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Translations: One Piece 832 by cnet128 , Bleach 682 by cnet128

One Piece 587

aku takkan lari

+ posted by FC134gent as translation on Jun 6, 2010 07:28 | Go to One Piece

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Chapter 587 - "I Will Not Run"
=aku takkan lari

white: A deal with the King--
perjanjian dengan raja
1: You know, to us..."Trash Mountain" ain't too bad a hiding place.
=aku tahu, bagi kita..."gunung sampah "itu tidak jelek untuk bersembunyi
2: I am aware of that...BlueJam...
= aku tahu itu....bluejam
3(2b): --Once this is finished...you won't need to live in hiding any longer...under my jurisdiction.
=setelah ini semua... kau tak usah bersembunyi...di wilayahku..
4(2b): I'll make you all into Nobles.
=aku akan angkat kalian semua menjadi bangsawan
5: Eh...?! Is...
eh? apa...
6: Is that the truth...!!?
=apa itu benar?
7(2b): ...King...!! You really screwed us over, didn't you...
=raja!!...apa yg anda katakan itu bnar?
8: Remember this, you son of a biiiiitch!!!
=ingat itu, brengseeeeeeek!!!
9: It's no use, Captain BlueJam!!!
=kita tak bisa berbuat apa-apa , kapten bluejam
10: We can't stop these flames! Our ship's done for!!!
=kita tidak bisa menghentikan apinya! kapal kita terbakar!!
11: We can't escape to the ocean now!!!
=kita tak bisa kelaut sekarang!!

1: The Royal Palace--
=istana kerajaan
2: My heavens...
= surgaku...
3: Night has already fallen, and yet the southern sky is still annoyingly bright...
=ini sudah malam, tapi langit selatan masih cerah
4: Our apologizes, Your Royal Highness! We will close the curtains now...!!
=maafkan kami, yang mulia! kami akan tutup tirai nya.
5(2b): Umm, father...why aren't the people in Trash Mountain human?
=um...ayah,,, kenapa orang di gunung sampah itu bukan manusia?
6: Why are they being burned up?
=kenpa mereka dibakar?
7: We call this "getting one's just desserts," my dear.
=kita sebut itu"makanan penutup " sayang
8: Think about it...it's their fault for not having been born as Nobles in the first place.
=kalau dipikir.... itu salah mereka kenpa mereka tidak lahir menjadi seorang bangsawan
9: You're right! They really should have been born as Nobles! What fools!
=ayah benar! mereka harusnya menjadi seorang bangsawan... bodohnya!
10(2b): Now, instead of talking about such filthy things...off to bed with you, sweetie. You mustn't forget all the studying you have to do tomorrow.
= sekarang kau tidur, besok kau harus belajar!
11: Yes, father!
= ya ayah!

1: This way's no good either!
= jalan itu ditutup!
2: We keep losing more and more standing ground!!
=kita tak bisa kemana-mana
3: Uwaaaaaan!! It burns, dad!!
=uwaaaaaa!! panas, ayah!
4: I'm sorry!! I promise I'll save you, alright?! Just try to bear it for now!!
=maafkan ayah!, ayah janji kita akan selamat, oke?! sabar !!
5: Haa...haa...
6: Uwaaah!!! ...!!!
7: I wonder if the guys from Trash Mountain got away alright...?!
= aku harap orang-orang di gunung sampah ini sudah melarikan diri?!
8: This isn't the time to be worrying about other people!!! ...dammit!! I have no idea where we are right now!
=sekarang bukan waktunya mengkhawatirkan orang lain!! siaal!! aku tidak tahu kita berada dimana sekarang!
9: cough, cough!!
10: Who said it was alright for you escape, you rotten kids?!?!
=siapa yang bilang kalian boleh kabur,bocahhhh?!!
11: Eh!!?
12: ...!!? BlueJam!!!

1(2b): ...!? Why are the ones who started the fire in a place like this...?!
=bukannya kalian yang membkar ini semua? Apa yang kalian lakukan?
2: You should have escaped by now...!!
=seharusnya kalian sudah kabur!!
3(2b): Shut up, maggots!!! We're in a pit of despair right now...!!
=diaam, bocaah!! kami putus asa sekarang!!
4(2b): The shit's really hit the fan now. But humans are strange creatures, you know? When they finally hit the rock bottom of hell, they start to laugh.
=perkataaan yg bodoh! manusia adalah makhluk yg aneh, ketika mereka tau mereka akan mati. tapi mereka tertawa
5: Let's go, Luffy!
=ayo, luffy
6: Don't let 'em get away!!!
=jangan biarkan mereka kabur!!
7: Wah
8(2b): We finished this job together, now didn't we? It's only right that we die
= kita selesaikan pekerjaan ini bersama,jadi kita mati bersama juga!

