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Naruto 469

Sakura's Confession

+ posted by Nagumo as translation on Oct 29, 2009 16:57 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 469

For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

[1] I'mma kill ya / And show ya how different someone special is / Get ready you dumbass bastard! / My rhymes are-
[1 inset] Killer Bee, under attack!!
[2] DOTSU*
* boom
[3] Bonta---!
[Title] Number 469: Sakura's Confession!!
[4] You sure are a yappy little Jinchuuriki, huh / And that weird bear is takin' off, huh

[1] DOSHU*
* fwish
[2] Doesn't look like this was Danzou's trap...
[2 inset] Probably a ninjutsu used by that Akatsuki who was back at the meeting...
[3] They're in a hurry...
[4] It appears to be a jutsu which makes a few copies of a plant-like organism without chakra / and parasitically infests life forms with chakra and absorbs it. / So that's why you didn't notice, either...
[5] So, what shall we do / about the one on our tail?

[1] He's trailing us, even now... / It'd be convenient if he'd get caught by one of my traps / Your traps are special. They'll work.
[2] ......I don't care if he dies... just make sure you take out his eye / Yessir!
[3] He's almost there, take care of my body Torune
[5] ZATSU*
* fssh
[6] SUTSU*
* shff
[6 kanji] Curse

[1] GATSU*
* grab
[3] BUN*
* vrmm
[4] GAN*
* shink
[5] Booby trap... / It's Danzou's this time, I see / ZA ZA*
* run
[7] SUU*
* disappear

[1] PITAN*
* startle
[4] Got him
[5] What's going on? Why do I see my own body...!?
[6] Shinten Kugutsu Juin no Jutsu...** / That's the name of this technique
** T/N: Lit. Spirit-switch Cursed Doll no Jutsu
[7] Damn...! / It's a type which curses the one who attacks it and switches with its own body...!?

[1] KON*
* thump
[2] What shall we do now, sir? / As soon as Fuu returns, I'll discuss what my next objective is
[3] This is how your selection, Danzou, behaves. / The question of who will lead the Shinobi Alliance is still up in the air!
[4] Are there any who are qualified among the current Kages? / You're the one who was talking trash about us Kage, Mifune.

[1] I think having Raikage-dono take up the responsibility is the best option...
[2] Didn't you say that he was unqualified because of his emotional nature and reliance on strength?
[3] There's no question when we consider that the 8-tails is still alive / Raikage-dono is also more composed than he was earlier. / What I said earlier was hasty... Please forgive me.
[4] Also, as you all cooperated earlier / our counterattack was swift. / Furthermore, the Hachibi, which will be the key to success, can only be controlled by Raikage-dono.
[5] Mizukage, Kazekage, are you alright with that?
[6] This is no time to be arguing here... / I'll trust Raikage-sama.
[7] Let's entrust it to the Raikage.
[8] ......Ryoutenbin no Oonoki** / As the only one who's fought with Madara, your information is indispensable.
** T/N: Tsuchikage's name, lit. Oonoki of the Scales

[1] Cooperate with us!
[2] You're talking down at me like you're giving orders, same as ever.
[3] You don't have to believe in me... But at this rate, the Shinobi world as we know it will end. / We've got no choice but to put aside our self-interest and cooperate!
[4] ...It's better than losing the war, I suppose... / Plus, if the Shinobi world ends, where will I fight with you......? / I'll cooperate.

[5] The Shinobi Alliance is hereby formed! / Though we've gotta tell those daimyo fellas first
[6] Eh......!?
[7] What......did... you say just now... / Sakura-chan!? / I... dunno if... I heard you wrong / ...can you say it again...?

[1] What I said, Naruto... / Is that I love you!
[2] I'm saying there's nothing between Sasuke and me anymore! / I dunno what I was thinking, liking a person like that / I'm confessing my feelings here, so listen up!

[4] ......But how...? / Why...?
[5] If you tell a joke like that in a situation like this, it ain't funny / ......Sakura-chan
[6] ......Just what......happened...?
**Note to cleaner: The little notch in the speech bubble here isn't from Kakashi, it's part of his hair.
[7] Nothing, really / ......I just suddenly realized / There's no sense in continuing to love someone who's a fugitive and a criminal / I can't stay a kid forever... I want to face reality

[1] So Naruto... No need to keep that promise...... / Won't you stop chasing Sasuke...?
[3] What the hell are you... / SUTSU*
* rustle
[4] I'll do all the talking... / So don't say anything to Naruto
[5] You've got to keep this promise......everyone / And...
[6] Did something happen... Sakura-chan? / Why me of all people, all of a sudden......

[1] Nothing happened! / ...If you want to know why I started liking you, I'll say it clearly---
[5] I just want... Sasuke to look at me alone...... / I'm... serious about him
[6] Sasuke-kuuuuun!! / Sasuke-kun Sasuke-kun!! / Waaaaaaahhh!!
[7] Naruto... This is all... I want in life... / Sasuke-kun... Bring Sasuke-kun back...
[8] This time we'll do it together!
[9] ...Sasuke...kun

* startle / rustle
[2] Sakura......you...

[1] Sasuke-kun just keeps getting further from me... / But Naruto... you've always stayed by my side / ...You've encouraged me...
[2] I... finally realized... / who you really are, Naruto
[3] The hero who protected the village... Beloved by everyone in the village... / I'm just one of them...
[4] That mischievous little dummy I knew... Little by little is becoming this great and important man... / and I've been watching from right next to him
[5] But all Sasuke's done is commit crimes and break my heart... / More and more, he's becoming a different person than he was, so distant
[7] But Naruto... You're right here where I can touch you like this... / You make me feel safe... / Right now, from the bottom of my heart, I-

[1] Gimme a break, Sakura-chan... / I told you that joke's not funny

[2] Have you flipped? / I just switched from Sasuke to you... / They say a woman's heart is as changeable as the autumn sky, don't they...?
[3] GUTSU*
* grab
[4] I hate people who lie to themselves!
[4 inset] In the falling snow...

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#1. by zidane ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
Thank you very much, pal.
#2. by L.A. ()
Posted on Oct 29, 2009
Thanks man...

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