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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

One Piece 594


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 3, 2010 13:11 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 594: Message

[Insert text: The highest authorities......]
Gorousei: ...It's just one thing after another with this Straw Hat Luffy boy. ...It seems oddly appropriate that he is Garp's grandson... // What manner of connection does the boy have with Rayleigh......? / I hardly expect him to come out into the open after all this time... // And Jimbei too has finally decided to oppose us... When we inducted him into the Shichibukai, // it held the significance of representing interracial harmony... His loss will be sorely felt. // The balance between the Three Great Powers has fallen into a terrible state. / How will we go about filling the three empty seats in the Shichibukai? // We should first wait to see how the New World responds. / The lay of power amongst the pirates, too, should be undergoing change. // We must select only those individuals with great influence.
[Box: Red Line, Holy Land of Mariejoa: The Room of the Gorousei]
Gorousei: .................. // Blackbeard has already begun to take action in the New World... / ...and one of those rookies exceeding a hundred million in bounty has already fallen prey to him. // He is all too familiar with the territory that Whitebeard controlled. // Amongst those pirates striving to fill the vacant seat in the Yonkou... / ...he has a clear head start. There is, after all, no record of any man before him successfully consuming two Devil's Fruits. // If anybody can put a stop to his advance, it would have to be the Yonkou themselves... // ...or else Marco the Phoenix and the other remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates. // It is always those with the D who cause such trouble... Just like Portgas... // It would seem that the name has become rather too exposed at this point...

[Box: Elsewhere in the Holy Land of Mariejoa]
Kong: I attempted to stop him... // ...but Garp has for all intents and purposes abandoned his position.
Sengoku: ...............!!
Kong: However, his official rank will remain unchanged. / He will remain in the military.
[Box: World Government / Supreme Military Commander / Kong]
Kong: For the purpose of training young Marine soldiers. // If you mean to forfeit your post as Fleet Admiral...
Sengoku: .........
Kong: ...then I ask that you at least do the same. // Sengoku.

Sengoku: ...Yes, I think I will accept your proposition. / That does not sound like a bad way to spend my remaining years...
Kong: .........So, the two men who have led the Marines from the front lines since Roger's age... / ...will be retiring from active duty... This is most serious news. // There are still many pirates out there worthy of being called "legendary"... / ...not least the escaped prisoners from Level Six of Impel Down.
Sengoku: The greatest of them all was Newgate... / With this Pirate Age on the verge of rebirth... // ...is this any time to have old men running the Marines? / Justice is a system of values... it cannot overcome the gap of generations... // More importantly, Kong-san... for my successor as Fleet Admiral... / I would like to nominate Aokiji.

[Box: Grand Line, Marinford: Marine Headquarters]
Aokiji: So he was alive~~! Impressive. // Have you heard the news? Straw Hat is up to his antics again.
Smoker: ......Indeed.
Aokiji: He certainly hasn't wasted any time... / Sixteen chimes?! Is this some kind of message?!
Smoker: Who can say...? More importantly... / What about my reassignment request...?
Aokiji: ......Well, I will see what I can negotiate with Sengoku-san, but... are you serious? / G5 isn't the kind of place you can just request to be assigned to... it's got a mountain of problems to deal with... // The Fifth Grand Line Marine Outpost...... In other words... / ...You're asking to be sent to the New World...
Smoker: I prefer to keep my target close at hand.

[Box: Marine Headquarters: Medical Centre]
Doctor: The power known as "Haki"... this is quite clearly one of its manifestations. // It must have awakened as a result of the shock you experienced on the battlefield... / Ordinarily, the ability can only be brought out by lengthy periods of training...
Coby: Haki......?! This is...?!
Doctor: All Marines of Vice-Admiral class and above are able to make use of this ability.
Coby: I can feel presence of the people around me so strongly... it's all too much...
Doctor: The two of you are Garp's apprentices, yes? He should be able to teach you!
Helmeppo: Hey, Doctor!! Do you think I'll be able to achieve the same thing?! // Dammit...!! It's like you're suddenly a huge step ahead of me... it pisses me off!!
Coby: I don't understand any of this either!!

