto: なるほど・・・
I get it....
I guess I just never noticed what happens until now...

Kakashi: 本来この術は危険な場所への偵察や 敵アジとに潜入して情報収集に使う術でもあるからな
Originally, this jutsu was used in sending them to do dangerous scouting missions and infiltrating
the enemy's hideout while gathering information

Naruto: でも それが分かったからって
But, I already know that so
What does it have to do with shortening the time it takes to learn that jutsu

Kakashi: はいはい これから説明するって
Fine fine, I'll explain that from now on too
(自来也様 螺旋丸なんて術よくこの子に教え込めたもんだよ・・・まったく)
thoughts: Jiraiya-sama, I can't believe you were able to train this guy into learning the Rasengan....Geez

Naruto: 早く! 早く!
Hurry up! Come on!

Kakashi: ・・・つまり影分身を使って同じ授業を二人で行えば
...it means that if two of you jutsu go through the same training,
then you gain two-times the amount of experience

Naruto: うん!うん!
Okay, okay!

Kakashi: 言い換えれば 二人でやれば一人で修業する時にかかる時間を半分に短縮できるってことでもある
In other words, if you have two clones do the same training,
you can shorten the time by half

Naruto: 三人なら 三文の一
If there are three, by a third
Kakashi: 千人なら 千文の一だ
If there thousands, by a thousandth

Naruto: そっか・・・
I see...
Kakashi: つまり 一人で二日かかる修業は二人なら一日で出来てしまうし
So if training takes you two days, with the clone it would take you one

一人で二十年かかる修業でも 千人なら約一週間でいい
Even something that would take you twenty years, with a thousand clones would take a week

Naruto: おおー!!
Can I really do that!

Kakashi: これから習得するチャクラの”性質変化”の修業は
From now on we'll train how to manipulate the nature of your chakra
You will always be creating your (mass) Tajuu Kage Bunshin
Naruto: オッス!

Naruto: カカシ先生が強い理由が分かったってばよ!
Kakashi-sensei! Now I know why you're so strong!
You've always been training like this huh!

Kakashi: いや オレは一度もこんなやり方で修業したことはない
Nope. I've never trained like this once.

Naruto: え!なんで? だってカカシ先生も影分身できるじゃん
Huh? Why not? You can do the Kage Bunshin too!

Kakashi: 確かにな・・・
I'm sure I told you..
だが オレはお前ほどチャクラを多く持っていないし
I can't hold as much chakra as you can
so I can't hold the jutsu for too long

Since it divides the chakra evenly across the clones,
it's not suitable or guys like me with little chakra

Naruto: ・・・そうなの?
So I have more chakra than you?

Kakashi: オレの約二倍だ
You have at least twice as much!

Naruto: え!?そんなに!
That much!
I'm a-wesome!

Kakashi: ”九尾”のチャクラをヤマトが抑えなれば・・・
And if Yamato doesn't suppress the Kyuubi's chakra
it could be a hundredfold

Yamato: だから 君にしか出来ない修業ほうほうなんだよ ナルトくん
That's why you're the only one who can do this kind of training, Naruto-kun.

Naruto: ヤマト隊長
Captain Yamato!

Yamato: この修業はボクも協力するようカカシさんに頼まれたんだ
I was asked by Kakashi to help you out with your training.
I'm needed to control the Kyuubi's chakra and all

Naruto: 頼むってばよ!
You asked him!

Kakashi: よし・・・次はチャクラの”性質変化”についての説明だな
Alright, I'll next explain how to manipulate the nature of your chakra

Naruto: オッス!!

Kakashi: いいか 基本的にチャクラの"性質変化”の種別は五種類しかない
Basically, there are five classifications of chakra types when controlling its nature

Naruto: 五種類・・・
Five types?
That's it?

Kakashi: 火・風・水・雷・土・の五種類だ
Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning, and Earth types
These basic types give us the name of the Five Great Countries and
they form the basis for all ninjutsu

Naruto: へー・・・そうだったのか・・・

Yamato: 大体 皆 どれかの性質にあてはまるチャクラを持ってる
Generally, everyone has chakra that fits one of those categories
例えば うちは一族なら"火"の性質を持つ一族
For example, the Uchiha clan had Fire natured chakra
Thus they were skilled at fire element jutsu

Kakashi: "風"なら風遁
If it's Wind, they use Wind Element
Lightning, Lightning Element
For example, Chidori is one type of Lightning-Element jutsu

Naruto: ってことは・・・サスケは"火”と"雷”の二つの性質を持ってるってことか・・・
So Sasuke has both Fire and Lightning?

Kakashi: ・・でお前は〇
And you, are a zero.
しかも どの"性質変化”が得意なタイプなのかもまだ分からない
We still don't know what natured chakra you are skilled with

We'll check with these scraps of paper

Naruto: どうやって?

Kakashi: "雷”の性質なら紙にシワが入る
If you're Lightning-natured, the paper crumples
Wind-natured, it gets sliced
Fire, it burns
Water, it gets wet
Earth, it breaks down

Yamato: これはチャクラに反応しやすい感応紙で
It's a kind of paper that easily reacts to chakra
It's made from trees that are fed and raised with chakra

If you channel some of your chakra into it, we'll soon know what nature it is

Naruto: よーし・・・


Kakashi: お!

Kakashi: さて
Let's begin
it's time for your Wind Nature Manipulation training

Side: ナルトの"性質”・・・それは"風”!そして多重影分身という裏技を駆使し、得る針術は?-修業、開始ツ!!
Naruto's nature....is wind! By using his Tajuu Kage Bunshin trick, what kind of new jutsu will he get?!-Training starts!
The training begins!!

An turbulent shadow befalls the Shinobi in Konoha!
Is it Akatsuki? Next time: "Penance!"

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#1. by Martes13 ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2006
Come on Yoshi! ^^ We were waiting your ultracoolweekly translation.

hehe.... You will be called "Translator's Flash".
#2. by Yoshitsune ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2006
Quote by Martes13 :

hehe.... You will be called "Translator's Flash".

How come?
#3. by destinator ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2006
Thanks a lot for your translation yoshi-sama =)
#4. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2006
I guess he is quite excited by ur translation that you deserve a nickname. anyways- this is a subalashi work. arigato!!!
#5. by Martes13 ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2006
Hehe, it's just a joke. (In this chapter we see how Naruto is the son of the "Konoha's Flash", so you will be the "Translator's Flash" hehe)

I like a lot this chapter... has a lot of points that will be able to discover more and more about the history... amazing chapter...

(already finished... nice)
#6. by Yoshitsune ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2006
Hehe, thanks guys~

Martes, I thought you meant cuz I usually flash thru them...
I fell asleep today though ;)
#7. by TheGreenFlash ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2006
Thanks for the fast translation
#8. by Yoshitsune ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2006
I edited the sentence about Yamato suppressing his chakra~~

It was negative, so it's fixed!

Kakashi: ”九尾”のチャクラをヤマトが抑えなれば・・・
And if Yamato doesn't suppress the Kyuubi's chakra
it could be a hundredfold

(soooowy for the debating it might have caused....)
#9. by dylec ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2006
Woot! Nice translation for a nice chapter.
We learn some facts about bunshin, Naruto's & other's chakra capacity & elemental. ;]

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