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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 472

Deadly Battle in the Water Cell

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 6, 2009 22:49 | Go to Naruto

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#472: Deadly Battle in the Water Cell
[Insert text: Kisame and Samehada's ultimate shark combination!!]
Sab: ......He fused with his sword...?!
Kisame: It's as though... he's a man who's become half-fish... / Or a fish that's become part-human...?
Sab: Let's not waste time on explanations when we can't even breathe! / He's half-fish, half-man, all right?!
Kisame: Well, then... here I come.
KillerBee: (At this rate, Sab-chan-sensei and Ponta are going to drown. // Getting out of this water comes first!)
Sab: ?!

KillerBee: Yo!! // (I can't see a thing! The sheer volume of this water is incredible... / Just how much is there...?!)
Kisame: You can't escape from my water, you know. // I'm afraid my terrain advantage over you here is just too great.

Sab: Bee! Behind you!
KillerBee: ! // Just wait, you'll see... you can't beat the Bee!!
Hachibi: This is no time for ridiculous rhymes! Haven't you figured it out yet?! This body of water is constantly moving, centred around the fishman himself! // And he's faster than you are in the water! / Not to mention that with that body, it's a safe bet he can breathe just fine! // Keep running, and you'll just get taken out in the end!
[Labels: WATER // Kisame // Kisame // Ponta // Killer Bee // Sab-chan]

KillerBee: Then what?
Hachibi: You're the one they're after, Bee! // Leave the old enka fart and the raccoon, and head off in a different direction yourself! / He'll go after you for sure!
[Labels: WATER // Killer Bee // Kisame // Ponta // Sab-chan]
[Labels: Killer Bee // Kisame // WATER // Kisame // Ponta // Sab-chan]
KillerBee: (Of course... if I do that, then they'll be...)
Hachibi: Yep! While he goes off chasing you, the water will keep moving around him, eventually leaving the two of them behind.
Kisame: .........

KillerBee: (Right! Now I just have to lure him - ) // ?! // (Whaaat?!!)
Kisame: The Hachibi, I have to take alive... / ...but it doesn't matter whether these two live or die!
KillerBee: No fucking way! / You're gonna pay!!

Kisame: Right where I want you!
KillerBee: !
Kisame: ?! // (Tentacles...?!)

KillerBee: You think I'd keep on just letting you... // ...steal my chakra for nothing, eh? You're not gettin' away!
Kisame: I can see why they call you the perfect Jinchuuriki... // To think that you could transform individual body parts into Bijuu form at this scale...
Hachibi: And they're out!

Kisame: You would appear to be under a fair amount of duress... / ...Running out of air by now, perhaps? // Your idea was a good one, but as long as you stay in contact with my body... / ...your chakra will just keep on being drained away. // (I can understand why Samehada seemed so exuberant now... / It would seem he has finally found a chakra he can enjoy to the fullest.)
KillerBee: (There's nothing for it but to use Lariat again... if I can just time it perfectly......)
Hachibi: Give it up! You can't outmanoeuvre this guy in the water! // And after your little trick with the tentacles, he's on his guard even more than before! // It's time to escape for the moment! // You know what to do!

Kisame: There's nobody in Akatsuki quite as skilled as me when it comes to taking a target alive... // This Suirou Sameodori no Jutsu allows me to drain my opponents' chakra until they're only just alive... / The fine art of determining their exact limit keeps me nicely entertained. // Although of course, I do happen to fail on occasion! // ?!

Kisame: (Ink... I see... / Obstructing my view... he really is an octopus through and through. // However......)

Kisame: Fused with Samehada as I am... / ...I can feel the flow of chakra with my skin. // And it looks like you don't have much of it left...
Sab: Bee...... // *pant* // *pant*

Sab: !! // Ngh... // (I'm coming for you... Bee...!)

Kisame: Looks like the Hachibi wasn't too big a problem in the end... // We don't want to have you turning into Bijuu form again, now... / ...so just to be safe, I'll slice your legs off...
Sab: *pant* // *pant* // *pant*
Hachibi: Stealing most of my chakra on top of his...! // Ugh! Bee, get up! This doesn't look good!!
Kisame: Though of course, it won't exactly be a clean cut!

Kisame: ?!
Samehada: Gggghhhhhhh... // Ggghhhhh...
Kisame: What is it now? // ?!! // Nghh!!

Kisame: ?! // !
Samehada: Ggghhhh...

Kisame: It can't be...... you're taking his side...? // Is his chakra really as wonderful as all that, Samehada...?
Hachibi: Unghh...
Kisame: (The chakra you stole from me...!)

Kisame: ! // ......! // Very well, then... If you're taking my weapon, then I'll have yours! // Hm... now this blade... // ...looks like it just might be able to make a nice clean cut!!
[Insert text: Is there nothing that the half-dead Hachibi can do?!]

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