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Claymore 100

+ posted by Queenofmuffins as translation on Feb 2, 2010 04:34 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 100

Reserved for Franky-House. Can be used by any international groups~
Can be used for English scans after FH's release. ^^

Note: This is a just one-off because they needed a translator. I'm not picking Claymore up. Plus, I've never even read Claymore before, so please make sure I haven't mistranslated any names or anything! <3

Third translation for the day! I'm beat. ^^;

-SCENE 100: Meeting with a mortal enemy.
-Yagi Norihiro

-For whom
-are the soldiers fighting for?

-What is she...?
-Why is she able to walk around here so normally...?



-I'm starving.

-For so many years...
-All this time I've endured it...

-Relying on this weak scent...
-To finally arrive here....

-What is she saying...?

-And so...

-Who are...





-Grrgh / Grrghh




-Before I work out who you really are,
-Can you stop trying to die so easily?

-Gurghh... / Garrgh... / Garrgh...



-She... / crushed that to bits with only one hand!


-Don't move, Helen.
-We can't interfere. It's impossible for us to go over there.

-That idiot...
-What the hell is she getting so pissed off for this time?

-More importantly...
-She's on a different level compared to the one's we've met before...

-Guurrghh... / Giirgh...Girgh...

-How strange...
-Although the cause of the scent is definetly you... / I can't remember a single thing from seeing you...

-Who are you,...
-I thought that if I found you I'd regain my lost memories...

-Grr / Girrgh / Grrgh

-However, why is that?
-For what reason have I been pursuing you for uptill now...?

-Grr / Girrgh / Grrgh

-Oh, well...
-From here onwards there aren't many choices avaliable.

-If I kill you with my own two hands...
-There may be even a small chance I'll remember something...?






-Claire! [Tn: Seriously, does this chick ever do anything else but yell "Claire"?]






-Wait, Claire!
-It's impossible! She's on a different level!

-Retreat for a moment!
-At any rate, we need to leave this place!


-The shooting from Rafael and Luciela will be over soon. [Tn: Can also mean "injecting; emitting; spraying". Choose whichever one they use for Claymore. ^^]
-At that moment, you two should get as away from here as far as possible...

-I had planned on destroying the Organization together with Miria and the rest, once we'd met up with them again...
-But it looks like that's no longer possible ....

-What are you saying...

-I'm sorry....
-I'm abandoning my humanity.


-Impossible... what are you talking about?
-You think I'll forgive you for doing that?

-That's it! What are you going to do about that kid?
-Didn't you come to the west to look for him!?

-I just wanted to meet Lucky and say goodbye to him once I knew he was safe...
-I intended to do this from the very beginning, as soon as I met this girl in front of me...

-My sole reason for living...
-is simply to kill her.




-Just like then... / She's planning on doing that just like at Pieta!

-The shooting has finished.
-Go, Helen. Deneve.


-What's that...






-What's that...

-You not supposed to be able to awaken?
Side text: Just like when she crushed Rigardo back at Pieta, Claire is trying to completely awaken her limbs. But an unexpected accident occurs...!
-CLAYMORE - Continue in April's Issue.

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#1. by Ryus ()
Posted on Feb 3, 2010
Some have told me the last line should be translated...

-What's wrong with you?
-You... can't even awaken, can you?

I can't translate Japanese, so which is correct?

Also... Lucky should be replaced with Raki.

#2. by Queenofmuffins ()
Posted on Feb 3, 2010
Ah, okay. I didn't think it was Lucky, but it was written "Raki" so I thought I'd Engrish it just in case. ;)
Thanks for that!

As for that line... well, Japanese is hard so I don't really know for certain, but I think your friend's "You... can't even awaken, can you." is more correct that mine.

The line is literally;
何よそれ… (literally "What's that"...)
あなた… (Literally "you"...)
覚醒なんてできないじゃない (literally "awaken (word not really in english) can't right?")

So, yeah, I think I mis-read that line a bit. XD

Although, I don't think the "What's wrong with you?" line is correct, seeing as that isn't in the Japanese. It's a hard line to tread; making it flow and creating new words. :3
#3. by Ryus ()
Posted on Feb 3, 2010
I can only imagine... Thanks for clearing up my confusion. :D
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