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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 594


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jul 30, 2010 02:58 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 594 - "Message"

1: --that "Strawhat Luffy" is truly a man who knows how to create a stir...although
knowing he's Garp grandson, I can somehow understand.
2(2b): Just what connection does he have with Rayleigh...? I didn't think he'd come back
out to the front stage at this late hour...
3: Jinbei has also finally opposed us as well...entering him into the "Shichibukai" was...
4: "Red Line" Holy Land [Marijoa] - The Five Elder Stars' Room
white: the men in control...
5(2b): pat pat...
6(2b): In the New World, "Blackbeard" has begun moving without delay. And one out of the
"Over A Hundred Million Rookies" has already become his prey.
7: Because that guy already has a complete understanding of "Whitebeard"'s sphere of

1: was supposed to represent a reconciliation between races, so this is truly regrettable.
2(2b): I can't even begin to think about what the balance of the "Three Great Powers" has
been reduced to. How will we fill the seats of three missing "Shichibukai?"
3(2b): We should wait and watch the goings-on in the "New World" a bit. The diagram of
force within the pirates themselves should also change as well.
4: We need to elect a more influential person.
5(2b): Among the pirates aiming for a seat among the "Four Emperors," you could say he's
gotten a one-step lead. A human eating two "Devil's Fruits" is absolutely unprecedented in
all of history.
6(2b): As for entities capable of stopping his advance...I'd have to say "The Four
Emperors"--or perhaps "Marco the Phoenix" and the remains of the "Whitebeard Pirates."
7: "D" always means danger...just like with Portgas...
8: It seems that name has been reaching the eyes of people a tad too much as of late.

1: --Also in the Holy Land of Marijoa
2: We held him back,
3: but Garp has essentially stepped down from his post.
4(2b): --his record and title remain untouched, however, and we'll have him remain in the
5: World Government
Pan-Fleet Admiral
6: for the sake of rearing up young marines...
7: So if you intend to quit your post as the "Fleet Admiral,"
8: then we ask that you do the same,
9: Sengoku.

1(2b): --yes, I will accept if that is the case. That may be a fine way to spend my
remaining years...
2(2b): ...the two Marines who carried the Marines on the front lines since Roger's age,
leaving their posts...this will be huge news.
3(2b): Including the prisoners who escaped from LEVEL 6 of Impel Down, there are many
"legendary" pirates still out there.
4(2b): Newgates was at the top of them...and now, the Age of Pirates is going to be reborn
5(2b): What good will an old soldier butting into the Marines do? "Justice" is all a
matter of personal values...a generation cannot be overcome...
6(2b): --More importantly, Kong-san, I would like to recommend "Aokiji" up as the next
"Fleet Admiral."

1: "Grand Line" Marineford [Marine HQ]
2: He's alive! Miraculously...
3: Did you hear? "Straw Hat" caused another ruckus.
4: ...yes.
5(2b): He's not giving us any time to breathe..."16 rings?!" Is this some kind of
6: flip
7: Who knows...more importantly, what about my reassignment...?
8(2b): ...well, I'll try to negotiate with Sengoku-san...but are you serious? [G5] isn't
the kind of place people chose to go...that place is full of problems...
9: tap tap...
10(2b): "Fifth Branch of the Grand Line Marines"...in other words, you want to go to the
"New World"...
11: Better to have your targets close.

1: "Marine HQ" Medical Building
2: The power known as "Haki"--without a doubt, it's a type of that.
3(2b): It was awakened by the shock you received during the war...although it's usually
something pulled out through long years of training.
4-5: suck
6: Haki...?! That's...
7: What all the Vice-Admiral class Marines use!
8: I've felt human presences too strongly...I can't calm down...
9: You're Garp's pupils, aren't ya?! Ask him about it!
10: Hey!! Aren't I going to be able to catch up with him, Doctor?!
11: Goddamn you! This kinda feels like you've gotten one step ahead of me!!
12: I have no idea what's going on either!!

1: "The Agenda Chamber"--
2: This is utterly unbelievable!!
3(2b): It has come to light that this man is the sworn brother of Portgas D. Ace, who died
during the war at the summit, the son of the Revolutionary Dragon, and also the grandson
of our fleet's own Vice-Admiral Garp!
4: The pirate, Monkey D. Luffy!!!
5(2b): His whereabouts were unknown, but we knew he was alive...!! And now he has shown up
at the "Marine HQ" yet again!!!
6(2b): As for the men moving together with him...you will all remember as the traitorous
ex-"Shichibukai," "Jinbei, the Knight of the Sea!!!"