1(3b): You never did tell us the location of that loot you hid...before these flames burn it up, we're gonna take it with us. So out with it already!!!
=kalian tak pernah bilang dimana harta karun kalian.kami akan mengambilnya. jadi katakan dimana!!!
2: Our lives are in danger, and you're asking about the treasure!!?
=hidup kita dalam bahaya, dan menanyakan dimana harta karun!!?
3: --you'll tell us, then?
=ya, katakan !
4: If you two don't go and get it, it'll all go to waste.
=kalau kalian berdua tak mau beritahu kami, kalian menghabiskan waktu saja
5: Are you crazy?! That treasure is something that Ace and Sabo...
=apa kau gila? harta karun itu punya ace dan sabo!!
6: ...fine, I'll tell you.
=baiklah , aku akan beritahu
7: ...!! Ace!!
8: ...that's something Ace and Sabo spent a super long time
=kau dan sabo mengumpulkannya selama ini!
9(2b): Sabo'll understand!! Right now, your...our lives are more important!!!
=sabo akan mengerti, sekarang , kau , hidup kita itu yg lebih penting!!

1: What are you doing? We just told you about the location!!
=apa yg kalian lakukan? kami baru saja mengatakan tempatnya!!
2: But there's always the possibility that you're lying. You two are coming with me.
=tapi bisa saja kalian berbohong.kalian berdua ikut denganku.
3(2b): The hell we are! While you're busy doing that, we're going to lose our chance to escape!! Just go and find it by yourselves!!!
= peduli apa!! ketika kalian sibuk dengan itu kami akan kehilangan kesempatan untuk kabur!!
4: Don't anger me anymore than you already have!!!
=jangan banyak omong!!
5(3b): You think I'm just gonna rely on the savings some brats managed to collect, and that's it...?! I swore make a comeback and get revenge on those Nobles!!! That "brother" of yours is just the same as them. They all think they're fucking special, and that all other humans are nothing but trash!!!
=kalian pikir aku hanya akan bergantung pada hasil tabungan kalian?! aku bersumpah aku akan kembali dan balas dendam pada bangsawan-bangsawan brengsek itu,dan "saudara" kalian itu sama saja dengan mereka. mereka pikir mereka istimewa? mereka sama saja dengan sampah!
6: Sabo isn't like that!
=sabo tidak seperti itu!
7: Yes he is, dumbass!!! He just hung out with you two to immerse himself in a sense of superiority!!!
=ia , dia seperti itu bodoh!!dia hanya bergaul dengan kalian untuk kesenangan semata!
8: What other danger would there be for the son of two filthy rich parents!!? You were just used by a Noble as a way to kill some time!
= adakah bahaya bagi anak dari orang tua kaya kotor?!! kalian hanya digunakan oleh "noble" itu untuk membuang waktunya!
9: Deep down, he stuck up his nose and looked down on both of you, laughing behind your backs!!!
=lebih jauh, dia malu dan merendahkan kalian berdua. dan tertawa di dibelakang kalian!!
10: Don't you dare say another bad thing about Sabo!!!
=teganya kau mengatakan hal seperti itu tentang sabo!!!

1: That's right!! Sabo just wanted to be free!!!
=yaa, itu benar!! sabo hanya ingin bebas!!
2: Gyaaah
3: You little shit!!!
= bocah tengik!!
4: Uuu!!!
5: Luffy
6: Aggh...!!
7: I'm gonna kill ya...
=aku akan bunuh kau!!
8: Don't lay a finger on Luffyyyyyyyyy!!!!
= jangan coba-coba menyakiti luffy bodoh!!!!!

1: What the hell did you do?! You shady little bastard!!!
=apa yang kau lakukan? bocah!!!
2: Uoohhh!!!
3: chack!!
4: Aaaaace!!?
5: Stoooooooop!!!

1: Take a hike, ya big sea monster!!!!
= hentikan, bajingan laut!!!!
2: And let Ace goooooooo!!!
=lepaskan ace!!
3: ....kuh!!!
4: Dadan...!!!!
5: Why are you guys here!?!?
=kenap kalian disini?
6: Finally found 'em!!
=akhirnya kutemukan kalian!!

