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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 593


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jul 22, 2010 04:39 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 593 - "NEWS"

white: sliding back in time a little...
1: "East Blue" - Atop a huge bridge--
2-3: dododoh
4: "The light of revolution"
5: That is what we call you.
6(3b): We have been searching for you for over ten years. You are the one and only survivor from "the nation who fought against the world, Ohara."
7(3b): ...please, do not be afraid. We are your allies. We have been told by our boss that once we locate you, we are to protect you from the government to the best of our abilities.
8: ...boss?
9: Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Army,
10: Dragon.

1: Luffy's father!
2: Fufu...
3: What a strange fate.
4: Please, come meet with our boss. We will guide you.
5: Sorry...but there's a place I must return to.
6: --and I don't need your protection.
7: I have my own crew.
8: --the "Straw Hat Pirates," I assume?
9: Of course, we know all about you...
10: B2, come in! Enemy attack at the rear!!

1: Have you read? It says that Dragon's son is "Straw Hat Luffy" in today's paper.
2: --yeah, he disappeared after the war, but then suddenly reappeared and pulled off that big stunt...!!
3(2b): We should hurry and bring this news to Nico Robin as soon as possible. She is probably anxious about his safety...
4: --she still shouldn't be all the way across the bridge yet.
5: We will pass through multiple ruins before we reach the end.
6: This is because as construction on the bridge continues, we move together as a "country."
7: Incidentally, this place...is the construction site from 300 years ago.
8: For what purpose is such a massive bridge being built...?!

1(3b): It was an order from the "Celestial Dragons." And regardless if there is reason or not, the number of human sacrifices known as slaves is not lessening...!!
2: caw
3: Ohh, good work!
4: To Robin-san.
5: Luffy...!!
6: ...I'm so glad you're alright...
7: Nn? ...what's wrong? Is there...something amusing written there?
8: Fufuh
9: ...yes...

1: "Grand Line" Peach Island, Kamabakka Kingdom
2: This is
3(2b): *flip* the wanted poster for Strawboy, isn't it?
4: Yeah, you're right!
5: This is "The Pirate Hunter Zoro!"
6: Huhhh!?
7: This is "The Cat Burglar" Nami!
8: Aaaahhhh
9: This is "The King of Sniping, Sogeking!"
10: Ah...
11: And this is vou?
12: NO!!!
13(2b): Go on, take a nice long look!! Where else would vou be, huh?! There isn't any proof here that vou're really Strawboy's crew member, is there?!
14: I told you, I'm a member of his crew!!! Now tell me what's happened to him now, Kamaking!!!
15: It was written in the newspaper that you teamed up together with him!!!

1: --then is this vou?
2(2b): NO!!! ...it isn't, but it is!!
3(2b): The name...is mine!!! ...haa, haa
4: Why so much piercing conflict...?!?!
5: It's me!!! ...!! That weird wanted poster is without a doubt, mine...it's me...so,
6: cough
7: But it doesn't even look like vou.
8: Then why did you make me say it?!?! I spit up blood, dumbass!!!
9: It's useless! Vou're an underling
10: of the government! As long as there's even a 0.1% chance,
11: I will give up not even a scrap of information regarding Strawboy!!!
12: ...fine. Then lend me a ship! I'm gonna go to the meeting spot where Luffy should be!!
13: No ship either.
14: Then I'll swim!
15(2b): ...nnnnfufu! I suppose there's no use. You've moved me! With that zeal of vours...what happened to Strawboy after that...
16: EH

2: Iwa-samaaa
3: You're not gonna tell me?! Dammit, you got me!!
4: Shut up, all of you!!!
5: Haa...haa...argh!
6: Boy, don't you sure look tuckered out!
7: Now! Put it on him, put it on him! The Sweet Dress!
8: I'm not wearing that ever again! Get away!!!
9(2b): I'm a man among men who loves the ladies!!! Don't you bastards dare get near me!!! Zeh...zeh...
10(3b): Hey...Iwa, was it? I've decided to steal a ship, like a real pirate would. Now let's go! You and me, one-on-one!!!
11: Suuure.

1: I suppose, at the very least,
2: I'll tell you about Strawboy's well-being, ballerina boy...!!
3: Why did you change your mind, all of a sudden...
4: --because...it's already become known to the public...
5: What could the intentions behind this possibly be? Oh my!
6: Today's newspaper...?
7: Ehh!!?
8: Luffy!!?
9: Iwa-san! We've got a call from "Baltigo"...!!
10: Oh?
11: To the communications room, please.

1: "Grand Line" -- the island of white earth, "Baltigo"
2: They even got the bit about him being related to Garp!
3(2b): Vour identity was exposed to the world all in one shot, Dragon! Any disturbance in the Revolutionaries?
4: ...fufu...everyone was simply put at ease to now their mysterious boss really is a "human" with blood flowing through his veins.
5: --it doesn't matter anymore...Luffy is no longer a child...never would have thought he'd team up with you, though...
6: Just what kind of trick has destiny pulled on us this time? Nnnfufu~
7(2b): Did vou see the paper today?! Strawboy surprised me yet again...!! He's as unprecedented as his father was...
8: In any case, Inazuma and I
9: White Den-Den Mushi (Rare)
(Sends out thought psychic waves that prevent interception)

1: with our sudden break-out,
2: have a ton of things to ask vou.
3: I imagine so...
4: Soon it will become necessary to gather up all our "leaders" spread out over the world.
5(2b): With the death of "Whitebeard," the direction of the world and the structure of the government will greatly change. --But now, I want to talk to you about what happened to "Kuma."
6: --yes, I'd like to hear all about it!
7: Why is he working as a dog of the government?
8(2b): He isn't the Kuma I once knew anymore...he even tried to kill me...!!