[Box: Conference Hall]
Marines: It is utterly inexplicable!! // This man, who was revealed over the course of the Ultimate War to be the adoptive brother of Portgas D Ace, the son of Dragon the Revolutionary... / ...and what is more, the grandson of our very own Vice-Admiral Garp... // The pirate, Monkey D Luffy!!! // His whereabouts were until recently unknown, but now it seems that not only is he alive......... / ...but he has reappeared within the bounds of Marine Headquarters itself!!! // As for his accomplices in this latest endeavour... firstly, we have the traitor... / ...former Shichibukai, "Knight of the Sea" Jimbei!!!

Marines: Furthermore, he seems to be working with the former first mate of the Pirate King's crew!!! // "Dark King" Silvers Rayleigh!!! // Marinford is currently populated with labourers working to restore the town itself... / ...ordinary citizens who have gathered from across the globe to witness the aftermath, and hordes of reporters from various nations. // All in all, there are great numbers of civilians coming and going... and meanwhile, out at sea... / ...as a result of Whitebeard's death, pirates have begun instigating one incident after the next! // The vast majority of available Marine forces are of necessity away from Headquarters... / ...and security is at an all-time low... // As if to take advantage of the situation, these three have suddenly appeared at Headquarters, stolen a battleship... / ...and used that ship to sail a full circle around Marineford, in what is known to men of the ocean as the "Rite of Burial"!!!

Marines: Monkey D Luffy then proceeded to compound this audacity by entering the plaza alone... / ...and upon reaching the "Ox Bell" on its westernmost edge, he sounded it a full sixteen times......!! // And finally, standing before the war scars that are still evident in the plaza... / ...he scattered flowers thereupon, and engaged in a flagrant moment of "silent prayer"...!!! // The reporters present, naturally, snapped the whole scene up eagerly. And as such... // This article has already been distributed around the entire world! / Including the fact that we allowed him to slip right through our fingers...!! This is a disgrace!! // At a glance, of course... this could be seen as a form of memorial service for his brother, Whitebeard, and the others who have lost their lives in the war... // This would explain the silent prayer and the Rite of Burial, but as for the Sixteen Chimes... proper observance of a tragic event involves only two chimes!! // To sound that bell sixteen full times can only serve as a declaration of war!!

[Box: The New World]
Kidd: "Straw Hat Luffy Lives"... // "Sixteen Chimes to the New Age at Marineford"... What is this "Ox Bell", anyway?
Killer: The Ox Bell is a sacred bell... / ...situated upon the Ox Royce, a famed battleship from ancient times. // At the end and the beginning of each year... the bell is sounded eight times to see out the old year, and eight times to see in the new. / As such, this Marine tradition involves sounding the bell sixteen times in full. // That is the meaning of the Sixteen Chimes... however, it is quite evidently out of season. / In other words... this sounding of the Sixteen Chimes can be interpreted as a tribute to the ending of one age, and the beginning of a new.

Kidd: The end of Whitebeard's age... // ...and he's trying to say "I'll create the new age myself" or something, is he...?
Crewmate: I hardly think he would go to the trouble... / ...of returning to the place where he lost his brother, wilfully reopening his own fresh wounds, unless he had a grand purpose of that nature.
Kidd: Hahahahah...!! Man, that kid gets on my nerves. // Okay, so after what happened in the war, he's clearly made himself stand out from the rest of us rookies. // But I'm not fool enough to let him hold on to that advantage for too long.

Kidd: To be frank, I'd expected more of the New World... what's the deal with this bunch of cowards?
Pirates: Please, forgive us! We're on our way out of this ocean right now! / Just let us return to Paradise alive!!!
Kidd: "Paradise"? // You mean, like, back to your families...?
Pirate: ...............!!
Kidd: It's do or die out here!!! If you don't have that kind of resolve... // ...then you shouldn't have come here in the first place!!!

[Box: The New World]
Crew: Father......!!! // The ship!! It seems to have started floating above the ocean surface!!
Capone: What?!! // What are you talking about?! Don't be ridiculous!! Just sail the ship properly!!!
Crew: Father!! There's something falling down from the sky......... // No... we're the ones being sucked towards it!!!
Capone: Ehh?!!
Crew: Aaaghhhhhh...!!

