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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 584

"The Polchemi Incident"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on May 13, 2010 00:42 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 584 - "The Polschemi Incident"

white: Luffy's been caught by Polschemi, but...
1: Let me go!!!
2: I'm not saying anything!!!
3: Little shit...!!
4: Uuu...!!
5: Like I already told you, I ate the Gomu-Gomu
6: boing
7: Gyaaaaaaahhhhh!!!
8: ...a "Devil's Fruit," huh...looks like he's telling the truth.

1: Bring me my "gloves."
2: Listen up, you little shit. What your friend Ace stole from us
3: was an important sum of money for our crew...
4: You know where it is.
5: --so go on and tell us already...!!
6: ......!! It worked!!
7(2b): You shouldn't make pirates angry...especially our Captain BlueJam. He's a bit of a

1: Gyaaaaaaahhh!!! This huuuuuurts!!
2: I'm scaaaaaaaaaared!!!! Help meeeeeeee!!!
3: You guys go search for Ace and Sabo.
4: Y...yes sir!!
5: The "Midway Forest" between Mt. Colbo and the "Grey Terminal"--
6: Hurry, hurry!!
7: If Polchemi and his men get here, it's all over!!
8(2b): We need to hurry up and move the treasure somewhere else! It's only a matter of time
before that idiot Luffy breaks his silence!!
9(2b): If they make it here, not only our loot this time, but everything we've worked up to
save over these past 5 years will all be stolen!
10: Do I know "Ace" and "Sabo?"

1: You're those hoodlums from town...just give up messing with those two, wouldja?
2(2b): Don't misunderestimate 'em just because they're pipsqueaks! They're mad dogs who
could kill and eat even a tiger...!!
3(2b): Ace and Sabo, eh...? Haven't seen 'em...more importantly than that, bro...leave
something valuable behind on your way out.
4: ...evening sure came in a flash...
5: ...alright, finished!!
6: All the treasure's been moved!!
7: Haa
8: Haa...
9: Ace!!
10: --Sabo! How'd it go? Did they come searching for the money over there?!
11: Haa...haa...no, they didn't!! There's no way in hell they would now!!
12: ...it's Luffy, that son of a bitch...!! ...!!! Haa...!!
13: --he still hasn't cracked yet!!!
14: ...eh?!

1: Grey Terminal: "Pirates' Inlet"
2: Grey Terminal
3: Pirates' Inlet
4: Midway Forest
5: Mt. Colbo
6: Windmill Village
7: Damn, what's taking so long...
8: Who's in charge today?
9: That mangy dog Polchemi, Captain BlueJam!
10: The sun'll go down soon...
11: No matter what the circumstances, they shoulda got the money by now...!!
12: That bilge-sucker wouldn't try to take the money and run, would he...?
13: Naw, there's no way...
14: Cough it up, dammit!!!
15-16: Haa...
17: Po...Po...Po...Polchemi-san...!! It's no use, sir...!!!

1: ....!! He...no longer has to strength to even scream!
2(2b): Hikkuh...oehh!!
3: Haa...
4: Hikkuh
5: ...I doubt he'll be saying anything from this point on...to be honest, this is turning
out to be too brutal for me to watch...!!
6(2b): If you've got the energy to stand around and stick up for some damn kid, then go and
find Ace and Sabo already!!
7: We're the ones whose lives are in danger here!!
8(2b): ...that poor kid...!! Should we call the town peace officer?
9(2b): That won't do anything. Our laws don't carry over into that mountain of trash...and
besides...that guy's part of BlueJam's gang...and they give offerings to the elite.
10: All the crime and murder they've committed in this country is being tolerated...!!
11: No matter how many corpses may pile up within that trash heap, trash is still trash to
12: Answer me!!!!
13: ...I won't say...
14: Stupid brat, you think you're grown up just because you can protect some fucking
secret, huh?!!
15: I won't say...!!
16: I won't saaaay....!!
17: Fine, then!! ...die.

1: Stoooooooooop!!!
2: ...it's hiiiiiim!! Polchemi-san!!
3: He's the one who stole our moneeeey!!! Goddammit!!!
4: A...Aaaaaaace!!!

1: They came straight to us? That makes things easier!!!
2: Kuh!!!
3: This shithead friend of yours' mouth is so tight, I was starting to get worried!!!
4: Sabo!!!
5: Hn?
6: Uoryaaaahhh!!!
7: Polchemi-san!!!

1(2b): Ah!! My knife!!
2: Let's run, Ace!!!
3: dosah!!
4: Uu
5: Go ahead of me!!!
6: You idiot...!!
7(2b): Once I've faced an enemy, I never run...!!!
8: Stop!!! He has a sword!!!
9: He's different from the punks in town!!!

