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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 370

Naruto Chapter 370

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 14, 2007 20:18 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 370

#370: Apprehension
[side text: This beautiful kunoichi flits through the turbulent times. Konan of Akatsuki - together with Pein, she makes her move.]

[insert text: To hunt the intruder... Pein awakens!!]

Jiraiya: "God"......
Dude1: That's right.
Jiraiya: ......... // In that case, what is this "god" of yours trying to achieve? // No matter how low down you guys are... / ...you must know something about it.
Dude1: God does as he sees fit. / We haven't got the slightest idea.
Jiraiya: Is that right... // Then forget about gods... / Perhaps you can tell me something about Akatsuki.

Dude1: ......... // Never heard of anything like that.
Jiraiya: ......... // Your arms and legs... / They're restrained so that you can't move. // But to tell the truth, that's not all there is to it... // I'm measuring your pulse. // If you lie to me, I'll know right away. // Now tell me everything you know! // If you don't, you might find yourself eating flies for the rest of your life.

Dude1: Ugh...... // Turn me into a frog! Do what you will with me! // I refuse to tell you anything more! // Even an underling like me has some willpower! / I'm a shinobi too...! // I'm not going to just sit around telling an outsider all about our country's internal affairs!
Jiraiya: .........
Dude1: ...............

Jiraiya: Huh... Even underlings are still shinobi, is it...? // Well, to tell the truth... interrogation isn't really my thing anyway. // We'll leave it at that. // But I'll have to keep you in here for the time being. // I guess I'll have to speak to your god or whatever face-to-face.

Frog: Jiraiya! What possessed you to call me out?! / You know "Naruto's key" is already...
Jiraiya: No, no, this isn't about training. / I just thought it would be a good idea to have you around for the time being.

Frog: You want me around? / What is this about?!
Jiraiya: I'm planning to go up against a pretty powerful guy.
Frog: Huh... And this guy's so strong you need to make sure I can get away?
Jiraiya: This is just a precaution... / Now, come on, I need to activate the seal of release.

Jiraiya: Right!
Frog: How long is this going to take?
Jiraiya: I don't think it should take too long... // But if something happens to me, you need to entrust yourself to Naruto.
Frog: !! // What are you saying?!! // The "key" to Naruto's Hakke Fuuin is recorded on my stomach!
[TN: "Hakke Fuuin" = "Eight Trigrams Seal"]
Frog: Even the Fourth's seal has weakened over the years! This "key" was recorded so that it could be used to reform the seal when the time comes! // You want to store that precious key right alongside the vault it opens...?!!

Jiraiya: Be that as it may, that key belonged to Minato... It has to be passed on to Naruto in the end.
Frog: This is too soon! // I hope you haven't forgotten what happened that time... / ...when you messed around with the Shishou Fuuin!
[TN: "Shishou Fuuin" = "Four Symbols Seal"]
Jiraiya: Of course not... But Minato entrusted that key to me. // I believe that he meant for Naruto to complete that jutsu.
Frog: ...Do you really think Naruto needs a jutsu like that?!

Frog: He doesn't have the ability to control the Kyuubi's chakra! // Not to mention that the slightest use of the key caused the Kyuubi's chakra to overwhelm Naruto's own... / ...and flow through him in huge quantities, taking over Naruto's entire body! // If the seal is released any further, he will undergo complete transformation... / You can't pretend that the Fourth ever intended that!
Jiraiya: Minato only sealed the Kyuubi's dark chakra with the Shiki Fuujin.
[TN: "Shiki Fuujin" = "Dead Demon Seal"]

Jiraiya: Minato made sure to separate the Kyuubi's chakra into yin and yang. // The sole reason for sealing the "yang" half into Naruto was so that Naruto could possess the Kyuubi's chakra. // But why did he go to the trouble... / of sealing the Kyuubi's chakra into his own child?
Frog: Who knows? Maybe the sealing just happened to turn out that way... // Or else perhaps he just left that power to his kid out of parental affection.
Jiraiya: As Minato's teacher, I know...
Frog: ?
Jiraiya: He was never the sort of guy to do anything without a reason...

Jiraiya: If Minato was aware of an important fact... // ...and that fact was the reason he entrusted the power of the Kyuubi to his own child...
Frog: .........I think you're reading too much into this.
Jiraiya: ......... // When that great beast, the Kyuubi, attacked Konoha, everybody said it was a natural disaster... // But recently, I've begun to suspect that that may not have been true...
Frog: Hm?

Jiraiya: I'm sure that the Kyuubi was summoned there by human hands.
Frog: You fool! / The Kyuubi has appeared suddenly, out of nowhere, since ages past, drawn by the welling-up of human malice! // And nobody exists in this world with the power to summon the Kyuubi!
Jiraiya: You're wrong there... There was one...
Frog: ?
Jiraiya: .........
Frog: Who?
Jiraiya: .........

Jiraiya: The founder of the Uchiha clan... // Uchiha Madara.
Frog: Gerogerogero!!
[TN: ...he's laughing in croaks...]
Jiraiya: .........
Frog: Fool! Madara lived in an age gone by, back when Konoha was first founded! // He couldn't have still been alive a mere fifteen or sixteen years ago!
Jiraiya: It's true... // ...that everybody knows Uchiha Madara was defeated by the First Hokage at the Valley of the End.

Jiraiya: But... somehow I have a bad feeling... // An apprehension that won't go away.
[insert text: That man, on that ground... Upon what does his gaze fall?!]
[bottom text: The seeker and the chaser; an inevitable encounter! Next issue, "The Past That Was Known"...!!]

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#1. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
Quote by cnet128;530499:
[TN: I'm not sure I've got the full meaning of this sentence... I'm not sure what the "nigashi" refers to. But meh.]ワシを逃がしとかにゃならんほどの輩なんか?
="So a guy so strong you need to let me get away before hand?"
#2. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
Quote by Nihongaeri;530524:
="So a guy so strong you need to let me get away before hand?"
Ah, thanks for that. I should probably have gone back and checked that after reading the rest of the chapter, because it makes more sense then, but even then I think I'd have had trouble with the heavily-compressed shite-okanakute-wa-naranai ~_~
#3. by Uchiha Pet ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2007
#4. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2007
#5. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2007
Yaaay!!! Thx u very much for the trans carlos!! ^^
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