1: Also present is the ex-Vice Captain of the Pirate King's ship!!!
2: The Dark King, Silvers Rayleigh!!!
3(2b): Marineford is currently under construction to return the town to its original
state. Onlookers and reporters from numerous countries all over the world have gathered to
4(2b): There is a high rate of civilians coming and going--while simultaneously, pirates
provoked by the death of "Whitebeard" have begun causing incidents left and right!!
5(2b): Marines capable of mobilizing have all left the HQ, so our security is paper-
6(2b): And so, as if perceiving all of this, those three suddenly appeared, stole a marine
vessel, and then sailed a ring around Marineford with it!! The ritual for a "Burial at

1(2b): Afterwards, Monkey D. Luffy stomped into the plaza all alone, and then rang the "Ox
Bell" at the western edge [16 times]...!!
2(2b): And then he threw a bouquet of flowers over the many war wounds that remained all
over the ground, and unreservedly performed a "silent prayer"...!!!
3: Flocks of overjoyed reporters photographed it--and then
4(2b): published the article all over the world! Including the fact that we were
completely unable to catch them...!! What humiliation!!
5: Reading it simply...it seems he wished to mourn the deaths over those who died in the
war...including his older brother and Whitebeard...
6: The silent prayer and sailing may prove that, but he should have only rung the bell
twice if he wanted to declare some kind of disaster!!
7: And yet he rang it 16 times!! So we are taking those "16 rings" as a declaration of

1: "The New World"--
2: "Monkey D. Luffy, still alive"
3: "Gives the New Age 16 bell rings at Marineford." What's this Ox Bell thing?
4(2b): The Ox Bell is the sacred bell on the Ox Royce, a vessel which was used quite often
in the olden days.
5(2b): To signify the end of a year and the beginning of another...the bell is rung eight
times to thank the old year, and another eight to pray for the new year. Ringing it 16
times is a Marine tradition.
6(2b): That's what the "16 rings" are about--the timing doesn't make sense, though. Which
means...those rings can be construed to signify the ending of the old "age" and the
beginning of the new one.

1: The end of "Whitebeard"'s age...
2: What, is this little guy trying to say "I'm gonna create the new one," or something...?
3(2b): If not, I doubt he would have gouged out his wounds by returning right to the place
where he lost his brother.
4: Hahahaha...!! Boy does he know how to get on people's nerves!
5: He may be the only one out of the "Over A Hundred Thousand Rookies" that stuck his head
out during the war--
6: but I'm not generous enough to let him keep running around like this!

1: "The New World"...I was expecting you to surprise me a bit more, you cowards!
2(2b): Give us a break! We were just about to go out to sea! Let us return to "Paradise"
3: "Paradise?"
4: What, your warm, safe homes...?
5: Live or die!!! Bastards without even that much resolve
6: shouldn't have ever come to this ocean!!!

1: "The New World"--
2: Father!! ...!!!
3: splash...
4: The ship!! It's left the surface and is floating in mid-air!!
5: What's that!!?
6: What did you say?! What are you talking about, steer it like you know how!!!
7: Father!! Something's coming down from the sk...
8: No, wait!! We're being sucked up!!!
9: Ehh!!?
10: Gyaaaah...

1: Sailing on the "Grand Line"--
2: Sorry for bringing you all on such a long journey!
3: Don't worry, we're used to expeditions!
4: What are you doing there?
5: byon
6(2b): Watching you so you can rest peacefully, Luffy. Hebihime-sama ordered us to!
7: Since she collapsed a bit ago from her heart pounding too much!
8: I really hope it'll reach them...
9(2b): They should get it if they read the article...the key is that it's something quite
unlike you.
10: Although, there were two...dull-looking men with you...eh, I'm sure they'll get the
jist of it.
11: I know you'll all understand...I have a hunch...

1: In the air above the "Grand Line"
2: Ahhhh!!
3: gowahh
4: Ohh, I get it!!
5: Luffy!!! I got it!!
6: That's it!! That's it!!
7: "East Blue" Above a big bridge
8: Roger.
9: Eh?! What happened? Robin-san?
10: I see...Luffy...
11: What is it?
12: Kamabakka Kingdom
13: Shikkearu Kingdom Ruins
14: Hey?! Are you done yet? My hands are getting tired!!
15: Luffy isn't the kind of guy who'd do stuff like this...Rayleigh must be the one behind
this, since he's with him...he must be trying to tell us something...!!
16: Just wait a little more...!! There's some message here.

1: Boin Archipelago
2: ...I got it!! I got it, Luffy!!!
3: What now?! Usoppun!!
4: Pursuers are coming, my lady!
5: Doesn't even have a bit of concern about how we're feeling...because he's so selfish!!
6: Sky Island "Weatheria"
7: Forsooth.
8: Future Kingdom Baldimore
9: Teena Guuna Kingdom
10: Ahhh, so that's it!!!
11(2b): Now, what you've all been waiting for!! The mysterious world wonder, the MOVING
SKELETON! Feast your eyes!!!

1: --"The New World," stormy once more.
2: Please excuse me. Could you say it one more time?
3: I couldn't hear it too well.
4: "Brownbeard!!" The 80 million beli bounty pirate, Master "Brownbeard!!!" Remember my
name well, because this is my turf now!!!
5(2b): --oh. That name sounded so ridiculous, I thought I had misheard it. I will tell you
two things. One, I hate jokes.
6: Jokes!!?
7: --and the second...today,
8: zawa zawa
9: Your "shadow of death" is visible.

1: All men of valor who step foot into "The New World"
2(2b): Is the Log Pose really pointing to that island...?!
3: But that's insane?!?! How are we supposed to dock there?!
4: Lightning is spilling out from it...!!!
5: say this about the first half of the "Grand Line"--
6: High Priest!! Someone's approaching us!!
7: Who...!!?
8: "That ocean was paradise."
9: Need you any umbrellas, perchance?
10: Umbrellas!!?
white: A terrifying sea--...

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