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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 469

Sakura's Confession

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 29, 2009 19:01 | Go to Naruto

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#469: Sakura's Confession
[Insert text: Killer Bee under attack!!]
KillerBee: I'm gonna kill ya. / I'll show you the difference between you and me... // So you'd better be ready for what you're gonna see! / My rhymes are -
Sab: Ponta~~~!
Kisame: Well, you certainly seem to be a talkative sort of Jinchuuriki. / Shall I take out this strange bear first, then?

Ao: It doesn't look like this is a trap of Danzou's... // (Seems like a technique of that Akatsuki shinobi from back at the summit...) // I'd best hurry onward...
Fuu: It would seem that the technique involves releasing a form of miniscule, chakra-less "clone seeds"... / ...which then attach themselves to beings that do possess chakra, and leech it from them.
Torune: That would explain why you didn't notice... // So... / ...what of the other guy who has been following us this whole way?

Fuu: He's tracking us even as we speak... / Although if he falls for my trap, that will be the end of that.
Torune: Yours are no ordinary traps. They'll get him all right.
Danzou: ......I care not whether he lives or dies... but that right eye alone must be retrieved without fail.
Fuu: Yes, sir! // ...Can I ask you to take care of my body for me, Torune?
Ao: ?!

Ao: A booby-trap... / Now, this one stinks of Danzou.

Ao: ?!
Fuu!Ao: I have you.
Ao: (What's going on? Why am I seeing my own body...?!)
Fuu!Ao: Shinten Kugutsu Juin no Jutsu. // That is the name of this technique.
[TN: "Mind-Transfer Puppet Curse-Seal Technique"]
Ao: (Damn...! // A curse-seal variant on the mind-transfer technique, designed to curse the one who attacks it...?!)

Torune: What do you plan on doing next?
Danzou: I will inform you of the aims I mean to pursue once Fuu returns.
Tsuchikage: Well, we've all seen what became of your favourite candidate, Danzou. // So the issue of who to place in command of the Shinobi Alliance still remains! // Is there a suitable candidate amongst the current Kage? // I seem to recall you spoke rather harshly of all of us, Mifune.
Mifune: .........
Mizukage: ......
Gaara: .........

Mifune: I would say the Raikage-dono is the most suitable candidate...
Raikage: .........
Tsuchikage: The Raikage? Was he not disqualified for his overreliance on his emotion and strength?
Mifune: We can safely assume that the Hachibi still lives. / The Raikage will likely be able to contain himself better than before. // My earlier words may have been spoken in haste... I ask that you forgive me. // Furthermore, the Raikage-dono has been taking control of the situation effectively for a while now... / ...and was also quick to propose a solution. // Not to mention that he is the only one here capable of controlling the Hachibi, who is likely to be the key to this whole affair.
Tsuchikage: ......... // Mizukage? Kazekage? Are you satisfied with this decision?
Mizukage: This is no time for us to be squabbling over such matters... / I will place my trust in the Raikage-sama.
Gaara: Let us leave this to the Raikage.
Raikage: ......Oonoki of the Dual Scales. // As the only person here with past experience in battle against Uchiha Madara, we need your information.

Raikage: Cooperate!
Tsuchikage: You always were one to look down on others and order them about...
Raikage: I do not ask you to trust me... but at this rate, the very shinobi world itself will be destroyed. // You must abandon your personal reservations and cooperate with us to prevent that!
Tsuchikage: ...I suppose it is better than losing this war... // If the shinobi world were to be destroyed, a little conflict with you would hardly seem relevant...... // I will cooperate.

Tsuchikage: The Shinobi Alliance is formed! // Our first act should be to explain all this to the daimyo...
Naruto: What......?! // S...... Sakura-chan... what... / ...what did you just say?! // I... I think I must've... not heard you right, so... / ...could you say it again...?

Sakura: You heard fine, Naruto... // I said that I really like you! // I couldn't care less about Sasuke-kun any more! / There was something wrong with me, having feelings for a guy like that. / ...I hope you're listening seriously! This is a proper confession!
Naruto: .........

Naruto: ......But, why...? / What brought this on...? // There's nothing funny about joking around in a place like this, you know... / .........Sakura-chan. // ......What exactly...... happened to you...?
Sakura: Nothing, really. / ......I just came to my senses. // There's no point having feelings for a Missing-nin and a criminal. / I can't stay a kid forever... I have to see things for what they are.

Sakura: So, Naruto... you can just forget about that promise we made...... / Why don't you stop chasing after Sasuke-kun as well, okay...?
Naruto: ............
Yamato: What on Earth is...
Sakura: When we find Naruto, I'll handle the talking... // So please, the rest of you, don't say anything. // I want you to promise me that alone. // And also...
Naruto: ......Did something happen... Sakura-chan? // Why would you suddenly decide to......

Sakura: I told you, nothing happened! // ...If it's a reason for me to like you that you want, then I have plenty.........
Sai: .........
Flashback!Sakura: All I want... is for Sasuke-kun to accept me. That's all...... // I'm... serious about this. // Sasuke-ku~~~n!! // Sasuke-kun, Sasuke-kun!! // Aaaaahhhhhhh!! // Naruto... this is the greatest... request... I will ever make of you... // Please... Please bring Sasuke-kun back... // This time, I'm coming too! // ...Sasuke...kun...

Kakashi: ......... // (Sakura...... you...)

Sakura: Sasuke-kun is just moving further and further away from me... // But Naruto... you've always been right here beside me. / ...Always here to comfort me... // I... noticed, that's all... // Who you really are, Naruto... // You're the hero who protected the village... The whole village loves you now, you know. // I feel the same way, that's all... // You may have been a prankster and a dropout once... but you've spent every day since them becoming a more wonderful and admirable person... // And I've witnessed every moment of it. // But Sasuke-kun just kept committing sin after sin... breaking my heart with every step... / Becoming a different person, one far removed from me.
Naruto: .........
Sakura: But Naruto... you, I have right here, close enough to touch... // You bring me peace... / From the bottom of my heart, I -

Naruto: Stop this already, Sakura-chan... // I told you, this isn't funny.
Sakura: ............

Sakura: Why the angry face......? // I've just decided that it's you I care about, not Sasuke-kun, that's all... / You know what they say - a woman's heart is a fickle thing...
Naruto: I can't stand... people who lie to themselves!
[Insert text: Amidst the gathering snow...]

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#1. by Sarvorva ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
#2. by turok ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
Much appreciation. Once again a freat translation. thx cnet.
#3. by juUnior ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
Big THX! xD
#4. by kyubisharingan ()
Posted on Oct 30, 2009
"Sakura: Why the angry face......? // I've just decided that it's you I care about, not Sasuke-kun, that's all... / You know what they say - a woman's heart is a fickle thing..."

Not feeling the part about how you translated how a woman's heart is changeable....but thats just me

nice job anyways ^_^
#5. by m10nk ()
Posted on Nov 13, 2009
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