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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 446

I Just Want To Protect The Two Of Them

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 8, 2009 12:05 | Go to Naruto

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#446: I Just Want To Protect The Two Of Them
[Insert text: To the top of the world... these youngsters stand tall!!]
Flashback!Nagato: Unn...nhh...
Flashback!Yahiko: Nagato... you can't stand there crying forever! // Nothing's going to change if the only way you can react is to cry until kingdom come! // It's like the rain that engulfs this land. // But I'm going to change this country!

Flashback!Yahiko: And to do that, I need more than just words - I need power!
Flashback!Nagato: ......
Flashback!Yahiko: I'm going to learn ninjutsu!
Nagato: And so, we searched for a shinobi. // And we found the very shinobi who had been fighting with Hanzou. // Jiraiya-sensei...
Flashback!Jiraiya: What's with you?!

Nagato: But I could not bring myself to accept a shinobi of Konoha. // I'm sure... you can at least understand that.
Naruto: .........

Flashback!Orochimaru: Shall we kill them? These kids...
Flashback!Yahiko: Wha - ?!
Flashback!Orochimaru: We've seen a lot of children orphaned by the war... it's terribly cruel. // It would probably be easier on the children, too, if we killed them right here......
Flashback!Jiraiya: Stop that, Orochimaru! // ...You and Tsunade can go on ahead of me to Konoha. I'll stay and take care of these kids for a while.
Flashback!Tsunade: Huh?!
Flashback!Jiraiya: It'll just be for a while, until they can take care of themselves. / This is the least we can do to atone.
Nagato: Still, there was something different about Jiraiya-sensei. // A short while after our life together had begun... / A certain incident occurred.
Naruto: Incident?

Nagato: A refugee shinobi appeared, and attacked us. // Just when it looked like Yahiko would be killed, I found myself killing the shinobi instead. // Killing him unconsciously... // It seems that I possessed a unique power. // The power of the Rinnegan. // After that, Jiraiya-sensei, who had previously been reluctant to teach us the way of the shinobi, // decided to teach the three of us ninjutsu. // He claimed he was doing it so that we could protect ourselves... // ...but in my case, I believe he was truly doing it so that I could learn to control the power of my Rinnegan.

Nagato: But I was afraid of my own power. / Hatred had driven me into a frenzy. // I was tormented with feelings of guilt, believing that what I had done was wrong. // But Sensei saved me from all that.
Flashback!Jiraiya: I can't really say either whether what you did was right or wrong. // But it's thanks to you that Yahiko didn't die back then. // You protected a friend...... I think you must have done something right. // Nobody can blame you for what you did...
Nagato: Suddenly, I found that I had accepted Sensei after all.

Nagato: And this is what he told me. // "When somebody hurts you, you feel hatred." // "And when you yourself hurt somebody, you feel bitter... you can even be tormented by feelings of guilt."
Flashback!Jiraiya: But it's precisely because we have these feelings that we can also treat people kindly. // That's what being human is. // It is because we know pain that we can grow.
Nagato: And he said that what it meant to "grow" was something I would have to decide for myself. // To know pain, think upon it, and come up with my own answer. // It sounded as though Jiraiya-sensei was speaking for his own benefit, as well. // ...He had still not found the answer himself. // Just like you have failed to find it.

Nagato: But I found an answer for myself right away...
Flashback!Nagato: I just want to protect the two of them. // No matter how much pain it brings me to do that.
Flashback!Jiraiya: ...I see.
Flashback!Nagato: Sensei... // What is it you're always thinking about?
Flashback!Jiraiya: This world is filled with nothing but conflict... thick with hatred. // I'm just thinking that I'd like to do something about that... // "What is peace?" ...That's a question I'd like an answer to...