1: The "Grand Line" -- Sabaody Archipelago--
2: where the Thousand Sunny is currently moored--
3: at Grove #44--
4(2b): Hand over that ship!!! It belongs to the "Straw Hat Luffy," the son of the Revolutionary, Dragon, doesn't it!!?
5: If we hand it over to the marines they should take it for a hefty sum!!!
6(2b): We're kidnappers just like you! And if you hand the ship over nice and easy, -haa- we'll be fine with splitting the money equally, Flying Fish Riders!
7: haa...haa...
8: Eh? Handsome?
9: What kind of a mistake is that?!?! Hand over the ship, you jackass!!!

1: As iiiiiiiiiif!!!
2: Dobaaah!!!
3: Listen up, all of you! This is the handsome man Duvall here!!! And what you see in front of you is a ship that belongs to people I am greatly indebted to...!! As if I would hand it over so easily to such fools...!! I'm not making such a fashion faux pas!!!
4: As long as I still have eyes to see, I will never let anyone lay even a finger on a young girl!! Ah!! No, wait!! I meant don't even think about letting anyone lay a finger on this!!! Got it, everyone?!?!
5: Yes!! Handsome!!

1: Duvall-chan, you're so cuuute!!
2: I'm handsome therefore a girl's love call!!?
3: I love you tooooooooo!!!
4: First we've gotta go to the "Mermaid Cafe," right? It's so fashionable.
5: Nyuuuuuu!! But the pride of Fishman Island is the "Fishman Karate Dojo," Keimi!
6: nigoh!
7: I promised to introduce Boney to the Mermaid Princess!!
8: Duval-sama, you're being ignored.
9: It's true!! Don't mind it!!!
10(2b): Hey, Shakky-chin! Everyone's gonna come back using the Vivre cards, right? We also found out that Luffy-chin was alright in today's newspaper!
11: Yes, I imagine it'll take a little time,
12: but it looks like Ray-san managed to meet with Monkey-chan too, so...
13: we'll just have to protect this ship somehow until then...
14(2b): Like I said, you've got us, sister!! Be it marines, or anything...
15: Duvall-sama, big trouble! Kuma's appeared!!!
16: Kuma?! This island has bears on it...?! (*tl: because Kuma = bear in japanese, har har)

1: Uwaaaaahhh! It's the "Shichibukai," Bartholomew Kumaaaaa!!!
2(2b): --don't panic, he...came earlier to meet with Ray-san...
3: ...!? You're an "ally,"
4: pipi...
5: aren't you?

1: "Grand Line" Sandy Island, the kingdom of sand--
2: What happened
3: to the pirates?
4: "Alabasta Kingdom" capital, "Alubarna"
5(2b): We drove them out. The town is relatively unscathed. And ports around the kingdom have been reinforced, but...
6: we've got to stay on full alert.
7: If only all the pirates were like Luffy and his crew...but like things would ever go that easily...
8: --speaking of which, did you read this morning's newspaper, sire?
9: Yes, of course...
10: There was some article in there...Vivi read it with a strained expression
11: Nnnnn
12: Stylish? Nah, I guess not.
13: But it's Luffy-san!
14: and then took it into her room...
15: Kwehhhh

1: "Grand Line" -- a certain town of a certain country--
2: Only three weeks after the war,
3: right after finally getting their lives saved,
4: just what are these idiots thinking...?
5(3b): They must be planning SOMETHING. If not, then they've gone mad--is that what you think?
6: Strawboy is "wounded."
7: Do wounds disappear that easily...?
8(3b): Kuku...you conceited bastard. Was that supposed to go to me? I'm already healed...and as proof, I'm heading...to the "New World," for once in a long while...!! Wanna come along?
9: Of course.

1: A certain island on the "Grand Line"--
2(2b): Captain Buggyyyyyyy!!! We've been searching for youuuu!!
3(2b): Ever since you were captured, we were so worry, we couldn't even sleep at night, constantly thinking about your rescue...!!
4: To the east, to the west!! Ohh, those painful, horrible, wound-filled days...!! Then the next thing we knew...our Captain, who should have been imprisoned, was featured in the newspaper as a hero!!
5(2b): Then we, who have always believed in you, thought this: you see that, world?!?! That's our Captain!!!
6: ...oh...!! You all believed in me that much?!
7: Oh, you guys!!! You can't believe how much I wanted to see you!!!
8: Captain Buggyyyyy!!!
9: You all left him to die, didn't you?

1(2b): Alright, here we go, you scallywags!!! I'm the Vice-Captain of the Buggy Pirates, MOJIIIIII!!!
2: Woaaaaaah, brother Mojiiiiiii!!!
3: And I'm the Chief of Staff, Kabaji!!!
4: Woahhhhh, brother Kabajiiiii!!!
5: Grrrr!!!
6: They all look like high bounties I've seen on posters before.
7: Hey, Alvida! Lemme show you something crazy.
8: Could it be?! Captain John's "Treasure Mark?!"
9(2b): Gyahahahaha!! The winds of the world aren't heading to the west or east....
10: They're all pointing to meeeeee!!!
11: Hey, Buggy! There's a carrier bat here from the government with a letter addressed to you!
12: Kiiii!!
13: Eh?! Why here!!?
14: ...and you won't believe what it says!
15: Don't read it before I do!!!
white: Good news!? Bad news!?

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