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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bleach 299

Bleach Chapter 299

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 10, 2007 02:55 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 299

[side text: Assault! Las Noches!! The Captains' battles...... begin!!]

Exequias: We withdraw.
Isane: Wait...!
Unohana: Isane. // Our business here is not to draw blood, but to stop its flow. // There is no need for us to chase after those who flee. // Now... // Let us begin healing. // Sado-san... // And the Arrancar, also.
Ishida: ...But...

Ishida: What are you... // ...doing here...?!
Szayel: What's this? // He a friend of yours, Quincy?
Mayuri: A friend? / Dear me. // I don't know that little inferior being.
Ishida: Why, you...!
Szayel: Now, now...

Szayel: We can't have little personal disputes going on here, can we? / It pains me to watch. // Now, / I will ask one more time. // Who exactly are - // ...No. // Actually, I think I won't ask after all. // After all, you're only going to get wiped out by me either way. // Asking your name would be a waste of my time.
Mayuri: Is that right? // As for myself... // It would be a pity if I did not at least ask your name.

Szayel: ......... // ...Why?
Mayuri: Why? / Are you a fool? // I would have thought that much should be obvious. // Once I've put you neatly away in a bottle... // ...I need to know what to write on the label!
Szayel: ............ // ...Hah.

Bleach 299
The Verbal Warfare
[insert text: SOUL SOCIETY // VS // LAS NOCHES]

Leroux: What is wrong? // Do you not intend to come at me? // Intruder.

Leroux: Although I should warn you... // If you intend to save the Shinigami who is lying motionless over there... // It is futile. // You should give up.
Byakuya: I'm not sure I understand. // What exactly do you mean by "futile"?

Byakuya: !
Leroux: This is what I mean.

Byakuya: ...And what exactly... // ...is that?

Leroux: "Gemelos Sonido".
[TN: "Twin Sound"]
Leroux: Of all the Espada, I have the fastest Sonido. // And by timing my steps carefully, I am able to create an apparent "clone" of myself... // Well... // It's essentially just a little magic trick. // Magic tricks exist for the purpose of surprising the opponent. // For you to be surprised because you could not follow the trick with your eyes... // ...that is nothing to be ashamed of.
Byakuya: ...I see.

Byakuya: You, however, / have every reason to feel shame. // Shame for revealing your abilities... // ...before our fight has truly begun.
Leroux: Such a pity.

Leroux: Gemelos Sonido... // ...is not limited to producing a single double.
Byakuya: As I thought. // Hadou no Yon... // Byakurai.
[TN: "Way of Destruction No. 4: White Lightning". In case there's anybody in the entire freakin' world who doesn't know this attack by now.]

[no text, just Leroux getting lolpwnt]

[TN: But of course, it could never be that easy. Because Leroux has Kagebunshin no Jutsu on his side.]
Leroux: Gemelos Sonido is able to produce... // ...a maximum of five clones.

Byakuya: ............... // ...Ugh.........
Leroux: ...Farewell. // Captain whose name I know not. // The reason for your defeat... // ...is that very pride which led you not to so much as give your name.

Leroux: ?!
Byakuya: Onmitsu Hohou "Shihou" no San. // Utsusemi.
[TN: "Secret Stepping-Techniques 'Shihou', No. 3: Utsusemi". "Utsusemi" is a word referring to the cast-off skin of a cicada. As for "Shihou", the first kanji means "four"... I can't quite make out the second one, even in the high-quality RAW ~_~ It could well be the "Shihou" of "Shihouin Yoruichi".]
Byakuya: I would rather not have had to use... // ...the techniques I learned from her.
[bottom text: Next issue, tension! It's Byakuya VS Zomari! Byakuya demonstrates the sheer difference in power?!]

Byakuya: You are the one who has too much pride, // Espada. // But worry not. // Your defeat shall not be a result of that pride. // You are simply not... // ...on my level.

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#1. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Nov 10, 2007
Thx, great trans =D

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Posted on Nov 10, 2007
Thx 4 e trans ^^
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Posted on Nov 10, 2007
thanx for the translation
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Posted on Nov 11, 2007
thank you
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Posted on Nov 11, 2007
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Posted on Nov 13, 2007
thanks for the translation!!!
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