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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 578

"A Present to the New Age"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 29, 2010 03:05 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 578: "A Present To the New Age"

1: The Marine HQ is collapsiiiiing!!!
2: Abandon your posts!! This place is finiiiiished!!!
3: This stronghold of justice, which has protected these seas and this entire world for hundreds of years,
4: just look at it now...!!!
5(2b): The pirate "Blackbeard," who pulled the trigger to this war by first capturing "Fire Fist Ace," has now acquired "Whitebeard"'s [ability]...!!!
6: ...what's going to happen...
7: to the world?!?!

1: Zehahahahahahahaha!!!
2: Power!!! ...bubbling out from within my body...!!!
3: What amazing power!!!
4: I feel like I can turn all and everything in this world into whatever I want!!!
5: ...now, how should I begin...?
6: How about by sinking this Marine Ford...?!?!

1: What...?!
2: Nn?

1: Guwaaahhh!!!
2: Kuuuhh...!!!
3: A shockwave...!!!

1: --with the base...
2: all we need to do is rebuild it...
3: However...this island of Marine Ford is practically the center of this entire world.
4: To this planet's inhabitants, who fear the prevalence of evildoers,
5(2b): there is a purpose to us being HERE!!! The "justice" known as morality will not be destroyed!!!
6: Do not carelessly run your mouth and talk about things like sinking this island, you greenhorn!!!!
7: ...Zehahaha...fine...then...
8: Let's see you protect it...!!!

1: Inazuma-san!!!
2: Ohhhh
3: Iwa-samaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
4: You....!!!
5: Jinbei...will you just hand over Dragon's son already...

1: Haa...haa...
2: If I can get to the ocean, I'll have the upper hand!!!
3: I can escape!!
4: kachiin!!
5: Oh no...!! It's all ice?!?!
6: Sorry, Jinbei...
7: Uwaaaaahhhh!!!
8: Gyaaaah
9: Here already?!

1: It's no good...!!
2: Jinbei!!!
3: Yeahhh!!!
4: ...!! Jinbei, pierce through and get Ace's brother to us!!!
5: Is he still alive!!?
6: You're really making things difficult, Jinbei!!
7: zudun!!
8: Uuu...!! Luffy-kun...haa, I'm sorry!!!
9: ...!!! I ended up wounding you even more...!!!

1: Haa...haa...
2: drip...drop...
3(2b): Is this the time to be worrying about others, you idiot...?! You got in the way, so I ended up missing my mark...if only I could get to his heart,
4(2b): things would've been over so easily, wouldn't they, Jinbei?
5: Haa...
6: Haa
7: You still gonna protect that gutted hunk of flesh...?
8: He'll be dead before you know it.

1: Nnn...!!
2: Crocodile!!
3: Ohhhh!!!
4: "Sabres!!!"
5: Someone grab him and get him on the boat already!!!
6: O...!! Okay!!!
7: Croco...dile...!!
8: If you want to protect something, protect it right!!!
9: Don't let this son of a bitch get his way anymore than he already has!!!

1: Dowaaahhh!!! Something flew in!!!
2: Eh? It stopped in the air!!
3: Ehhhhhhhh!??
4: Captain Buggy!!!
5: He saved Straw Hat and Jinbei!!!
6: Uh?
7(2b): ...!! You made it seem like you were going to run away, but then helped your comrade from prison, Straw Hat!
8: How nobllllllle!!!
9: You're so exalted!! It burns my eeeeeeyes!!!
10: Huh???

1: Woooaaahhh!! Jinbei and Straw Hat!!?
2: Why the hell are you guys flying around all covered in blood like that?!
3(2b): Gyaaaaaaaahhh!!! Magmaaaa!!?
4(4b): ...thanks, "Red Nose"...you saved us. --but Luffy-kun is severely wounded...because of me. Tend to him at once...!! Haa
5(3b): I have no idea what you're talking about, just shut up for a second!! I'm the one who needs help here, dammit!! Who in their right mind would start tending to a person's wounds in the middle of the sky like this...hey, who did you just call Red Nose, you bastaaaaaaard?!?!

1: ...out of the woodwork they come, one by one...is every single one of them really that eager to throw their lives for that Straw Hat?
2(2b): We have all come face to face...with the limitless tenacity and power that one possesses...
3: The man Ace protected...and the one the old man acknowledged!
4: How ironic such words sound coming from the mouths of people like you...so be it!!!

1(2b): We have a duty to send him on to the next era!!!
2: "Whitebeard Pirates!!!"
3(2b): Akainu...!! The "danger potential" he possesses that you're trying to kill him for right now, and the great "expectations" that we want to keep alive are the same, aren't they?!
4: Hey, Jinbei! Have you fainted or something!!?
5: C'mon, hey! Which way do we go from here?!
6(2b): This is no longer something that can be solved by using words...do as you like!!!

1: Uwaaaah, over there is Sengoku and "Blackbeard,"
2: and over here is Akainu and the Captains!!! Is this war ever going to be over?!?!
3: Captain Buggy!! Do somethiiiing!
4: Like what, you morons?!
5: Ehhh!!?
6: What's this coming from the ocean...a ship!!?
7: ...!!? A submarine!!?
8: Who's ship is it!!?
9: Hm?
10: Bring Mr. Straw Hat over here!!!

1(2b): M-MR. Straw Hat!!? Huh!!? Who the hell are you, kid?!
2: Mr. Straw Hat may one day become an enemy of mine, but even enemy relationships are still relationships!
3: It'll be too lame if ends up dying here!!
4: I'm going to make sure he escapes!!!
5: Entrust him to me for the time being!!
6: I'm a doctor!!!
white: Law!?

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