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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 370

Naruto Chp. 370

+ posted by Nihongaeri as translation on Sep 14, 2007 18:24 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 370

Number 370: A Premonition

Page 1

This beauty of a Kunoichi flutters about troubled times. Akatsuki's Konan springs to action alonside Pain.

Page 2

Frame 1:
Time to hunt the intruder... Pain rises!!

Page 3

Frame 1:
A god... huh?

Frame 2:

Frame 4:
Well then, what is it exactly this god of yours is trying to do? Low ranking as you may be, you should know at least something, right?

Frame 5:
It's the work of a god. How could we ever hope to know

Frame 6:
I see... Then enough with your god... How 'bout you tell me some relating to Akatsuki?

Page 4

Frame 1:
... No can do... Don't know what that is

Frame 3:
Note your arms and legs... I've got them restrained so you can't move, but that's not all...

Frame 4:
I'm also monitoring your pulse. That mean when you lie, I know immediately.

Frame 5:
Now spill it, anything and everything!

Frame 6:
If you don't, you'll be dining on flies and other swamp bugs for the rest of your life!

Page 5

Frame 1:

Frame 2:
Go ahead, make me a frog or whatever! I'm not telling one more damned thing!

Frame 3:
Even us underlings have our pride, that of a shinobi...!

Frame 5:
I don't have anything else to be telling an outsider who doesn't know a thing about our country!!

Page 6

Frame 1:
Heh... Lowly as your are, still a shinobi, huh... Very well... Interrogation doesn't fit my personality well anyhow.

Frame 2:
Our talk will end here. But I'll have you stay here for the time being.

Frame 3:
Perhaps I'll get the rest of my information from that god of yours.

Page 7

Frame 4:
Jiraiya! Just what do you think you're doing, bringing me out here! You know quite well about "Naruto's key"**...
(** this is probably a reasonable translation of the line here. Be very weary of any translations that say "Naruto's key is already...", cause we're probably going to see some and they'll almost certainly lead you to bark up the wrong tree of prediction.)

Frame 5:
Oh no, I'm not planing on more training. Certain circumstances have me wanting you to stay out here for the time being

Page 8

Frame 1:
Stay out, you say? And just what's going on!?

Frame 2:
I'll be fighting a slightly tough opponent, so...

Frame 3:
Heh... Someone so strong you need to let me get away beforehand?

Page 9

Frame 1:
This is just in case... But anyway, I need to be stamping the storage release order now

Page 10

Frame 1:

Frame 2:
And how long will you be?

Frame 3:
I shouldn't be that long... But just in case something happens to me, store yourself with Naruto

Frame 5:
What the heck are you saying!!? It's my belly that has the key matching Naruto's Hakke** seal drawn on it!
(**"Eight Trigrams", I believe)

Frame 6:
And with each year the Fourth's seal weakens! This key was left so that the seal could be reinforced should the need present itself! How could you think of putting such an important key on the very safe it matches...!!

Page 11

Frame 1:
Nonetheless, that key was left behind by Minato himself... At some point it should become Naruto's

Frame 2:
F: He isn't ready yet! Surely you haven't forgotten what happened before after you persuaded me to twist the Shishou** Seal just a bit... because I can't imagine you have!
(**""Four Symbols", I believe)

Frame 4:
No, I haven't... But Minato's choice to entrust the key's jutsu design** is, for me...
(**I'm going to have to think a bit more about this translation...)

Frame 5:
... a clear sign that he intended Naruto to one day complete *that* jutsu

Frame 6:
But does Naruto have any need for that in the first place!?

Page 12

Frame 1:
He isn't even capable of controlling the Nine-tail's chakra!

Frame 2:
Quite the contrary, from just opening the seal a crack, Naruto's chakra was pushed aside, the Nine-tail's chakra gushed out, and Naruto was taken over by it.

Frame 3:
Speaking of the Fourth's intentions, it's safe to say that opening the seal more and causing Naruto to fully become the Nine-tails would be strictly against them!

Frame 4:Minato only sealed the Nine-tails Yin chakra using the Shiki Fuujin**.
(**ShikiFuujin is the death-god sealing jutsu used, for instance, by the Third in the fight with Orochimaru)

Page 13

Frame 1:
The very reason Minato went to the trouble of splitting the Nine-tails chakra into two, only sealing the Yang chakra into Naruto, was so that he could leave it for Naruto.

Frame 2:
Still, why would one seal the Nine-tails chakra in his very own child?

Frame 3:
Who knows? Perhaps Naruto happened to be his most or only viable option for the jutsu... Or if not, surely wanting to leave power behind for one's child is the very definition of parental love

Frame 4:
I was Minato's master, so I know him quite well...

Frame 6:
He's not the type to do things without reason, you see...

Page 14

Frame 1:
Minato knew of something, something of grave importance, and if because of that something he chose to entrust the Nine-tails to his own son...

Frame 2:
... You're just thinking too deep

Frame 4:
It's said that the Nine-tails was a naturally occurring disaster that just happened to strike Konoha...

Frame 5:
But recently I've begun to doubt whether that truly is the case...

Frame 6:

Page 15

Frame 1:
I'm certain that it was the result of a very intentional summoning...

Frame 2:
Are you crazy!? The Nine-tails is a age-old natural disaster that suddenly appears from nowhere when human malice collects and festers! Besides, no one could possibly exist capable of summoning something such as the Nine-tails!

Frame 3:
... No... There was one, just one...

Frame 6:
And who now?

Page 16

Frame 1:
Founder of the Uchiha clan... Uchiha Madara

Frame 2:
*ribbit croak ribbit*

Frame 4:
Spare me! Uchiha Madara lived at the founding of Konoha! There's no way he'd be alive just 15, 16 years ago!

Frame 5:
Granted... Uchiha Madara being defeated by the First Hokage at the Gorge of the End is something known to all

Page 17

Frame 1:
Still... I have a really bad feeling... A premonition that just won't go away

Frame 1, Text:
Out of all possible places, there "he" stands... What is it he sets his sights on!?

He who seeks and he who chases, an encounter, inevitable!
Next Issue "The Past Known"...!!

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#1. by nuclear ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
Awesome trans. GJ
#2. by bax ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
Thanx a lot :kkthumbs
#3. by itachisan ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
Arigatou Gozaimas
#4. by GrayFoxx ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
Thank you :amuse
#5. by dewy ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
thanks for the translantion
#6. by zidane ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
thx dude^^
#7. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
I think I have 10-dyslexia. Whenever I see 十 and another number kanji, my brain automatically switches their positions. It pisses me off like crazy.

My mistake-correcting spree just now would've left it if I hadn't checked this after I finished :P so thanks!
#8. by flummi ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
Thank you very much 8)
#9. by Uchiha Dany ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
Thank you very much!
#10. by samsiufan ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
Thanks mate!
#11. by thatbabo ()
Posted on Sep 14, 2007
Thanks for the in depth trans...
#12. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2007
Appreciate it Nihongaeri! :)
#13. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2007
Yaaay!!! Thx u very much for the trans nihon!! ^^
#14. by Wunderchu ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2007
thanks Nihongaeri. God Bless.
#15. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2007
Thanks and i used your trans for indo's version :XD

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