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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 501

One Piece Chapter 501

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 30, 2008 12:33 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 501: The World Begins To Shift
CP9's Independent Report Vol. 11: "We'll Gladly Accept Your Soaked Cash"

[insert text: Garp recieves a report...!!]
[box: Marine HQ]
Garp: "Dark King" / Silvers Rayleigh.........
[TN: His "title", "meiou", literally means "Dark King", but is a rare compound generally used to refer to the Greek/Roman gods of the underworld, Hades and Pluto. Indeed, the planet Pluto is "Meiou-sei" in Japanese. I'm tempted to translate it as "Hades", but that doesn't work too well as a title ~_~]
RandomMarine: It seems that they have not realised just who he is... / They're planning to sell him off as just an ordinary old man.
Garp: Selling the Dark King off at a Human Auction...!! Bwahahah!
RandomMarine: This is quite the situation if it's really him... / My subordinates say they can't be one hundred percent certain......!!
Garp: Tea.
RandomMarine: Ah... yes. / What should we do, Vice-Admiral? Should we report this to Fleet Admiral Sengoku...?
Garp: ...Nah, I'll handle this... Don't you go telling anyone else, Sengoku included! // Make sure your subordinates are clear on that.

RandomMarine: B... But if it really is him......
Garp: Oh, it's him, no doubt about that.
RandomMarine: Wha - ?!
Garp: I hear about sightings of the guy from time to time. / ...If you ask me... he probably lost at gambling and ended up selling himself, don't you think? // He may be an old man, but if we go up against Rayleigh without the proper care... / ...we could end up losing an awful lot of Marines. // We can't handle that right now... / Are you suggesting that the Marines take on... // ...two legends at the same time?!
RandomMarine: ...............!!

[box: Grove 1; Human Auction Ground]
Announcement: Well, then, everyone, we apologise for keeping you waiting!! // In just a few moments... // This regular monthly event... // ...the Grand Grove 1 Human Auction will begin!! // And of course, this man will be your host!!
Disco: ............
Announcer: It's the Super Bazaar-man himself... // Mister~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! DISCO!!!
Disco: Hey there, everyone!!
Caimie: ............
Disco: Boy, have we got a quality collection of slaves here for you today! / You're all in luck!! Because we've got a stunning centrepiece in store for you today!! // So you'd better start praying that you're the one who gets to take home the slave that catches your interest!!!

Disco: Well, then, it's time to begin the Auction~~!!!
Clowns: Get Numbers 2 and 3 ready!!
Disco: Entry Number One!! From Toroa, in West Blue... / It's the heir to a long line of musicions - a skilled user of any number of instruments, and a proud pirate to boot!! // Give him an instrument, and he's your BGM... give him a mop, and he's your cleaner!! // And he can make some nice wine too!! // It's a human make, at the prime working age of 25!! 192 cm tall, weighing in at 130 kilos! / His name is Byron!! Now, I'm going to start the bidding at the low, low price of 480,000 Beli!! // Anybody who's interested, raise your plates!! // Oh, and we have 520,000 Beli! / Yes, and 550,000 over there!!

Sanji: The hell is this, Duval...? // This screwed-up list...?
Duval: The going rates.

  1. Human Trading
    Acceptable goods include criminals and citizens of non-World Government countries.
    - Standard Auction Starting Prices -
    Human - 500,000 Beli ↑
    Dwarves - 700,000 Beli ↑
    Minkmen - 700,000 Beli ↑
    Longarms - 700,000 Beli ↑
    Longlegs - 700,000 Beli ↑
    Snakenecks - 700,000 Beli ↑
    Fishmen - 1,000,000 Beli ↑
    Giants (Male) 50,000,000 Beli ↑ (Female) 10,000,000 Beli ↑
    Merfolk (Female) 70,000,000 Beli ↑ (Male) 1,000,000 Beli ↑ (Parted Female) 10,000,000 Beli ↑
    Devil-Fruit Users - Market Price

Duval: You can see why everyone's after the mermaids, right? They're on a different level. // Of course, once they're bought, their owners can do what they like with them... but generally, the mermaids end up as trophies for the wealthy. // She'd end up stuffed into a tiny fishtank and put on display for the rest of her life.
Sanji: Dammit, what are you trying to say?!!
Duval: Man... I don't know if you can even call that "living"...
Sanji: If that's what you think, then hurry up and find her already!!

Riders: All kidnappers in the 20's... // ...have been accounted for!!
Luffy: Hurry up and head up!
Rider: This thing's not a bird, you know - it needs a run-up.
Luffy: CAIMIE~~~~~~! WHERE ARE YOU~~~~~?!!
MonkeyDude: Man, it pisses me off!!
OtherDude: ......
MonkeyDude: Giants! Freakin' giants!!! I caught the bastard fast asleep, an' that's fair enough... / ...but do you have any idea what a pain it is to transport those things?!!
[box: Kidnapping Team "Coffee Monkeys"]
MonkeyDude: You'd think that after all that, we'd get pride of place in the auction, right?!! / But right before the auction started, apparently some bastard brought in a freakin' mermaid!!
Usopp: ?!

MonkeyDude: You think I can handle that without drink?!
Usopp: Wait a minute!! That's it!! Who are we talking about?!!
Rider: This is Unit 5. / Calling all units of the "Rosy-Life Riders"!! // Do you read me? Our culprit...
Luffy: They've found her?!
Duval: All right... let's go!!
Brooke: So fast!! This is scary!!
Franky: She better not have been sold already...!
Rider: ...is "Hound Pets"!!! Head to Grove 1!!
Zoro: I'm trying to get back to my ship... / ...do you guys know the way to Grove 1...?
Nami: Hurry!!
Hacchan: Nyuu~~~!! Thank goodness!!
Pappagg: Caimie~~~~~! // At the auction house...!!

