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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Naruto 576

Chapter 576: the guide to a new reunion

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 29, 2012 17:58 | Go to Naruto

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Chapter 576: the guide to a new reunion\\
inserted text: a new encounter, and then…!!?\\
sfx: zan\\
… you are itachi, right!?\\
I said wait\\
Are you listening to me!?\\
this susanoo…\\
so… you are itachi after all…!\\
…incredible\\ to think you would become able to use this technique too…\\
why are you here!?\\ you should be dead!!\\
this is kabuto’s technique… I’m here because of the edo tensei\\
I cannot stop now…\\
I have important things to do\\
Sfx: zan\\
I don’t care about that!!\\
Now that you are in front of my eyes…\\ there is a mountain of things I want to ask!!\\
Even if I tell you…\\ to leave it for later, you would not listen to me, huh…\\
do you remember what you said to me!?\\
“when you will have the same eyes as me, come to me!”\\
so why are you running away!?\\
do you feel guilty because you lied to me!? or you don’t have the courage to tell me the truth!?\\
I already know everything about you…!\\
That’s why I decided to crush konoha!\\
I already told this to you when we fought…\\ people live inside of their own convictions… if you are not able to think in that way…\\
Or If your truth is just an illusion…\\ then the truth about me in reality is…\\
I’m not into an illusion anymore!!\\ I can see through your genjutsu!\\
because these are your eyes!!\\
sasuke should be able to understand your…\\
sufferings and determination!!\\
but instead of inheriting your will, he intends to crush konoha!\\
he intends to take revenge against the village that made his beloved older brother suffer!\\
your confident talk did not change but…\\
they told me about what you did after my death…\\ you have quite changed…\\
That’s wrong!!\\
You are the one who changed everything about me\\
I should have died!\\
You were supposed to kill me together with my parents!\\ and yet…\\
and then itachi decided\\
to close the curtain of his clan’s history with his own hands\\
he did not hate or betray the uchiha… he didn’t have any other choice\\
the discrimination that was born in the village… and all the hate piled up until that moment\\
itachi decided to bear them on his shoulders and became a scapegoat. No one can blame him to have taken such a decision\\
why I was the only one!?\\
why I was the only one to survive!?\\
are you able to understand why you are the only one he didn’t kill?\\
to itachi your life was more important that the whole village\\
why it was just me…!!\\
why am I different from our father and mother!?\\ why just me…\\
you didn’t know anything about what was happening at that time…\\
anything about the uchiha clan’s foolish idea… you were just a kid\\
plus it wasn’t for your sake alone…\\
I also thought that one day I should be judged for the crimes I committed by an uchiha like you\\
For that reason I used the hatred within you…\\
And that’s why I failed\\
the only thing I did was make hatred born into you and make you flee from the village…\\ I made you into a criminal…\\
I wished that you would walk the right path and yet…\\
Since before my death…\\ in order to not make you walk the wrong path… I tried to invite you into a straight path without branching roads\\
I rewrote the indications on that path with my lies and efforts\\
You wanted me to walk that path while I was ignorant about the truth…!?\\
I don’t wish to walk such a path!!\\
Yeah…\\ it is just as you said…\\
You have to decide the path you want to walk\\
No matter if you rewrite the indications on that path\\
My eyes are able to see trough those changes already!\\
What’s so funny!?\\
… nothing…\\
it is just that not just indications guide you on the path you walk…\\
I’m someone dead after all…\\ I will not talk from on\\
when you were alive you always poked my forehead when you could not look after me and then ran away\\
are you still going to run away even now that you are dead!?\\
it is not like I’m running away\\
I already told you that I have important things to do\\
I have to stop…\\
The edo tensei\\
Face: zuuuuu…\\
that woman with medical ninja techniques…\\ are you a descendant of this guy?\\
what will happen if that’s true!?\\
you will be the first one I will strike down\\
to strike down first the one who gives medical treatment in a platoon is a fundamental tactic\\ do you think that we will let you do as you wish after we already know such a thing?\\
you are wrong…\\
face: zuuu…\\
I will do that only because she is a descendant of senju hashirama\\
… wha!?\\
her so called medical techniques would just delay your deaths for nothing more than few seconds\\
her techniques are worthless if compared to those of senju hashirama\\
he could heal his wounds without forming seals… and all his techniques were on a different scale than hers…\\
people called him the strongest shinobi\\
I fought with him in a fight to death…\\
Totally different from this little game…\\
Compared to him… what’s so special about you, even if you are hashirama’s descendant?\\
you cannot use mokuton… you have medical techniques that can’t even compare with his…\\
and above all you are a weak woman…\\
weak people are ugly\\
and weak senju are even more ugly\\
stop complain while sounding so self-important!!!\\
I’m the first hokage hashirama’s descendant but… it is true that I cannot use the mokuton…\\
Even my medical techniques cannot compare, because he could use them without forming seals\\
Plus I’m a woman…\\
… even considering all this, you are wrong when you say that I’m a weak woman…\\
because I’m strong, but mine is not simple strength…\\
it is the strength of something that continued to flow through the ages since the first’s era…\\
don’t underestimate the will of fire!!\\
inserted text: different feelings, different determinations!!!\\

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#1. by CheshireMoose ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2012
This is some of the biggest piece of shit engrish I have ever seen. Jesus.

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