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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 588

"Sabo's Ocean"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jun 9, 2010 22:47 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 588 - "Sabo's Ocean"

1: Hey, hold on!! That's mine! He stole my fishing boat!!
2: Where does he think he's going!!?
3: He's raised a black flag! He thinks he's become a pirate or something?!
4: ...preposterous! A lone child becoming a pirate?!
white: Sabo has set off, but...
5: The World Government ship will be here soon!
6: At any rate, he's going to ruin the ceremony!!
7: Heeeeey!!
8: Youuuu! Get back here this instaaant!!
9(2b): The thing I'm most scared of...is getting swallowed up in this country, and becoming
a completely different human being...!!! I'm not turning around!!
10: Eh!!? Could it be...
11: that Sabo guy!!?

1: The Government ship is heeeere!!!
2: What a huge ship...it looks like I might get swallowed up into its currents.
3: I'm gonna have to move away...
4: ...what is THAT?
5: ...it appears to be a mere fishing boat, sir.

1: There's a real World Noble riding on that ship?!
2: Such an exalted existence, which some people wait their whole lives just to get a single
glance of...!!
3: If I could become the Captain of a ship like that someday, it would be awesome...

1: Ace isn't dead!!!
2: Yes, yes, I know how you feel.
3: --but right now it's too dangerous for you to go to the soldier-filled Trash Mountain
with your body like that!!
4(2b): You know how massive that fire was. Despite how faint our hope might be, even we
want to believe that the Boss and Ace survived, you know!!
5: Dogura's going to check on the conditions of Trash Mountain right now. Let him handle
6: We're in as much pain as you...!! Luffy!
7: The fishing boat was shot!!!
8: Sabo!!!
9: Is the child alright!!?
10: He must have irritated the Celestial Dragon!!

1: Dammit!!
2: The ship's on fire!!! Why would they fire all of a sudden...
3-4: Haa
5: Saint Jalmack, there was a child on the ship!!!
6: If they have a pirate flag up, then they're a pirate, plain and simple! More
7: A commoner cut in front of MY ship!!!

1: Hey, what was that boat just now anyway!!?
2(2b): How are they going to answer for themselves if they ruin the mood of the Celestial
Dragon, on the day of such an important ceremony as this?!
3: Hurry up and move the rubble away!!!
4: dash dash dash...

1: Hey!! Everyone!! Both of them have come home!!!
2: Ehh!!?
3: Ace!!!
4: Bosssss!!!
5: What a relief!!!
6-7: Haa
8: Both of them are alriiiight!!!

1: Aaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccce!!!
2(2b): Luffy, you idiot...you really thought I was dead?
3: But...!!
4: What are you crying for?!
5: Don't just kill people, dumbass!!!
6(2b): We managed beat BlueJam the night of the fire. But by that time, all escape was
already blocked off by flames...
7(2b): Dadan got horrible burns all over her body. But we somehow made it to the "Middle
Forest" and hid ourselves in the riverbank there.
8: I went to steal medicine from the town...and desperately stabilized Dadan's life.

1: My, my...I see. At any rate, I'm glad you're both alive.
2: Rest easy now, Boss...
3: ...sorry for making ya'll worry.
4: I never thought such a thing would happen to Trash Mountain...I wonder if Sabo's
5(2b): Ace...why didn't you run back then...
6: I
7: won't run!!!
8: Sometimes...blood rushes into my head...and I get scared that if I run...
9: I'll end up losing something big...and at that specific moment...

1: Behind me
2: was Luffy.
3: I don't really know...but I think that's why.
4: Even in front of a huge enemy army that he had no chance of winning against,
5: Roger stood tall, and didn't run.
6: Does he have a death wish or something? To run is also to fight.
7(2b): That's true, but...the reason he "didn't run"--was because behind him...were the
ones he loved. Running together means danger will also befall them. To put it more
8: It's not that he "didn't run"...it's that he "didn't let the enemy run," so as to keep
the foes in front of him from chasing his allies...

