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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 370

Naruto Ch. 370

+ posted by Iwanin as translation on Sep 15, 2007 14:47 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 370

At home with a cold... *cough*... didn't even download raw...JUMP out here... already...*cough*...

Next week's jump also out on Saturday... *cough*... spoilers likely to come out early, again...*cough.*

Thanks to Nihongaeri for his observations.

Page 1.

Chapter 370: A bad feeling

A beautiful Kunoichi dances over a tumultuous world below. Akatsuki’s Konan springs into action alongside Pain.

Page 2.

Pain Awakens... off to hunt the intruder!

Page 3.

Jiraiya: god, eh?

Grunt: No less.

Jiraiya: Alright then, so what is this "god" of yours up to, then? Surely even grunts such as yourselves must know *something*…

Grunt: His divine will – nothing guys like us could ever fathom.

Jiraiya: I see. Then how 'bout we forget about “God” for a bit and talk about what you know of… “Akatsuki.”

Page 4.

Grunt: I…I got no idea what you're talkin' about.

Jiraiya: You see how your arms and legs are restrained so you can't move?

Jiraiya: Well, that's not all…

Jiraiya: Your pulse is also being monitored.

Jiraiya: Which means, I can tell right away when you're lying.

Jiraiya: So come clean and spit it out!

Jiraiya: Unless you wanna join your friend living off flies for the rest of your life…

Page 5.

Grunt: Kuh! ...

Grunt: Turn me into whatever you want!

Grunt: No way I'm telling you more than I already have!

Grunt: Even grunts like me have pride! I’m Shinobi!

Grunt: I got nothin' to say to punk from god-knows-where who wouldn't know the first thing about our country!

Jiraiya: ...

Grunt: ...

Page 6.

Jiraiya: So…Even grunts have pride, eh?

Jiraiya: Well, I'll give you that. It’s not like interrogation’s my cup of tea to begin with.

Jiraiya: We're done.

Jiraiya: That said, I'll be keeping you here for a while.

Jiraiya: For the rest I need to learn, I'm calling on “God” directly.

Page 7.

Froggy: Jiraiya! What the hell's the idea summoning me! Naruto's “Key” is -

Jiraiya: No, no, we're not training. Something's come up, so I figured I'd have you stay outside for a bit.

Page 8.

Froggy: Have me stay outside? What the hell for!?

Jiraiya: Oh, I’ll be facing a pretty tough opponent.

Froggy: Hmph! Tough enough you need to set me free?

Page 9.

Jiraiya: Just in case. Anyway, lemme sign the release form here.

Page 10.

Jiraiya: Right, then!

Froggy: So, how long you figure it's gonna take?

Jiraiya: Oh, not too long, I think…

Jiraiya: Thing is, should anything happen to me, I want you to go lock yourself up in Naruto.

Froggy: You know what you're saying!? On this belly's a copy of the jutsu for the key to Naruto's Hakke Seal!

Froggy: The Fourth's seal grows weaker every year! The key was left so that it could be repaired in case of an emergency! What you're suggesting's tantamount to putting the key to a safe right on top of it!

Page 11.

Jiraiya: True, but the key was Minato's... it's only right it be handed over to Naruto.

Froggy: He's not ready!

Froggy: Next you're gonna tell me you don't remember what *happened* that one time, when I let you talk me into turning the key "ever so slightly" on the Four Symbol seal!

Jiraiya: How could I forget. But I can't help but think the reason Minato left me the key to the Seal...

Jiraiya: Was because he wanted Naruto to someday complete that Justu…

Froggy: Does Naruto even *need* that Jutsu?

Page 12.

Froggy: The kid can't control the Kyuubi's chakra, period!

Froggy: Opening the seal just a little bit resulted in his chakra being suppressed, the Kyuubi's gushing out -

Froggy: - and Naruto being taken over by it!

Froggy: Messing with the seal until the kid turns into the Kyuubi is the *last* thing the Fourth wanted, Jiraiya!

Jiraiya: It was only the Kyuubi's Yin chakra Minato sealed through Shikifuujin.

Page 13.

Jiraiya: The reason he took the trouble to split the Kyuubi's power into Yin and Yang...

Jiraiya: And seal the Yang side in Naruto, was because he wanted him to have it.

Jiraiya: Still, why seal the Kyuubi's chakra in your own son, of all people?

Froggy: Beats me. Maybe Naruto just happened to be his most or only viable option for the jutsu.

Froggy: Otherwise, maybe like any parent he wanted to leave his kid all he could.

Jiraiya: Well, having been Minato’s teacher, I can tell you…

Froggy: ?

Jiraiya: He was not the kind of guy to do things on a whim.

Page 14.

Jiraiya: Suppose Minato learned something, something very grave, and that he entrusted the Kyuubi's power to his son for that very reason...

Froggy: You're looking too deep into it.

Jiraiya: It's said the Kyuubi's attack on Konoha was a “natural calamity”…

Jiraiya: but I'm been starting to have my doubts on it recently…

Froggy: How so?

Page 15.

Jiraiya: Well, I'm willing to bet it was summoned by human hands…

Froggy: Are you stupid or something! The Kyuubi is a natural disaster which occurs without warning when people's malice festers to a certain degree!

Froggy: And there's not one guy on the planet capable of summoning that thing, period!

Jiraiya: Oh, no… there was one

Froggy: ?

Jiraiya: ...

Froggy: Who?

Jiraiya: ...

Page 16.

Jiraiya: The founder of the Uchiha Clan… Uchiha Madara.

Froggy: Ribbit-ribbit-ribbit!

Jiraiya: ....

Froggy: You idiot! Uchiha Madara lived at the time of Konoha’s foundation!

Froggy: No way he was around 15, 16 years ago!

Jiraiya: Granted...

Jiriaya: Just about everyone knows how Uchiha Madara was defeated by the First Hokage in the Valley of Endings…

Page 17.

Jiraiya: But…I can't quite put my finger on it…

Jiraiya: But I got this bad feeling I can't shake off for the life of me.

As he sits there... what goes through his mind?

The one seaks, the other pursues! Their meeting, inevitable!

Next time: The past known (to someone)!

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#1. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Sep 15, 2007
Yaay!!! Thx u very much for the trans iwanin! ^^

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