Nagato: After three years of training, I felt that I had grown stronger in mind and in body. // But the words that Sensei had said to me were still lodged deeply somewhere in my heart. // Sensei had told me that he had a feeling my Rinnegan held the answer to that question.
Flashback!Jiraiya: A long time ago... there was a time when people were always fighting... / ...when war simply went on and on, without end. // An age worse even than this. // But then a certain monk appeared in that age. / He was the first to unravel the mysteries of Chakra, and he tried to lead the world to peace. // It is said that he travelled the world, preaching the way of "ninshuu". // As time went by, this "ninshuu" came to be known instead as "ninjutsu". / But originally, it was not a military tool, but a set of teachings intended to lead mankind to peace.

Flashback!Jiraiya: That monk was known as the Rikudou Sennin... // He is remembered as the saviour of this world... and he possessed those same Rinnegan that you posses. // "I am one who brings peace and order". They say those were the Sennin's own words. / He must have believed that an age would come when people would truly be able to understand one another... // I think it may be possible... that you are the reincarnation of the Rikudou Sennin. // I have a feeling that you have inherited his feelings along with his eyes.
Nagato: Entrusting me with the concept of peace... // ...Sensei finally left the three of us behind. // With Yahiko as our leader, we began to take action. // It was not long before our organisation was famed across the land.

Nagato: Everyone agreed with my ideal of trying to build a society that did not rely on pure military power. // But the world was still locked in a war between the three great powers of Rock, Konoha and Sand. // Having caught wind of our organisation, the chief of the Rain Village, Hanzou, approached us. // He said that we had grown to the point where he could no longer ignore us. // He has a proposal to make: he wanted us to attempt to make peace negotiations with the three Great Countries. // He hoped to use our influence to help reach some form of mutual agreement between those great nations. // We agreed to assist him in this endeavour.

Nagato: But that was where the disaster began. / We were still but children.
Naruto: Disaster...? // Wh... What the heck happened?!
Konan: ......
Nagato: It was because of that endeavour that Yahiko died.
Naruto: ?! // ...Died?
Nagato: The entire thing was a trap set up by Hanzou. / He was afraid, you see, that we might steal his position as leaders of the Rain Village... // And for that petty reason, Yahiko...

Nagato: A few days later, we were to meet at a certain place to carry out negotiations. // But Hanzou's subordinates and Konoha's ANBU were waiting there for us. // Hanzou had joined forces with a man named Danzou, from Konoha, in an attempt to slaughter us all. // Danzou sought Hanzou's aid in his schemes to steal the seat of Hokage... // ...whilst Hanzou sought Danzou's aid in protecting his own supremacy.
Flashback!Yahiko: Ngh...!
Flashback!Hanzou: Your little organisation is a nuisance to me. / Yahiko... you, their leader, will die in this place. // If you resist, then I kill the girl.

Flashback!Hanzou: You there, with the red hair. Use this to kill Yahiko. // If you do, then I guarantee your safety and the girl's.
Flashback!Nagato: ......!
Flashback!Konan: Don't, Nagato!! / Don't worry about me... both of you, just run!!
Flashback!Nagato: .........
Flashback!Yahiko: Nagato...
Flashback!Nagato: !
Flashback!Yahiko: Kill me.
Flashback!Nagato: *pant* // *pant*

Flashback!Nagato: (I just want to protect the two of them. // No matter how much pain it brings me to do that.)
Flashback!Yahiko: Nagato!!
Flashback!Konan: No!!
Flashback!Hanzou: Hurry it up. Do you not care what happens to the girl?!
Flashback!Nagato: *pant* // *pant* // !

[no text just death]

Flashback!Yahiko: Promise me... / ...that you and Konan will survive, no matter what it takes... // ...You are... the saviours... of this world... // I know... that you... can......
Flashback!Konan: YAHIKO~~~~!!
Nagato: It was my second great pain. // ...I thought I had grown, but in the end, nothing had changed. // It was just the same as with my parents. // I realised then that the answer I had found was worth less than nothing.
[Insert text: Nagato awakens...]

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#1. by zidane ()
Posted on May 11, 2009
thanks a lot cnet
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