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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 599

"9 Pirates"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 7, 2010 03:25 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 599 - "9 Pirates"
Request: "Luffy gets put to sleep by sheep and has his food stolen" by
Twin Mother in Hyogo Prefecture

white: Going back in time--
1: You can see the Sabaody Archipelago if you look far from here--
Luffy...this is as far as we can take you.
2: For no one can know of our relationship.
3: OK.
4: --So I will put this on...like so.
5: Ahaha! Don't worry, no one will find out! You don't have to do that!
6: You don't need this? But you must hide your face...right now,
7(2b): the entire world may think you're dead, but they know your face
from the incident two years ago.
8: If you cause an uproar, you won't be able to depart as you please.
9: Okay, gotcha!
10: --in this bag are 500 pairs of clothes and 1000 lunchboxes...and five
years' worth of handkerchiefs, tissues, and towels--as well as three
years' worth of drinkable water, snacks, and silverware.
11: And hairbrushes, soap, and cremes, bug bite ointments
12: Make it lighter!
13: We Kuja Pirates will help you out whenever you need us!!
14: We don't want you to forget that.

1: Yeah!! Really, thanks so much for everything!!
2: Fufufu! We'll be praying for your good luck!!
3: --also...I have just one request...
4: What? I don't wanna get married.
5: No...! It's about the word "goodbye"...
6: I just want you to leave without saying that word.
7: What? But I've never said that to anyone!!
8: Besides, I wanna see you again!!
9: So anyway, later!!
10: See you later! For sure! Luffyyyyyy!!
11: Later!!!
12(2b): ...he said he wanted to see me again...could this be
13: No!

1: Sabaody Archipelago--Grove #47
2: ...you bumped into me on purpose, didn't ya?
3(2b): Did you do this knowing just who I am?! You see how stupid I
looked just now?! You shamed me in front of a huge crowd of people!!!
4: You know who this "400 million bounty" elite pirate is, huuuuh?!?!
5(2b): Right now!! Get down on your knees!! Look scared...!!! Beg me for
your life!!!

1(2b): Just a little bit ago...a man with a long nose and a woman with
long hair make a big mistake with us, and our Captain's feelin' a little
irritated!!! So hurry it up...
2(2b): --if you don't...then a split-second decision error may end up
costing you your life...
3: The trigger on the Captain's gun is a light one, you know...
4: Just hurry up and get on your knees, it's no big deal! You're up
against "Straw Hat Luffy!"
5: I'm really sorry.
6: But I'm in a hurry, so...
7: OK!!! That's all I needed to hear.
8: jakin!!
9: Kyaaaaaaa!!!

1: ...eh...!!?
2: What...did he just do!!?

1: Sabaody Archipelago: Grove #17
2: Sunny...
3: We made you wait...
4: a whole two years...
5: I'm glad you're alright.
6: Hm??
7: Owwwww!! That niiiiice woman right there is...!!

1: Our crew's SUPER Archaeologiiiiiiist!!
2: Robin, ain't iiiiiiit?!?!
3: You never change, Franky.

1(3b): Sure I have!! Dumbass!! Pay close attention to all the male
romanticism that's been stuffed into my body!! (*Note: He doesn't mean
the love romanticism here) Look at my first and probably last model
change!! I'm completely...beyond human understanding now!!
2: --yeah, it doesn't look like I'll be able to treat you like a human
3(2b): Woah, woah, are you saying I'm a pervert? You really know how to
compliment a guy!!
4: --so this is what a coated ship means...it's kinda like jelly.
5(2b): Yeah, Rayleigh really knows his stuff! Now we can go full speed
through the deep sea!! It's awesome technology.
6: I saw them before coming here.
7: So you went to the bar? What number are you?
8: The 8th. Luffy's the only one yet to come.
9(3b): Really?! So the time for our new voyage to start is almost here!!
Maintenance is already 100% A-OK. Our "new weapons," too! Gahahaha!

1(2b): Usopp and Sanji have both come here once too. Usopp took care of
the fuel, and Sanji did the foodstuffs!!
2: Do you...know about this?
3: --ahh, Brook's thing.
4: Yeah, I knew, because TD's been all over the place.
5: He's shining right now!! From the dark, silent, fog-filled sea,
6: he climbed up to a bright stage of neverending cheers!
7: Who knows...
8: Hey may not...
9: Wow!! Livin' in the South Bluuuuue~
10: even come back...to the pirate life.
11(2b): Yaaah!! shaggy beard~
12: Bahh!! ain't got no beard~

1: Grove #47--
2: Captain!
3: Captain Luffy!!
4: Luffyyyy! I wanted to see you so much! All of you!!!
5: What happened!!?
6: Luffy!! Franky!! Nami!! Sogeking??
7: ...I got chills all over...what kinda trick was that...?
8(2b): You all sure changed over the past two years! Have you gotten
stronger? Hmmm?
9(2b): Yeah, well, before that, we had some problems as well...the truth
is, Cocoa...er...Nico Robin was--
10: It's the "Straw Hat Pirates"...what's going on? Why are they on the
11: Well, you see, a few minutes ago...
12: What?! Zoro!! Nico Robin was kidnapped!!?
13: Yeah, yeah!! We've got big trouble, Luffy!! Robin was...!!
14: Who the hell was it...?!
15: I dunno, I've got no idea!!
16: It might be a kidnapper! Like with Keimi!

