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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Naruto 316

Naruto 316 Translation

+ posted by HisshouBuraiKen as translation on Jul 20, 2006 12:31 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 316

Page 1:
Title: Training Commences!
Side: Naruto brims with excitement and anticipation! His REAL summer is about to begin!

Page 2:
Text: One more thing must be cleared up before the training begins!
Kakashi: Your chakra's nature is "wind".

Naruto: Wind...
Kakashi: Wind can blow past anything, or slice things to bits.
As a chakra type, it has extraordinary applications in battle.

Naruto: Yeeeeah, YEAHH!! I'm SO awesome!!!!
Kakashi: Not yet, you're not - We only JUST found this out.

Yamato: That's right.
Now you need to train hard and learn how to manipulate it correctly.

Naruto: Hrmm....

Page 3:
Kakashi and Yamato: Yes?
Naruto: Okay! Like!
Then, what kind of "Nature manipulation" does Captain Yamato use for Wood-element jutsu?

Page 4:
Yamato:Doton! Doryuu Joubeki! (Earth Element! Earth Rampart!)
Suiton! Takitsubo no jutsu! (Water Element! Waterfall Basin technique!)

Page 5:
Naruto: He made a WATERFALL?
Yamato: I'm adept at both earth and water "Nature manipulation", Naruto.
Naruto: So YOU can use more than one type TOO?

Kakashi: By the time you're a jounin-class ninja, most people can use at least two types.
I can use more than just Lightning element jutsu, for example.

Naruto: So then Captain Yamato's Wood-element means he can use three types?
Kakashi: Not exactly.

Page 6:
Yamato: I can only change my chakra to be water or earth-natured.
"Wood" isn't one of the basic elements.

Naruto: Okay, then how-
Kakashi: He uses them simultaneously.
By combining earth and water-natured chakra at the same time,
a new type, "wood", is born.

Yamato: Earth from my right hand.
Water from my left.

Page 7:
Naruto: Holy crap...
Yamato: When you can perform multiple kinds of Nature Manipulation,
it'spretty easy to use them seperately.

But using two at the same time and combining them...that's another story.

Kakashi: The ability to use two different types of Nature Manipulation at once,
and create an entirely new element...

Page 8:
Kakashi: Is called a bloodline limit.
I KNOW you've heard that phrase before.

Naruto: Yeah...
Kakashi: That boy Haku that you fought...
He had a bloodline limit that used what I'd call "Ice Element" jutsu.

He combined wind and water to create ice.
An ability like that is genetic, not something you can achieve normally.

Naruto: Haku, too...
Kakashi: And that's why I couldn't copy it with my Sharingan.

Page 9:
Kakashi: Okay, so for your training, we-
Naruto: Then what about Shikamaru's Shadow Mimic, or Chouji's Multi-Size?

Hey, what about medical jutsu and Genjutsu?

Kakashi: That'll take even more time to explain,
And you won't get it if I only tell you once...

Yamato: Kakashi-sensei will tell you about "Dark" and "Light" nature manipulation next time.
But now, you need to train.

Page 10:
Kakashi: Yep.
First we need to strengthen the wind nature present in your chakra.
Naruto: HowhowHOW?
Kakashi: Sandwich a leaf between your hands,
and slice it in half with chakra.
Naruto: GOT IT! :ossu

Page 11:
Kakashi: I want you doing this with a bunch of Shadow Clones, like we talked about.
Naruto: No prob. How many should I use?
Kakashi: Well, you need one per lead...
so about a tree's worth.

Naruto: Shadow Clone Technique!

Page 12:
(Pieces - T-B, L-R: Pawn, Gold General, Bishop, Knight, Pawn, Lancer)
Shikamaru: This is interesting...why'd you change to the Silver-Rook attack all of a sudden?
Asuma: We've got plenty of time, so I'm playing conservatively.
Besides, it's a valid way to break through the enemy's defenses.
I like to play like this every now and then.

Shikamaru: No you don't. You hate that style - like me.

Asuma: When you're up against a skilled opponent,
you need to make sacrifices to protect the King.

Page 13:
Shikamaru: Something wrong?
Asuma: Not really...
It's just that I only recently
realized how important the King is.

Shikamaru: Well, duh. If the King's captured the game ends.
That's what Shougi's all about.

Pieces: Knight, Lancer

Asuma: If you ws Leaf Shinobi were Shougi pieces,
I'd say you'd be a Knight, Shikamaru.
Shikamaru: Why?
Asuma: It doesn't have much "strength" [for a shougi piece, this would be how far and which directions it can move], but it jumps over its enemies and positions itself strategically.
It's like the way you think and strategize, it doesn't have any kind of easily read pattern to its movement.

Page 14:
Shikamaru: What about you?
Asuma: Me? Nothing. I'm just-

(Pieces: T-B, L-R - Pawn, Promoted Silver, Bishop, Gold, Lancer, Knight, Silver)

Shikamaru: A sacrifice, eh...
Asuma: And you know who the King is?

Page 15:
Shikamaru: Hokage-sama, I guess?
Asuma: I thought so up until now,
but that's not it.

Shikamaru: Okay, then who?

(Pieces T-B, L-R: Bishop, pawn, promoted Rook, pawn)

Asuma: You'll figure it out.
Page 16/17:
Text: Naruto's unbelievable training commences!
Kakashi: Already got it...
Took less time than I thought, too. [he's saying how even with all the shadow clones, he's impressed naruto did it that fast.]


If you wanna see about Shogi pieces, check out [url=http://www.shogi.net/nexus/symbols.html]http://www.shogi.net/nexus/symbols.html. The symbols for the "Rook" and "Bishop" are the first Kanji in Hidan and Kakuzu's names, respectively.

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#1. by destinator ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2006
Thanks a lot for the translation <3
#2. by Bibichan ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2006
Thanks, mate!
#3. by gnutte ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2006
Thanks for the translation!
#4. by Mitchell ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2006
I'm whacking refresh trying to see if you've got the next page ;P

thanks for the translation.
#5. by Metris ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2006
This really flows well. Great translation. Thanks a lot :)
#6. by PixelGuy ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2006
Excellent translation as always, very smooth.
#7. by kyubisharingan ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2006
AWSOME wat would we do witout u
#8. by zerocharisma ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2006
Quote by hisshouburaiken :

The symbols for the "Rook" and "Bishop" are the first Kanji in Hidan and Kakuzu's names, respectively.

very cool insight.
And thanks for the translation!

#9. by Miso ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2006
Thanks for the translation!
#10. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2006
Quote by Metris :

This really flows well. Great translation. Thanks a lot :)
as usual. arigato gozaimasu!!!
#11. by Brede ()
Posted on Jul 20, 2006
thanks for the translation and for the explanation on the shogi pieces
#12. by Leen (MH's Peacemaker)
Posted on Jul 20, 2006
Thanks for the translation and also for the extra information on shougi.:knk
#13. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Jul 21, 2006
HOooooooo nice translation. Great work.
arigatou, banzaiiiiiiiiiiii
#14. by dylec ()
Posted on Jul 21, 2006
Nice. You even took some time for the shogi pieces. ;]
#15. by wxyrty ()
Posted on Jul 21, 2006
Thanks! but Naruto is more important than the Hokage?
#16. by Itachi_Rebelo ()
Posted on Jul 25, 2006
good...thks for the translation...im new here...this is a cool site
Bye...and waiting for chapter 317
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