[Box: Grand Line... upon the waves...]
Luffy: I'm real sorry about making you guys go all this way...
Kuja: Oh, that's fine! We're used to long voyages!
Luffy: What're you all doing down there?
Kuja: Well, since Hebihime-sama got overexcited and collapsed just now... // We're keeping watch to make sure that you keep getting plenty of rest! / It's Hebihime-sama's orders!
Luffy: D'you think they'll all get my message.........?
Rayleigh: If they read the article, then they'll understand... / The fact that it's quite unlike you is in itself the key. // You did have one companion who didn't seem particularly quick on the uptake... but I'm sure he'll figure it out. // Though it may be just a feeling... I have faith that your companions will understand you perfectly.

[Banner: Grand Line: among the clouds]
Chopper: Ahhhh~~~~~~!! // Of course... I get it!! // Luffy!!! I got it!! // Of course... of course!!
[Banner: East Blue: atop a giant bridge]
Robin: Understood.
Revolutionaries: Huh?! What is it, Robin-san?
Sanji: I see... Luffy...
Ivankov: Excuse me?
[Banner: Kamabakka Kingdom]
[Banner: Shikkearu Ruins]
Perona: Hey!! Are you not done yet?! My arms are getting tired!!
Zoro: Just a minute...!! There's something here... // Luffy isn't the sort of guy to do this kind of thing... If Rayleigh's with him, then this must've been his idea... There's got to be something more to it...!!

[Banner: Boin Archipelago]
Heraclesun: What is it nowun?! Usoppun...!!
Usopp: ......I get it!! I get it, Luffy!!!
Haredas: Hey, little girlie! They're still after you!
Nami: I can't believe this... doesn't he have any consideration for others?!!
[Banner: Sky Island Weatheria]
Franky: I see...
[Banner: Future Land Balgimoa]
[Banner: Tena Gena Kingdom]
Brooke: Ahhh, so that's it!!!
Tenaga: It's the one you've all been waiting for, folks!! / Feast your eyes on this unbelievable moving skeleton!!!

[Box: The ever-stormy New World]
Hawkins: My apologies. Could you say that one more time? // I didn't quite hear.
Brownbeard: The name's Brownbeard!! The one and only Pirate Brownbeard, with a bounty of over 80,000,000 Beli!!! You'd better remember that name!! And this... is my territory!!!
Hawkins: I see. It was such a ridiculous name, I thought I must have misheard. / Let me tell you two things. Firstly, I detest jokes.
Brownbeard: Jokes?!!
Hawkins: And secondly... Today... // ...I see the mark of death upon you.

[Box: All those proud men who have set foot even once into the New World...]
Urouge: Are you serious? The Log Pose is actually... / ...pointing to that island......?!!! // Don't be ridiculous!!! How are we supposed to land there?!! // It's covered in lightning...!!!
[Box: ...refer to the first half of the Grand Line by the same name.]
Crew: High Priest!! Somebody's coming this way!!
Urouge: ?! // Who is it...?!!
[Box: "That ocean," they say, "was a Paradise..."]
OldMerchant: Care to buy an umbrella?
Urouge: An umbrella?!!
[Insert text: Truly an ocean to be feared...]

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#1. by mugiwara4343 ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2010
Thank you cnet :) ... been waiting for ur trans... can any one help me with which Scanlators uses cnet's trans?
#2. by X-Wind ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2010
Aohige_AP and molokidan translation says that Brownbeard bounty is 80,000,000 Beli and yours says that it is over 80,000,000 Beli. So which is right and which is wrong ?
#3. by zmaster ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2010
^ cnet's translation is correct. This is why I miss the days when cnet's translation was the de-facto for scanlations. The other translators frequently miss the subtleties, use unintelligible english and often just plain mistranslate things. And the idiot from Mangastream is the worst translator of the lot.
#4. by Ykee ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2010
To top that, he is a translator level B while Molo is level S... it's hilarious how things have become here.

Thanks for keeping translating stuff cnet, you are still the best to rely on since Stephen stopped, always a pleasure to read you.
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