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Claymore 101


+ posted by gernot as translation on Mar 3, 2010 08:34 | Go to Claymore

-> RTS Page for Claymore 101

Claymore 101

Page 1
な…? - Wh...!?
クレア - Clare
It was possible for the battle against Rigaldo to become a model for the one against Priscilla
Her mortal enemy Priscilla right in front of her eyes, Clare tried to awaken all four limbs, but the awakening suddenly came undone

Page 2
Not that I was conscious of this during the battle against Rigaldo, but
I realized later that the body’s size and speed, the method of attack and so on, all of those are repeated with Priscilla
(Not quite sure about 重ねられる here: Literally, 重ねる means "to pile s/t up, to pile one on top of another". 重ねられる is either passive (to be piled up) or potential (can pile up). From the context, I think it should mean something like: Rigaldo's body size, speed, and type of attacks match Priscilla's: He's not all that huge, he's super fast, and he can shoot tentacle kind of things... Unfortunately, I couldn't find any source that translates 重ねる as "match", but I did find one dictionary entry that uses "repeat". Maybe you could say something like this:
"I realized later that his body’s size and speed, the method of attack and so on, all of those stack pretty well with Priscilla.")
As long as one has average strength as a warrior, one can defeat her with the claymore...
This I also understood from the fact that on that day, not the physically strong Sofia, but the lightning fast Noel cut off her arm
(t/l: I had completely missed that fact that one of them had managed to cut off Priscilla’s arm, but I went back and checked :-) It really happened)
Great strength is not necessary
just as long as one has speed and technique that surpasses her
It is fair to say that I spent the following seven years in the North training those two well
Days of practice sealing the high-speed sword and honing speed and technique

Page 3
Raising the basis that further increases the level of my abilities when awakened
(lit.: Raising the basis that further heightens the state /condition when awakened)
When face to face with Priscilla, I was planning to use that strength without hesitation

SCENE101 楔 - Wedge
Clare’s one and only trump card... vanished!?

Page 4
な…なんだ…? - Wh...What...?
What in the world just happened...?
But she surely should have awakened...
(To think that) that would (revert) back to its original state in an instant...
(The words in parentheses are not actually present in the Japanese sentence)
ぎ… - Gi...
ビキ - biki

Page 5
がぁぁ - Gaaa
な - Wh

Page 6
ビキ - biki
も…戻った…? - It... reverted...?
が - Ga

Page 7
ビキ - biki
何故だ… - Why...
何故覚醒できない…? - Why can’t I awaken...?
がはっ – Gaha / *cough*
つまらない…… - Boring
つまらないわ、あなた… - You’re so boring...

Page 8
ぐ… - Gu...
が - Ga
ビキ - biki
おい、デネブ – Hey, Deneve
一体何がどうなってやがんだ? - Just what the hell is going on?
あの化物がクレアの覚醒を邪魔してやがるのか? - Is that monster interfering with Clare’s awakening?
ぐが - Guga
ビキ - biki
が - Ga
くそ - Damn
何故だ – Why

Page 9
そうか… - I see
そういうことか… - So that’s how it is...
が - Ga
楔…? - A wedge...?
なんだよ – What’s that?
なんだよ、その楔って… - What do you mean by “wedge”...
あれは相手の力じゃない – That’s not the opponent’s strength
Clare herself is reverting the awakening
She’s probably not aware of it herself...
A wedge driven into the depths of her (sub)consciousness...

Page 10
ジーンという名の… 大きな楔だ…
A giant wedge... by the name of Jean...
が - Ga
ビキ - biki

Page 11
ジーンって… - Jean?
Are you saying she did something to Clare?
No, Jean isn’t involved
It’s a wedge that Clare stuck there herself
意識の更に奥… - Even deeper in her (sub)consciousness...
In such a deep (sub)consciousness that Clare herself is not aware of it...
The awakening she did to defeat Rigaldo...
And Jean, who put her life at stake and reverted it
Put in other words, we can say that the current Clare is standing upon the life of Jean from back then
Of course Clare has not forgotten those things either, but...
With the enemy she must defeat before her, she averted her eyes from them...
No, she herself might have wanted to take her life as atonement, but...
Clare is painfully aware of Jean’s feelings that would not allow that

Page 12
ぐ… - Gu...
う - U
なんだ…? - What...?
私は何を泣いているんだ…? What am I crying for...?
けっ - Ke
まったく… - Seriously...
She’s such an idiot...

