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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 591

"You Sure That's Alright?"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jul 8, 2010 02:14 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan
Chapter 591 - "You Sure That's Alright?"
white: On the quiet sea...
1: The "Calm Belt" --
2: Gyaaaaah...!!!
3: ...look at that huge Sea King!!
4: What's it doing?! Fighting?!
5: The Isle of Women: Stone Wall Beach--
6: It's dead!! Something killed it...!!
7: One that huge...?!
8: I didn't see its opponent!
9: What frightening waters...!!
10: Eh?!
11: A person!!?
12: Zabah...
13: Hey, who the hell are you?!?!
14: Wheew, am I petered out...

1: Ohh, it's you...we met at Sabaody Archipelago, didn't we?
2: "Dark King" Rayleigh!!!
3: Ah, you see...my ship sunk in stormy weather, so I got stuck having to swim the rest of
the way. I've gotten a bit on in my years, though, so my body didn't move as well as I
expected it would.
4: Stormy weather?! There isn't any stormy weather on the "Calm Belt!!" Which means you
sunk in another ocean far away and then swam alllll the way here?!
5: So then the guy who fought with a Sea King just now...
6: was you...?!?!
7: Ahh...that's right. I hypothesized that Luffy-kun would be on this island, now...

1: Center of the Island - The Kingdom of Women, "Amazon Lily"
2: Hey, did you hear?
3: The Snake Princess just went to deliver food to Luffy.
4: I want to pull on Luffy again!
5: We'll have to welcome him back proper once his wounds are healed!
6: I'm so excited for a "curl!!"
7: To think we'd be able to see him again so soon~~
8: Ufufu! I know!
9: I suppose I'll make some more clothes for him! With no frills!
10(3b): Like I said, Snake Princess, just because you were hugged DOES NYOT mean you're
11: --in that case, what must I do to ensure marriage?!
12: Hmmmmmm...how should I explain this...

1: Ehhhhhhhh!!?
2: Uncle Rayleigh!!?
3: Ohhh! Luffy-kun, I'm glad I found you so soon.
4(2b): Why are you here?? I was just about to go to the Sabaody Archipelago using the Vivre
5: How is everyone?!
6: Ehhh, I doubt they're all back yet...
7: I gave my Vivre Card to Shakky before I left.
8: --otherwise I wouldn't be able to move freely...
9: "Dark King" Rayleigh...do my eyes deceive me...?! What a surprise!

1: --here, this is your precious hat, isn't it...
2: Yeah...thanks!
3: --But weren't there pirates here?
4: If you're talking about Trafalgar Law, he just shoved off...and he said to take it easy
for two more weeks...
5: Seems like he saved you.
6: What a waaaste! After going all that way...
7: I really wanted to take a peek inside that women kingdom...
8: Woulda been better if they were bears, though.
9: Shut up, you!!
10: Just what's the Dark King got in mind this time...? "D" will most certainly call up a
storm again...heheh...
11: Nnn!!?
12: Is that you!!? Rayleigh?
13: It is you, isnyo't it?!
14: Ohh...Gloriosa?! What a blast from the past!

1: Ray-san!!?
2: Ohh, and you two!!
3: Rayleigh!!?
4: Luffy!!!
5: Hey, big sis!! Don't show your indebted such an attitude!!
6: You guys know Uncle Rayleigh?!
7(2b): Luffy...you've awakened, have you?! I was so worried I couldn't even sleep at
night...!! Y...you're hungry, are you not? I brought food, so by all means, do as you
8: It's really something to hear you go on an on about marriage...and then completely whiz
right past the guy-nyo...
sfx: rumble~...
9: Jinbei...!! This food is NOT for you...!!!
10: ...just a liiittle...!!
11: crunch! crunch!!
12: Lufy-kun...eat up!!
13: To eat...is to live!!!

1: Hmm...a letter from Shakky...
2: What a pleasure to receive...
3: Looks like she hasnyo't changed much either.
4(2b): Yeah...she's just like she was when you lived on Sabaody. And she's doing well! Your
daughters are so have grown so much more beautiful and strong than they were 13 years ago,
I can barely recognize them.
5: Rayleigh, Shakky, Grandma Nyon...it's all thanks to you three protecting us when we
escaped from the Celestial Dragons.
6(2b): --Setting aside the coincidence that you happen to know Luffy, it's a bit
problematic that you managed to find out where he was so easily, especially since we're
trying to shelter him from the Marines right nyow!
7: Eh?! Wow, this sure brings back memories!!
8: Could you perchance be Rayleigh!!?
9 SLOW!!! Just how entranced are you?!?!
10: Fufu...nah, I doubt the Marines could guess about this place.

1: The man who shot him out in this "direction" in the first place was the one who told me,
after all. And on that line happened to be the Isle of Women.
2(2b): I work for the Revolutionary Army. Since we have a connection, I want to help this
group escape.
3: Sorry for butting in so abruptly,
4: but if we could only talk for a moment...
5: I have no more time left.
6(4b): Bringing to light all the information regarding the battle of Marineford and tracing
it back, Luffy-kun followed right on the route Hancock took. That's where the story ends,
though...no one would ever imagine that the government-hating, man-hating Hancock would
ever ride on a government ship together with a man.
7: But if Hancock fell in love with Monkey-chan...then wouldn't that solve everything?
8: Monkey-chan's so cool, after all!