1(2b): Hey...don't you think you're giving into your urges a little too much?
2: Just hand over the money nice and easy, ya little dirtbag.
3: We can use this money for a better cause than you!
4: Enough with the bullshit!!!
5: Hey...wait a minute!!
6: Uu
7: If I lose to a kid...
8: I'll give up piracy!!!
9: dokuh...
10: Ohhhh

1(2b): I've heard the details. Polchemi, you pathetic waste....
2: Are you fucking serious...?!
3: My apologies, Captain Bluejam...
4: The money was...
5: Don't you look up! I don't wanna see your face...
6: Ueeeeeeeeeeen! Duuuooooooooooo...nnn
7(2b): Man...that's really one bad habit you have there, Ace!! Saying "I'm not gonna run"
to a real pirate like that!!! Why do you wanna die so much?!?!
8(3b): ...haah. Now that you've gone and done what you did...there's no way Bluejam's men
will ever forgive us! We're gonna be chased now...!!

1: That was shcary...I fwought I was gunna diiiie....
2: Shuddap! Just how long are you gonna cry for, anyway?! I hate weaklings, and crybabies!!
3: You really piss me off!!
4: Oh.
5: ...Shankyou.
6: F...fur shaving me...uuu...
7: Goddamn you!!
8(2b): Hey, hey!! He's just thanking you.
9(2b): ...I don't get it...why didn't you spill the secret!!? Those men are are criminals
who easily kill women and children!!!
10: ...but if I told them, then we couldn't be friends anymore...!!
11: But it'd still be better than dying, wouldn't it?!?! Why do you want to be friends so
much...with me?!
12(2b): Do you know how much shit you've put me through?! After finally following me all
the way here?!

1: But I have no one!!
2: Else to rely on!!!
3(2b): I can't go back to Windmill Village...and I hate the mountain bandits...!! If I
didn't chase after you,
4(2b): then I'd be alone...and being alone hurts worse than pain!!!
5: ...what about your parents...
6: My grandpa's all I have.
7: ...so if I'm with you, then it doesn't hurt...
8: ...and if I'm gone...it'd be a problem for you, huh?
9: Yup.
10: What if Roger had a kid??
11: Gahahaha! That would be a big problem, alright!!!

1: He'd be someone allowed neither to be born nor live!
2: A "demon!!"
3: You want me
4: to live...?
5: ...!! Of course!!
6: ...huh. --but I hate spoiled like brats like you, y'know.
7: I'm not a spoiled brat!! I'm strong!!
8: Strong? What's strong about you? You're a boy, but you cry like a little girl!!
9(2b): You ever been punched by spikes?!?! I'm 7 damn years old!! When I get to be 10 like
you, you can bet I won't ever cry, and I'll be even stronger!!!
10: I never cried even when I was 7!! Dumbass!! Don't compare me with you!!
11: I'm gonna become stronger than anyone!!!
12: Because I promised Shanks that I'd become a great pirate!!!
13: A pirate?! You??
14: Hey, by the way, you two, I have a little problem here.
15: I've lived in this trash heap all my lie...
16: but from this day forward, the three of us
17: are going to have our lives completely targeted by pirates...

1: What in the HELL is the meaning of thiiiiis?!
2(2b): Ace!! Luffy!! Who is that!!? Why is there another one of you pissants here?!
3(2b): Yo! You're Dadan, right? I'm Sabo.
4: Sabo!!? I know that name!
5: I've heard you're quite the shitty little pipsqueak!
6: Oh really...well I've heard that you're quite the shitty old bag!!
7: Don't bother collecting information you don't need, dammit!!
8: Ace's best friend Sabo, who came to live together with him due to currently being chased
down in the "Grey Terminal."
9: You little maggots!! I'm providing you with a place to sleep, so ya'd better do some
work around here!!!
10: Luffy!! I'll bring some food back for you, you don't need to come with me!!
11: I'm coming!!
12: Luffy, Sabo, and Luffy. Gradually, these three mischievous boys...

1: spent all their time fighting with wild animals in the jungle and on mountain paths--
2: with the punks in town and the villains in the "trash heap"
3: and finally, with the pirates in the inlet--
4: until their names became infamous enough to reach the center area of the kingdom.
5: Dogura!! Magura!! "Goa"...where is that place, again?
6: Might you be speaking of the "Goa Kingdom" that lies beyond Mt. Colbo, the "trash heap,"
and also Windmill Village?
7: --yeah, that's what I thought...
8: Now, now, boss!! Reading a newspaper is such a rare thing to see you do...might you be
interested in swinging around the ol' spear today?
9(2b): Apparently there's some guests coming to this kingdom or something? Seems like it's
really serious news...what's the big deal? Are these people that important??
10: These "Tenryuubito" dudes?
white: Ill premonitions...

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