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Translations: One Piece 832 by cnet128 , Bleach 682 by cnet128

Naruto 291

Naruto Ch. 291 Translation

+ posted by Nihongaeri as translation on Jan 20, 2006 10:26 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 291

Page 1

Number 291: Fury's Trigger!!

Behind the obedient mask of this obliging servant lies a face with a never-ending smile. And lying deeper still, his true intentions remain unseen to all.

Page 2

Frame 1, Naruto:
... Give Sasuke... Back...

Using Sasuke's name to taunt Naruto... Orochimaru incites a tempest of rage!!

Frame 5, Kabuto:
It's not a matter of us *giving* anything... Naruto-kun. Here, let me explain it to you...

Page 3

Frame 1, Kabuto:
Sasuke-kun came to us under his own free will. It's about time you got over it and start taking the past for what it is... Just like a real man would...

Frame 2, SFX:
(Oh! I know you didn't just say that!)

Frame 3, Sakura:
Shut your mouth, four-eyes!! You don't know a damned thing about Naruto's feelings! I've had more than enough of your "cool" attitude!

Frame 4, Orochimaru:
If you want us to tell you about Sasuke-kun... Why don't you try forcing us to say something? If you can, that is...

Frame 6, Sai:

Frame 7, Sakura:

Page 4/5

Frame 4, Naruto:

Page 7

Frame 6, Sakura:
Naruto... Is this...!?

Frame 7, Sai:
… What is *that*?

Page 8

Frame 2, Yamato:
So it's true... It ended up happening just I was told...

Frame 2, Books:
Make-Out Paradise

Frame 3, Jiraiya:
... In all likelihood, judging from the appearance of its chakra... Its tails would continue to increase at a rapid rate... And in the end...

Frame 4, Kakashi:
... there will be nine of them.

Page 9

Frame 1, Kakashi:
Exactly how many tails did you witness, Jiraiya-sama...

Frame 2, Jiraiya:

Frame 3, Jiraiya:
There have been two times in my life where I almost died. The first time I was left with six ribs and both arms broken, as well as a number of ruptured organs...

Frame 4, Jiraiya:
... after trying to take a peek at some women bathing... Tsunade... That was when you had your way with me... And then the second time...

Page 10

Frame 1, Jiraiya:
... that was when I was training with Naruto, after having witnessed his Kyuubi chakra form a fourth tail.

Frame 3, Jiraiya:
With rage acting as a trigger, the tails of the demon fox increased in number. He was able to remain conscious of his actions with just three tails formed... But once the fourth tail sprouted, he lost all appreciation for his own actions and succumbed to pure destructive impulse.

Frame 4, Jiraiya:
It was as though he had become a miniature Kyuubi demon fox.

Frame 5, Kakashi:
But how could that have happened... What of the Fourth's seal...?

Frame 6, Jiraiya:
I'm not sure of the specifics, but one thing I can say...

Frame 7, Jiraiya:
It would appear... That the Fourth's seal is in the process of weakening.

Page 11

Frame 1, Jiraiya:
And another problem... In his Kyuubi form, Naruto is enveloped by a fox-shaped shroud formed of chakra that, at first sight, looks to be protecting him... But in actuality, it was doing quite the opposite, that is, constantly causing damage to his body.

Frame 2, Jiraiya:
By the time the forth tail had formed, his body was covered with not only the chakra shroud, but also his own blood... He went on a rampage, despite his own serious injuries.

Frame 3, Jiraiya:
Once the chakra shroud dissipated, Naruto's damaged body recovered through use of the Kyuubi chakra internal to it...

Frame 4, Jiraiya:
But if he continues such rapid cycles of injury followed by accelerated healing, then without fail, Naruto's body will weaken and his lifespan will be shortened.

Frame 6, Tsunade:
And *that* is why we need you... Yamato.

Page 12

Frame 1, Tsunade:
You who inherited the cells of the First Hokage.