Disco: Now, moving right along!! // Out next entry, Number 6!! // It's a working force of ten human males!!!
Duval: What're the plans for today's auction?!!
Rider: It opens at four, so it's already been on for half an hour!
Sanji: Whoa, that's not good...!
Duval: No, there's still time. A "mermaid" is sure to be the centrepiece of the auction. / They won't bring her out until the second half! We can still make it!!
Sanji: Well, just make sure you take the shortest route! / This thing is freaking slow!!!
Duval: Calm down already, young Black Leg master.

Duval: I'm the Head of the team! // When they told us where the mermaid is... / ...did you see me change course at all?
Sanji: ...Hm? No...
Duval: I've been heading for Grove 1 right from the start!!! // And there it is!!! Grove Number 1!!! // I'm the first one here... that's why I'm the Head!!!
Sanji: Huh?! // Seriously...?! You're incredible!! // Is this the instincts of a master of the trade?!!
Riders: This is the place, Reindeer-san!
Chopper: All right! Thanks!

Riders: Take care out there!
Franky: Sure thing - thanks!! // Whoa!! The hell is this?!!!
Disco: 2,000,000 Beli!! Any higher bidders?! // Aaand... sold!!!
Sanji: And why the hell can't you give her back?!!! / What the hell kind of right do you punks have to sell off Caimie-chan?!!!
Clown: You're the ones with no right to interfere! / If you keep this up, we'll be forced to take legal measures against you! / You're obstructing our business!!!
Franky: Those guys.........!!

Sanji: You call this "business", asshole?!! / Nobody should get away with an operation like this in this day and age!!!
Clown: Hmph!! I hardly think an outlaw like yourself should be lecturing us on the proper way to behave!
Sanji: .........
Nami: Selling people as slaves is a legal "taboo"!! How much are you people paying the Government?
Clown: It seems you are not very good listeners... nevertheless... / It seems that even if Government and military associates do speak with us... // ...they seem to have a little trouble catching the phrase "slave trade", if you catch my drift. / It seems that they are completely unaware of the entire business.
Sanji: .........That's just screwed-up... / ...So they're in on the whole thing...?
Franky: Forget this crap!! As long as we know the mermaid's in here... / We just have to do this!!!
Strawhats: Franky!!

Hacchan: Nyuu~!! You mustn't! There are Tenryuubito inside here! // Besides which, if they have taken possession of Caimie... / ...she will already have a "collar"!
Chopper: Whaat?! One of those exploding things?! You mean we can't just take her back?!!
Clown: Ohohoho......... Why don't you just try it...?
Sanji: Why, you......!!
Chopper: You mustn't, Sanji!!!
Franky: Oi, girlie! Where are you off to?
Nami: .........!! // If we can't just take her back...!! // Then we'll just have to play by their rules and get her back that way!!!

[box: Backstage]
Clown: Take Numbers 15 and 16 from their cages!
Dude: Aaaaghhh!! Stop this, please...!! I can't take this!! I'd rather go to jail!! / I don't want to be a slave...!!!
Caimie: (...............!!)
Clown: Give him a tranquiliser.
Dude: Call the Marines... call somebody!! // Just don't let me get sold~~~~~!!!
Caimie: .........Hacchin.........
Nami: Right now, we have a fair amount of treasure in the ship. / Even at a low estimate, I'd say it comes to at least two hundred million... what's the going rate?
Hacchan: Nyuu~~~~~!! With that much, you should have no problem buying her! / But... I could never pay back all that...
Nami: What, Hachi, are you supposed to be her guardian or something?
Hacchan: Nyu~~!! No, that's not it, but...

Nami: This is our friend who's been stolen from us! We'll get her back no matter what it costs!!
Hacchan: ............
Nami: Got a problem with that?!
Chopper: Not a chance!! Money's no object!!!
Pappagg: ......!! You guys......!! // Thank you so much...!! ...This debt... // I'll never forget it...!!!
Franky: Just hurry up!!
Disco: Now, then, we've got everyone nice and excited!!! // Nami: ............
Disco: And we have a real treasure for you here! Entry Number 15... and it's probably the world's most beautiful slave-girl!♡ // Just take a look at these glorious "proportions"! It's a 20-year-old dancing girl, by the name of Pascia!!

Someone: Boss... those guys are from the "Straw Hat Pirates"......
Kidd: !
Sanji: Nami-san, could we maybe buy her as well...?
[sFX: SLAP!!]
Kidd: I don't see their Captain, though... I would have liked to see first-hand just how big an idiot he is.
Luffy: Hurry up!! // Faster!!!
Zoro: Ahh... // This is Grove 2... // Must be the next one.........
Usopp: Everyone's probably there by now... // To Grove 1!!!

[box: Grove 24]
NewspaperPerson: EXTRA~~~!! // EXTRA~~~~~~~!!!
Apoo: Is this for real...?! The World Government.........!!!
People: Seriously......?!! // If they do a thing like that......!!!
Bonney: Whaaa??!
Someone: Captain... this is serious!!!
Hawkins: ............

Drake: So that's how they're going to play it......!!
Someone: Is something wrong, Captain Drake?
Drake: .........I understand now... // I was wondering why, despite this island being right next to Marine HQ... / ...the Marines seemed so awfully short on hands.
Someone: What's going on?!
Drake: The Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates... // Fire-Fist Ace has been sentenced to public execution.
People: Wha?! ...... / WHAAAA~~~~~~~~?!! // But if they do that... won't Whitebeard himself retaliate?!!
Drake: They're asking for war......!!!
[insert text: A gigantic incident!!]

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