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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Naruto 476

Sasuke VS Danzou

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 16, 2009 20:32 | Go to Naruto

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[Insert text: As Madara looks on from above, two shinobi led astray by their trade face off...!!]

#476: Sasuke VS Danzou
[Blue insert text: "I closed my eyes long ago..." // "My objective lies only in the darkness."]
[Red insert text: The curtain opens on Sasuke's second battle of revenge!!]

Karin: (Wh... What is... that right arm...? // It's covered in Sharingan... creepy...!)
Sasuke: ......... // What's the story behind those eyes on your arm?
Danzou: It's a long story... / Too long to tell here.
Sasuke: Doubtless the answer would only serve to feed my anger still further. // No matter... I have already determined that you must die. // There is but one thing that I must ask before I kill you.
Danzou: ......

Danzou: Is it true that the higher-ups of Konoha, including yourself... // ...were responsible for ordering Uchiha Itachi to commit his massacre of my clan?
[Text: Hare // Boar // Ram]

Danzou: ?! // (This is......) // !

Madara: Ah... So this is Sasuke's.
Danzou: This must be the "Susanoo" of which I have heard tell...

Yamato: So... how should we proceed from here? / It seems important that we return to Konoha and inform the village of the events at the Kage Summit... / But then there's Sakura, as well......
Sai: Sakura has me by her side. / I will try to keep her away from Sasuke as best I can. / You should have nothing to worry about for the moment.
Kakashi: You say that, but it would be a lot simpler to go after her directly and convince her to return. // .........

Kakashi: Right...! / Yamato... you take Naruto and head back to the village. // I will go after Sakura... / She has no hope of defeating Sasuke. She may as well be seeking her own death. // As for the details of the Summit, I will sent my Ninja Dogs out with that information at once. / It is, after all, urgent.
Yamato: Understood.
Kakashi: Sai... I hope I can count on you to take me to Sakura.
Sai: Of course.
Naruto: .........
Flashback!Omoi: That Uchiha Sasuke asshole from Konoha... // ...came and attacked our village!

Flashback!Karui: Abducted our master! // Huh?!! Seriously, are you fucking with us?! // Sasuke's a member of Akatsuki, ain't he?!!!
Flashback!Tobi: Uchiha Itachi... his life was the very embodiment of self-sacrifice. // For his village, and above all, for his brother... // Thus, Sasuke lost everything and became alone in the world... That is the price for the peace that Konoha enjoys... // Can you truly blame Sasuke for his actions...? // Sasuke told me that he cannot forgive Konoha, the village that sacrificed Itachi's life only to bask in their ill-earned peace... // All of Konoha is the target of his revenge...

Flashback!Tobi: He's the real deal... a true avenger. // Hatred. That is Sasuke's Way of the Ninja!!
Flashback!Sai: To ensure that Sasuke is eliminated by Konoha. // That is the current intention of all of your young peers in Konoha. // Sakura is no fool. // And she is not so immature that she cannot understand the situation in which we all stand right now.
Flashback!Kakashi: She means to kill Sasuke herself.
Flashback!Gaara: If you have the resolve necessary to bear the name of Kage... // ...then do that which you truly ought to do, as Sasuke's friend.

Naruto: ...*pant* // *pant*... // *pant*... // *pant*! // *pant*! // *pant*!
Yamato: !
Kakashi: !
Sai: !
Naruto: *pant* / *pant*!! // *pant* // *pant*! // *pant*! // *pant*! // *pant*! // *pant*! // *pant*! // *pant*!
People: Calm down, Naruto! // He's hyperventilating! // Take a few deep breaths! / Naruto!

Sasuke: I asked you if it is true!!
Danzou: !!!

Danzou: Unghh...!! // Nghh...
Sasuke: Answer me, now!
Karin: .........
Danzou: ...I never thought... he was the type of man to do a thing like this...
Sasuke: ?!

Danzou: Damn that Itachi... so as he died... he told you everything, did he...? // It would seem... that you... truly were... a special case.
Sasuke: .........!
Flashback!Tobi: The Uchiha were a proud clan of the village of Konoha... He wanted you, at least, to believe that. // He begged the Hokage most profusely never to tell you the truth. // From the moment he left the village, he had decided in his heart that he would fight you, and he would die at your hands. // He traded the honour he had earned for disgrace... // ...the love he had earned for hatred... // And at the end of it all, Itachi died with a smile on his face. // For the sake of entrusting the name of Uchiha to you, his brother... // He deceived you, right until the very end...

Sasuke: So... / It was true.

Tobi: .........
Karin: Aaahhhhh!
Danzou: Self-sacrifice... that is the nature of a shinobi. // Never venturing into the light of day... Warriors of the darkness... Since long ago, that has always been... / ...the true meaning of being a shinobi. // It was not only Itachi... countless shinobi have gone to their deaths in the same manner. // This world cannot function... on fine ideals alone. // It is thanks...... to men such as him... / ...that our peace can be maintained. // It may be impossible for you...... who have so mistaken Itachi's intent... / ...to understand...... // ...but in revealing his secret to you... Itachi betrayed...... / ...the village of Kono-

Sasuke: Speak no more of Itachi.
Danzou: Very well... from now on, perhaps we should let our eyes do the talking.
Sasuke: !!
Karin: Eh?!
[Insert text: Revenge, a shocking ordeal...]

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#1. by juUnior ()
Posted on Dec 16, 2009
Big THX!
#2. by Mozgi ()
Posted on Dec 19, 2009
Thx, made me better understand this chapter
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