Frame 3, Jiraiya:
Currently, it is only you who possesses the potential to control a jinchuuriki.

Frame 4, Jiraiya:
And as luck would have it, the First's necklace is already hanging around Naruto's neck...

Frame 5, Jiraiya:
... We're counting on you...

Page 13

Frame 3, Kabuto:
Naruto-kun... I see you've developed very nicely as a jinchuuriki.

Frame 3, Kabuto (Thought):
The Kyuubi's power is becoming ever stronger, no doubt...

Frame 4, Chiyo (Flashback):
The defining characteristic of a jinchuuriki is his ability to wield unfathomable power by working in sync with the bijuu he harbors.

Frame 6, Sakura:

Page 14

Frame 1, Orochimaru:
My oh my... You sure have become quite the jinchuuriki... Naruto-kun...

Page 15

Frame 1, Orochimaru:
And that explains why you were chosen to watch over him. It would appear my experiments were of some help after all...

Frame 2, Orochimaru:
I should think Konoha would be a bit more appreciative... Wouldn't you agree, dearest guinea pig of mine?

Frame 4, Kabuto:
Guinea pig? Just who is this person?

Frame 5, Orochimaru:
Well, you see, the First Hokage was a shinobi possessing the most unique of abilities... His mokuton ninjutsu... And what's more... He was able to bend bijuu to his own will... Oh how I coveted those gifts of his... Heh heh...

Page 16

Frame 1, Orochimaru:
Having obtained data on the First's genome from his remains, I carried out an experiment in which his genetic traits were spliced into the cells of 60 different children, my test subjects...

Frame 2, Oro:
But their bodies didn't seem to like the foreign DNA, to say the least... They died by the dozens, one after another...

Frame 3, Oro:
And here I thought they'd all shared the same fate... To think there was a lone survivor.

Frame 5, Sakura?:
That explains why the captain can use the First's mokuton ninjutsu...
("mokuton ninjutsu" effectively means "wood-element ninja techniques")

Frame 6, Kabuto:
... Well then, it seems you'll be able to get your hands on what one might call a long overdue research sample.

Chapter Preview:
Orochimaru VS Naruto! A violent clash with color pages!! Next Issue, "King of the Hill"!!

Page 17

Frame 1, Orochimaru:
Yes... But before that, I would wish to see our Sasuke-kun fight the Kyuubi boy once. I wonder which has gotten stron...

Frame 2, Naruto:
He isn't yours...

Frame 5, Naruto:
In my presence, don't you dare talk of Sasuke as though he belongs to you!!

Extreme power born of a rage verging on madness! Prepare yourselves...!!

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#1. by itachirido ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2006
#2. by Leen ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2006
:w00t Thanks nihongaeri so much for your time and energy spent into this translating process. Thanks.
#3. by Lynxie ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2006
Thank you for the translation :amuse
#4. by Zenith ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2006
Thank you very muchies~! That was a great translation.
#5. by zerocharisma ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2006
#6. by Sariachan ()
Posted on Jan 20, 2006
Thanks Nihongaeri, I can't wait to read the complete translation. :)
#7. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2006
Thanks for all the compliments! (/me realizes it's been like forever since I thanked people for thanking me...)

Anyhow, I'm more or less done with the translation... Although it's still missing two pages because they still haven't shown up in Japanese. I'm be updating the translations with those to pages later this weekend (hopefully) and probably also revising the translation again tomorrow night.
#8. by njt ()
Posted on Jan 21, 2006

