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Translations: Gintama 690 by kewl0210 , One Piece 909 by cnet128

Naruto 456

Naruto Departs

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 19, 2009 11:28 | Go to Naruto

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[TN: Sorry this is a little late... translating that damn Mizukage's wordplay gave me a bit of a mental block, so I kept procrastinating ><]

#456: Naruto Departs
[Insert text: Assassins descent upon Danzou!!]
Assassins: ?! // ?!!

Assassins: !!! // Guaaahh!! // Ughhh!! // The paaaain! // Uuughh...

Danzou: 7, 8, 9, 10............... 17.
Naruto: All right! That's everything ready!!

Kakashi: Could you not mention anything about what Naruto's doing in your reports to the Hokage? / Tell him nothing seems to be amiss.
Sai: ! // You...... still don't seem to trust me, do you.
Kakashi: Well, you are Danzou's man, and his spy on Naruto, no less. // But you are also a member of my own Team 7.
Sai: !

Kakashi: ...I believe in you.
Flashback!Naruto: He said that he... // ...believed in me!!
Sai: (What... is this feeling...?)
Kakashi: Bye now.

Fuu: These are the remnants of the ANBU of the Hannya People from the Country of Woods that we assassinated previously...
Torune: It is always this way. They move to take advantages of opportunities such as this. / Emerging from the shadows into the open world seems likely to make nasty incidents like this a more common occurrence...
Danzou: The ninja life is a life of retreat; staying in the shadows is our pride. / But it is through dominating both the hidden and the visible that a country and village gain true stability. // I will make this summit a success, and make them recognise me as Hokage. / That way, the Jounin will have no choice but to accept me in turn. / My age will finally have come.

Karin: !! // Wait! There's someone up ahead!
Sasuke: ?!
ANBU: What's going on here...? // I don't know... What are those two planning to do...?
Konohamaru: Oiroke no Jutsu!!
ANBU: ?!!

Kakashi: ...And you two can keep watching illusions of Naruto for a while. // Did you want to see that Oiroke no Jutsu...? Too bad. // (It looks like Root don't trust Sai all that much any more...)
Konohamaru: Dammit~~~~~! It's just too sexy!! I can't match it~~~~~~~~~!!
Kakashi: Now then...
Konohamaru: Ugh~~~! I admit defeat!! // Ugh!! I can just feel the distance between the two of us growing ever larger!! / We're meant to be rivals...!!

Naruto: I heard, you know...
Konohamaru: ?
Naruto: You got one of those Pain bodies good with a Rasengan, right?!
Konohamaru: .........
Naruto: You did great, Konohamaru! // You're a hero of the village, too!
Konohamaru: H...... Hehehe... // Ehehehehehe...
Naruto: You pick this stuff up way quicker than I do! // You just wait - I'll teach you how to do the Oodama Rasengan next time...!
Konohamaru: Right!!!
Kakashi: .........

Omoi: Ugh, my hands are killing me...! // What if this gives me tendonitis, and then that dulls my sword skills... / ...and thanks to that, I end up getting defeated in battle... // ...and die...?
Karui: Try movin' your hands instead of your damn mouth!!!
Shinobi: Excuse me... could you perhaps be a little more quiet in here...?
Karui: I... I'm sorry... // Wheeeew, we're finally all done!

Samui: Honestly... can you not keep your cool a little? You're supposed to be shinobi!
[Sign: Konoha Archive]
Samui: Time to hurry back to the Raikage-sama.
Omoi: Yeah!
Karui: Right!

Yamato: (Sorry, but I've taken the liberty of planting a transmitter on you. // I may not look it, but tracking is a speciality of mine. // Now then... I'd better report to Kakashi-senpai and Naruto.)
Omoi: ...You think he'll be all right?
Karui: You say one more word and I'll beat the crap out of you an' all, Omoi!
Omoi: Hm? So you are worried about him! // Oww!
Yamato: .........

Yamato: Time to commence the tracking operation.
Naruto: Yeah!!
Mizukage: Choujuurou... it can't be easy, carrying the twin blade Hiramekarei around. / Are you all right?
[TN: Sword name comes from "Hirame" and "Karei", the Japanese names for two different families of flounders - the former with their eyes on the left, the latter with their eyes on the right.]
Choujuurou: Ah... yes... I may have a slight temperature, but...
Mizukage: Let's see...
Choujuurou: !!