1: Woah!!! Those wounds are horrible, Luffy!!
=wah!! kau tampan juga dengan muka yg luka itu,luffy!
2: Dogura...!!
3: Ain't Sabo anywhere around here?!
=dimana sabo?
4: Sabo's alright, but he isn't here!
=sabo selamat, tapi dia tak dissini!
5: You...you're the boss monkey of Mt. Colbo, aren't you...
kau...kau adalah bos perompak dari gunung colbo kan?
6(2b): I'm the mountain bandit Dadan!! And after a series of events, I ended up getting registered as these kids' temporary parents!
=ya,karna suatu hal aku merawat mereka!
7: ...now then...
8: Time to run!!!
=waktunya, kabuuuuuuurr!!
9: Aye-aye, boss!!!
=oke, bos
10: Hurry, Ace!!!
11: I
12: will not run!!!
=takkan lari!

1(3b): What just came out of your mouth, Ace?!?! Let that guy be!!! This guy isn't infamous for nothing!!! He isn't the kind of opponent a kid like you should mess with!!!
=apa yang kau katakan, ace?biarkan saja mereka!! mereka tidak terkenal! dia bukan lawanmu!
2: M...!! Me too!
=aku juga!!
3: No, Luffy!!!
=jangan , luffy!
4: You guys take Luffy and go on ahead.
=kalian, bawa luffy pergi!
5: Boss?!
6: I'll take responsibility for Ace...!!
=aku akan memastikan
7: And bring him back later!!!
=ace kembali denganku!!
8: Boss...
9: No go!!!
10: A!! Aye-aye!!
11: Boss!!! Please promise to come back!!!
=boss!! janji pulang ya!!

1: A woman
2: and a kid...
=dan bocah
3: Overestimating your ability just because you think you've gotten a little tough is only gonna bring you blood, kid.
=kau pikir kau punya kemampuan hah bocah?
4: The only ones who survive on the battlefield...are the "strong," and the "cowardly."
=hanya satu orang yg akan bertahan...yang"kuat" dan yang"lemah!!
sfx: puh
5: It's a fact of nature that all "heroes" die...!!!
=nyatanya, semua yang disebut"pahlawan" yang mati!!
6: Dammiiiiit!!
7: ...it's all over! We're completely surrounded by fire...!!
=ini sudah berakhir! kita sudah dikelilingi api!
8: It's sooo hoooot! There's nowhere to run...!!!
=panaaas!!tak ada tempat untuk kabur!!
9: Why did this happen all of a sudden...?!
=kenapa ini terjadi begitu saja?!
10: Uwaaaaaaaaaannnn
11: Eh?!

1: Uwaaaahh
2: ....eh!?
3: How'd that road appear?!?! The explosion made a path with no flames!!!
=dariman jalan ini muncul?
ledakan itu membuat sebuah jalan yg tak ada apinya!!
4: Haa...haa...
5: I can see a shiiiiiip!!!
=aku bisa melihat kapaaal!!
6: This path leads to the beach!!!
=jalan ini menuju pantai!!
7: I dunno where it came from, but damn is it a lifesaver!!!
=aku tak tahu ini datang darimana, tapi ini adalah penyelamat!

1(2b): Your antennae must be pretty keen to have picked up on a country in this remote a region of "East Blue"....
=antena mu bagus juga.. dari sini untuk mencapai jarak seejauh itu di east blue!!
2: What, you have some emotional attachment to this place or something?
= apa kau punya semacam perasaan di tempat ini?
3(2b): --this country is like a miniature blueprint for this world's future...and there is no happiness to be found in a world that weeds out all brands as unnecessary...!!
=negara ini seperti blueprint untuk masa depan, dan tidak ada kebahagiaan yang bisa ditemukan didunia seperti disini!
4: Someday, I promise you, they will all watch as I change this world.
=suatu hari, aku janji,aku akan mengubah dunia!
5: As long as I'm here, I'll never be free!!
=selama aku disini, aku takkan pernah bebas!!
6(2b): Children are still born, even in countries like this...!!!
=anak-anak masih terlahir, biarpun di negara seperti ini..
7: All those who wish to fight together for freedom
=semua orang yang bertraung bersama untuk kebebasan
8: hop on this ship!!!
=naik kapal itu!!