1(2b): And if I were Hancock, I'd trick the Marines and hide my boyfriend on the Isle of
Women too, if he was in such a dilemma...
2: Haha...that's the most subjective hypothesis I've ever heard, Shakky!
3: Women's intuition is a frightening thing.
4: That's my Shakky!
5: 100% right on the mark...exactly right...!!
6: The Marines would never move on such an unpromising hunch. This place is safe.
7: --now then, shall we get to the main event?
8: Luffy-kun...
9: You said you were planning to go to Sabaody now, didn't you?
10: Yup!
11: I wanna see my crew!!

1: You sure that's alright?
2: Remember what happened to you on that island.
3: Everyone, just think about running!!!
4: We can't beat these guys!!!
5: You planning on gathering...just to repeat everything all over again?
6: Now, I have one idea here.
7: Whether or not you go with it is, of course
8: completely up to you.

1: --This is the "Grand Line" -- Boin Archipelago
2: Wait, I saidnnn!!
3: Usoppppnn!!
4: Until now--Usopp has been feasting on the ample products of the forest...
5: Don't stop me, Heraclesn!!
6: and is now really fat--
7: How many times do I have to tell younn!!
8(2b): If it'd always end up the same, then I wouldn't do it over and over again!! This
time it'll work for sure!!!
9: Voooooohhhhhh!!!
10: There you are!
11(2b): Now out of my waaaay!!! "HISSATSU"~~~

1: Are you alrightnn?! Usoppnn!!
2: Uuu...dammit...!!
3: You always overdo itnn...the farther and farther you go out on this island,
4: the more strong creatures block your path and push you back into the centernn!!
5: All those who attempt to enter the island...can do nothingnn!
6(2b): Once you're in, that's it!! There is not a single soul who has entered this island
and then left it alivenn! ---And my name is! Heraclesn!!
7: Huh!!? Usoppn?! Where did you go?!
8: Gyaah...gyaah...
9: ---Watch out!!!
10: It looks like some beasts have landed on the island!!
11: Usoppn is in dangernn!!!
12: Enticed by the sweet scent wafting around the entire Boin Archipelago,

1: Giant insects and birds gather,
2: A Sea Hippo!!!
3: Along with other beasts and Sea Kings,
4: further enticed by the sweet aroma,
5(2b): who go in deeper only to find a captivating forest full of food--
6: Going in is great, but leaving is a nightmare...!!!
7: Koooohh...
8: I'm getting off this island!
9: Kyooooh!!!
10: Now get out of my way!!!
11: Usoppn!! The island's going to move agaaain!!!

1: Usoppn!! Cling to a tree!!
2: The island has started eating its meal!!!
3: pop...
4: This island-like flower floating on the sea
5: Ahhhhhhh!!!
6: Ahhhhhhhh!!!
7(2b): is called the Boin Archipelago by some, but is scientifically known as the
carnivorous plant "Stomach Baron."
8: Buoooohhhhh!!!

1: Usoppnnn!!
2: smack!!
3-4: Haa
5: What is wrong, Usoppn?!
6: Your face has radically changed ever since you saw that newspaper that News Coo
7: flip flip...
8: ...!! I...
9: shouldn't be sitting here wasting precious moments eating at a time like this...!!
10: Luffy lost his older brother...in a war...!!!
11: Do you know how much pain he's feeling right now?!?!
12: I have to be with him to see him through his pain...
13: boooom...
14: or else I can't call myself a member of his crew!!!!

1: --Meanwhile, in the "Torino Kingdom" that Chopper arrived at...
2(2b): You're really leaving, Tanukichi...? But we just became such good friends?!
3: Goaaaah
3: Goaaaah!!!
4(2b): Yeah...!! My crewmate is in a horrible situation right now, and ever since I read
about it in the newspaper, I just keep thinking about how much I need to go find him!
5: To think that such a thing would happen to Luffy's big brother, when we met him in
6(2b): I need to hurry up and see Luffy...I want to heal his wounds...I'm sure he's gone
completely overboard again...!!
7: I'm glad the misunderstand between you and the birds was cleared up, though.
8: It's all because you risked your life to talk to them about it!
9: Eheheh...get along well with the humans, got it?!
10: Goaaaahh!!
11(2b): The humans here just need all those plants that grow on those trees, plain and

1(2b): That's right!! We aren't after your eggs, and won't hurt your friends!! We're
different from the humans who pushed you out of your homes!!
2: Ahaha...alright, everyone!
3: Play nice together!
4: Ohhh! Tanukichiii! Better come back someday, got it?!
5: Goaah, goaaah!!
6: Uwaaaaah!! So hiiiigh!
7: And fast, too!! I feel like I can whisk over to everyone in an instant like this!

1: Heey, News Coo!! Gimme a newspaper?!
2: Cooo??
3(2b): This lunchbox...isn't bad, either...they should have all the details of the war
sorted out by now.
4: flip...
5: Ehhhhhh!!? NO WAY!!
6: Goah!?
7: ...!!? WHY?? ...!!? How can this be??
8: Luffy...!!?
white: Now what?!

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