1: --In those moments, Roger truly was a "demon!!"
2(2b): He's even destroyed countries' entire armies just because they spoke badly about his
3(2b): Indeed, he's violent, short-tempered, and selfish when he gets mad--but his actions
have always been pure and straight, just like a child's.
4(2b): It's probably because he had the same sort of upbringing that Ace is going through
right now. He vehemently hated losing the ones he loved...
5: And so, because he luckily survived despite living in such a reckless way, he ended up
becoming "Pirate King."
6: The world may call him a demon, but the trust he received from his allies was
7: Not even I, a Marine, could come to hate him...that's why I took on the responsibility
of caring for Ace...
8: ...!! I'm the one who's doing that!
9: ...hm? Seems like you've got some complaints, eh?
10: ...!! N...no I don't, actually!!
11: ...so, despite his hatred...he can't fight his own blood.

1: Nnn?
2: Dogura!!
3: You went looking for Ace and Dadan, didn't you?! Well they both came back!!
4(2b): Oh...is that so? Well that's sure great, ain't it...?!
6: Don't think I'll forgive you, even if this is a joke!!!

1: It's neither a joke nor a lie!! In fact, it was all so sudden...
2: That I doubted my very eyes...!!! Thought I was hallucinating or daydreaming or
3(2b): Luffy said that Sabo was taken home by his Noble parents...didn't he? Well, a rogue
like me understands...there are just some places you don't want to go back to!!
4(2b): If he was truly happy...!! Then he would have wanted to go out to the ocean!!! He
would have wanted to raise up his own pirate flag and set off on his own, wouldn't he!!?
5: We promised to temporarily forget about Sabo, didn't we?
6: Who knows, this may be his happiness.
7: ...Sabo
8: wasn't happy at all...!!
9: I know it may sound rude to you guys--but even though I have parents, I've always been
10: Why didn't we go to steal him back?!
11: I'll do whatever you want...!! I'll live just how you want me to!!!
12: Just don't hurt either of them!!!

1: Where's the guy who killed Sabo?!?!
2: I'll rip him to fucking pieces!!!
3: I'm going to avenge Sabo!!!
4: Wait, Ace!
5: Clench!!
6: Would you cut it out, ya little pissant?!?!
7: Move it, bitch!!!
8(2b): Always stomping around all high and mighty, yet you've got hardly any real power
yourself! Just what the hell do you think you can do by going there, huh!!? You'll die, and
that's it!!!
9: You'll die and be forgotten about tomorrow!!!
10: That's still how small of a human you are!!!

1: Sabo's murderer is this country!!! This world!!!
2: What can you do about it?!?!
3: Your father died and changed the times!!! If you can grow to become that great of a man,
then, and only then, will you be able to live and die as you please!!!!
4: Hey!! Tie up this moron!!
5: A...aye-aye!!
6: Sabooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
7: Shut up!! Men aren't supposed to sob and cry like that!!! Luffy!!!
8: ...haa...
9: Haa

1: Cooled down a bit? Ace?
2: ...Where's Luffy?
3: He cried all through the night...he's sleeping now.
4: Boss!!
5: We just got a letter...
6: It's from Sabo...!!
7: Eh!?
Mt. Colbo
To My Brothers
Sabo (crossed out S thingy)
8: Before he went out to the ocean...he sent this.
9(2b): Hand it over...!! I won't go into town anymore. He sent that to us, didn't he?! That's our letter!!
sfx: ruffle...
10: Ace, Luffy, did you get hurt at all in the fire? I'm worried, but I believe you're alright.
11: flip...
12: I'm sorry, but by the time you two read this, I'll already be
13: out on the sea--
14: A lot happened, and I've decided to set off as soon as possible.
15: Where I'm headed...well, somewhere that's not here...and then I'm going to grow stronger and become a pirate.
16: I'm going to become a freer pirate than any other, and meet up with you two somewhere again.
17: We'll meet again someday for sure, out on this wide, free, ocean!!

1: --Also, Ace, which one of us is the bigger brother?
2: It's a bit weird to have two first-born sons and one younger brother, but these bonds are my precious treasures.
3: Luffy is still a weak little crybaby, but
4: he's our younger brother.
5: Take care of him for me.
white: Endless lamentation...

Next week, One Piece will take a break. It will return the following week in WJ #30.

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