I'll change the front page and all that now :D
#9. by PlushKittie ()
Posted on Jan 22, 2006
Thanks for the translation, Nihongaeri! ^_^
#10. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on Jan 22, 2006
I made an update to the translation. It now includes a translation of the two previously missing pages (based off the Japanese of course), as well as a number of misc. revisions.
#11. by njt ()
Posted on Jan 22, 2006
awesome thanks Nihongaeri!!! Sorry about that, if you would have singed online I could have showed you how to update your pc to see the site faster :p.
Darn server ip change things :p

anyways, thanks :ossu
#12. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on Jan 22, 2006
Quote by njt :
Sorry about that, if you would have singed online I could have showed you how to update your pc to see the site faster :p.Today, unfortunately, I'm using a computer that can't use messenger (mainly because I'm on my wife's shit list right now...) Ahhh, marriage...
#13. by njt ()
Posted on Jan 22, 2006
Quote by Nihongaeri :

Today, unfortunately, I'm using a computer that can't use messenger (mainly because I'm on my wife's shit list right now...) Ahhh, marriage...

#14. by Anax ()
Posted on Jan 22, 2006
Thank you Nihongaeri, just THANK YOU! :thumbs :D
#15. by UzumakiRoman ()
Posted on Jan 22, 2006
Arigatou Nihongaeri!!!
#16. by lee-nus ()
Posted on Jan 22, 2006
gr8t translation! thanks a lot! :P
#17. by kiggar4l2000 ()
Posted on Jan 22, 2006
Thanks Nihongaeri...I always wait for your translations to come out. Keep up the greeeeeeeat work!
#18. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on Jan 22, 2006
Quote by Yakushi Kabuto :
In other translations, Kabuto seems to imply he will capture Yamato himself while in your translation, we have no idea how Orochimaru will capture Yamato... Who is right?I'm not quite sure what "we have no idea how Orochimaru will capture Yamato" is supposed to mean (or perhaps infer?), but I'll try to give you a rundown on the line in question.

I just checked the other four translations, but I don't see any that can be read as saying that Kabuto is "implying he himself will capture Yamato". They all use either "we" or "you", after all. If I were to critique the other translations though, I would say that Hisshou's is off due to the absence of any inference of capture, and Ratfox's is off due to it sounding a bit sketchy in terms of its English. The other two, more or less, are the same as mine, with the only real difference being the choice of pronoun.

About the sentence in question, as with many other Japanese sentences, there are no pronouns being used. As such, while Kabuto does seem to infer a scenario where Yamato would be captured, it is up to the reader to decide who will be doing the capturing. The Japanese is more literally "It seems [we/you] will be obtaining a sample that could be called the fruit of a many year [wait]". Things in brackets are implied. The reason why "I" is not a valid pronoun to use here is because the "sample" (Yamato) is not Kabuto's "fruit", so to speak.

As for why I chose "we" (I originally had "you" actually), well, there are a number of reasons. First, in the event that Yamato does end up being captured, I'd expect Kabuto to at least help out in the capture. Second, Kabuto has defined himself as being a butt-buddy of Orochimaru, and regardless of what his true colors may be, I figured the he's at least going to be emphasizing his allegiance to Orochimaru when he gets the chance. Third... Um... I guess I just "felt" it sounded better with "we".

Does that clear anything up?
#19. by da_rippa ()
Posted on Jan 22, 2006
Thank you Nihongaeri,
great Translation.
I would rep you if I could :D
#20. by Anax ()
Posted on Jan 23, 2006
@ da_rippa --> You can rep him like everyone else (with 7000+ members, if they gave just 1 point of rep, to just one translator, that would be like 7000 ki a week... soon the system would crumble  :devil-mad ). To pos rep on someone click the "Ossu!" under their ki rating, just under their name and rank. To neg rep some apparently click on the "WTF!?" on the right of the "Ossu!".

