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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 590

"Little Bro"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jun 30, 2010 22:59 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan


Chapter 590 - "Little Bro"

1: "East Blue" Goa Kingdom - Windmill Village
2: It's Garp-saaaaan!!
3: Garp-san's returned in a marine shiiiip!!
4: A job?!
white: Time has passed--
5: Howdy all, everyone holding up alright?
6: Garp-san, we read the articles about the war!!
7: What happened to Luffy?!
8: Will the world be alright now after "Whitebeard"'s death?! Garp-san!!
9(2b): For the past few days...!! We've been seeing pirate ships on the coast...we can't
even sleep at night!

1: I just sunk one in the way in here.
2: Really!!? That's greaaat!
3: Bunch o' amateurs, don't even know how to write the "B" in battle...
4(2b): From this point on...the seas of the world will become unstable for a while. Just
because this is a remote region of "East Blue," don't let your guards down. Got it?
5: Yes sir!!
Marine HQ Vice-Admiral Garp
6: Ohhh!! That's so relieving!!
7(2b): Garp-san, there are more problems!! Bandits have come down from the mountains and
took over Makino's bar!!
8: Mountain bandits...?
9: Stop!! You can't!!
10: Hey, Garrrrrrp!!!
11: Ahhhh, she's the one!!

2: Garp-san!!
3: thwump...!!
4: Kyaaaaaaa!!
5: ...!! Hooo...hooo...
6: Vice-Admiral Garp!!
7: Don't lay a finger on her! She's an acquaintance...

1(2b)): You were at ground zero during that war!!! ....!!! Haa...
2: Right before their eyes...!!!
3: ...!!! Why did you let Ace die...?!?!
4: drip...
5(2b): Mission over family, is that it?!?! Hey, Garp!!!
6: Hero of the Marines my ass!!! Go to fucking hell!!! You old bastard!
7: Now, now, boss!! That's enough!!
8: Stop it, Dadan-san!!!
9: ...Makino...

1: Garp-san couldn't save both of them, despite being in arm's reach...!!
2: He's obviously the one suffering the most right now!!! ...!!!
3-4: Haa
5: No...
6: The one suffering the most...!! Is Luffy!!!
7(2b): I'm Ace!! Who the hell are you?
8: No, no, "who the hell" is too rude.
9: You need to put in "bastard," right?
10: And just who might you be?
11: Ahaha! C'mon now, are you two really being serious?!
12: Do you know how much he adored his big brother...?
13: Makino!

1: Garp...what happened to Luffy? The papers said his whereabouts were unknown...
2(2b): Mayor...he escaped in a submarine...and we haven't found a corpse...!! So he's alive
for now!!
3: ...you hear that?
4: Hooraaaaay...!!
5: ...but why would the mountain bandits...
6: Luffy, that idiot...no matter what kind of pirate he turns into from here on out, I'm on
his side...!!
7: Just imagining how that bastard's feeling right now...makes my chest want to explode!!!
8: Luffyyyyyyyyyy!!!
9: You son of a bitch!!! Don't you lose out theeeeeeere!!!

1: --and so, far, far removed from that place
2: Forgive us.
3-4: Coo
5: lies the second half of the "Grand Line": "The New World."
6: Red Hair...how can I ever repay you...

1: Don't say such a stupid thing...despite being my enemy, "Whitebeard" is a man who
deserves my respect...
2(2b): Even Sengoku felt that way--anyway, we'll be leaving now...
3: Yeah...thank you.
4: Luffy...it must be hard...I was shocked when I heard about Ace's final actions...
5: It's just like Captain Roger.
6: I wanted the Cap'n to run away from time...I wanted him to cry.
7: Listen to me, Luffy...
8: Knowing both victory and defeat, running around and shedding tears, that's the way one
becomes a real man.
9: It's alright to cry...!! Overcome!!!

1: "Calm Belt" -- The Isle of Women (*Nyogashima)--
2: Dammmiiiiiiiiit!!!
3: ...I'm weak!!!
4: ...!!! I can't protect a single thing!!!
5: Haa
6: Haa...
7: ...Luffy-kun.
8(2b): Go away...!!! Haa
9: Haa...
10: Leave me alone!!!

1(2b): I cannot do that...I cannot just stand by and watch you injure yourself any further.
2: It's my body!!! I can do what I want!!!
3(2b): --then Ace's body is also his, and he can die if he wants to.
4(2b): ...shut up!!! Say one more thing, and I'm gonna kick your ass!!!
5: If it'll calm you down, then please try...
6: I may be injured myself, but I will not lose to you as you are now...!!!
7: grip!!

1: Guh...!!
2: ...cough
3(2b): Haa haa...

1: Jinbei...
2: While chasing after Teach,
3: I met by brother for the first time in 3 years, in the Alabasta Kingdom...
4: After a single glance...I was relieved.
5: Can you guess why?
6: Eeeee!!!
7: ...owww...!!!!
8: Owowowow...owww!!!
9: That huuuuuuuurts!!!
10: Little braaaaat!!!

1: Uuu...!!!
2: Have you become completely blind?!?!
3: Hoo...hoo...
4: That "confidence," where you thought you could overcome any wall!!
5: That "strength," which you never doubted!!!
6: The myriad enemies who mercilessly crushed those, leaving you helpless...!!!
7: The "brother" who was your guide in this ocean!! You have lost much!
8: With the massive wall of the world in front of you, both of your eyes were covered one
after another!!!
9: You can see not a glimpse of what's in front of you!!
10: You are being swallowed up by the darkness of self-reproach and regret!!

1(2b): It may be painful now, Luffy...!! But you must stifle it all!!!
2: Do not simply count up what you have lost!!!
3: You have not been left with nothing!!!
4: Now affirm it!!
5: You still haven't lost everything yet!!!
6: ...!! Haa...haaa...
7-8: Haa...

1: I have my crew!!!!

1: ...I see...
2(2b): Zorooo!! Nami!!! Usopp!! Sanjiii!! Chopper!! Robin!! Franky!! Brook!!!
3: I still have...my crew!!!
4: ...we have a meeting spot.
5: ...I need to get there...
6: What I saw there...Jinbei...
7(2b): With a failure of a brother like that...a big brother gets to worrying. I'm sure
he'll cause you a lot of trouble for you, but...
8: take care of him for me.

1: --He wasn't the little kid trailing behind me anymore.
2: He wasn't the old Luffy...!!
3(2b): He's got his own...trustworthy crewmates now.
4: No matter what happens, he'll be fine.
5: I'm
6: relieved.
7: Hoo...!!
8: ...I want to go right to them now.
9: I want to see theeeeeeeem!!!!
white: He's found it!! Something priceless!!

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#1. by stupiddevil ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2010
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