1: But some guys who have a history with Nico Robin probably just mistook
Cocoa for her...
2(2b): It's possible, she does look just like the real thing. Guess that
was her downfall.
3: Hey, don't talk in whispers!!
4: Well, whatever, just leave her be. It's her fate.
5: Eh?! ...!! Yes, Captain!
6: Now what's this creature?
7: Hey, Luffy!!! Robin was KIDNAPPED, okay?!
8(2b): More importantly, we need to gather the 100 pirates we recruited
to "Grove #46!!!" Then, the "long-haired guy," "the woman with the long
orange hair,"
9(2b): and "the kid in the cape with the big bag"...!! We're gonna find
these three and make 'em regret ever opposing "Straw Hat Luffy!!!"
10: Roger!
11(2b): Wait a minute, you guys!!! Luffy!!! Did you heart change too over
the past two years?! I'm so sad I wanna cry...
12: Like I said, what this thing...?!
13: ...!!? What's gonna happen to Robin?!?! Are you all just gonna keep
14(2b): Dammit!!! I misjudged you all!!! Fine, I'll go rescue her by
myself if I have to!!! Wait for me, Robin!!!
15: ...they had a falling out...!?

1(2b): ...there's no mistaking it...the appearances of the crew members,
starting with Straw Hat Luffy, have really changed over the past two
2: They're the only ones who have such a weird pet like that. They've
gotta be
3(2b): the "Straw Hat Pirates!!" They're alive...!!!
4(2b): This is Grove #43!! We have confirmation on the Straw Hat Pirates.
5: Sabaody Archipelago Grove #66
6: Marine Occupation Base--
7: And it appears that the new members the "Straw Hats" have recruited
8: will be gathering at Grove #46...!!
9: Good work. Go on ahead and have the citizens evacuate.
10: Yes sir!
11: The pirates are gathering!! Grove #46!! "Straw Hat Luffy" is the
enemy!! We're marching right into no man's land!!
12: Prepare for battle!!! Create a perimeter from Groves 40, 42, and 44!!
13: Backup will come immediately from [G1]!!

1: I'll go on ahead.
2: Ah...Sentoumaru-san...!!
3: And I'll take [Px-5] and [Px-7].
4: Eh...!? You're taking the Pacifistas?!
5(3b): Of course -- aren't you guys underestimating "Straw Hat" a little
too much? 2 years have passed, he's surely gotten even stronger. He's of
a completely different "class" than the rookies who always gather on this
6: The actions "Kuma-kou" took two years ago ended without any
explanation. (*Note on Sentoumaru's name for Kuma here -- while
literally, it can translate to "Lord," sticking the suffix "kou" on the
end of names is used more commonly in negative or sarcastic ways.
Examples include "Poli-kou," a derogatory word for police, or "Ita-kou,"
a derotagory word for Italian here. It's up to Oda as to what meaning
Sentoumaru is using it for here.)
7: But looking at the eccentricities "Kuma-kou" was up to after he lost
his personality--
8: I knew that one day!! The "Straw Hat Pirates" would return to this
island...let's go!!!

1: Grove #42--
2(2b): Hey, Mr. Fisherman! Catching any today? Sell me some cheap.
3: ...ahhh...
4: What's wrong?
5: He's long gone now...that guy with the green hair...
6: Green...? Did something happen?
7: Yeah, something really bad!!
8: You see...just now, a guy with three katanas strapped to his waist...
9(2b): said "I'm bored, I wanna fish"...!! So I told him to hop on, that
I'd shove off my fishing boat soon...
10: Green hair, three katana...did he have a "stomach band" on too?
11: Oh! Yeah! --and only one eye!! You know him?
12: One eye...?
13: Is this him?
14: Ohh!! That's him, that's the guy!! Is he your friend?!
15: Well, uh...I've seen his face before...

1(3b): ...well, anyway! I told him to get on my fishing boat ahead of me,
that's what I said!! And what do I find when I get here, but him sleeping
on a big "pirate ship" next to mine!!
2(2b): I was really scared, but I desperately tried screaming "That's not
the right one!" over and over, but he wouldn't wake up!! And by that
time, it was too late! The pirate ship was a coated ship, and it kept
sinking more and more under the surface...!! It was probably headed to
"Fishman Island!"
3: And now he's gone...
4: That idiot...
5: I thought it was against his nature to head straight to the designated
location without getting lost, and then he goes and pulls this stunt!!
6: That was a pirate ship! He may be dead by now...!!
7(3b): Nah, nah, he's fine. That isn't your fault at all!! He won't die,
so don't worry. He's just lucky that we know where he's going. So anyway,
you got any fish?
8: Woah!! Look at the surface!! Something's coming up!!
9: It's huge!!
10: glub glub glub!!

1: Uwaaaahhh, it's a Galleon!!!
2: Did the water pressure get to it due to a coating mistake...?!
3: Did a seaking attack it...?!
4: Man, it looks just like a sword cut it in two!!
5: Don't be ridiculous, who'd cut something that big?!
6: ...bastard...our...
7: dreams about the..."New World"...how dare you...!!!

1: A huge pirate ship's been cut in two!!!
2: This was the result of a quirk of fate...hate your own destinies, who
set me upon your ship like an angel of death.
3: Look!
4: You had no right to...!!
5: Someone's on top of it!!
6(2b): ...oh, so he came back. Not that I care...
7: Puhah
8: kin!!
9: I got on
10: the wrong ship!!!
white: The crew has assembled!!

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