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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Naruto 291

Naruto Chapter 291

+ posted by Iwanin as translation on Jan 20, 2006 13:54 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 291

I figured I'd translated half of the chapter already, so what the heck.

Title page.

291: The "rage trigger"

Page 2.

Naruto: Give Sasuke-kun...

Naruto: Back...

Kabuto: You know we can't do that, Naruto-kun.

Kabuto: The mere suggestion's nonesense!

Page 3.

Kabuto: Sasuke-kun came to us of his own free will.

Kabuto: You'll just have to get on with your life. Going on like that is hardly becoming of a man*.

*Liked Nick's line. Pilfered it.

Sakura: Quiet, four-eyes*!

*I did not, however, pilfer this one.

Sakura: You don't know a thing about Naruto's feelings, so you can drop the tough guy act for all I care!

Orochimaru: If you want to know how Sasuke-kun's doing... persuade me by force to share it with you!

Orochimaru: If you can, that is.

Page 5.

Naruto: Ugaaaaaah!! booogaaah!

Page 7.

Sakura: Naruto...

Sakura: This is - ...!?

Sai: What on earth was that? I wonder what his chimpo looks like right now...

Page 8.

Jiraiya: It's about the time I was training with Naruto, and saw his Kyuubi chakra's fourth tail.

Jiraiya: His rage acting as a trigger, he began sprouting demon fox tails...

Jiraiya: He retained awareness up until the third tail...

Jiraiya: But as soon as the fourth was out, he lost all reason - he acted only on the urge to destroy...

Jiraiya: It's like you were looking at a miniature Kyuubi.

Kakashi: So it's gotten to that point - the Fourth's jutsu notwithstanding...

Jiraiya: I don't understand it all that well myself. The only thing I *can* say at this point...

Jiraiya: Is that we may well ask ourselves if the Fourth's seal...

Jiraiya: Might not be weakening...

Page 9.

Jiraiya: One more thing ... when Naruto's in Kyuubi state, the demon fox shape taken on by his chakra ostensibly protects him... but in reality, it's the opposite: his body's hurting nonstop.

Jiraiya: When the fourth tail came out, Naruto's demon fox-like body was drenched in blood...and despite his serious injuries, he continued his rampage.

Jiraiya: When the demon-fox shape disappeared, the Kyuubi's chakra quickly healed Naruto's physical wounds, but...

Jiraiya: If he continues recuperating from injuries at that speed over and over, you can be sure his body'll start to wither and his biological lifespan will be shortened.

Tsunade: All the more reason your help is necessary, "Yamato".

Page 10.

Tsunade: Since you're the one who inherited the First Hokage's cells, of course.

Jiraiya: Right now, you're the only one who has any chance of controlling "jinchuuriki".

Jiraiya: And as luck would have it, the person now wearing the First's necklace is none other than Naruto himself.

Jiraiya: We're counting on you soldier!

Page 11.

Kabuto: Naruto-kun... I can see you've grown quite a bit as a Jinchuuriki.

Kabuto: The Kyuubi's power's grown rapidly...

Chiyo: Jinchuuriki are characterized by being able to resonate with Bijuu and wield unimaginable power...

Sakura: Naruto...

Page 12.

Orochimaru: You've grown far more jinchuuriki-like, Naruto-kun.

Page 13.

Orochimaru: And thus it was you who was chosen to look after him... Why, you might even say my humble experiments came in handy!

Orochimaru: I should think Konoha would be a bit more appreciative ...

Orochimaru: Wouldn't you agree, dearest Guinea Pig of mine?

Kabuto: Guinea pig? Just who is this individual?

Orochimaru: The sole shinobi capable of mokuton ninjutsu - and further, a man who could control "Bijuu" to his liking! The First Hokage...Oh, how I coveted his powers... *kuku* (evil laugh)...

Page 14.

Orochimaru: Once, having extracted data on the First's genome from his remains, I carried out an experiment in which his traits where genetically spliced into the cells of 60 different children, my test subjects...

Orochimaru: But they experienced this terrible adverse reaction, and began dying one after the other...

Orochimaru: And here I thought they'd all shared the same fate - to think there was a lone survivor.

Sakura: So that's why he can use the First's jutsu...

Kabuto: Well then, it seems we get to collect what you might call a long overdue sample today...


Next time: Naruto and Orochimaru have it out in full color! yeah, right.

Omake page 15.

Orochimaru: But before we do, I'd like to have Sasuke-kun fight him just once - and see for myself which has grown stronger....

Naruto: He's not your play thing...he's mine, all mine!

Naruto: Don't talk like that in front of me!

Naruto: Don't pretend Sasuke belongs to you!

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#1. by Muk ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2006
Iwanin you missed a page.
there are 15 pages.
but thx for translation
#2. by Iwanin ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2006
Not really - the thing is that the page noted as 15 I took to be the first page. Since the rest of the pages are numbered on the raw, I simply omitted the numbering from the title page, which was numbered 1.

However... now that I look at it again... on page 15 he *does* have three tails, while in the other part he just has one... so it's wierd, 'cuz page 14 is the one that says "end". Maybe page 15 is like a teaser? :p
#3. by Ah B ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2006
#4. by murmel ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2006
Oh, nice job, Pete! :D

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