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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 446

I just want to protect them.

+ posted by njt as translation on May 8, 2009 11:04 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 446

LINK TO TRANSLATION, DON'T JUST POST IT (just in case I change something later ._.)

Edited it a bit >.> some typos and such :3

Naruto 446: I just want to protect them.

Side: The children rise up onward to the top of the world!

Nagato: wah... waahh...

Yahiko: Nagato... Quit crying already! // Crying just because you got beat won't ever change anything. // Just like the rain here // I'm going to change this country!


Yahiko: To do that, it takes more than just words, I need muscle! // I'm going to learn Ninjutsu!

Nagato: After that, we went searching for shinobi. // What we found were shinobi who were fighting against Hanzou. // We found Jiraiya-sensei...

Jiraiya: What do you want?!


Nagato: But I couldn't accept shinobi from Konoha. // You should know where I'm coming from.


Orochimaru: Want me to kill them?

Yahiko: WHAT?!

Orochimaru: It's sad, but I've seen my fare share of war orphans. // Might as well put them at rest, for their sake....

Jiraiya: Knock it off, Orochimaru! // You and Tsunade go ahead and go without me. I'm going to look after them for a while.

Tsunade: What?!

Jiraiya: Just until they can fend for themselves. / It's the least we can do.

Nagato: It felt as if Jiraiya-sensei was different. // The four of us lived together for a little bit / until something happened.

Naruto: What?


Nagato: A shinobi refugee attacked us. // When Yahiko was about to get killed I counter attacked the shinobi. // Unconsciously... at that. // It turned out that I had some sort of special strength. The doujutsu Rinengan. // Because of that Jiraiya-sensei changed from not wanting to train us // to teaching us ninjutsu. // Jiraiya-sensei said it was so we can be able to protect ourselves, but... // to me, it seemed as if it was so I could learn how to control the power of my Rinengan.


Nagato: But I was afraid of my power. / Hate had me running wild. // I felt guilty thinking I had done something wrong. // But Sensei helped me get back on my feet.

Jiraiya: I don't know if what you did was wrong or right. // But because of you Yahiko is still alive. // You protecting your friend... makes me think you did the right thing. // And no one will ever say otherwise.

Nagato: And before I realized it I was looking up to Sensei too.


Nagato: After that, Sensei said: // "If someone hurts you, you learn to hate." / "If you hurt someone you get hated and tormented by guilt."

Jiraiya: But there are times that because of that pain you learn to be nice to people. // People can grow because of that pain.

Nagato: Then he told me how we are to grow was up to us to figure out. // Get hurt. Think. And how one will respond to it. // It was like Jiraiya-sensei was telling himself when he was telling me. // He hadn't found his answer. // Just like you haven't found yours.

Nagato: At that time I had found my answer right away.... // I just want to protect them. / No matter how much it might hurt me.

Jiraiya: I see....

Nagato: Sensei... // What are you always thinking about?

Jiraiya: The world is full of war. Nothing but hatred is around us. // I want to do something about that... // I want to know the answer to what peace is...


Nagato: I felt the three years of training had left us stronger in mind and body. // But there was something Sensei said that was always on my mind, something that I couldn't let go. // Sensei said that he had a feeling the answer was entrusted into my Rinnegan.

Jiraiya: A long time ago... People were always fighting / and war never ended. // A time much worse than now. // During that time there appeared a monk. // He was the first to understand the truth of chakra and tried to guide peace to the world. // He founded the teachings of Ninshuu(Sect of ninjutsu) and went around the world teaching people. // Time passed and Ninshuu was later known as Ninjutsu. / Ninjutsu wasn't for fighting but to help guide people to peace.


That monk was known as Rikudou-sennin. // He was said to be the savior of this world... and had the same exact Rinnegan as you. // He would say: "I am the cornerstone of peace and order" / I think he really believed that someday there would be a time that people would understand each other... // And you just might be his reincarnation. // I believe his desire is entrusted into your eyes. // He entrusted peace into me... // and then Sensei left us. // We then went around with Yahiko as our leader. // By no time our organization was famous.


Nagato: A peace through co-operation and not dependent on fighting is how we constructed our ideals and got people to join. // However the three great countries Iwa(stone), Konoha(leaf) and Suna(sand), were at war. // Oki Hanzou from Amegakure (hidden rain) had heard rumors of our organization and confronted us. // Because we were getting too big for him to ignore. // He proposed us to be main leaders for peace negotiations to the three great countries. // We were to use our strength to get the three countries to agree to peace. // We decided to help that cause.


Nagato: However, that's what caused everything to start falling apart. // We were kids.

Naruto: Falling apart...? // What happened?!

Nagato: Yahiko died because of it!

Naruto: He died?!

Nagato: It was all Hanzou's trap. He was suspicious of us trying to take control of Amegakure... // He killed Yahiko just for that...


Nagato: The next day, there were Konoha Anbu and Hanzou's men // at the place we were supposed to negotiate. // Hanzou teamed up with a man named Danzou from Konoha to kill us all. // Danzou teamed up with Hanzou so he could take the seat of Hokage. // Hanazou teamed up with Danzou so he could protect his supremacy.

Yahiko: Damn...

Hanzou: Your organization is in my way! // Yahiko... You as their leader will die here! // If you resist we will kill the girl.


Hanzou: You, the red haired kid. Kill him with that. // If you do I'll spare you and the girl.

Konan: Don't do it Yagato!! / Forget about me, both of you just run!!

Yahiko: Nagato... // Kill me

Nagato: Haah // haaah


Nagato: No matter how much it might hurt me. // I just want to protect them.

Yahiko: Nagato!! // Stop it!!

Hanzou: Do it already or she dies!!

Nagato: Haah // haah



Yahiko: Do whatever it takes... // You and Konan must live... // You're... the world's... saviour // I know... you can... save... it.

Konan: Yahiko-------------

Nagato: That was the second time I was hurt. // I was supposed to have grown, but nothing had changed. // It was just like when my parents died. // The answer I had came up with was lower than shit.

Bottom: Nagato's awakening...

Personal request...
Would be nice if you made your scan using my trans ReadOnline here ^^;;

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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on May 8, 2009
Thank njt !!
#2. by zidane ()
Posted on May 8, 2009
what the...

Thanks njt :D
#3. by Cipo ()
Posted on May 8, 2009
thanks taylor, lol.
#4. by Saint Jimmy ()
Posted on May 8, 2009
Go go go Yahiko!!!
#5. by Muk ()
Posted on May 8, 2009
"Konan: Hiyako-------------"

Should hat be Yahiko? :zaru

:gar awesome translation
#6. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on May 8, 2009
thanks lol
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