Page 13
動けるか、ヘレン – Can you move, Helen?
ん - Hhm
あぁ - Yeah
なんとかな… - Somehow or other / I can manage
あんな馬鹿でも我々の仲間だ – Although she’s such an idiot, she’s our comrade
助けにいくぞ – Let’s go save her
Save her, with such a monster as an opponent? I can’t picture it at all though
(lit.: I can’t see the composition at all)
Don’t you mean, “Let’s go die together”?
Well, if you want to take it that way, that’s not a problem, but...
it’s not like the chance of survival is zero either
ビキ - biki

Page 14
ビキ - biki
Opponents we’ve fought all day long since yesterday
Surely they’re already totally like friends
へっ - Heh
やな友達だぜ –What unpleasant friends
Ah well, after spending a whole day playing with them to the point that I’m sick of it
I’ve pretty much figured out how they move
That’s sufficient
Let’s stir up the situation

Page 15
ぐ… - Gu...
が - Ga
がぁぁ - Gaaa
ぐが - Guga

Page 16
どりゃあぁぁ – do ryaaaa

Page 17
ビキ - biki

Page 18
ふん - Hmpf
デネブ - Deneve

Page 19
ビキ - biki
ち - Chi

Page 20
きいたか? - Did it work?
いや、無理だ – No, it’s impossible
No matter how you look at it, it’s not an opponent we can defeat with this
So far, it’s going as planned
(lit.: The flow up to now is according to plan)
予想の範囲内… - Within limits of expectation / prediction
ビキ - biki
ギ - gi
ギニャ – gi nya
ギシ - gishi

Page 21
ここから先は… - From here on out...
運まかせだ… - It’s up to luck

Page 22
ギ - Gi
ギヒ - gihi
ギニャ – gi nya
はぁ - Haa

Page 23
Although I thought it was lucky...
that there was no direct hit from the second attack
はぁ - Haa
くそ… - Damn...
Can I really not do it as well as Cynthia...?

Page 24
I’m ... alive...?

Page 25
ギヒャア – Gu hyaa
う… - U...
く… - Ku...

Page 26
It will still take time until her youki spreads through her whole body and allows her to move
Cynthia’s youki synchronization could probably work well up to that point
But for me it took all I got just to get /that/ far...
く… - Ku...
ビキ - biki

Page 27
く… - Ku...
ビキ - biki
くそ - Damn
なんだこれは – What the hell is this!
ベキ - biki
バキ - baki
ぐが - Guga

Page 28
はぁ - Haa
ビキ- biki
くそ - Damn
右腕はもう使えないか… - So I can’t use my right arm anymore, huh...
ギ - Gi
ギヒャ – Gi hya
It’s good that I lured them this far, but if I get killed here, it looks like Cynthia will be unnecessarily burdened again
ギヒ - gihi
ギヒャ – gi hya
ギ - gi
For that reason too, I would rather not die yet, but...
Most of all, I finally learned youki synchronization and regeneration...
I thought I could finally help support everyone
I wonder if Miria would praise me...
ギ - Gi
ギニャ – Gi nya
Helen and Deneve will probably look surprised
(lit.: ... make round eyes)

Page 29
Tabatha will probably say the same thing as Miria.
クレアは – Clare will...
クレアはどうだろ… I wonder what she will say
Clare never seems to care what happens around her
She probably won’t say anything at all
But it also seems like she might be the happiest for me deep inside
I so wanted to see everyone’s faces one more time...
ギ - Gi
ギヒャ – Gi hya
く… - Ku...
ヘレンとデネブの仲間だな – It seems like you’re one of Helen and Deneve’s comrades

Page 31
The debt for my comrades that were saved...
you shall let me return the second one’s share
Support from Dietrich!
Will Miria’s main force finally arrive!?

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#1. by Goral ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2010
That was fast. Thanks.
#2. by racjona ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2010
thanks a lot :)
As Goral said, that was really fast :)
#3. by ingwe137 ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2010
Thanks for the proper translation
#4. by Piggy ()
Posted on Mar 4, 2010
Fast, reliable, best - as always ;)

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I'm unsure about the translation of "重ねられる" on page 2...

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