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Claymore 100

Encounter of Bitter Enemies

+ posted by gernot as translation on Feb 20, 2010 08:51 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 100

Claymore 100

Page 1-2
Scene 100 仇敵邂逅
Encounter of Bitter Enemies
For whose sake do the warriors fight?

Page 3
Priscilla, who instantly killed Riful of the West and advances.
Clare’s memory will not forget this ominous youki...
な…なんだ… - Wh... What...
なんだあいつは…? - What is she...?
How can she be walking normally in the middle of something like this?
プリ…シラ… - Pri...scilla...

Page 5
お腹がすいたわ – I’m hungry
何年もの間… - For so many years
ずっと… - I’ve always...
ずっと… - always...
ずっと… - always...
ずっと我慢してきたのよ、あたし… - always endured it
微かな匂いを頼りに… - Relying on a faint scent
ようやくここまで辿り着いて… - I finally made it here
なんだ… - What?
何を言っているんだ、あいつ… - What is she saying...
ビキ - biki
それで… - And so...

Page 6-7
あなた…誰…? – Who... are you... ?

Page 8
がああ - Gaaa
な!? – Wh!?
クレア - Clare

Page 9
が - Ga
がああ - Gaaa

Page 10
が - Ga
クレア - Clare

Page 11
Until I figure out who you are...
would you please refrain from getting yourself killed?
ぐ… - Gu...
が… - Ga...
くそ - Damn

Page 13
馬鹿な… - Ridiculous...
あいつ… She...
片手だけであれをバラバラにしたぞ – shattered it with just one hand!
く… - Sh...
動くな、ヘレン – Don’t move, Helen
We can’t even navigate through this and make it over there
ち… - Chi...
あのバカ… - That idiot...
What the hell did she get herself into this time?
(t/l: Not exactly sure about this sentence. I couldn’t find an English translation for とち狂う, but I found a Japanese one that says it meansばかみたいにふざける。ひどくたわむれる。So basically it means to goof off really badly and generally behave like an idiot. So, something like “What the hell kind of stupid thing did she do this time?”... 狂う means “to go mad”, but I think it means “mad” as in “crazy”, not “angry”, so I think queenofmuffins’ FH translation of this line is incorrect.)
しかしなんだ、あれは… - But what is that...
She’s on a different level from anything we’ve encountered so far...

Page 14
ぐ… - Gu...
ぎ… - Gi...

Page 15
おかしいわね… - Strange...
Although the source of the scent is definitely you...
Even if I look at you, I can’t remember a single thing...
誰なのよ、あなたは… - Just who are you...?
And I thought that if only I found you, I would be able to regain my lost memories...
ぎ - Gi
ビキ - biki
それなのに何よこれ – and yet, what’s this?
Just what was the point of looking for you up until now...
そうね… - That’s right...
There aren’t that many choices of what to do from here

Page 16
If I kill you with this hand...
I wonder if I might be able to remember a little something...?

Page 17
よ - yo
ふん – Hmph
やべ – Oh no

Page 18
がああ - Gaaa
あああ - Aaa

Page 19
がああ - Gaaa
クレア - Clare
ち - Chi

Page 20
が - Ga

Page 21
がはっ - Gaha
が… - Ga...
がは - Gaha
ボコ - Goko
はぁ - Haa

Page 22
はぁ - Haa

Page 23
クレア、まて – Clare, wait
無理だ そいつは次元が違う – It’s impossible, she’s on a different level
一旦引け – Pull back for the moment
とにかくこの場から離れるんだ – Somehow or other we have to get away from this place
はぁ - Haa
もうすぐラファエラとルシエラからの射出が終わる – Soon the shooting from Rafaela and Luciela will be over
At that moment, please get away from here as far as possible together...
I was planning to meet with Miria again and destroy the organization together, but...
it seems like that won’t come true...
クレア… - Clare...
お前何を言って… - What are you saying...

Page 24
すまない… - Sorry...
私は人を捨てる – I’m giving up my humanity
な…? - Wh...?
馬鹿な…何を言っているんだ – Nonsense... what are you saying?
そんな事許されると思ってんのか – Do you think we would let you do that?

Page 25
そうだ、あのガキはどうすんだよ – Ah, what about that kid?
Didn’t you come all the way here to the West to look for him?
The reason I wanted to see him was to make sure he’s alright and to say good bye
I’ve been planning to do this from the start if I met the one now standing right before my eyes...
The reason I stayed alive...
is just to kill her
な… - Wh...

Page 26
ビキ - biki

Page 27
あ…あいつ… - Sh... She
クレアの奴… - Clare...
あの時の… - From that time...
She’s planning to do that thing from back in Pieta
ビキ - biki
ボコ - boko

Page 28
射出は終わった – The shooting is over
いけ、ヘレン、デネブ – Go, Helen, Denebu
クレア – Clare

Page 29
何よそれ… - What’s that

Page 30
があああ - Gaaaa

Page 31
ああ - Aa

Page 33
な…? - Wh...?
クレア - Clare
何よそれ… - What’s that
あなた… - You
覚醒なんてできないじゃない – can’t awaken at all, can you
Clare, who tried the complete awakening of all four limbs that pulverized the lion king in Pieta. But, what unexpected disaster...!!

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