1: zzzzz...
2: Ace, as well as Dadan--
=ace dan dadan
3: remained within the blazing "Grey Terminal"
=dari terminal abu-abu yang terbakar
4: and did not return--
=tidak kembali

1: W-w-Wait, Luffy!!! Where are you going with your body in such a condition?
=tunggu,luffy!!kau mau kemana dengan tubuhmu seperti itu??
2: To search for Ace and Dadan...!!
=mencari ace dan dadan
3: Don't be ridiculous!!
=jangan bercanda!!
4: Those wounds are deep. J-j-just lay down and rest!!!
=lukamu dalam.. beristirahatlah!!
5(4b): --There are tons of soldiers hovering around Trash Mountain right now cleaning up after the fire. And by "cleaning up," I mean getting rid of all the burned-up trash...including dealing with the "leftovers." --If you go now, you'll be killed!!
=disana ada banyak tentara membersihkan sampah itu setelah kebakaran!!
6: ...but...!!
7(2b): I want to see Ace...!! I'm sure Sabo is worried...!!
aku ingin bertemu ace!! aku yakin sabo mengkhawatirkannya!!
8: The ruins of the "Grey Terminal"--
=reruntuhan pangkalan grey
9: Not as many corpses as I thought there'd be.
=tidak banyak mayat seperti yang aku kira!
10: Kuaahhhh, this place really stinks...
kuaah,, tempai ini sangat bau...
11: They probably just got incinerated, bones and all...
=mungkin tulang mereka terbakar juga!!

1: I heard BlueJam's pirate ship even burned up.
=aku dengar bajak laut bluejam terbakar juga
2: Yikes! Good thing they went along with it.
3(2b): It's futile, no matter how many times you try to run, Sabo!! You are my child! I will bring you back time and time again!!
=tak masalah berapa kali kau lari... kau takkan bisa kabur,sabo!!kau adalah anakku. aku akan membawamu kembali tak peduli berapa kali kau lari..
4: Now it's time to wise up, and start studying like Stelly!!
=sekarang waktunya belajar!!
5: And finally make the father and mother that gave you life
=dan akhirnya ayah dan ibu senang!!
6(2b): proud! That is YOUR happiness!! Don't you agree?
=bangga! ini adalah kebahagiaanmu!! ya kan??
7: It's alright, father!! After all, I'm here!!
=benar, ayah!! setelah semuanya, aku disini
8(2b): Ho ho ho! I know I can always count on you, Stelly!! That's it, how about I buy you some high-end clothes? Tomorrow is the ceremony. Just a little more and we will be able to lay eyes upon those "Celestial Dragons!"
==hohoho, aku tahu aku bisa mengandalkanmu,stelly!! dan karena itu ayah membelikanmu baju yg mahal?besok ada upacara, hanya sebentar dan kita akan menarik hati"naga langit"
9: Ace, Luffy...you two are OK, right?
=ace,,,luffy, kalian berdua baik-baik saja kan?
10: I want to see you so bad.
=aku ingin bertemu dengann kalian...
11: I'm like a caged bird here.
=aku seperti burung dalam sangkar
12: It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to bear living on in this country. Every day the air around me reeks further of human stench.
=sepertinya aku tak bisa tinggal disini,setiap hari udara disini lebih busuk dari bangkai manusia!!
13: Just what is freedom? Where does it lie?
=jadi apa itu kebebasan? apakah hanya sebuah kebohongan?

1: --This is the day on which World Nobles are scheduled to come from the "Grand Line" to visit the Goa Kingdom.
=hari ini adalah dimana para bangsawan dari grand line mengunjungi kerajaan goa
2: Preparations were made for an extravagant ceremony facing the port of arrival--
= persiapan dilakukan untuk upacara mewah di pelabuhan kedatangan..
3: Hey, hey, who sent a boat out there?!
hey.hey, siapa yang mengeluarkan kapal itu?!
4: Heeey, come back here!! You're gonna ruin the ceremony!!
=heyy, kembali!! kau akan mengacaukan upacaaranya!!
5: Is that a fishing ship?! There's a kid riding on it!!
=apa itu kapal ikan?! ada anak kecil diatasnya!!
6: ...!! A kiiid!?
=anak kecil??
7: Just which family is he from!!?
= dari keluarga mana dia?
8: What nice weather...!! Today
= cuaca yg bagus!! hari ini
9: is the perfect day to set sail!!!
=adalah hari yg sempurna untuk berlayar!!
white: Sabo departs!!
=kepergian sabo!!

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