@ Nigongaeri --> The way you analysed it, it seems like your original "you" would be best, since

i) Kabuto is too sly to speak highly of himself in front of others
ii) "We" would imply he's in the same league as Orochi (or just too close to him)
iii) "You" truly shows it's Orochi's experiment result, he should have it! Hell Kabuto seems the same age as Yamato if not younger! If I where in Kabuto's place I'd say "you", because I wouldn't feel like I deserve to get my hands on the experiment. Though Kabuto's jutsus have been used in previous bodies, which would imply that he too will get his hands on this... in the end, maybe the japanese are lucky for being able to structure the sentence in a way that doesn't use pronouns, so it leaves everything hanging... Image the translation being: "It seems that a sample which could be called the fruit of many a year wait will be obtained'. Booya, that leaves everything hanging doesn't it?
iv) You just "felt" "we" was better... You know, in all my life what I "felt" concerning languages (from matters like this, to logical structure in a SetEng at the address bar of my expoler which could be turned to SetGre or SetFre, to emotes in WoW, to commands in C++ ) has proved correct often enough for me to respect your "feeling" and trust you, should you have enough experience of the language being spoken, and the cultural context (how the averege Japanese would perveive it). From what I gather, you have that (invaluable) experience, so I'll go by what you say. One last thing: My english teacher used to tell me ''When it comes to the language, the first thought is usually correct, if you spent time thinking about it, in the end you'll question yourself even on what is your name".
#21. by dylec ()
Posted on Jan 23, 2006
Woot, a great chapter deserves an equivalent translation!
Poor Jiraiya, both times he was put in a life-threatening situation are caused by someone he cares for. Heh.
#22. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on Jan 23, 2006
Quote by Yakushi Kabuto :
Nihonjitaylor translation uses pronoun "I"
Iwawin's use "we"
yours uses "you"
Sorry 'bout getting mine wrong, but I could've sworn I changed it... I had itended to at least... Serves me right for checking all the translations except my own.

NJT's translation, however, unless my eyes completely deceive me, says "you", and has assumably said "you" at least since he last updated it on the 20th.

Although, as I think about it, it is theoretically possible that NJT's translation did say "I" at first. He used, in part, previous translations of mine and Iwanin's (based off of spoiler snaps) to construct his own translation, and my translation for that particular line of the spoiler snaps (as well as Iwanin's, if I remember right) did in fact say "I" (as I wasn't able to see the text bubble and assumed it was Oro talking).
Quote by Anax :
The way you analysed it, it seems like your original "you" would be bestYes... There are certainly a number of ways of looking at it. Another argument for "we" might be that Kabuto will most likely be helping Orochimaru in "analyzing" the "research sample"... In the end I don't really know that it matters too much. Point is, it's quite open to interpretation... but it obviously isn't "I".

But maybe I will leave it as "you" after all...
Quote by dylec :
Poor Jiraiya, both times he was put in a life-threatening situation are caused by someone he cares for.Indeed... However, the more I think about it, the odder the fight between him and Naruto seems... Am I the only one? I mean, it seems that, in order for Naruto to "go Kyuubi" (let alone sprout more than one tail), he needs to be extremely emotionally agitated... but what could Jiraiya possibly have done to agitate Naruto *that* much? Mystery abounds...
#23. by FFLN ()
Posted on Jan 24, 2006
Hey Nihongaeri, thanks for the translation, but I was wondering if you could translate the chapter preview on the bottom of the second to last page?
#24. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on Jan 24, 2006
Quote by FFLN :
Hey Nihongaeri, thanks for the translation, but I was wondering if you could translate the chapter preview on the bottom of the second to last page?Just added it.
#25. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2006
Awesome work as always.
#26. by FFLN ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2006
Thanks alot. I was wondering where people got the "colored pages" info from.XD
#27. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2006
wow! such a superlative translation- no wonder it came with a hq scan. keep it up
#28. by Anax ()
Posted on Jan 26, 2006
@Nihongaeri --> Believe it or not, when I saw that I thought of the same thing! Hopefully Kishimoto will share the reason with us in the future... Though, I'm guessing it won't be anything grandiose, either Jiraiya teased Naruto on purpose, probably mentioning Sasuke (who has been elevated to "Legend" status for Naruto) or he did it by accident. In any case, my guess is, Sasuke's name was involved.

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