Ao: You're too soft on Choujuurou, you know, Fifth! / Young shinobi these days are all so spoiled! // Just a little walking and he claims he has a fever?! Why, when I was his age...
Mizukage: Ao... the dark age when our village was referred to as the "Blood Mist" is over. // The nightmare that we suffered under the Fourth Mizukage is long gone... / Please stop glorifying the past in that way.
Ao: M... My apologies... I did not mean......
Mizukage: Now, let us move on from that unpleasant subject and settle down to eat. / I have been looking forward to trying the food here.
Choujuurou: Ah...
Ao: So what are we eating, anyway? I hope you managed to engage your mental faculties and sort that out, Choujuurou?
Mizukage: (......"Engage"... "ment"...... / "Engagement"...!)
[TN: Yes, the link in the original Japanese is just as weak.]
Choujuurou: W... Well, there were a few issues... I wasn't sure exactly what to choose... / And in the end I didn't manage to...
Ao: You useless little fool!! I swear, we'd be better off if we just abandoned the lot of these pathetic youngsters...
Mizukage: (Engagement... a few issues... and in the end... / ..."abandoned"?!!)
[TN: Wow, that was difficult to translate XD Damn you Mizukage and your twisted brain.]

Choujuurou: I - I'm very sorry! I'll make the preparations right away!
Ao: Honestly, when I was his age...
Mizukage: Silence or I kill you.
Ao: (Whaaaaa?!!)
Akatsuchi: Yay... I've never been to the Iron Country before. I'm so excited.
Tsuchikage: Hmph... that place is nothing to get excited about.
Kurotsuchi: What's it like then, old man?
Tsuchikage: It's formed from a set of three mountains known as the "Three Wolves"... // ...and it's a neutral country with its own unique culture, laws, and powerful military force. // We shinobi have been forbidden from interfering in their country for a long time... // So rather than shinobi...

Tsuchikage: ...the Iron Country is protected by a group of people known as "samurai".
Sasuke: How was it?
Suigetsu: Looks like they're toughening up their security for the purposes of the Kage Summit.
Sasuke: Juugo. Use your animals to find us the least-guarded route to the Summit itself.
Juugo: Understood.
[Bottom text: Next issue, we're celebrating ten years of serialisation!! Colour pages, and the Summit begins!!]

Mifune: My sincere apologies for keeping you waiting, Kazekage-dono. // I am the general of the Iron Country. / My name is Mifune.
Gaara: A pleasure to meet you. / I am the Kazekage, Gaara.
Kankurou: Ughh... so cold... this is like the polar opposite of the climate back in the Wind Country...
Mifune: Allow us to prepare some hot tea for you... please, come inside.
Naruto: A-CHOO!! // Ughhh... why's it getting so cold all of a sudden?!!
Yamato: Shhhhhhhhh! / This is a covert tailing mission, so shhhh!!
[Insert text: One by one, the players make their way to the Summit!!]

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#1. by FeZ14 ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2009
Thanks cnet, been kinda waiting for your translation the whole weekend :p

So the Mizukage's words were tough to translate? I didn't know that, they sure are funny and how she always has to interpret it that way.

Thanks again!
#2. by juUnior ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2009
Big THX!

"been kinda waiting for your translation the whole weekend :p"
Me too, me too xD
#3. by mayoi ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2009
Nice Cnet! still good as always ^_^
#4. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jul 19, 2009
Well, wordplay in general is difficult to translate, because 99 times out of 10 (that's right, 990% of the time, bitches) it doesn't translate, so you have to come up with a whole new English pun that fits the same situation. Extended wordplay like this is even worse, because it's, uh, extended. (But at least her links are so outrageously contrived that I can feel comfortable finding the most tenuous links in English as well =p)

I felt so proud when I came up with "ENGAGE your MENTal faculties" => "ENGAGEMENT" XD That's so the kind of link she would make.
#5. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Jul 19, 2009
thanks for the translation, cnet

lol, i wonder if Mizukage and KillerBee (with his rhyme) having conversation.. would it be harder to translate?
#6. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jul 19, 2009
Agh, don't remind me of Killer Bee. I still feel like an idiot for not even noticing that he was rhyming at all for ages, to the point that when I did I just went "screw it, I'm not even going to bother".
#7. by FeZ14 ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2009
Well you can make it up when Killer Bee makes his appearance again in the manga :p and it seems as it will be soon.
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